Monday, January 11, 2010


To be alive and feeling great each day is a blessing that few are capable of, but by tuning oneself it is possible to be feeling alive and happy each day. Once you know that life is only limited and can not go beyond a time it is best to avoid thinking of the end but to be living in the real sense of it, with out a worry for the future or the past. Why dig yourself a grave and be waiting for death worrying about it all through out , instead you can face it when one comes to the real end. There is no need for you to be waiting for your end or hastening towards your dooms day by indulging in drugs drinks or the very thought of death itself is miserable and should be avoided.

I am of the opinion that the drug addicts actually are committing slow suicide by being a slave of any such drug or is dependable on alcohol. It is due to their depression or ignorance of the actual life and its meaning. If one is able to make some difference to some one in life by doing good deeds then ones life becomes meaningful. Those who think negative are those who don't want to help others instead are selfish and is not happy with in themselves due to their expectation from life which is much more than a life time full of bliss. Try to find happiness in little things around you for instance the laughter of a baby or the joyful bark of a dog can actually make one happy if you are tuned to find the thoughts that leaves you happy and content with what you have and have no more wishes or greed in other words.

To spend more time with children are blissful because they are either happy laughing or crying for some thing which you can manage for them and make them happy. animals too are a happy lot most of the times other wise only when they endure pain do they tend to be un happy. Human beings can learn a lot from children and animals ,birds and fish and nature itself is full of things to make us happy instead we tend to find only the negatives in life and are mostly un happy or depressed which is not a healthy way of living.

The old song "don't worry be happy" does really have a meaning to it. Life is worth living to its fullness, we must be aware the importance of knowing the art of living.

by 'solitairebala'