Thursday, September 12, 2013


My dear Indian countrymen it is time to stand up and be counted for a cause genuinely a 'must' for our ruined economy. Ruling coalition of India [UPA] ,led by Manmohan singh [Or is it Rahul, one doubts] is surrounded by the worst corrupt guys in Indian history from the time of independence.Aam Aadmi Party,published the list of 15 top ministers in the ruling UPA,who are most corrupt and has been so since the beginning. The chorus leader of course is the one entrusted with Finance portfolio, he was squarely beaten in last election in Tamil Nadu,as rightly pointed out by TN chief minister. [there is a saying that 'you give the keys to the thief himself', Is that the case? god knows].Our Prime minister himself never won an election  all throughout his life. So don't call it the people's verdict.

There are good guys also, such as A.K.Antony and Sashi Tharoor etc, but unfortunately,they are with our enemies so, I can predict their doom in the coming election for sure.Mr.Advani is fighting for the cause of Brahmins,which is surely a lost cause, because they were traitors [Of course not all of them] if we look back in history.

For Muslims,I can assure there will not be anyone better than Mr.Narendra modi,who will ensure their inclusiveness in our development story,the proof is that he started with a visit to Sree Narayana Guru's,birthplace [Kerala]who has been the only Guru, to have declared  in bold letters "THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD & ONE RELIGION CALLED HUMANITY" The only matured mantra I heard in my life.Secondly he declared "WHICHEVER RELIGION OR CASTE YOU BELONG, BEING GOOD IN HEART, THOUGHTS AND DEEDS IS WHAT COUNTS MOST"

Who else or where else do you see these words of wisdom, The trouble with all parties so far has been the vote bank politics of splitting to rule , but they say they are secular. If you take the mass killings of Sikhs,after the assassination of Mrs.Indira Gandhi, is compared with what happened in Godhra and aftermath. In the first case you find the rulers of today spearheading the brutal massacres of Sikhs, I witnessed their shops being looted with the help of police even,  all over the country.They were benefited by their action, because all became Central ministers some are so even today. In such backdrop 2002 was only trivia.

Now is the time to wake up and take a bold stand ,my countrymen are wise enough, they will differentiate between genuine and fakes.

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