Sunday, September 8, 2013


The wealth in India is so much that even if all the countries and rich combine their wealth earned in last 500 years or more, it is still not a fraction of the wealth in Indian temples and gold with our populace.To declare that we are giving free food itself is an insult to our population who owns all the wealth of our country.

Just because some people looted and emptied our coffers does not mean that we are beggars with  an empty plate.The fact is we know our great heritage ,culture , and richness, which is much more than all other countries combined together.

We don't want free food as we are not lazy.We will work and earn our daily needs as done since last millions of years.

Our government is saying they are being kind to our populace and is ensuring meals or food for all.But in the first place it is the government and their stooges who made our populace poor rather, cheated our people of their wealth and land.They should be put to trail and must be punished.The wealth accumulated by all those corrupt politicians,bureaucrats and corporate honchos with their stooges in PSUs. They all must undergo trail and must be punished severely,while the rights of our working class, genuine and honest people must be given their own wealth back.

The delay in ensuring justice will prove to be very costly for UPA,we know them all and will not spare the corrupt.This warning signs are there to be seen.There will be vast changes in the next one year after which it will be payback time for the ruling class of today.     

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