Tuesday, June 10, 2008



Off late there has been a spurt of action in share markets mainly due to the media hype of the rising share values and the great Indian success story. To some extent at least we can be sure that the markets have been manipulated by bulls and bears. The big players mainly started playing the game just as one does in gambling, especially the ones with foreign currency access or the ones who are actually foreigners, did play a big role in influencing the market trends.

If one think straight and see all the actions involved just prior to the little crash after sunsex touching/crossing 20000 we can all see that the foreign participation has been in volumes not expected from a country like India. The funds stashed in Swiss banks I suspect also did return to Indian markets and gave it legibility and can be termed as the prime money laundering techniques used by our own countrymen who are super rich.

But the ultimate losers in this game have been the middle and upper middle class people of India who dreamed of making a fortune from the markets and started investing their hard earned money in to such ventures. Normally we witness that these are the people who get hit in the melee of market crashes. They also have to blame them selves for going for it in the first place after having witnessed the Harshad Mehta scandal and their modus operandi. It is akin to gambling to expect huge returns from short investments. Some times it clicks but eventually will be lost in the melee later. The luck during peak periods encourages them to get further involved even if it is with the help of borrowed funds. These are the guys who were severely punished on this occasion. It is really saddening to note that people makes the same blunders over and over again.

The fact of the matter is that no markets are immune to manipulations be it US or UK or any where in the world. In such markets there are no fool proof mechanisms to deal with big entities and there are lot of lacunae’s which big fish make use of, for gaining fortunes. Like they say it is always the most difficult job making your first million and always much easier to make it double and triple. Especially during times of wild swings you can be sure that it has been infected and is bound to crash.

There are a lot of ways and means to manipulate with the share values of companies if you have access to loads of money only to be invested for gaining momentum after which comes the time for harvest. The big fish as always can get through the net due to their sheer size while small investors suffer most.

The best course for the government is to keep a close watch on the proceedings and act swiftly when identified with big players entering the market to boost the so called vulnerability of small markets, in terms of volumes traded in Indian Rupees which are peanuts for those with funds in Euro or Dollar due to their high market value in comparison with rupees. Caution should be the watch word before one invests in Share Market. Like gambling it can have far reaching sociological problems in our society when one gets addicted to such habits like the lotteries, gambling or such foolish games.
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The most astonishing fact that the world exists the way it is today in itself is the proof that god exists. What ever be the theory the truth is that it is a great wonder to be alive and exists among other animals, birds and fellow human beings. If only people realize the futility of fighting each other so blindly without a feeling of guilt or soberness is the greatest blunder human beings can ill afford?

Our history has proved that one hardly gains by suppressing others’ free thoughts or beliefs in any time in history. The global connectivity and open markets and economies can be well utilized for friendship among the farthest of the countries. We are now living in times of global trotting with possibility of having breakfast in US lunch in UK and dinner in Japan on the same day unlike, those periods when people had to sail for months to see another continent and have taken centuries to find the total area of the earth. Now man knows the globe almost minutely. We also know that every continent is different in so many ways with people and culture also varying from place to place. Co lour and races may be different but the species is one and only has men and women.

Why does one wants to destroy others while there is a possibility of being friendly and we all can very well share and live happily ever after. The Karmic eventuality as Hinduism teaches illuminates the ultimate truth that each of us are the sum of the results of our actions and our forefathers’ too has done good and bad, sometimes the result may follow us like a curse for our whole lifetime or may be for our children and grand children’s lives too, if the actions were very sinful and have effected too many people as a result then one sure can expect the curse of such sins follow us for generations. Our fore fathers must have realized it so early in our culture as proved by the existence of writings which no one ever could prove how old it was nor can any prove it was written in one life time which is maximum 100 years or a few more years at the most. To imagine an epic like ‘Mahabharata’ with lacs of characters can be compiled by one man is purely impossible if one takes a close look at the result with thousands and thousands of stories interconnected in such big volumes resulting in one of the most astonishing writing ever existed or seen on earth. There are no parallels when it comes to such writings but for Homer and Iliad written in Latin. Those are creations of super human capabilities and are perhaps the god almighty that has left behind those scriptures for all human beings to have as reminders to themselves of the result of their karma hence, people will be reminded of the righteousness. I remember having seen as a child in Malabar Christian College [MCC] in Calicut the sentence which said “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”. Rightly said as people who fear gods wrath can seldom commit crimes or indulge in sinful activities. It is right in pointing out that we all have to pay dearly for all the sin that one commits in ones life time. Your ‘Karma’ [duty or actions] while you live will also reflect in the results that one encounters later, at times in ones’ life time itself, in some cases may continue even for generations the good or bad result of your ‘Karma’.


The most difficult fact is that people seldom admits their sins or crimes even when it pricks their minds subconsciously. Last week I read an article in which Sharon Stone an award winning Hollywood actress referred to the Chinese earth quake as a result of their
Actions in Tibet. The Chinese instead of thinking over it slammed the actress blaming her for playing politics.

Throughout human history people have committed big errors of judgment and have paid dearly. All those who suppress some ultimately will be suppressed by some others. It is the rule of the Lord which is the greatest balancer. You may think of all those mighty warriors and mighty countries, all have gone through the same natural cycle. No one will be spared in the court of the lord. No one can expect the benefit of doubt will favour them in the court of the lord. That’s why it is called the Supreme Being.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008



Children normally grow till the age of 21 years. Those are the years when they have to lay a good foundation for a healthy and long life. I remember the story of late Joseph Kennedy who actually made a fortune during the worst depression period faced by U S A. There were also gossips about him having made most of his money by smuggling Alcohol which was banned in some states of USA. But his story remains as the most successful among the recent Americans’ history. One of his sons Late John Kennedy became the president of USA during the worst cold war periods. The world then was polarized after 2nd world war with USA, UK and some European countries including West Germany on one side and USSR [United Socialist soviet Republics] along with the some of the Europeans countries were on the other side. After Cuban revolution the communists took over the reins and USSR wanted to load the South American island with missiles pointed towards USA. But President John Kennedy threatened to destroy those soviet ships heading towards Cuba with loads of missiles unless they go back to USSR. Soviet Leader Krushchev subsequently recalled the ships and the Americans celebrated their ‘victory’ while Krushchev maintained that he had only avoided a conflict. The famous Kennedy family had a mantra for longevity and good health the senior most Kennedy introduced a rule in the family saying that all his children and grand children will inherit [A huge sum even today] few million dollars if they abstain from Alcohol drugs and other vices till the age of 21. The point was if one is able to abstain from such vices then you can be assured of good health for your long life, but for accidents which can not be helped and is only a probability.

To remain healthy and to grow to the fullest possible height and the right weight, one needs to have discipline in terms of consuming food rather, avoiding junk food and limited intake can actually help for longevity. The best possible habits are to have timely food and also see that the intake has the right quantity and quality in terms of minerals proteins vitamins etc. Even if one is poor and can not afford costly food there are variety of cheaper food for instances vegetables and grains, which is the most natural and pure form of food and have proved to be the right kind of food without side effects. Most successful athletes these days are vegetarians. Among non vegetarian food least harmful and most nutritious are sea foods. Though men especially those who live in extreme conditions of cold weather needs, may be, more non vegetarian stuff due to their need for maintaining body temperature in cold weather as our body requires more calories to be burned out as a survival mechanism inherent in our body which perhaps explains why people started having non vegetarian food while primates as our ancestor were predominantly vegetarian.

Our mother earth has all the ingredients needed for maintaining good health but we still go for artificial and more and more chemicals which has high potential for ill health and much deceases prevalent now, is a direct result of our food intake mostly stored, free zed food and long preserved food with the help of unnatural and artificial methods. For good health fresh food is proved to be the best. Using preservatives to store food without getting spoiled is also another danger, which too has devastating side effects.

The second most important fact for maintaining good health is regular and routine exercises. Be it walking running or any kind of physical activities this too has a direct impact on our health. Lazy guys who avoid physical exercise will ultimately suffer bad health. This fact has been proved beyond doubt and people mostly have woken up to the idea of jogging, walking, cycling or swimming. If a child is blessed with good health then half the battle is won and one can concentrate on the other half of the battle called life.

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