Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The much hyped about subject for the last few days has been the sudden declaration by Congress in India, deciding to open up the Retail Markets.So abrupt and surprising was the move at the least expected times, when our economy is facing grave dangers due to the thought less approach by our government in connection with inflation,black money holders'lists they have, but are not disclosing,thereby saving their own partners, in the action of looting our countrymen, since decades. The opposition to the said FDI today will come around soon, as one by one, all of them will be given their due share for a 'Yes' vote.

Now let us see what happens when the corporate like Walmart enters India. They will begin by selling their products at half the price of prevailing market cost, to shut out the marginal traders who can not afford such luxury, due to their limited Capital and margin,while the corporate such as Walmart would not care or will spends hundreds of millions in the initial stages to make the people go for their goods,naturally so, as it will be cheaper to begin with, for half the price of a small retailer. After some months the small retailer is bound to lose out due to their inability to match the price wars,because of their limited resources.Once the small players perish by huge loss over a period the corporate become a monopoly, and can start to sell their products double the price, as the people by then will be left with no other option but to purchase from them.They not only make a quick buck in no time and the millions spent in the initial stages will be recovered in months.

We can look back to see this pattern when the Coca cola & Pepsi entered and bought out all the local players by either threats of such practices or by simply offering their products at half the price of the local beverage companies.Once they took over or rather bought out all those local players they started to charge double and made huge profits which they took away in billions.

The same tactics will be used by these players too, as they can afford to spend or sell on loss for such times till the local small shop owners close down, after which they will dominate the market and will be at liberty to purchase goods from any where around the world, cheaply and sell with huge margins.

The way our Government is supporting them in all their en devours gives rise to doubts, of big players or the International Mafia, which might be the power behind all such covert/suspect actions of our governments,as they take a piece of the cake and keeps quite, and the actual show is run by the said Mafias.

Other wise, I see no reason for the stubbornness of our Prime Minister, on every such occasion he was seen fighting in favour of these bigwigs internationally. All such actions have been a sell out of our countries' interests.Now after this FDI fiasco too is over, he can relax a content man having done all that his 'masters' asked him to do. He will be patted on the back by those powers, who ever they are, saying "well done old man,now move over your services are no more required by us".

Saturday, November 26, 2011


The hurry with which Indian government passed the legislation to sell our Retail markets too was such a blatant and open blow on our citizens.The chaos and public outcry of the present scenario, inflation in double digits,prize rises abnormally high along with farmer suicides and mass scale population struggling to make the two ends meet, which has brought our country to the brink of disaster all of these factors were of no relevance to our present Government, led by Congress [UPA2],as it has been meticulously following the sell out of each and every sector/part and resources of our country and its huge market of 1.2 billion, to the big corporate honchos of the western world along with our corporate honchos too, as they are invited to form partnerships and loot out of our helpless people.

All the so called reforms are nothing but selling out our sectors one by one starting with banking,Insurance,automobile,mines, telephones,power & energy etc; now to add on ,even our Retail Markets too has been left open for Walmart and company.The argument that it is going to create employment is rubbish, because the reality is that our millions of small retail shop owners will perish and are being invited to be the employees/slaves of those Big corporate owners, who will be taking the loot out of our country.

But our people, if united, can boycott those big stores and keep our retailers in the business instead, by choosing to purchase provisions from our own people rather than the big malls.Like wise, we can choose the products made by our farmers and industry instead of purchasing from those owned by the cunning corporate honchos,that will ultimately make them shut their shops and go away.Their bankers suffered because we had our Public sector banks catering to all sections though the likes of present government, would have been happier had all our public sector banks' sold their shares to these corporate big guys.But our public sector banks still not only survived but saved our country from utter disaster during the economic meltdown witnessed in the western markets, where one by one the banks, all private owned fell or are being closed every week due to bankruptcy.

Our people must realize that there is no guarantee if we depend or invest in their banks or insurance as we have witnessed them falling like never before, leaving the investors lose their hard earned savings.This must be on the back of our mind, as we know that our government is helping them directly and indirectly to make money from our population which is growing hence,the vested interests are keenly black mailing or bribing their way to get our government to open up the sectors one by one. Our so called great economists running the government has succeeded easily in the process of sell out, as they virtually had no opposition, as all our political parties were self centered and all of them took their chance to make a quick buck.At this rate before long, we might see our people also being sold as slaves, to work for these very corporate guys for money by our politicians. God knows whether it is already happening.

Now, one wonders that it would have been better, had we remained under the British rule who had at-least little sympathy, unlike our present government the worst ever,after our independence.We can only look upwards to the lord to show mercy on our innocent citizens.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


The so called modern physics was mainly assuming some theories such as the theory which states no particle travels more faster than light,which was supposed to be the fastest possible speed and so many assumptions and new theories were based on that basic theory which has now been admitted as wrong assumption.Albert Einstein's 1905 Special Theory of Relativity that states nothing can travel faster than light has been wrong, if the tests were accurate, which has been reconfirmed a second time after the September 22,by OPERA {Oscillation Project with Emulsion-tRacking Apparatus] that the neutrinos traveled 60 billionths of a second faster than light. The experiments were conducted from CERN , Europe's particle physics lab near Geneva to Gran Sasso National laboratory near L'Aquila,Italy. The two points with a distance of 730km, has been measured with an error margin of just 20cm.

This is the greatest challenge to the modern Physics which based many of their theories on such assumptions,which might later be found as wrong, the next in line of the so called assumptions are the "big Bang Theory" by Stephen Hawkins, which states the universe is the result of a Big Bang which might have occurred billions of years ago,and as a result of the so called big bang the One single globe withered to become the billions of stars,planets and satellites.[May be, my understanding of the theory may be wrong due to my limited knowledge.] or perhaps, there might have been so many big bangs in the past and also may be there in the future as well,likewise all the withered parts might later undergo contraction and become one single globe later in the future.

These are all assumptions which might later be questioned and proved wrong.Like the Nine planets theory, which has lately been told as 7 planets as, Neptune and Pluto does not figure in the category due to the latest parameters used in modern physics. Interestingly Indian astrology too have Nine globes which influence mankind mostly, but instead of Neptune and Pluto it was the Sun and the Moon.

The limits of our knowledge base is such, that god alone has the answers for many questions which are beyond our comprehension and power of understanding or knowledge of human beings.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Frisks on our Ex.president Abdul Kalam an Insult to Indians,If name is the criteria then 'What about Mr.[Mu]barack Obama'?

We can be tolerant only to the extend of fair treatment, but if our President,who was the first citizen of the 1.2 billion Indians,the largest Democracy on earth, is being targeted not once but twice by US authorities, then it must be viewed most seriously. It is an insult to the greatest democracy of the world.

Though our Dear Mr.Kalam, brushed it aside by saying to forget & forgive, as it is not worth discussion, we Indians owe him so much, as he was one of the most distinguished president we ever had, and a real gentleman and a great scientist but most importantly, came from a very poor back ground and made it to the top by sheer talent and hard work. He has never indulged in dirty politics, it was a choice most cherished by Indians' when we all felt proud that we have an honest gentleman, who is genuine, unlike the most disliked and disgusting politicians on the helm today,most corrupt is some thing not worth mentioning at all, as we have witnessed the worst case scenarios,and the huge size and volumes of the figures swindled in almost all ministries some have come out in public domain ,some others are coming out slowly and some cases have been dealt so cunningly will come out perhaps a little later,the thickness of their skin is like the Rhino's.Only a few of them like Mr.Antony and perhaps Dr.Manmohan Sing alone has stood through the whole era without much of a blemish.But by siding those most corrupt snobs, Dr.Manmohan Sing has lost his own credibility also in the recent times.He is perhaps being coerced to go along or perish.

Now if the names are the criteria then the Americans should be frisking their own president for his real name could only have been Mr."Mubarack Obama"as his father was a Kenyan Muslim [If my memory has not failed me.]which,must have been later made up to look more acceptable to American citizens and changed to Barack. This fact can be realized by Indians easily as we come across such names which are very common among Muslim community in the world.

Our government should have been more tough, while dealing with such insults on our countries' most respected personalities.We can very well treat the same way their ex. first citizens' as well, but our decency and culture is much above the culture-less behavior of Americans, who are actually following a barbarian culture , understandably due to their history, which is only about 2 to 3 centuries old and the most cruel and barbaric can be seen from their brief history for they wiped out the entire Red Indian populations first, by killing on sight all the sons and daughters of the soil in their own country, then followed the slave trade and the rest of the history of plunders and mass consumption of the resources starting with their own greenery and animals is history.

They are at least 20 generations behind Indians. Whether they acknowledge this fact or not it is the truth,it can be surmised by the consumerists lifestyles and the rate at which they gobbled up their countries' vast resources with out any regret or forethought for their future generations. They plundered and led lives of spendthrifts to find themselves now in such a precarious condition and the whole world is effected.Above all they killed millions of innocent people around the world if the leader does not listen to their liking.

Just give a thought to their eliminations [the word used by them] starting with the red Indians and the animals for sport and fun followed by mass imports of African slaves,who were treated worse than the animals on those days for centuries, abused and killed for centuries before better sense prevailed and the old hawks were silenced. But again their trigger happy life did not change for the World Wars followed by Vietnam and so many other countries around the world found their missing citizens alarming,WWW 2, was yet another disaster with even atom bombs used on human beings and the effect is there even today as it has been for generations.

Now the west Asia is suffering along with Afghanistan, Pakistan and so many other Arab countries
are the targets now. How long can this go.The next 3 years is going to be the worst scenario for US citizens and all those who supported their cruel acts around the world. The Arms lobby will find themselves facing the wrath of god first, then others will have to pay back for generations for their sins just as the Jews, after the crucification of Jesus Christ suffered for about 20 to 25 generations and are still not mending their ways, as they simply do not understand the results of 'Karma'. In other words the one who commit sins will have to pay the price for generations.The best examples are the Jewish money lenders who suffered en mass , during second world war. It was the culmination of their forefathers' sins who started by crucifying Jesus Christ, there was a noble soul, who took them away through Europe from the place called Jerusalem or present day Israel, to allow them to live and rid of the karmic results, by living righteously, but unfortunately most of them forgot the values and Karma and indulged in cut throat money lending, which is the most despicable act, which carries a curse on those who indulges in such easy money making process [but rewards those, if done for the needy ones to make a life and takes his capital with some extra given out of gratitude for having given them a chance to live honorably if it results in loss leave it as charity.], But instead what we witness is the mode of recovery by those cut throat lenders are most bewildering, even worse, as they tend to go beyond the criminal laws to punish the defaulters by threats and kills. These acts mounts on to their lists of sins committed and they will suffer for generations.

For those who suffers but still hold on to their values and ethics will reap harvest for generations,the god is with them, the exact case with India, where the poorest are the most nice people you can come across and will not touch others money, even if they get a fortune on the road side,there are still people who try to find the real owner to return the same through the help of police.

The reason we find more and more sages in Himalayas doing meditation is because they have realized the futility in living life to harm others,but instead leads a life to get them selves enlightened through meditation for years, and it is surprising to see that they can survive without food and drinks daily, only at times takes some medicinal leaves along with water which is enough for them.The energy they get is from the Sun light of early mornings and late evenings

May lord help those sinners realize the truth and mend their ways,Charity to help the ones in real need is the order of the day. Those who realize this truth is wise and great souls but those who waste their lives without an iota of goodness in them will perish, unfortunately, their future generations also suffers for no fault committed by them. Some are blessed with good life because their fore fathers must have done good deeds or they them selves must have been the ones who did good for others. The debits and credits or the merits and demerits are meticulously kept by the lord him self, who is the best book/ledger keeper that has ever existed, seen or realized.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


There has been a lot of facts not known to Indian authorities about the atrocities and mass killings of hundreds of thousands civilian Tamils in the name of their fight against LTTE.There are still lacs of Tamils missing in 'action'. The Chinese have been the main force, which helped the Lankans in these mass massacres of innocent Tamil civilians.

What happened to those hundreds of thousands of Tamils who were there, prior to the gruesome operation,with deadly weaponry along with the help of deadly virus mixed food and beverages supplied to those hungry Tamils, who were caught between the combined Chinese and Lankan military and the LTTE. They are not to be seen and the number of those living in temporary shelters are very much below the number, much below the expected population who were 'removed' from the scene of fighting.The missing ones have most probably been poisoned,with the help of Chinese as they are experts in such cunning designs and what was supposed to be humanitarian help, by way of food and beverages, might have been the most lethal and fatal supply they used to wipe off the huge Tamil population in the Northern parts of Srilanka.

The UN in its report had pointed out to the war crimes of huge magnitude and gave reports of mass killings of unarmed civilians which is unimaginable even in some African countries with cannibalism. The utmost disregard for human rights and its violations,is a shame on humanity, during the fight against the so called enemy LTTE. But in real they managed to bury most of those helpless Tamil populace.

The recent aggression shown by China and Srilanka in Indian ocean is proof enough of their complicity in these facts,their paranoia of seeing our fishermen, any where near their waters because, they are guarding their secret war crimes, and do not want the international community to know of the facts, which are most likely true and now the biggest cover up of the massacre is underway.

India may have to pay heavy prize for the ignorance our government showed at the height of the massacre by keeping away or distancing our selves, and not supporting the innocent Tamils who had nothing to do with LTTE. The Chinese are fortifying Srilanka with Lankan government support for their future plans of action for the supremacy in Indian ocean.Our efforts in Maldives is late and may not be enough as a buffer zone, if it comes to a direct confrontation with the Chinese in our backyard.

Especially, in the background stories, emerging almost every day of the Chinese, showing their might and their tactics of intimidation on every occasion has to be fought with political guts and will, to defend our great country from the ugly and cunning designs of a greater power.The history already has proven this point during the war during early Sixties,they can never be trusted. Ever since then the war tactics, had vastly changed in to covert operations by taking advantage of our helpless tribesmen,who has been living on the edge for decades, due to ignorance from our own governments' who were only interested to see our corporates' being listed in the Forbes magazines. Now the time of reckoning has come for the tribals' as they have nothing more to lose and rightly has taken arms most likely from the Chinese, mainly to defend them selves and for survival alone, from our own governments who has branded them as 'terrorists'[Maos or Naxals] but in real are the sufferers due to government apathy for almost six decades. Their daily livelihood, rather food at least one meal a day, is a far cry and struggle.

It is high time for our bigwigs and those who matters in the corridors of power, to open their eyes to the realities and start acting with compassion and love for our fellow and very unfortunate citizens who may not survive much longer under the present scenario.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011



Herman Trend Alert: Consumers Worldwide Demand More Corporate Social Responsibility
October 20, 2011
By Herman Trend Alert

A few years ago, we first reported the results from the global Cone Cause Survey, focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Just last week, Cone (together with Echo Research) released a new report, the “2011 Cone/Echo Global CR Opportunity Study.” The study finds that consumers are demanding a higher level of responsibility by corporations in dealing with societal issues. Consumers report they are already voting with their wallets and loyalty to make these demands felt.

The study had a sample size of 10,000 consumers in 10 major countries around the globe, including United States, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, China, India and Japan.

Among the overall key findings: 81 percent of consumers said companies have a responsibility to address key social and environmental issues beyond their local communities; they want the companies to step up to the plate and do the right thing to help those in need in their communities. At the same time, even more respondents (93 percent) believe companies must go beyond what their local laws require to operate responsibly. Likewise, 94 percent want companies to analyze and evolve their business practices to make their impact as positive as possible. However, there were important nuances by country.

The bottom line: companies must customize their corporate responsibility strategies based on geography. This imperative means companies should have a broad vision to guide the core principles of engagement, then, adapt them at the market level. The only caveat is that this adaptation requires an in-depth understanding of what will motivate consumers locally.

“Consumers around the world want companies to be a force for good, both in the way they do business and in devoting their resources to address societal issues,” said Alison DaSilva, executive vice president at Cone Communications. “Just as important, many consumers globally now report they are activists, rewarding companies that act responsibly and punishing companies who do not.”

We have oft reported Corporate Social Responsibility would increase in importance. As more Gen Xers and Millennials assume positions of power and influence, we can expect that trend to become increasingly stronger.

About the Author

Herman Trend Alert

Herman Trend Alerts are written by Joyce Gioia, a strategic business futurist, Certified Management Consultant, author, and professional speaker. Archived editions are posted at

Saturday, November 12, 2011


The change in the mood of people around the globe is proof of their growing awareness of the reality of the governance around the globe, which has been catering mainly to the richest 1% for the past several decades in the name of open market economic policies' favouring the Corporates' alone. All was done discreetly till recent times, but as always, god alone did help and with mercy on the suffering lot, did light up on the glaring disparities, through the spectrum of mass media revolution,which though was not intended for the purpose, later turned out to be the trail, leading to the door steps of corruption of mind boggling proportion with out any exception all around the globe.The complicity of the politicians in connivance with the Corporates and Government servants, was looting in large scale for several decades has now come to light.

The main reason for the outcome was the mobile phones and internet banking facilities which facilitated easy transactions for the corrupt, making their job much easier but they never could foresee the implications of electronic storing of data in different locations,which could be traced anytime of the chain transactions around the globe which could not be covered up easily as the giant 'World Wide Web' was the net , which trapped many big fishes/crooks, who otherwise were very wise and cunning, but due to the lack of knowledge in electronics,or simple ignorance and foresightedness due to the sudden evolution of networked computers, which could store data in external devices or in multiple platforms to be retrieved any time later,as well as the intranet or the main servers, could hold information for centuries making all those dubious transactions vulnerable to scrutiny.Tracking the money trail became easier for the source and receiver can be identified easily any time.

Indian brains played a big part in software's used in most banking and financial set ups along with mobile phones.The conversations through mobile phones are records with such authenticity was proved when, even our great and clever Hansie Cronje [The erstwhile South African Cricket Captain] could not deny the conversations in connection with match fixing, which was all recorded automatically every time a call is made. You don't need to tap the phones but can get it any time as and when required from the service provider, this simple fact many clever guys could not fathom or could have imagined in the earlier stages/times of mobile phone usage.

Many crimes were easily solved through the help of such electronic data available today. That is the reason for the Governments around the globe who are now concentrating and every effort in their arsenal and power is used to suppress such data and mass cover up of the materials already in public domain[such as wiki leaks],which itself has done enough damage for even the laymen can be aware of the possibility of getting the data if one asks for it.Hackers are plenty with super brains, than the ones who make the soft wares,decoding or copying of data is even done by some teenagers of the present generation.

Indian Government has got the data or is refusing to accept and is trying hard like other countries to cover up or hush up the whole stuff without further damage, by mentioning silly answers like the authenticity can not be verified,which is very hard to digest for all those who has some knowledge in computers and present world scenario. The Swiss and other Tax havens are now willing to share data but our government is, apart from not requesting, is also denying to receive any such information, perhaps by sending the mails back to sender, or receive it and spike it for ever.They are also quoting double taxation treaty, an unknown commodity till recently ,perhaps might have surprised the tax havens themselves, for they may not have known the existence of such treaties,till the time our Government "reminded" them, as if telling them 'Oh common guys you know what it means'. But interestingly we never heard of any such treaties from any of those Tax haven countries themselves.But our Government insist the treaty is binding, and we can not ask for details of people of Indian origin having funds stashed away, the reason is due to the so called treaty in existence.This is the ultimate rubbish blabber and is an insult to the intelligence of the people of India,who are mostly righteous, but not dump and duff.

Now the situation is very sensitive for the people are now very alert and are watching and listening each word or each scene, unfolding day by day. The simple truth is that you can not fool all the countrymen always. Now as told by some authority, 1/3 of our districts is in control of Maos,who are heavily armed and is hell bend on a violent revolution, while the middle class is supporting the peaceful movements such as Anna Hazare's Lokpal or the likes of Occupy Wall street.Now if the Government embark upon a bailout of King Fisher for instance,to pacify the 1% [Super Rich Corporate],mentioned above again so blatantly, could be the triggering point, and all hell will break loose.The populace is also keenly watching the corruption scandals and the covert plan ,perhaps by the government to go soft on them to make sure their government majority is not compromised, will also have its repercussions [As may be proved in the case of Amar Singh].On the other side,the accused ones' might start to name big fishes, once their court trial gets serious, which also will be ringing the alarm bells on the government of UPA2.

But for sure the end game is nearing, the winter session of parliament will be the most critical phase, while the whole country is waiting with anguish and frustration, the Kerala Court mentioned it aptly by reminding that this is akin to 'slow killing of our countrymen', in other words the thousands of farmer deaths [which has become a non event/issue these days] can be equated to mass murder by the apathy of the government machine. Millions have already died due to the ignorance of the Government and the burden of price rises year after year, due to sheer frustration some committed suicides while others succumbed to serious ailments due to stress , poverty and lack of government support or treatment. This government has become non functional and is in a coma,but they don't want to move aside as well. This is proving to be very dangerous for our dear Mother India. May the lord show mercy on the people of India and the Globe.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The most unlikely lesson most people forget to learn is that our life,job and the very existence of mother earth itself has no guarantee. No matter how secure you might feel, be it financially or safety of your surroundings or the safety from the people, who surrounds you as friends.No body ever can say it is the most guaranteed position ever in ones life.

On each occasion when a fool feels he has some thing in his hand which is guaranteed for life is always proved utterly wrong. Like the person who declared the 'Titanic' as unsinkable found it went down in its very first voyage itself killing thousands. Like wise those big corporations who thought they are unsinkable in terms of financial might, found themselves falling like a pack of cards a few years back.

The Insurance companies for instance is guaranteeing returns for one hundred years for a policy taken by his/her parents in the name of a child ,it is by noway different from the above circumstances of drastic changes, most unexpectedly not thought by any brilliant human minds.That is the very reason for people not to panic under any circumstances because situations evolve and keeps changing most times, making the most clever guy look the most foolish among a bunch of fools. And the most foolish and innocent one might benefit under extraordinary circumstances without him ever knowing a hint of what can be expected, such are the ways of the lord.

Now coming to those one percent so called rich who is holding ninety nine percent of the wealth of the world also may feel that they are the most clever guys on earth and has manipulated with their brains to make that fortune,but the real truth is, it does not take much time for them to suddenly realize that they have lost all in a matter of few months, such is gods' ways that it hits people according to their 'Karma' {Duty] and ultimately makes them realize how foolish they were to have done so much, to effect so many lives for their selfish deeds.

There are people who yearns for death which simply does not come to them,for they have not yet paid back their dues for the sins committed by them or their forefathers. Like wise we must remember that what ever we do for our future generations by providing wealth, is no way going to guarantee them good fortune for life on the other side, without good deeds done by us the curse is bound to be effecting our future generations as well, as can be seen in real life situations all around the world.

I pity those greats, when I see our politicians talk big economics and figures of growth at the rate of 9 to 10 % yearly, which will take us to the top of the world and so on. How little and silly these people are, for they do not have the capacity to think beyond the economic theory which they learned from people, who themselves were not sure of it,but made up some theories by trail and error and managed to compile a set of rules, as possibilities, which too has no guarantee. There are truly no foolproof economic theory in existence in today's world, we have only been aping those who became rich by other crooked means and based it all on some theory, which we imagined was the secret of their success but in reality it is not true at all.

To comprehend other than the interest calculations they do to fleece the poor, while pleasing themselves and the so called rich at these present times, and talking about profits even if made, at the cost of millions of deaths, is no matter of concern for them, because their university education only taught them how to make profit and how to be cut throats and mean to be a successful business man. They forgot to teach them first, how to be a successful human being which is primary, while a successful businessman/women is only secondary.But the Doctorates and Nobel prize given to them is not for such en devours of humanity, which has no value in today's world.The guy who makes the most lethal weapon of mass destruction will the one recognized for the most coveted prizes in today's world. He would be considered as the greatest and the most brilliant human brain on earth.

Oh lord what a tragedy, but ultimately you have a way around these guys is sure,but by then millions more will perish ,above the millions already dead,perhaps that's your way of balancing the population growth which has been abnormal.

kalabham tharam...mp4

Souparnikamrutha Veechikal

Kudajadriyil Kudikollum-Chitra

Chottanikkara Bhagavathi - Malayalam Song

Thedivarum Kannukalil - Swami Ayyappan ( 1975 )

Kanna Aalilakanna - Devi Kanyakumari

kannu Thurakkatha Daivangale - Evergreen Malayalam Song

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We have been witnessing the global uprising against the one percent who are the problem creators of the whole globe. They have amassed wealth out of every thing & any thing.The 99% wealth is in their hands.The governments are owned by them,while the other 99% populace is helpless and suffering.The tax havens are made for them by them.They decide whom to put in power and whom to be wiped off.

The Forbes list is a ready reckoning list of some of those crooks,the rest are the private bankers' and the leaders who are behind the scene partners in all these ventures mostly. From banking ,Insurance, share markets , Hospitals ,Trusts ,educational Institutions ,constructions,real estates, entertainment industry like cinema,TV Channels,drug peddling ,arms trade,pimping ,mass media and what not. They make money out of thin air because no one questions them,who ever stands up to them vanishes from the earth.

God has been slightly inclined to help the poor by awakening them to the realities indirectly or by accidents and the show off mentality, of these crooks at times, when they are off guard and can not resist the temptation to show off their wealth and power, did give an insight to the onlooker to what is in reality the close guarded secrets of decades,perhaps the beginning of the new era must have been the 1900 AD onward,when the power tilt happened towards the US and their NATO partners.The Second World War benefited them hugely, the history would have been very different had the Germans won,but their folly of sending their troops to the freezing Russian places sealed their fate and the nuclear Bomb used against the Japanese changed the course of history.

The crony Capitalism is nothing but the close connection of the rulers,big business and government servants looting together by plotting and conniving in every which way they can and the loots are shared and kept in safe Tax havens, which were the starting point of mass scale corruption at the cost of humanity.When questions are raised the Governments drags its feet giving ample time for the crooks, to shift their loots else where, to another tax haven and the game has been going on.

Now the people are aware mostly in every part of the globe about the games, and have started to react slowly,the momentum is picking up. This is the time to end their fate once and for all for that the unity of the 99% is the most important factor, no one should be allowed to create divisions among them. All ultra fighting groups are welcome to join the effort to fight these villains and the countries helping them by allowing them to keep their ill made wealth in secret accounts in the name of double tax treaty which itself is rubbish and the banking secrecy law [Made to benefit these crooks],which they say is binding on them, the reason for not publishing the amounts kept in their banks by people from around the globe or the value of the amount kept.

Most leaders who kept huge amounts in such tax havens ,were later assassinated and their wealth will remain unclaimed and these crooks will eat up those funds too, with out allowing their countrymen have the amount which rightfully belongs to them.

The fight should be coordinated around the globe to make these guys either surrender or gets thrown out after their ill earned wealth confiscated and restored to the country of their origins. May God show some mercy on the poor people on earth who are most innocent.