Monday, June 1, 2009



As a citizen and Good Samaritan of our great country, I have always been taught by my parents to hold up the values/virtues as most important, to be a successful human being.
My parents insisted well before my college admissions, that even if the loss is heavy or most unbearable you must still hold on to your original self, which is the righteous ways of life. Those values I hold uppermost in my minds are ‘DHARMA’ [righteous deeds] ARTHA [Material riches gained by honest means] KAMA [fulfillment of desires in accordance with Dharma] and MOKSHA [release from the bondage of worldly existence].

Those words referred above are Sanskrit and has no equal words in English for me to enlighten my views the best way I can, though the meaning has been conveyed in Brackets. As our journey called life in the beginning takes us at first stage of education from our parents and continues through our primary and secondary schooling, but the most important phase, which determines our future, is certainly the College admission.

First of all we must choose the way forward according to our likings and strong points which will gain clarity, by the time we reach the College admission level. Once I was clear in my thoughts, that my best foot forward is investigative journalism, as I love the job and all the thrills which go along with it. My mind was made up well before I reached 15 years itself, that deep inside I knew and was convinced that my destiny is to be a journalist hence, I was left with the option of selection of the College I wanted to pursue my studies in connection with journalism. Your Institution is the best in terms of faculty and the infrastructure along with the friendly atmosphere prevalent inside your serene campus. I have observed the immaculate way you have kept the campus clean and pollution free apart from the tall green trees surrounding the great institution. One can see that a lot of thought has gone in to the making of a world class university as yours. Every single brick used for the construction, to the plan of the campus and buildings along with a lot of oxygen emitting and most cool trees, all planted and maintained in accordance with the teachings of our most brilliant forefathers, who must have made use of all the inputs from the earlier generations put together, to have come up with such a startling and wonderful College atmosphere and the teachings, I am told is of the finest quality, as one learns practically every aspect of a mans character and maturity.

Off late the internet has made a huge impact on availability of knowledge based material ,all subjects has been included already and can be perused at ones’ leisure and so much is being added day by day all at ones’ finger tips. You will get the answers of most of the questions of any subject, with out much effort unlike the older days when only metropolitan cities had stocks of various books required for reference. The College libraries though were filled with books of all types it still was a Herculean task to pin point on a subject required at one point of time. But I am told your computer labs are well maintained with studious people holding fort helping the students to track any particular subject to be viewed and downloaded from the internet, which has again added to ones ability for studying methodically while, sources of material has become cheaper, as we use less and less books, while we load a lot of information in our personal computers.
Just one decade back it would have been unthinkable for a village boy or girl to get all the material, we now can source through the net and as god would have wanted it now each and every person has an equal chance of gaining knowledge. Earlier College Admissions were only a dream for the poor people who could not afford to send their wards in big cities for pursuing higher education after the primary and secondary level. Now with the emergence of great institution as yours are rightly doing justice to each and every citizen irrespective of their colour, caste, creed or wealth which was the most scarce material and was only available to less than ten percent of our countries population. Availability/sponsors for the poorest is the most pleasing stuff that heartens ones mind to see that Gods impact is obvious in all that we are witnessing now.
We can proudly say that justice was delayed but not denied, as proof I have this great opportunity to pursue my education in an institution which is great and my childhood dreams are now coming true, and I am feeling extremely honored for getting an opportunity to study in your most illustrious institution.

By ‘solitairebala’ M.Balakrishnan, B/6-95, Meena Estate Main Road, Sowripalayam Post, Coimbatore-INDIA-641028 Phone Res.0422 2310637 Mobile .9894474174

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