Thursday, July 26, 2007



The successful business people in the recent times have been mostly Indians, some without any track record of studies in management of big corporate or the calculative percentage who makes it big through financing and earning profits through taxing the unfortunate lot who, during troubles approach financiers only to be trapped as a result of the never ending interest and principle payment.

The sad plight of our farmers is indication enough of the unfair means used to earn wealth by some of those cunning guys who thinks the wealth as the only answer to all our questions.

Those are the people, I have seen from real life experience, suffering mostly due to the burden of holding vast fortunes, which in turn makes them even sleepless due to their fear of protecting the same and the never ending quest for more and more as one American businessman once remarked to a question of a reporter who enquired the limit up to which he wants to earn? His answer was always one dollar more.

At the end of it all is the other question what difference does one make by living once, to all those people of the society and family members and the world at large. Money does not replace the inner happiness one gets when seeing others enjoy the benefit of your life’s efforts rather than the hindrance to others’ life while you make money out of the suffering of other human beings.

We in India have scientific approach to all those different management techniques for about at least, 20 thousand years our scriptures in Sanskrit have koudilya’s and other
Sastras[science] as can be verified, which has survived like no other written scripts in the history of mankind ,the established thought of Europe and Caspian sea side as the origin of modern culture is rubbish as can be proved by the written existence of those Vedas,Upanishads etc, and found in India which, has been copied by the so called patrons[westerners] even to the point of making patent rights in their favor.[Refer Indian institute of scientific heritage sites]

The success story of Indians making it big in the international arena was not a surprise for our business people of Rajasthan , Gujrat and so many other states with communities who were in the business field for generations and most of them have the capability of outshining in any given field with fare play. Once when our license based economy was replaced by an open playing field for all and sundry, it was only a matter of when rather than if we can do it or not.

Lack of opportunity was the ultimate hindrance. We have learned enough lessons to know what is best for us.

I was deeply concentrating on the pulses in different places of India having had the opportunity to travel and work in different places and in different cultures in India it self from North East to down south. My own experiences have taught me many a lesson in dealing with different problems and different solutions in difficult situations.

Now most of our Metro cities have come to a level of stagnation and is unable to provide space for anymore far reaching development. The result is searching for more developments with better infrastructures. Our experience has again taught us the far-reaching consequences of development without planning as can be seen from our metros, during flooding and epidemics born out of our own blunders or lack of sensitivity towards our future generations, who may suffer mainly due to the lackluster attitude of the present generations.

The importance of the second line of metros have become more important here, with Cochin with access to undersea optic cables connected to the Middle East and Coimbatore with its vast human resources and inward remittances, both Cochin and Coimbatore has become the cynosure of all eyes as these are the places where we can plan more ahead and make successful business centers and manufacturing hubs without getting stagnated in the future as was seen in four of our metros .For that to happen we have to start looking far ahead while going about the growth of our infrastructure and also must make sure we leave behind a better and more healthier environment for the future generations.

As our outgoing president pointed out, if we can make a billion people smile then our life will be more worthier than those big billionaires who refuse to share their vast wealth with the hungry and hopeless. History will not remember a person who was the richest, but certainly will remember those noble people, who made the life of the suffering human kind better and made them smile.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Global changes

So many of you must have come across the recent news item about Greenland. Beneath the layers and plates of ice the scientists found traces of life which must have been the possible about 450000 Years ago [They did in fact drill and reached about 24 kms deep underneath Greenland.]

To know that life was possible in those parts did make me think and come out with a satisfying answer for, how did then it changed the place into bitter cold and uninhabitable as it is found today? The only possible reason must have been the twist of earth’s rotation, while spinning itself or the change occurred with a mighty meteor hit, which made difference to the sides facing the sun’s heat thereby making the different poles exposed. In that case we can also expect similar hits or misses in the future too. Now the question is whether we have the right protection if and when a meteor targets earth’s path.

Then I remembered a Hollywood movie, in which humankind faces a similar threat and sends rockets to destroy it before entry in the outer space itself. Though the movie had a happy ending, I pray that is so, if at all it happens in our lifetime or our children and grandchildren’s lifetime and for all those generations to follow.

Another explanation being the fact that underneath our earth the boiling hot lava must be cooling down as years go by which, also must have contributed to the cooling of the poles. If the second is the right answer then our anxiety for the global warming may be unwarranted. Anyway the unanswered questions of human kind are still the same we simply don’t have answers for the phenomenon of our universe.

Just think of the known facts that while our earth and other planets are spinning on its own while taking circles around the sun which along with the planets and other natural satellites is taking another big cycle which we don’t experience in one’s lifetime. We still don’t know beyond that .The circling of sun around what? Or how long one such circle? All we know is the fact that we are so very small and don’t know much beyond what we already know that we are circling around the sun and the sun is only one such star among billions of stars in milky way, which in turn is only a very small portion of billions of constellations that we know of and see in the sky. God only knows the rest.

Suppose we have other life forms in a typically earthlike planet in some other constellation, and have human beings like the people on earth and if it becomes possible to travel so many times faster than light and visit those planets and come back making good friendship with those creators or goes against them if what we have seen in the world happening now is the reality for there is fight and killings happening every single day. How can we be so naïve towards our own brothers and sisters? Are we not ashamed of ourselves for all fighting when there is possibility of forget and forgive policies? Why not we all start looking for possibilities of love instead of hate ness. Why is it that some people in the world do all those horrible killings? Why cant they all live life happily and enjoy those precious little time instead of all fighting and killings.

I believe there are solutions for any complex problems if only one is genuinely interested in loving every human being, irrespective of the color, religion, caste or country. Start looking at people with little warmth and compassion. I hope and pray it happens in our lifetime itself. We owe at least that much to our future generations.

Global changes

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Deep in thought of our times and the recent happenings around the world has made me very uncomfortable and uneasy.The turmoil in Iraq continuing and like adding fuel on fire, the British have conferred knighthood for Salman Rushdie,which only have made the already anquished extremist muslims more against U.S and Britain.Even those moderates may feel irritated against the British untimely gestures, without a thought for the sensitivity of the common muslims.

If at all it was intended to show appreciation of freedom of thoughts and writings,the timing couldnot have been worse.The new generation muslims rather the youth ones are showing
their hatred of Americans and the British.They have certainly invited trouble by mismanaging the entire episodes,starting with the run for oil susequently turned in to different blocks allying themselves with US and earstwhile USSR. When US and allies witnessed the fall of soviat bloc
as a result of their own flawed communistic policies which never ever did happen or succed in any of those so called communist countries.

In fact the result of the Russian or Chinese revolution was dicatorships and never was the communism in theory.Through our history we have seen the rise and fall of all those so called communist countries.In practice all were dicatorship [Like old king and queen].Only difference was that the change of guard did take place and the power had shifted from royal,autocratic rulers to the leaders who were opposing their rule.

The only viable solution lies with the democracy,were people themselves chooses their rulers.
But when did actually the coldwar turn the tide against the US, who had actally used those muslim ultras in their war against Soviat Russia only to find those very ultras turn against them instead of Russia.

I feel the russians had won in their brain games with US,as can be seen in present times.The Russians, even though are struggling with their economy have no fear of those muslim ultras anymore,while the US and Britain along with their allies are now facing the worst.

US failed to see the backfire in the long run and as a result now is facing danger.In Hindiusm
they say that you will be the victim of your own actions.I feel now after all these blunders they still can manage without much bloodshed,if they get a thinking leader who must also be rightous,and to win back the backing of all the muslims in the world ,they need to rethink and reapproach to their middle east policies while they show their genuine concern for all those suffering mankind.

Money making and materiastic bliss is short lived and cannot produce good future generations.For that to happen they must sit back and think over their present policies and blunders.