Thursday, September 26, 2013

Good thoughts & deeds, the best way to brighten life.

My fellow earth mates, the phase we are going through is one of the toughest phases, I have seen in last 4 decades.To come out of the hole we have to be thinking positively,acting positively and share what ever we have with us, with those who do not have.

Being a mute spectator will be disastrous and criminal negligence,as far as people are concerned for our dear earth. There should be active participation of every right thinking citizen towards harmony and survival of millions of underprivileged,have nots.Together we can lift them up easily.Choosing the right leader is the most important way to ensure stability.In India , my intuition tells me that Mr.Narendra Modi [Name of  Swamy Sri Vivekanand rightly in this 150th year of his birth anniversary], is the best chance for our country for the next decade.He is thoughtful,only fears god,does not owe any one any favours.

He is the best person to achieve our goal of self reliance and self sustainable development without destruction of mother nature, showing the world how to move ahead with wisdom and brilliance.Our Country has seen more good and bad times than most countries in the world.Our History is the oldest written documentation,to the tune of unbelievable accuracy,of the times and events for  millions of preceding years.

My plea to fellow citizens is to help canvass for a good cause to bring back normalcy and wealth,which actually belongs to our countrymen; should be restored back to them , while showing the way of living with out destroying the world and preserve most of our wealth underground for the future generations.

All the above is achievable targets in a couple of years, if truly all countries work towards the common goal for the whole world.      

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