Sunday, September 22, 2013

Looking beyond the paddy fields to see Kalladikode Neelimala.[Adjacent to Silent valley.]

I have always loved the sight from my mother's place, a small house overlooking the vast paddy fields.I was told there are some farmers who has been doing the same cultivation since 7 to 10 generations, perhaps even before that.But since my childhood It has been the same, but for the advent of electricity and the Canal waters irrigating the paddy fields,which was made after independence and my father was in the first batch of Engineers of erstwhile Madras PWD.{Kerala promised much to begin with before slowing down after they made Malampuzha and idukki dams along with dozens of dams all over].

I am told the waters in Bharathapuzha of Malabar reaches the sea in a matter of hours and drains out during summer.Why didn't our government think of harvesting those waters fresh and pure to make every drop count in these warmer times.

That apart, coming back to the mount seen from my mom's house called Kalladikode Neeli, [Goddess.BhadraKaali ] I was told there was a saint / sanyasi among our ancestors about 5 to 7 generations back called Keli Moopar,the name itself indicates the importance such as giving knighthood, name Moopar added was due to his wisdom and most pious devotion towards Neeli Devi. He had all the power humanly possible to pass off any ghosts or demons.He had also few members/realized souls,who too were praying the Parashakthi devi,One day the Kalladikode Neelidevi appeared before them and asked for any boon they wish.Due to the sheer numbers she told, she can't be wife to all of them but the one who catches her fire ball thrown on a full moon day [or Amavasi,not sure].

Our Keli Moopar was all ready and started the poojas well and early itself , but slept off for a few seconds just missing the fireball,while his fellow sanyasi Sri.Kandathaar caught it with  wet towel. Ever since Kandathaar became so rich,the temple built then can be witnessed even today when you go to Kottayi from Mathur in present day Palakad dist. of Kerala,while the descendants of Keli Moopar had to toil hard to make their living and mostly spent as peasants.But the truth is they lived in more harmony than their rich counterparts.

But , now after so many generations one can feel the power of the ancestors, as slowly and in a righteous way the family and its women especially [more powerful],started to realise their power and the deity has ever since been given a special place till date. Every time I visit my mother mostly twice monthly,i still look at the expanse of lush green paddy fields and the Kalladikode Neelimalai , which can be seen in the sky far away.

I love the humming birds,eagles,migratory birds which are all the part of the beauty of natures abundance.  Almost still intact,but disappearing fast due to booming realtors and concrete jungles coming up around us. 

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