Thursday, September 26, 2013

Good thoughts & deeds, the best way to brighten life.

My fellow earth mates, the phase we are going through is one of the toughest phases, I have seen in last 4 decades.To come out of the hole we have to be thinking positively,acting positively and share what ever we have with us, with those who do not have.

Being a mute spectator will be disastrous and criminal negligence,as far as people are concerned for our dear earth. There should be active participation of every right thinking citizen towards harmony and survival of millions of underprivileged,have nots.Together we can lift them up easily.Choosing the right leader is the most important way to ensure stability.In India , my intuition tells me that Mr.Narendra Modi [Name of  Swamy Sri Vivekanand rightly in this 150th year of his birth anniversary], is the best chance for our country for the next decade.He is thoughtful,only fears god,does not owe any one any favours.

He is the best person to achieve our goal of self reliance and self sustainable development without destruction of mother nature, showing the world how to move ahead with wisdom and brilliance.Our Country has seen more good and bad times than most countries in the world.Our History is the oldest written documentation,to the tune of unbelievable accuracy,of the times and events for  millions of preceding years.

My plea to fellow citizens is to help canvass for a good cause to bring back normalcy and wealth,which actually belongs to our countrymen; should be restored back to them , while showing the way of living with out destroying the world and preserve most of our wealth underground for the future generations.

All the above is achievable targets in a couple of years, if truly all countries work towards the common goal for the whole world.      

Monday, September 23, 2013


Indian elections are only a few months away.We saw most of our government machinery being utilised by present rulers , by hook or crook they badly needs victory ,out of panic, their actions has been backfiring on them for instance, the built up cases against our army general has actually shown their nervousness.Now people are no more as stupid as they were 5 years ago.They will ensure the victory of truthful politicians alone.But most importantly we must now ensure that no one escapes our country, when election results are out.Especially those who are involved in mind boggling corruption scandals, unearthed in the last 10 years alone.

They may even take support of underworld Dons such as Dawood etc, while trying to explore ways and means of escape.[Perhaps they are already in touch with agencies such as ISI or CIA and might have made escape plans] Our primary job is to ensure they are stopped from going abroad,I saw their present plans allowing bureaucrats to go abroad fore treatment,this is an escape route indirectly, opened for those fraudsters.Because there are now best treatment for any ailments in India itself now, why then these hurried laws?

We must be able to out think these crooks from political parties, high level bureaucrats, because the corporate bigwigs are already having multi national presence,which makes their escapes always easy.

There should be heightened vigil at all exit points and watch out for suspicious movements.Unless we make all those scandal makers face, trail and punishment in our country itself , the purpose of our struggles may go in vein. End result must be the triumph of Truth and truth alone. I can assure the tribal population that this is their best chance for a change in our country make good use of it, so as to benefit their life and security.

Like in chess middle games will be more complicated ,while giving more chances as well,but the end game counts most because there only we find who is the victor and the loser.I take this occasion to convey my full confidence in Narendra Modi,our Ex. Army General,Arvind Kegrival & Anna Hazare.

Our movements now onwards, should be to give acute pressure and maintain the same intensity for the next 7 months more,after which the game will change and law will ultimately takes its own course.    

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Looking beyond the paddy fields to see Kalladikode Neelimala.[Adjacent to Silent valley.]

I have always loved the sight from my mother's place, a small house overlooking the vast paddy fields.I was told there are some farmers who has been doing the same cultivation since 7 to 10 generations, perhaps even before that.But since my childhood It has been the same, but for the advent of electricity and the Canal waters irrigating the paddy fields,which was made after independence and my father was in the first batch of Engineers of erstwhile Madras PWD.{Kerala promised much to begin with before slowing down after they made Malampuzha and idukki dams along with dozens of dams all over].

I am told the waters in Bharathapuzha of Malabar reaches the sea in a matter of hours and drains out during summer.Why didn't our government think of harvesting those waters fresh and pure to make every drop count in these warmer times.

That apart, coming back to the mount seen from my mom's house called Kalladikode Neeli, [Goddess.BhadraKaali ] I was told there was a saint / sanyasi among our ancestors about 5 to 7 generations back called Keli Moopar,the name itself indicates the importance such as giving knighthood, name Moopar added was due to his wisdom and most pious devotion towards Neeli Devi. He had all the power humanly possible to pass off any ghosts or demons.He had also few members/realized souls,who too were praying the Parashakthi devi,One day the Kalladikode Neelidevi appeared before them and asked for any boon they wish.Due to the sheer numbers she told, she can't be wife to all of them but the one who catches her fire ball thrown on a full moon day [or Amavasi,not sure].

Our Keli Moopar was all ready and started the poojas well and early itself , but slept off for a few seconds just missing the fireball,while his fellow sanyasi Sri.Kandathaar caught it with  wet towel. Ever since Kandathaar became so rich,the temple built then can be witnessed even today when you go to Kottayi from Mathur in present day Palakad dist. of Kerala,while the descendants of Keli Moopar had to toil hard to make their living and mostly spent as peasants.But the truth is they lived in more harmony than their rich counterparts.

But , now after so many generations one can feel the power of the ancestors, as slowly and in a righteous way the family and its women especially [more powerful],started to realise their power and the deity has ever since been given a special place till date. Every time I visit my mother mostly twice monthly,i still look at the expanse of lush green paddy fields and the Kalladikode Neelimalai , which can be seen in the sky far away.

I love the humming birds,eagles,migratory birds which are all the part of the beauty of natures abundance.  Almost still intact,but disappearing fast due to booming realtors and concrete jungles coming up around us. 

The Beatles - "It's Only Love"

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Ronan Keating - Baby can I hold you

when you say nothing at all- Ronan Keating

Westlife - Seasons In The Sun (With Lyrics)

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Shri Narendra Modi speaks at Dharma Meemamsa Parishad at Sivagiri Mutt, ...

Thursday, September 12, 2013


My dear Indian countrymen it is time to stand up and be counted for a cause genuinely a 'must' for our ruined economy. Ruling coalition of India [UPA] ,led by Manmohan singh [Or is it Rahul, one doubts] is surrounded by the worst corrupt guys in Indian history from the time of independence.Aam Aadmi Party,published the list of 15 top ministers in the ruling UPA,who are most corrupt and has been so since the beginning. The chorus leader of course is the one entrusted with Finance portfolio, he was squarely beaten in last election in Tamil Nadu,as rightly pointed out by TN chief minister. [there is a saying that 'you give the keys to the thief himself', Is that the case? god knows].Our Prime minister himself never won an election  all throughout his life. So don't call it the people's verdict.

There are good guys also, such as A.K.Antony and Sashi Tharoor etc, but unfortunately,they are with our enemies so, I can predict their doom in the coming election for sure.Mr.Advani is fighting for the cause of Brahmins,which is surely a lost cause, because they were traitors [Of course not all of them] if we look back in history.

For Muslims,I can assure there will not be anyone better than Mr.Narendra modi,who will ensure their inclusiveness in our development story,the proof is that he started with a visit to Sree Narayana Guru's,birthplace [Kerala]who has been the only Guru, to have declared  in bold letters "THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD & ONE RELIGION CALLED HUMANITY" The only matured mantra I heard in my life.Secondly he declared "WHICHEVER RELIGION OR CASTE YOU BELONG, BEING GOOD IN HEART, THOUGHTS AND DEEDS IS WHAT COUNTS MOST"

Who else or where else do you see these words of wisdom, The trouble with all parties so far has been the vote bank politics of splitting to rule , but they say they are secular. If you take the mass killings of Sikhs,after the assassination of Mrs.Indira Gandhi, is compared with what happened in Godhra and aftermath. In the first case you find the rulers of today spearheading the brutal massacres of Sikhs, I witnessed their shops being looted with the help of police even,  all over the country.They were benefited by their action, because all became Central ministers some are so even today. In such backdrop 2002 was only trivia.

Now is the time to wake up and take a bold stand ,my countrymen are wise enough, they will differentiate between genuine and fakes.


50-Crore relief and rehabilitation package for Uttarakhand

10 Sept 2013, New Delhi
Mata Amritanandamayi Math announced two massive charitable projects: a 50-crore relief-and-rehabilitation project in the flood-ravaged state of Uttarakhand and a programme to adopt 101 villages throughout India.
“In Uttarakhand, MAM will build approximately 500 houses destroyed by the disaster,” said MAM’s vice-chairman Swami Amritaswarupananda in a press conference in New Delhi. “These will be the totality of homes destroyed in 42 selected villages in the districts of Rudraprayag and Uttarkashi.”
The Swami also stressed that MAM would not only be rebuilding houses in Uttarakhand, but would also be providing scholarships to poor children, providing pension to widows and handicapped people, building an orphanage/care-home for children who no longer have a proper care structure in place, and helping to empower women by assisting them to set up home-based SHG businesses.
The Swami also announced the advent of what he said would amount to the most massive humanitarian programme ever undertaken by the Mata Amritanandamayi Math: the adoption of 101 villages throughout India with the aim of helping them become self-reliant and thriving.
“In order to accomplish this, MAM will draw upon the totality of the humanitarian programmes it has established over the past 30 years,” the swami said of the programme, which he said is being called the Amrita Self-Reliant Village Programme (Amrita Swasrayagramam).
Both the Uttarakhand reconstruction and the 101 village-adoption programme will be officially launched during Amritavarsham 60 on September 26-27.

= + + + + + + + + + + 

MAM to plant 60 lakh saplings across the world

The Mata Amritanandamayi Math (MAM) launched a massive global afforestation programme GoGreen today when Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy inaugurated a year-long plan aiming to plant 60 lakh saplings across the world – marking the start of several MAM initiatives in the run-up to September 27 — the60th birthday of Amma.
“Environment protection and conservation is one of the most important services we can do for society,” Mr Chandy said. “It is laudable that the Math has undertaken such a project on the occasion of Amma’s 60th birthday,”
After planting a seedling in the Chief Minister’s official residence in Thiruvananthapuram, Mr Chandy said the Kerala forest department would provide six lakh saplings to be planted in the state by mid-2014.
Of the six lakh saplings, the state forest department would hand over the first 1.75 lakh soon. Subsequently, 50,000 saplings would be provided every month with the aim of meeting the target for Kerala by June 2014 — the onset of next monsoon.

The Best of Mozart

Sunday, September 8, 2013


The wealth in India is so much that even if all the countries and rich combine their wealth earned in last 500 years or more, it is still not a fraction of the wealth in Indian temples and gold with our populace.To declare that we are giving free food itself is an insult to our population who owns all the wealth of our country.

Just because some people looted and emptied our coffers does not mean that we are beggars with  an empty plate.The fact is we know our great heritage ,culture , and richness, which is much more than all other countries combined together.

We don't want free food as we are not lazy.We will work and earn our daily needs as done since last millions of years.

Our government is saying they are being kind to our populace and is ensuring meals or food for all.But in the first place it is the government and their stooges who made our populace poor rather, cheated our people of their wealth and land.They should be put to trail and must be punished.The wealth accumulated by all those corrupt politicians,bureaucrats and corporate honchos with their stooges in PSUs. They all must undergo trail and must be punished severely,while the rights of our working class, genuine and honest people must be given their own wealth back.

The delay in ensuring justice will prove to be very costly for UPA,we know them all and will not spare the corrupt.This warning signs are there to be seen.There will be vast changes in the next one year after which it will be payback time for the ruling class of today.     


I take no credit to send this mail.The views and pix are not my personal but just to entertain U. Phir Milege.

A Forward, but which makes sense -- in this senseless country
 I am forwarding the contents of a message I received from a colleague who was in the planning department!
 I presume he does know what he is writing!
Food Security Bill or .......? Bharat Barbadi Bill  ..... ?

Out of 125 Cr , Indian population  67 % means 80 cr people will Be covered
Expenditure  will be 1 lac 25 thousand cr , (Rs1,25,000,000,000,00)
Means around 10 thousand Cr per month
Means Rs 125/- per month per person
Means Rs 4/- per day per person
72 thousand Cr. Rs (72,000,000,000,00) extra for transport , storage, Distribution72 thousand cr extra for Admin, implementation72+72=144. Lac Cr Rs.  (1,44,000,000,000,00)
(120% of scheme , comes Rs 5/-per day per person)
For doing charity of Rs 4 /- spending Rs 5/-

1.25 +1.44 = Means 2.69 lac crore Rs (2,69,000,000,000,00) (26900 Millions Rs)

Results ..
Fiscal deficit will increase
To cover that new taxes will be Imposed , dearness  index will go UP
Since food will be almost free labour problem will increase
Agriculture , Trade and Industries will come to end
So think ..Is this a Food security Yojana or Bharat Ki Barbadi Yojana ?
This calculation are based on information available to leading economist at micro level.


Friday, September 6, 2013

Power crisis could have been avoided in India.

India has large Coal reserves , and is told to be the third largest in the world but still, we imported Coal to the tune of about 15 billion Dollars in last year alone.Why? If the answer is to preserve our reserves for the future generations,then why did the Government issue Coal blocks helter skelter,without any records, now missing and untraceable. The fact is there are large amounts being looted in broad day light. If only our government was willing, countries like Iran , Venezuela along with like minded Middle eastern countries are willing to supply petroleum products in exchange of Indian Rupees.Why then did our government still buy it in Dollars? There again the dynamics is only to loot and support the Yankees,who are reeling under depression and is already drowning,Our government, full of guys who are stooges of UNCLE SAM , seems to be more worried about the US economy than ours.

Secondly , coming to the 100 days job / labour guarantee , I witnessed the labourers only cleaning roads while there are hundreds of other works, which can be a boon for our country, such as building check dams,rain water harvesting around the country to make sure the pure water of the rivers are better utilized before it drains out to the sea,similar to the idea mooted by Tamilnadu Government ,which actually raised the ground water level in the state.Planting and growing Trees and similarly there are so much good work which can be done while the labourers lead a dignified life earning , on the other side our country is benefited for generations.

The above measures are just a few, which can boost our economy and stabilise our country in a matter of few months leave alone years of hard work.Our populace, unlike other countries' are very much willing to earn their living in a dignified manner by working hard rather than freebies or  free food scheme, now envisaged by our top so called 'brainy guys'.Our work culture is unparalleled in comparison to the people in western countries who are actually not employable at all as our great Industrialist Ratan Tata observed.

One can see almost all developed countries used our brain power and man power to develop their countries respectively, while our bosses are having no clue how to lead.    

Monday, September 2, 2013


Why is electronic media showing a pro-Congress bias?

By Meenakshi Lekhi

Mukhiya mukhu so chahiye, khan paan ko ek Paale poose sakal ang, Tulsi sahit vivek.
Kabir’s doha, when translated, means this: just as the mouth receives food that nurtures all parts of the body, the leader must be driven by similar wisdom.
The Congress-led UPA is possibly unaware of this, as is obvious from the current political and socio-economic crisis it has got India into. The consequences of over several lakh crores of loot in the last nine years through the 2G, coal and other scams are now being felt across the nation. India has been assaulted like never before.
While many believe that this government is weak and paralysed, the back story suggests the contrary. The present Congress government seems to be a rogue regime run with an iron fist on the lines of several authoritarian or autocratic regimes around the world. Its actions speak louder than words. The actions of this regime have ensured massive unemployment, encouraged imports that destroy local production capacities, and, most importantly, have facilitated the criminal loot of national resources.
Biased journalism? Getty Images
Biased journalism? Getty Images
On the political front, this regime continues to engineer a separatist mindset, by fortifying ethnic groups as vote banks and by dividing India. Be it Left-wing terror, jihadist terror or any anti-India movement, the Congress is found to be creating, nurturing and controlling divisive tendencies. The root cause of all problems such as casteism, communalism, law and order or social unrest lies in illiteracy, unemployment and poverty. Survival insecurities and religious fundamentalism are being used as weapons of political mobilisation and mayhem.
A closer look at the UPA’s support structure reveals how India’s institutions are being subverted. Parties supporting the UPA, such as the SP, BSP, DMK and many others, are being kept in line by the Congress party through the use of state power in the form of CBI, Enforcement Directorate, NIA, etc. Deceit and criminal intimidation have become legitimate tools of governance.
The Congress party’s 57 years of rule have created artificial pressure groups to deceive the masses. It has planted its supporters in the executive, the media, and industry to justify and legitimise its sins.
Let’s take the example of the mainstream media (MSM), especially the television media. It has a pro-Congress bias. The pattern is like this: suppress most cases of Congress-run corruption while highlighting individual and nationally irrelevant issues. Remember how embarrassingly silent the MSM was on the cash-for-votes scam that allowed UPA-1 to continue in office? Cameras were also focused on the antics of some Hindu Sena activists near a Karnataka bar in January 2009.
Similarly, when the Indian economy is in a shambles, the nation is reeling under corruption, inflation has raised the cost of necessities, and there is huge unemployment and loss of job opportunities, the mainstream media finds Asaram Bapu to be the main news point. While the role of the state government is not discussed, there are regular repetitions of this episode. There are no updates on gigantic scandals such as Satyam, NREGA, Augusta Westland, and sale of Railway Board jobs. FIRs against Sheila Dikshit, Jagdish Tytler and CBI cases against Andhra Pradesh ministers are not even reported, forget taking them up for prime-time discussion. Similarly, ethnic riots in Assam, UP and nearly 5,000 cases of major and minor riots post-2004 are conveniently forgotten. The MSM has never questioned the communal credentials of the Congress party which has a history of overseeing riots in the country even while being in alliance with communal parties such as MIM, TNMMK and the Muslim League.
India’s MSM has maintained complete silence involving Congress leaders and their family members in corruption cases under the disguise of editorial freedom of choice. The ethics of journalism are completely forgotten while dealing with anyone other than the Congress. The IPLsaga too was part of the same unwitting efforts at cover-up. At a time when the Central government was at the receiving end of the stick and being pulled up and censured by the Supreme Court for its role in the CBI investigations into Coalgate and the mama-bhanja sale of Railway Board jobs, the media was focused on N Srinivasan’s resignation drama at BCCI. Time and again, there is an attempt to make the Indian public forget the gigantic scams involving public funds while playing IPL(private money) sagas, turning encounters into fake ones, and mocking leaders from the opposition while protecting the misdeeds and criminality of the Congress regime!
The time has come to ask honest questions from the Indian media. Will the fourth pillar display integrity and act as the custodian of the right to information or ignore its duty, especially when the nation is going through a crisis? Even as I am writing this piece, important information on the indictment of Sheila Dikshit by the Delhi Lokayukta, and court orders for the registration of FIRs against her and Jagdish Tytler is in the air. But I wonder whether it will make it to prime-time discussion.
The author has been a socio-political activist for over 20 years, is a practicing lawyer and national spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sri Krishna's life Perfect example worth following for leading a Righteous life.

28 August, Amritapuri – Krishna Jayanthi Celebrations 2013
Like each year before it, the day of Krishna’s birth was celebrated in Amritapuri in a very festive atmosphere and music and bhajans were everywhere; it was a true celebration.
Little gopis and gopas and krishnas were seen all around the ashram as many took the opportunity to dress up on the occasion and join a large procession led by the ashram elephant Lakshmi.  Amma sat on the temple steps and sang bhajans as everyone crowded around to watch the young participants try their best to break the small clay pots suspended from high above.
“Sri Krishna Jayanti reminds one of the soul’s immortality.”
“The birthday of an ordinary person reminds us of the transience of human life, whereas that of a divine incarnation like Sri Krishna reminds us of the soul’s immortality” said Amma in her Krishna Jayanti message in Amritapuri.
“Lord Krishna’s life is a light illumining the way to the Supreme. God assumes a human form in order to teach how humankind may rise to the level of God. Like a mother who helps her toddling child walk, God accepts all the limitations of a human body for the sake of leading us. By assuming a human form, divine incarnations demonstrate how human beings ought to live” Amma said.
” Whereas the gopis, Arjuna, Udhava and Vidura became devotees of Krishna, Kamsa, Sishupala and Duryodhana rejected Him. Pointing to this, Amma said, “A mirror clearly reflects sunlight, whereas a piece of charcoal does not reflect sunlight at all. However, the sun does not discriminate between the mirror or charcoal piece, but shines equally on both.”
“Lord Krishna, who adorned himself with a peacock feather, continues to shine even today as the protector of Dharma and as the Guru of the world.

"Through his life, Sri Krishna demonstrated the duties of a son, disciple, king, servant, teacher, friend and householder. It is this fullness and expansiveness that makes Krishna a purna-avatar, a complete manifestation of divinity in human form. Jagat Gurus (world gurus) are those who teach truth and dharma through their lives. Krishna expressed different bhavasto captivate different kinds of people. His teachings helped to uplift people of all levels, and they illumine the paths of knowledge, devotion, action and yoga. If we give up our ego and surrender to the Lord, He will protect us in all circumstances,” emphasized Amma.
+ + + + + + + + + + +