Friday, September 6, 2013

Power crisis could have been avoided in India.

India has large Coal reserves , and is told to be the third largest in the world but still, we imported Coal to the tune of about 15 billion Dollars in last year alone.Why? If the answer is to preserve our reserves for the future generations,then why did the Government issue Coal blocks helter skelter,without any records, now missing and untraceable. The fact is there are large amounts being looted in broad day light. If only our government was willing, countries like Iran , Venezuela along with like minded Middle eastern countries are willing to supply petroleum products in exchange of Indian Rupees.Why then did our government still buy it in Dollars? There again the dynamics is only to loot and support the Yankees,who are reeling under depression and is already drowning,Our government, full of guys who are stooges of UNCLE SAM , seems to be more worried about the US economy than ours.

Secondly , coming to the 100 days job / labour guarantee , I witnessed the labourers only cleaning roads while there are hundreds of other works, which can be a boon for our country, such as building check dams,rain water harvesting around the country to make sure the pure water of the rivers are better utilized before it drains out to the sea,similar to the idea mooted by Tamilnadu Government ,which actually raised the ground water level in the state.Planting and growing Trees and similarly there are so much good work which can be done while the labourers lead a dignified life earning , on the other side our country is benefited for generations.

The above measures are just a few, which can boost our economy and stabilise our country in a matter of few months leave alone years of hard work.Our populace, unlike other countries' are very much willing to earn their living in a dignified manner by working hard rather than freebies or  free food scheme, now envisaged by our top so called 'brainy guys'.Our work culture is unparalleled in comparison to the people in western countries who are actually not employable at all as our great Industrialist Ratan Tata observed.

One can see almost all developed countries used our brain power and man power to develop their countries respectively, while our bosses are having no clue how to lead.    

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