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India has benefited from time immemorial by trade between Arab countries and Indian peninsula. Even today our oil requirements are met by none other than Arab countries.
There has been interaction for centuries or perhaps more than thousand years. Many of our heritage sites have been built by none other than Muslim rulers. In the recent past our best phase of ruling has been definitely by Moguls. British only have looted us while Muslim rulers contributed to our development and amity between the two main communities. Especially Akbar’s period is the best example.

They have been part of our folklore and development and in many states they do contribute heavily towards Hindu festivals. The Muslims of Kashmir has from time immemorial helped old aged pilgrims by carrying them on the shoulder up the mountains of Himalayas, where most of Hindu sacred temples are located. How can they feel not part of India? Without their contribution we would not have been great as a country internationally. Without their talent and contribution our bollywood would not have been as successful as it is today. Their dressing, music and instruments of music invented by them and with their great looks, they have made waves of successful films and music. Our entertainment industry’s huge success for last few decades have been due to personalities like Nargis, Vahida, Mumtaz, Kajol, Farah , Aamir, Shahrukh, Salman,Sohail Priety only to name a few . They have made millions of people forget their misery of living at least for few hours.

Most of our infighting and alienation started with the British ‘divide and rule’ policy. They were the first ones to tempt Muslims by giving them pork oil to clean the guns. That can be termed as the first instance when administration knowingly played games to stir up communal fusion. The same cheap acts are followed even today by narrow minded people.

Unfortunately, we are witnessing the same tactics being played by our politicians for their vote bank political success and hunger for power. It is the duty of each and every Hindu to denounce such tactics by voting for secularism which will have to be the single issue in the next elections. We the Hindus, Christians and Muslims along with other minority religions should start a mass movement to alienate those professing division between our populace in lines of Religion, Community and creed. Let the coming election be fought on the planks of unity or diversity. No patriot Indian can imagine in lines of religion and forget all their contribution in our nation building over centuries. We all have to unite and defeat the narrow minded polititicians’ cheap and moral less stance. Terrorists as all agrees have no community. We find such people among all religions. They need to be shown that their nefarious activities will not succeed.

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Monday, October 27, 2008



From all the events unfolded out of the crisis which has hit the global economy as a whole, there are positives in the market mayhem and among all the turmoil’s. For those who have invested heavily in share market only has to be prudent enough not to sell now. It is rather the buying time as the market has hit rock bottom and can only go high from here. To fear for the worst is over and the FII’s have mostly taken their money back. This was in fact a correction which was overdue. An aberration only, now we are almost at the stage when the FIIs started to invest big in our share market. The real sensible level of market value is around 8000 ,from which it all began with the entry of all bulls and bears.

For a person working in a nationalized bank from 1988 from .North east to down south I can feel the pulses better and knows that our opportunity is here in this adverse era for Americans and Europeans. Our Indian market will certainly rise from ashes to be stronger and steadier. My advice to those who has trusted the market is to stay invested for little longer as the market is bound to rise again after a lull period. One has to take in to account the fact that there are 1.2 billion people in India more than US and Europe’s combined population, who need to be dressed, housed and engaged in productivity. This in itself is a huge opportunity and Indian alone is capable and has the wherewithal and competency to manage our affairs with out any foreign help and surpass the US GDP in the next decade.

If we don’t understand the power of sheer numbers then we are fools. We just can’t be going any further down for sure. We will be evolving in to a super power much before the predictions as of now. China will also be a country and power to reckon with. They alone can match us in numbers and productivity.

For those people who wanted to be taking informed decisions as our finance minister rightly pointed out the time is ripe for big investment .They surely will not be losing any further and has a bright opportunity to be big gainers if they follow these intuitions looking at the time about 2010 to 2012 when our market might again cross 21000, and this time around it will stay right there on the top for longer.

Wishing all a great deepawali, right after which the rise will be felt more pronounced and other steps taken by our Government and RBI will also start to have effect on our inflation and the market for sure.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


We have been witness to so much during the last few months. Seems like a country in a hurry to concur. Markets came crashing around the world. Chain Bomb Blast in towns and cities. Bankruptcy of top US bankers, Economic meltdown of many mighty countries’. Among all these mayhems, we also watched the long debate of 123 agreements with US, which has been now made in to law by the US president. The Americans are certainly trying to gobble up the power trade and lasting profits for as long as one can remember. [Best policy will be on lines of BOT, build operate and transfer]

All these hyper action happened in the backdrop of the greatest recession witnessed by the whole world after the great depression in US during the thirties. Those who professed
Thoroughly about the finance management of free markets are no more in the scene. The so called finance experts are now hiding and are no more seen preaching to the people about the virtue of investing in the style and methods they told was the right thing to do.

All those buoyant blue eyed kids are a confused lot now, those market experts, who were seen like the persons with a magic wand, who are capable of doing nothing wrong any where any time. The millions of middleclass people who got trapped in this lure for wealth in double quick time by investing their hard earned money in the way shown by those so called market and finance experts, must now be regretting for their foolishness ,because all or at least a major portion of their savings has been lost in weeks. Dreams shattered terribly disappointed and mostly disillusioned. The world and the ways of the gods are funny at times and strike where they are most complacent. The Titanic story must be remembered by all those who might think their might is the mightiest. [The owner of the ship claimed it to be unsinkable only to be proved wrong in the very first voyage itself.] Only to be reminded rudely and cruelly at times to prove how wrong they were. I remember an old lady who was in her late sixties investing heavily all her income and savings in mutual funds which on the other side was used for investing in share markets from where some did earn good profits to begin with and was told by the undersigned to be careful as it was like gambling. Her reply to me then was that, we all are under one kind of risk or other because our own house roof also may fall up on us any night. She went on with her interests in mutual funds while, I went on minding my own business. Fortunately, I have not met her after the melt down and sincerely hope she has got at least some thing left.

India has survived mostly unscathed because we were not very deeply involved with investments in US and Europe. The silence of the Chinese has some thing eerie about their involvement as they were the main investors in US along with Japan, Singapore, and other Asian and European countries.

It is always ideal for all countries not to make any businessman with greed, a big entity. Like Lehman brothers, AIG etc. The trouble is that they will never be satisfied, no matter how big they evolve themselves in to be but always will be greedy for more and more and at times make them do crimes even to sustain their growth and rate of growth.

We only witnessed last week the drama produced, directed and played by none other than our big mouth business tycoon Vijay Mallaya [Kingfisher boss]. After a successful
tie up or take over of Jet air, he was seen justifying the firing of thousands of employees to show and hold the government responsible for not cutting on the fuel rates even after the international price of petrol nose dived to 68 dollars a barrel from 163 dollars a few weeks back.

He was clearly playing the game in lines of 'you cut the price or we cut the jobs'. The action was amounting to blackmail tactics, perhaps the brain child of the super tycoon.
This is only one instance, where by a single man can dictate terms with the destiny of millions of people because they are too big for any country. No one should be allowed to grow to such levels [holding 60 percent of market share] where it becomes monopoly and at that level there are no more competitors and the guy starts to dictate terms.

US pitfalls has been experienced and seen by us all. We should at least make sure that it does not get repeated in India. Our bank nationalization and land reforms [though not done in all states but Kerala and perhaps one or two more states in India] of the sixties is landmark policies which has helped the government to have control over matters important to our countrymen and country. We have also witnessed the US following the same path but this time to save their country from certain disaster. How many states in India have a policy which stipulates the maximum number of acres of land owned by a single individual? If the government succeeds in bringing a ceiling for the maximum number of acres of land [say 10acres] permissible in UP, MP, Bihar and some other Indian states we will only be doing justice delayed but not denied for long.

If we analyze the state of affairs in those states we can witness that most of the land is in very few hands unlike in Karala where The Karala Land Ceiling Acts made those poor farmers working like slaves only for some individuals to get richer, while they were left to toil and die but, things changed dramatically over night as the workers in farms became the land owners. That was the beginning of an era where ultimately the middle class is in majority and thriving as well. Such examples can not be seen in most of the North Indian States. We either see the super rich with thousands of acres or the most poor who does not own land and lives like a slave in his own country. Starving to death or committing suicides etc. No body cares. I just witnessed on CNN news revealing that in AP alone 1800 farmers committed suicides and in many cases the Dist head did not even visit, leave alone helping them.

Indian government came out with prudential accounting norms in late eighties and early nineties. After which some banks which was showing profits for decades and handsomely contributing to the government kitty for long, had taken a set back due to some heavyweights turning out to be the willful defaulters. The confederation of Indian Industries which was then headed by ICICI bank chairman Mr.Kamath had forcefully
and openly criticized the government for not closing those loss making banks overnight, so as to leave the field alone for the private players to make hay while the sun was shining. Nationalized Banks not only turned around in a couple of years but have started contributing heavily to the GDP of the governments, while the profits made by ICICI have gone in drain in useless US Securities and investments which has turned sour.

The urgent measures now undertaken by the government of India is mainly to bail out the private bankers and not the nationalized banks which are all sound and healthy. Even after writing off all those farm loans and also earlier losses was also got reversed or made up.

If we have to survive as a unified country then we all have to open up our eyes to the reality. We just can not give in to the demands of some section saying Mumbai is for Maratis’ alone or for that matter India is for Hindu’s alone. Our secularism is our strength and we should hold on to it.

We also must make sure that our business is not hijacked by youngsters from Harvard and Radcliff alone. We have some of the best educational institutions in the world for Engineering Business Management Medical Science etc. The best brains in the world also belong to Indians. What more fundamentals or help do we need. Our teachings and scriptures which are thousands of years old are best suited for the development of the whole world. It has been proved since long, as can be seen from the fact that Germans have more Sanskrit literature than the country of its origin which is India.

It is important to hold on to our strengths rather than looking out for strength and guidance. If some is seen cloning those failed teachers again then god only can save our country.

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Monday, October 6, 2008



The fall of US market leaders, and investment bankers is sure to have its fallouts throughout the world. Some may benefit while most others are bound to take the hit in a big way. The immediate problems being the frustration of whole countrymen who are not used to survive with the bare minimum needed for survival, such as food and water alone.

They have been tampered and pampered to such levels for decades they simply may not be able to digest the simplest truth of life and the fact that wealth rarely stays in same hands for more than 3 generations at the most in majority of cases. The job losses will be the triggering point for the people to get restive and may even go to the extent of revolt against the establishment.

Now the big question is how one counters the problems of an ailing economy and mass job losses. Surely, the answer lies in more measures of tightening the belt and spending less on luxuries, while the government completes the bail out package to benefit mainly the jobless rather than the big corporate bosses, who are responsible for the predicament faced by US. The arms and weapons lobby silently has been working to realize their dreams of making fortunes by inciting wars to be fought around the world. The people have been taken for a ride in terms of the truth behind so many aggressive actions of US around the world in the name of policing the elements that were told to be against the American ways and lives.

Now is the time for them to introspect and see whether all that was told was true or whether things have been ‘sexed’ up to suit certain elements who stand to benefit from wars fought against simple people who are innocent while the actual terrorists of the so called evil regimes have got away in the cover of sheer numbers of human beings butchered by the Americans who had to show that they are fighting the evil but in fact only was killing the masses no way connected to the terrorists. Imagine the costs of waging wars in such ruthless ways only to eliminate the innocent who have gone in hiding leaving the poor public at the mercy of the brutal attack of the mighty Americans, who may not remain so in the near future, as the sins have mounted up on a whole country and now it is pay back time. Here again the common man is the ultimate loser and sufferers as the leaders who made stupid blunders in the name of saving their country have got away [But surely not from the books of the almighty]leaving behind a whole country looking for salvation and survival.