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The case is about a guy who cheated a customer very easily and clean operation which resulted and left our customer so demoralized as he was cheated Rs.24500/-.

The modus operandi was so simple and clever, that all the staff were fooled so easily by a guy who claimed to work for ICICI. He approached a customer by first calling over phone in a female voice claiming as staff of ICICI bank and was offering to open an OD account for the businessman customer, who trusted the phone conversation through which the lady informed that she is sending an executive of the bank, perhaps saying or claiming as the agency entrusted to do such services by the bank. The customer believing, told the lady to send the executive who reached promptly in 15 minutes and took ID proof, address proof along with a couple of photographs and bank statement which must show a balance of at least Rs.50000/-and a couple of blank cheque leaves . The customer remitted Rs.50000/- in his account so as to show that he has sufficient balance and also informed his bankers, as he was applying for an OD account to be opened in his name with ICICI and wanted the bankers to reveal his balance which was on that day more than Rs.50000/-. The executive of the agency or ICICI walked in after half an hour and asked to know the balance, which he claimed to know as more than Rs.50000/-.The staff having got prior information openly declared the balance of the account thinking in fact they are helping the customer get a loan. But the guy could only manage to withdraw Rs.24500/- as 20000 was already carved/debited towards his clearing cheques of the day.

See the kind of cleanliness in this type of operation, openly and boldly cheating during daylight and the entire phone numbers used later was found to be of forgery and the addresses given all are fictitious.

This article is for the general public to be alert towards such alarming practices of cheating and looting.

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I have lived a life full of actions all through out. There was never a dull moment in life. Every morning I wake up to the realization of the new challenges and problems to be solved for the day. While I do my daily chorus of shaving, bathing etc, I keep thinking also of all the day ahead and the ways and means of achieving for the day.

You may ask achieving what? Nothing material about it. It is only the small ways of contributing towards my employers’ wealth and business. Because, I get paid for doing that very job. As a retail banker my job is to open new quality accounts while retaining the existing customers as well, by keeping them in good humour.

Others have differed with me in handling the customers the way I do, and pointed out, that much is not actually required from me, as I was only a small fry in this huge world and as National Government as my employer and my manager to do the public relations exercise I am in real a blessed clerk who can actually be indifferent to my surroundings and just do the work allotted to me.

That would have been the best and most logical thing to do under such circumstances, but the fact is I am different, and wanted to take responsibilities of the whole office and always help out my manager, cashier or the peons as well, just to make sure the service is done quick and to the best possible manner to make sure the satisfaction of all those who walk in to our bank.

There have been my distracters, who always made fun of me by pointing out the good service given, when the customer is a pretty girl or a woman, but the reality is no matter who walks in to the bank, rich, poor, pretty, ugly, young, old, caste, religions nothing matters to me as I respect each individual for what he is and the due respect is meant for all, irrespective of the above mentioned factors, I have proved this over a period of decades in different places in India. No language or religion or the importance of the individual never made me work faster or slower as I maintain the same dignity towards all across the counter. That will remain as it was so far as the best practice to be followed for any individual, as I have proved to my colleagues who doubted my intentions at times.

The common decency is the best answer to all kind of characters as people normally are reasonable if you explain your difficulty in delay or some wrong entries which happens, and is only human to make such small and trivial mistakes. The problem creators are normally egoists and if you too are a guy with such ego, then the matter gets from bad to worse. My mind tells me there is no shame is accepting our mistakes when it is pointed out to you. Instead of trying to argue to prove the other guy wrong it is easier to accept our mistake and not repeat the same. That finally will be the time you are matured and good towards all.

Diplomacy is the best course in all situations instead of wasting our time arguing and proving a point or two to the listener. It is healthy to let the customer win the argument for we don’t want to lose a customer under any circumstances

The same goes in life as well by letting others’ win you actually end up having friends and not foes. All can do it simply by tuning our self under all such situations. Controlling
Our anger and frustrations is the key so as not to show on others, who have nothing to do with it. Ultimately your own health will get spoiled, every time you argue heatedly or while you shout, your own BP is bound to go shoot up resulting in our poor health in the long run.

My advice to youngster is to be cool and relaxed come what may. Every thing and every one around you, will change for good when you become good yourself.

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The greatest meltdown in the history of mankind, the reasons are plenty but there are glaring examples of spendthrifts, who don’t have a thought for their children or grand children. Leave alone providing a security blanket in terms of food and shelter to our countrymen, if the corporatism simply washes their hands off, as if they had nothing to do with what has happened for millions of families all around the world, then it would be the greatest tragedy and worst scenario of guys siphoning off huge sums to tax havens to leave the poor hungry and roofless. The governments who allowed these lacunae are to be blamed apart from their other actions of going on endless wars in the name of eradicating terrorists and to demolish all weapons of mass destruction.

What have they achieved? In killing millions of innocent people and the huge war bills to be met making them the worst borrowers and the liabilities is certainly going to haunt them for a couple of generations more. In the process they have managed to instill fear in to the minds of small countries so as to force them too, for nuclear deterrent security of owning them just to make sure they are not attacked tomorrow. All the war bills and spending have been a sheer waste as neither could they find Osama gang, nor could they find WMDs. To the responsibilities of the Governments of other countries such as India which instead of being firm were bullied to enter in to partnerships with all those ill fated corporate houses who looted our people too to the brink, now leaving our politicians who are crying hoarse for taking credit for their foresightedness, which in itself is a lie, rather we were taken for a ride and at least 75 percent of our big institutions were made to enter in to partner ships with all those failed banks, investments companies, insurance sector and what not all for the private hands who are ruthless and selfish to the core ,though foriegners they all had partners in destruction seen in last few months,in India too.

Our government has a lot of questions to answer, and instead of declaring their positive mechanisms, which saved our country as they are claiming now, can be proved on the other side as having abetted to the worst trades practices, which were allowed in our country. Those failed bankers were looting from our population by charging more than 36 percentage on card dues and the loans they provided , and they are claiming that the Reserve Bank Has given them permission to charge interest on the funds given more than any worst money lender charges the terms used ,late fee, excess fee, processing fee ed. sess, taxes of our government plus the interest rates more than 36 percent yearly.

The terms they use is 3 percent only monthly, while no nationalized bank or other Indian origin bank has ever charged more than 15 percent diminishing at any point of time good or bad, yearly. How come suddenly these foreign banks enter India and start lending right from the beginning the charges I mentioned above apart from the interest rates which never existed even during the time of ‘Merchants of Venice’ era. These blood suckers or the rich akin to modern day Dracula’s lost most heavily and fell with the largest thud on earth. Our government has to take over ICICI to give justice for the people of India, who had been cheated to such levels though; gods’ curse on them had saved further misery for our poor people.

The responsibility of big Industrial houses who makes profits decades after decades with the blood and sweat of the laborious working class also must ensure their lively hood other wise our country will be facing a civil war as more and more millions will get frustrated and jobless. The psyche of the sufferers will be to revolt against the establishment. The big houses normally announces job cuts overnight and go on as if nothing happened just because these guys who are at the top have stashed away funds to take care of generations, while the workers are left high and dry hungry and most dangerously bitter the social revolutions mostly bloody in history tell us happened on every occasion.
When while the majority is suffering, some very few lavish themselves on ill gotten and establishment expenses at the cost of the lesser level workers and the poor. Now such a scenario actually exists. My brother when he attended a top management interaction in Japan where, most of their big wigs of Toyota, Honda had all assembled among them was another entrepreneur of Japan who declared his business was running on loss for the last decade but still kept on functioning as a payback time for the sake of workers who had contributed to so much profits for a couple of decades earlier and he was not willing to let them down, and ensured the turnaround after ten years again to profit. Had it been our big guys,they would have closed on the second year itself after sucking all the juice out of the employees. The person there felt it was his duty to take the employees in good and bad times even if it costs much of his earlier profits.

When the corporate culture dumps the load on advising, Governments to see that employees who loses job is no way their concern but the establishment, is terribly wrong ,they too will have to be made responsible to the extent of selling their assets and settle the dues and pension to the fired employees out of recession. That is called the Corporate ‘DHARMA’, the mood of the suffered are gradually changing and will be a mass movement if we don’t take necessary corrective methods of holding the Big business houses too responsible for the lively hood of their servants.

We need doers who are sympathetic to the workers more than the rich lobby that might be contributing to the kitty of political parties, but on the other side will be losing, for the people especially during stressed and frustrated times will turn out to be the worst criminals like a wounded animal which can be the most dangerous and unpredictable monster.

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Monday, December 15, 2008



I have followed the evolving of Mr.Mahendra Singh Dhoni as a cricketer and subsequently most brilliant & cool headed captain with instant course correction, when the ship is in troubled waters, almost all through out his captaincy. He has come out as a gutsy and the most confident person that he really is and making it like a shrewd chess player, he uses his weapons and positioning of the pieces before you go out for the kill. Even after finding themselves pushed too far on to the wall, to emerge victorious on close matches finals or semifinals, in all formats including test crickets, with the ultimate superiority and I feel Dhoni unleashed his power becoming a nightmare for the opponents. Also they have done it around the globe but for New Zealand recently in Australia, England, West Indies, Pakistan, Perhaps, Sri Lankan tour must have been the reason of our second ranking.

Seeing a butcher like, opener who demolishes the fast and fiery with rare & utter disregard for all the running they do, followed by rocket like deliveries which are put away with contempt and giving back shots double fast akin to missiles thudding on to the boundary line, before the bowler gets time to shut and open their eyelids. It takes minutes for the bowler somehow get over the shock before he finds the next ball disappearing on the opposite direction. They bowlers become scared to bowl to him, as they are left gaping and panting for breath and place to hide after a Shewag blitzkrieg, so demoralizing is the effect, I am sure the opponents must be dreaming horror of bowling, going through sleepless nights and the laugh as a butcher making them sweat and may even wish they were never born. The important thing with our batsmen is the style of play with utmost disdain for the opposition leaving them all so dominating and scare.

The second part of the assassination is done by players who all can be destroyers of bowlers of any era any where in the world at any time. The guys are all oozing with confidence and talent and are the most stylish, a pleasure and treat for the lovers of classical cricket of the highest level. Amazing skills combined intelligence, all are brilliant shot makers and no bowler ever has been able to conquer over these batsmen. Look at the line Shewag, who shoots back the fastest ball right down the skull of the bowler. Gambir elegant left hander who is the partner perfect, attacking guy out to kill the bowlers if Shewag was not in a mood. The other side and bowlers shivers at the mention of demolishing squad, Dravid the greatest wall on earth, Tendulkar, his name itself is enough, he just does not need to do anything so great a player, which happens very rarely in one generation or perhaps the greatest ever batsman, in world cricket. VVS Laxman, As someone mentioned like surgeons with silken touch he just does not need power at all he uses the pace of the bowlers’ redirecting to all the gaps Yuvraj [Aptly named the prince] The king majestic at such a tender age. M.S.Dhoni in total control at all times. He has out thought all his rivals and has clinically dismantled the bowlers of this era. My observation tells me he is the most intelligent among all his contombaries, no other captain has shown some of his hidden strategies making the opposition to keep guessing of what is to follow. The strategy he revealed against Australian by making them think Indians were defending rather than attacking only to find later that he has made them confused, with some special stuff, leaving them praying and begging for life, not knowing whether to play their shots or defend their wickets and before they realized what has hit them, is down on the mat. Bowlers we have now, also are the most potent missiles and the bench strength for all the slots are a problem of plenty. Things have brightened and the game has been taken altogether to a different level of world cricket, more glamorous, dynamic, stylish and most of all playing and enjoying it as well. They have conquered all the so called mighty and furious. While the Australians was ruling it was like a workman like rather robotic type always grafting slowly while our boys are the ultimate pleasure to watch, which has made the game so enthralling unlike those days when Boycott, Gavaskar used to play dreary cricket making the spectators sleep, while they laboriously play out nudging and blocking all day, hardly scoring around 150 to 200 runs a day and you can not get to see a boundary [4 runs] in most sessions.. Now a guy like Shewag can knock out any bowler in the opening round itself, while he notches a double century before lunch or tea.

Well done boys keep up the good work. This test match has given a lease of life to more than a billion people after the mayhem in Mumbai. No one could have done it better than you guys.

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A BRIEF HISTORY OF MANKIND. [Based on Hinduism and Sanskrit scriptures]

As per Hinduism and its Sanskrit scriptures or history with specific qualities of men during each yuga which is about changing times just like our climates each year such as winter, summer, spring and autumn We have the history of 43, 20,000 of time which comes under Krita Yuga,Treta Yuga,Dwapara yuga and lastly kaliyuga which started in and around 3102 BC . This one cycle of changing yugas is called a MAHAYUGA consisting 43, 20,000 years and such 2000 Mahayugas[43,20,000 years x 2000 is called one Kapla that means 86400000 years which is called one year in gods calendar then the age of earth is such 12000 Gods years, which again has another term used and one can get mind boggled when you think of the history through the scriptures of Hinduism all recorded and written in the oldest language of human kind called Sanskrit.Human kind had gone on and in each yuga one savior is born as a god to take corrective measures to lead the people righteously. We have so far had 10 such avatars of God Mahavishnu who has time and again came to rescue the righteous from the evil when the ratio between them reaches about 90:10 meaning out of one hundred people only 10 will be living righteously. Each Avatharams [or Reincarnation of God] had its purpose for saving good against the evil and sinful. We also have written documentation of the whole yuga’s and its history ending in destruction only to resurrect again for the next such cycles. Though British ruled for hundreds of years there were hardly any scholars among them in Sanskrit, while the Germans came and learned Sanskrit to such levels, just to find out and understand the content in those Vedas and Upanishads. They have partly been successful in their endeavors and took much of the Sanskrit literature from India and started to translate the same and thereby benefited by all those scientific works.

All subjects is illuminated in those scriptures in simple language even to the extend up to which ,even a layman understand the subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, astrology and even thoroughly about sex in ‘Kamasutra’. All around the world
The so called scientific revolution took place once the Germans got the works translated and started to use the theories in to scientific answers which was the base of the technology revolution seen in the world today. Mr.Herman Gundart was a great scholar in Sanskrit and he also made modern Malayalam version of some of these Sanskrit texts. He was a great man who understood the science behind all these scriptures, which were ageless. After the second world war the divided Germany helped both NATO and Russian blocks in their scientific discoveries and can be called as the pioneers in making the theory of Sanskrit texts in to practical technical wonders of our time.

Last 2000 years was actually the time when they realized the treasures of humanity, the most civilized, happened to be in India which resulted in mad rush to India by Europeans who realized India is the ultimate in knowledge and scientific advancement. But the invaders out of jealous did try and destroy so much of our treasured materials and succeeded in destroying about 90 percent of the knowledge base and yet could not banish everything may be due to fate and destiny.

Thoughts compiled by Balakrishnan Mechakkat: for more accuracy visit ‘indian institute of scientific heritage’sites.



Over the years I have lived a life which was quite normal and easygoing. I never took life seriously at all throughout my 47 years of living. As a child I was a normal easygoing and relaxed guy. Studies were always the last thing on my mind throughout my student days. I hated attending classes and right from Class 7th I started to bunk classes, [I was 12 years old then] and by my graduation period, in Commerce, at Sree Narayana Guru College,at Chelannur near Calicut, where we lived most of our childhood but for the period of 5 years when my father was posted at Palakkad. 1971 to 1976. I hardly ever visited my classes. To be absolutely frank, though I hate to reveal, quite a few truths, which was my kind of life, I lead my own way ,like what Late Mr.Frank Sinatra sang ‘my way’.

I never cared for a thing and was never serious in anything I did. Though I have hundreds of friends in all the places I lived I was never very intimately close with many. I am a person who valued my solitude and was mostly a loner as I liked it that way. But that does not mean I am not friendly or don’t socialize at all. I did what ever was absolutely necessary. In spite of only attending 30 or so days of classes for my BCom honors, as I have seen people from Bengal and North East refer to a degree course of 3 Years and to my surprise I later found out there are two year degree courses at those parts of India and the 3 year degree was called a honors degree. But I did my degree course under Calicut University in Kerala where 10+2+3 was the norm. [Matriculation,Pre degree and Degree].

However, I always managed to scrape through and never lost a year all throughout my life. The final year of BCom was the most difficult part in my life as the first two years I could not clear a single paper. On the Final year we get two chances [Sept and the subsequent May] where in, I had to clear all the 15 papers. I managed to clear 7 papers in sept. And was left with 8 to go when the bolt came shaking me for the first time in life. Due to lack of attendance my hall ticket was not issued. In our days unlike the semester system now, with each semester requiring sufficient attendance, we were caught at the final Exam for lack of attendance. Days went by and I was feeling shaky and was at the lowest esteem mentally during that phase. I knew that clearing 8 papers was not at all the challenge as I had just cleared 7 already, but will I be allowed to appear for the exams?

At last after trying every game in my arsenal which included requesting my principal personally citing the absence of both my elder brothers, one was studying in BHUIT at Benaras, after which he joined IIT Mumbai. [Powai], while eldest had gone to Singapore, I explained I was doing the entire bill remitting [EB, PHONE, WATER, HOUSETAX etc.] as I was the only boy at home so was burdened with family problems. My Principal Mrs.Vasantha Kumari [she had studied literature in Edinburgh] gave me a patient hearing and asked to prove the extenuating circumstances by bringing my father. I was very scared of my fathers’ reaction and slept on it for a couple of days thinking hard to find a way out. On the third day I managed somehow to blurt out the truth to my father. One of my senior had taken a duplicate parent, for which he was not only severely dealt with but never could get a degree till date. I was lucky as my father agreed without any fuss and accompanied me to the college to request the principal for a chance to appear for the Exam, only condition was that I have to prove my mettle by passing and successfully getting a degree. He played his part perfectly and some how made our principal to help get my hall ticket. For my part too, I made up by clearing all 8 papers in a single shot.
But my father though was happy that as promised I did my part on the other side never forgave me, till he died, for not having gone back and thanked my dearest principal in person. I was so shy during those times, which must have made me hesitate and never really could thank her enough. I know she too is no more but will always be a special person in my life for her kindness and gentle behavior. She is the god for me even now, after about 27 years. In hindsight my gut feeling tells me that my father had actually promised her that I will not be letting them down and his foresightedness has actually helped me to give a direction in life and not to get spoiled on drugs, alcohol and what not
I did try every vice that you can think of for decades but still managed to hold on and still be successful. May be more could have been achieved, had I been more serious about my studies in my younger days, but then life entirely would have been different for better or for bad god only can measure. Now as a laid back bank employee the worst part I may have missed are those classmates of mine whom I don’t even remember but for the few guys and girls who knew me otherwise personally. Other sad part is that I never attended any farewell party as a result; photographs of my class mates are missing in my cupboard.

I don’t know whether any of them remembers me at all. I also will not be able to remember all those nice guys and girls. The worst day in college for me was the day I went to a girl and asked her to stop to tell her I love her. But I was so stoned on that day with marijuana; she did not recognize what I was trying to tell her and just went on without turning back. I never bothered her again and forgot what happened on that day, my friends who too were, stoned on that particular day did not even notice that I did go to a girl and I too never told anyone in my life about that day. What that pretty girl thought of me will never be known because I never met her afterwards. That was the stupid most thing I ever did just like the song ‘something stupid’ where in the guys spoils the whole thing at last by saying I love you.

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Last few months we have witnessed job losses sinking corporate houses and the worst ever bankruptcy seen by the world in recorded history. The biggest factors behind all these symptoms are corruption and stashing of huge funds in numbered Accounts in Switzerland, only country in the whole world, who helps almost all criminals without ever having to prove their identity, hence the safest haven for all the ill gotten money from all around the world. They [Swiss] will never reveal the actual owners of the huge funds amounting to trillions of the richest and the worst criminals of the whole world.

My open question to the whole world is who all are supporting, if ever the Swiss government on one fine morning tells or publicly announces that the funds with them will be utilized for the survival of the humanity around the whole globe as almost 100 percent of the funds held in numbered accounts with the Swiss are funds cheated from the public by leaders from around the world. Their banking practices unlike in India or else where is done with utmost confidentiality and the investors are not bound to reveal their identity while depositing as cash or in gold and other precious diamonds etc.

Now if they declare that the funds held by them will be utilized for saving human lives across the globe, no one ever can question them nor will they be able to take legal action as the whole funds kept there, are for sure ill gotten and in real belong to the poorest people on earth.

Just a rumour itself will be enough to hit those villains where it really hurts and by doing such an act Switzerland as a country, will be able to save millions of lives adding to the greatest justice to be meted out to the world population irrespective of their colour ,race ,culture and such a humane act I know is impossible, as the powerful guys will not give in easily and might even bomb the Swiss for the ultimate betrayal, but in god’s eyes they will be doing the most noblest thing ever done by human beings.

Do they have the guts and the will to do it? Let us hope for the best and with gods help anything is possible.

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Thanks to our politicians and middlemen, where ever you go and what ever you do, you have to pay extra. You are in fact encouraged to commit sins as that becomes an income generator for the guys who are in fact appointed and given salary to avoid such evil practices. I have seen most horrible practices done by our people like issue of Certificates [Of course forged]. You can get Degree; post graduate Degree or even Doctorates. But every thing comes at a cost. I can give below some of the practices I witnessed.

Here in Coimbatore, there was a gang which arranged for getting you through Matriculation Exams a few years back. Some guys’ quotes the rate so high, if they find the candidate is so rich but a very poor student and has no chance of getting through exams. The modus operandi of such gangs was simple. They collect half of the promised price in advance and wait for the results, the only arrangement they had was they can get the copy of the results a day earlier from the list of passed candidates they find out the list of students who has actually got through and those who has failed. They promptly pay back the amount of advance they took with a passing remark ‘hey guy we never thought you are so bad in all the subjects, had it been a shortage of 10 or 20 marks we could have helped you, sorry’. From the guys who has already got through with out any help, they collect the balance amount with a passing remark ‘ It was very difficult and we had to spend double of the amount to get you passed, but no need of paying anything now ,see the result for yourself and pay after you are convinced.’

What a clean and easy operation. There is no way you can initiate legally against them because they are in fact doing nothing but speculating and their only advantage is getting to know the result a day early. The fools who fall for them are silly guys who consider they are very clever but are in real the ultimate fools. While working in North East India I came across so many guys who were agents who can arrange for degree certificate from NEHU [North East Hill University] I was taken aback seeing such degree of corruptions. The guys who got most of the government jobs in North Eastern States are from Bangladesh, at the cost of the poor tribes of the North East. There too by paying at all levels, in so many cases the payment of the bribe may not reach the ultimate decision maker at all, but in majority of cases all is done for a price. It is no surprise for me to see the trouble in North East considering the fact that the son of the soil is overlooked for employments with the help of Certificates of nationality along with other certificates proving their educational qualifications.

Other baffling thing about such ‘foreigners’ is that, not only they manage to get employments but are the most corrupt guys one can ever come across, they also easily visits their near family in Bangladesh as and when they wants without any hitch. While in Indian soil they have these documents to prove their identity and while in Bangladesh they have their real documents to prove they belong there. It will be now , Herculean tasks of the governments of all the seven states of the North east to identify and punish these imposters.

Another case, which I have experienced, is while my father, as an engineer in Kerala PWD was entrusted with the task of making a road to Siruvani Dam up in the hills of Kerala. He did try a very good job of making a road with the shortest distance and during the survey he had made thorough plans to be submitted to the government for approval. But a local planter approached him and requested the road be diverted through his Estate, and my father in those days was offered a brand new fiat car for doing the road diversion. My father not only rejected the idea saying that the generations of people traveling in the same road will be spending more on petrol or diesel apart from the fact that the time of travel also will be more to reach the destination, which was the Siruvani Dam, one of the main drinking water project covering the dry Tamilnadu District of Coimbatore. The planter went higher and higher up to the ministry level and got the diversion he had sought for making a mockery of my father, who was only trying to do his duty honestly. The ultimate winner was the planter, while the losers were the people of Kerala.

These are a few of my real life experience. Now after building a house in Coimbatore with the help of a Loan I applied for a water connection for Siruvani water and it has been more than a decade and I still haven’t got a connection yet, because I refused to pay bribe.

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We have all studied about the evolution theory, which says life started with a single cell on earth and then eventually over a period of millions of years the single celled creatures or germs began multiplying to create monsters like the dinosaurs in water and on land.

Though so many evolution theories exists and no one ever could actually prove with out an iota of doubt how this first cell itself came in to being and the rest of the process may have been imagined by the so called thinkers, who came out with so many varieties of creatures from deep under the earth in several places and more or less have almost proved that man was the ultimate form of the monkeys and Gorillas, which started the thinking process as the way we do now. So our fore fathers,’ millions of years back were monkeys.

Now having gone through several cycles of evolutions the world of today as we see has come to life the way it is. Different thoughts and ways have existed right from the beginning of the evolutionary cycles. Just like the different means of reaching a far destination, for instance you may go on horseback, cycle, walk, ride in different modes of vehicles or even fly to make it quicker. Men too started to live differently according to their cultures and as advised by their forefathers. That was how different religions came in to being. Some may argue that their way is the quickest like the airplanes while others may differ saying the risks are too high.

No one has ever come out with a foolproof idea as each means, may have its own merits and demerits. But to fight for the belief, which may be proved later as a blunder, is utter foolishness.

With out any doubt we all can see that Hinduism is the oldest taught religion on earth without any one forcing to make a Hindu out of other religions. The basic principles taught in Hinduism are tolerance and respect for other religions and the freedom to live according to the wish of the individual. That basic difference have made Hinduism unique and lasted as long as one remembers. Though a mere 10 percent of Muslim rulers could rule all of India and later by the British it was made possible because the majority did not believe in violence and was tolerant to all who came to India to make a living.

Now the basic principles of Hinduism are at the mercy of those who have started to preach violence as the means of rooting out other religions from our great country. The greatness of Lion is seen from the fact that though powerful, they never attack other than for food, like other less powerful creatures who kills just for the sadists’ satisfaction of seeing creatures die. Hinduism never ever in the history taught violence, but for defending our lives. Like the great war of ‘MAHABHARATH’ was fought against the evil designs of some evil men who, by crooked means amassed wealth and land. God Krishna in ‘Bagvathgita’ explains the necessity of war, to Arjun who was not feeling it right to fight against his own brothers and Uncles and Gurus. Sri Krishna makes Arjun understand the war against the evil and for saving the righteous thoughts.

Likewise now we are faced with the dilemma of either fighting for our rightful path to cleanse the society, which is almost filled with bad villains and evil men who by hook or crook amasses wealth at the cost of the poorest among the poor. My mother told the other day out of her wisdom that our dear old earth will cease to exists, rather all living beings will be perished by a ball of fire, the making of white men, and the heat generated will result in months and months of rains which ultimately will nourish life forms again after destruction of the whole world. We don’t need a degree in atomic or nuclear science to prove it is most certainly the end which is not far away by atom bombs, which is stockpiled by almost a dozen countries. I do believe my moms prophecy because she has lived and read more than me the Hindu Shastras.

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Saturday, December 6, 2008



The greatest and the oldest culture called snobbishness was the hall mark of British, Right from the days, they started their recorded history, which is only e few thousands of years. George Bernard Shaw was perhaps the only British subject who made mockery of the snobs in England and I have only read some of his pieces and bits. We can certainly say that snobs existed in Britain as long as one can remember and in their own phrase ‘may be as old as the British monarchy.’ The connoisseurs delight in the subject called snobbishness.

The greatest threats for those snobs are now made in India snobs, and their control of every thing and anything, with which they can show off to whom? Billions of poor and hungry human beings and their sufferings filled lives and as if to add insult to injury, these snobs particularly shows off to such people and god knows what result they expect from their shows to those unfortunate humans who don’t want anything to do with any material other than their cheap food, which itself has become a rarity.

The appalling and gravest nightmare of any country is the increase in the number of such people who accumulates anything and every thing from any where by stealing, buying or destroying so as not to be useful for others. One of my uncles who was a photographer with Indian Air force proudly sent his children, a son and daughter to schools in Ooty, and managed to bring them up to be the most Irresponsible , selfish and most sadly snobs of the highest degree. Both did rise to higher levels as dreamed by my uncle and his son was a Lt. Colonel in the Army married to a doctor while his daughter became a doctor. Both of them never came back to Kerala and were feeling it to be degrading them to be identified one from the middle class backgrounds. God knows what lies they were telling their circle, but I was sure that one of my cousin who married a self made man who rose to the level of full colonel from the barracks of a jawan once, met my other cousin and to her utter surprise refused to acknowledge his roots saying point blank that she was mistaken and he is not the person she may think he was.

I also remember this happening when my father and cousin went all the way to New Delhi, Where this guy got married. My father’s intention was to represent bridegrooms’ father who was no more alive. Having served in MES my father knew it was important to dress up ‘properly’ in military officers’ tastes so as to get entry to the marriage hall and had gone prepared. But his cousin who was a pharmacist owning a Medical Shop in Kerala went as any Keralite to attend the marriage ceremony, with white dhotis and white shirt. He was rudely told not to attend the function in such attire along with his wife too had to stay away from the function, for which they have traveled 2 to 3 days in Train to make it ,as a true and responsible uncle would, but was deeply hurt by the behavior. Sensing the hurt feelings my father too opted not to attend the wedding and took the couple, who was so upset, for a jolly ride around Delhi, which they thoroughly enjoyed and was always grateful to my father for having stood with them at such an occasion?

Now most of the people referred are no more alive. Even the Ex Military, whose wedding I was referring to, ended up so degraded and at times after his retirement he did show up for some of the family functions and always made a buffoon of him saying he needs a spoon and fork to eat during wedding feasts which normally is served on banana leaf. That alone could have been forgiven but for his remarks on the guests who comes as a response to our functions are ridiculed for their attire of dhoti and Shirt. The last thing I heard of him was during his mothers’ death in Delhi after which he put the body of his mother, who was shrunk as a result of sickness, in the trunk of the car to carry home and to bury later. Look at the fate of a real snob. My uncle would have been cursing his so called ‘wisdom’ to put his children in convents so as to create a snob out of an ordinary human being. Our Army, Air force and Navy though can not be blamed for their patriotism and braveness on the other side is to be blamed for such degradation of human values. According to me every man is born equal and though situations may differ, each person deserves equal respect.

In my life I always respected people irrespective of their caste creed richness or the ability to speak a language which is not ours, but still we clone ourselves to look and behave like those hated lot. If you still don’t get a comparison, you may read ‘Rich man Poor man’ and its sequel Kane and Able or the other way round if my memory is vague.

It was the story of a snob who is rich and a real man who was poor. If you still don’t get the plot then god only can save you.

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How small we are in this world of might and black holes, which does not even make light escape from its magic called the magnetic fields. It sucks anything and every thing for a distance of millions of miles. Think of the power exercised by these huge monsters in the universe they say millions of such bodies exists in the universe. In comparison we human beings are too small and so inconsequential. We live for about 60 years on an average or perhaps slightly more but still it is only a few more years. Out of which we sleep half of the time that leaves us about 30 years of time when we are actually awake too young or too old to limit the actual peak time for human beings which is in the range of 10 years. In ten years how much harm can one do to fellow human beings leave alone doing favours.

In earlier times even if a guy like Alexander goes on rampages he may end up killing about a few hundreds of thousands of men. Now with the help of mass killer weapons it is easier to kill millions with the help of chemical weapons and nuclear weapons. Think of all the evil men, who are behind such heinous crimes on human habitation, if only they get their hands to nuclear weapons the fate of the human beings and earth is doomed. Now let us think of a way-out.

The first question always is who these guys are. What are their intentions? Having lost a few wars Pakis are now filled with people whose hatred is towards the whole world. It was clear when Mr. Nawas Sharief was not behind that kargil war, it was then Mushraf with the help of Terrorists who were ruling Afghanistan with the tacit support of Taliban who actually planned and executed the Kargil war. And for once like in 1962 we were again caught napping and lost heavy casualties. Pakistan is now in the hands of terrorists and the election and prime minister and president is only name sake, it is in fact ruled by ISI, who makes decisions and can be termed as the worst thing to happen for human kind in the last few centuries. Going for an all out offensive will not be the ideal answer in the long run especially, considering the global melt down and money crunch. Russian KGB style would be more ideal to find the culprits where ever they are, and eliminating them what ever be the cost involved. This must be the last resort, before which we must sincerely seek to address their issues if possible. A channel for negotiations should be found out through mediators who are acceptable for both parties. Perhaps the UN head may host the dialogue engaging them is the best way to buy time. All hits must be avoided as long as possible as we just can not afford a war just like Pakistan too, as they are in deep debts and is in the verge of a total collapse if the warning signals are not heeded to or by ignoring their state of economy. The most precious funds instead of helping the hungry and jobless, is being diverted for huge war expenditures, weapons and training. Training and its aim is to kill the maximum number of civilians who have nothing to do with terror or appalling atrocities on human kind.

Can anyone with a humane mind do such things? How far the society effected will cope with such stress and frustration; we are not far from breaking point.
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Thursday, December 4, 2008



The recent attacks on Mumbai has shown the terrorists are doing it all with a purpose and the intentions are clear.No country in the world is safe as can be seen from the World Trade Cetre and Pentagon carnage. The hesitation of British in sending their cricket teams is borne out of fear and paranoia and those brave British has turned out to be the worst cowards. The power clearly in Pakistan is with the ISI as was proved right from the time of Nawas Sherif,who did not even know what was going on while the ISI with the help of Ultras were planning and executing the Kargil top military brass like Mushraff. If the leaders [their president and prime minister] still believes they are no way responsible for all the cunning designs of ISI, is either blind or is pretending to be blind.

They say it is easier to wake a sleeping guy than waking a guy up who is pretending to be asleep.Like wise it will be difficult to make our Paki leaders to act ,who are pretending as if they are blind. An all out war will be the utmost blunder by our government just like the US who went on war path only to find themselves in a deep hole without any light at the end of the tunnel. Their economy is in shambles ,un employment has reached at an all time high. Their future at least for the next decade may be through troubled times.

The most astonishing fact since last few decades in India has been the inability of Four State Governments unable to track and find Veerappan for so long. I dont believe in any such rubbishness, if they had the will and intentions they could have caught him alive or dead long back itself. The simple logic tells us that no one can survive without food and while cooking food, smoke is inevitable and can be seen from the sky easily to track and find the culprits. Leave alone all the technology and survillence with the help of live sattellite pictures and mobile phone conversations which are all recorded and can be retrieved any time as and when required. Most people does not know it and as a result was caught red handed with proof like in the instance of Hansie Cronje of South Africa who thought of himself as the one with intelligence only to be proved how foolish he was.

Left to me, I would initiate dialogues with the ultras to know their where abouts and their grieviences and If possible try and get them to change and lead a good life for the rest of their life. Every human being should at least be given one chance to change his bad ways . If nothing works then the Russian KGB style of tracking and eliminating without much of an ado is the best practical course. We can avoid huge war bills and save innocent lives, which may be lost in the cross fire. More over our economy just can not stand a war at this juncture. Try diplomacy and negociation and as a last resort the KGB style is best suited to such cruel guys who dont deserve any sympathy for the kind of atrocities they have committed around the world.

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