Sunday, November 11, 2012

The most tainted rulers in Indian history.

The deceit and total breach of trust is evident from the fact that the Indian government managed to put the list of criminals who looted money out of our most poorest and innocent population who were trusting in nature,under the carpet.

if a criminal makes a fortune by terrorism ,or cheating with the help of the govt.machinery in support sharing the ill gotten wealth,and stashes the funds away,when caught, they simply make a nominal remittance of tax and gets goods citizen award.The biggest truth is the cover up of  the source of the wealth, while making the funds legible white money overnight.

It can be noted that in China too there were scams after their Olympics,but none of the guilty are alive today.Here in our country people who are tainted are still in power and goes on as if nothing has happened.All the politicians,corporate bigwigs and state machinery is at the service of the most cunning criminals ruling our nation.They have become so arrogant and the looting is in public display, as if asking us'you suckers touch us if you can'.

the question is who can stem the rot before long.If we wait till 2014 ,India will be in ruins.Our god has to intervene to get us out of the mess created by UPA goons.