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I can authoritively tell as a past member , that too of the finest quality drinker of alcohol and there was time when I started booze in the morning 2AM and go on for an indefinite period or till I fall down. Food was scarce, as I always feared of losing my kick every time I eat. It all started from my college days, for us as few together [5 of us.]It was a way of announcing to the world about our arrival on the scene the older ones have to move away or regret later, young times when in your teens you have the guts to do any thing and every thing most of the times out of drunken excuse.

I remember my self a slow starter to begin with but as I got on with my plus two [Pre Degree during our days], we get the taste of a full fledged college, with all the rivalries and some out to love eternally towards most of those pretty girls with sign language and eye to eye conversation, silent of course, for most are shy but cant help looking at girls and to prove his macho ness must have a cigarette or, beedi when you are down, and on special occasions when you get free sponsors for a drink or two, used make us quite drunk and there was a feel good factor in the beginning.

That was perhaps the reason for us to have got hooked in to it. Experiments with drugs were quite an exhilarating stuff in the beginning, but as time goes by and when you start the level of drinking daily along with drugs, marijuana, hashish, goli [Hooka] and so many drugs which you can procure from the chemists, all those stuff gives you a good feeling for about half hour to one hour, depending on the cost of the stuff and the refinement the product goes through.

Then comes the time when, from an addict you become a slave, slowly and your dependence on some kind of drugs or alcohol becomes total, you start to spend all you get for these stuff leaving you little left for a proper living and most of the times you are either broke or living on the edge, as some might call it. In our case though all five of us made good in life is a fact but, we had this back stories as well. We were never after girls and hates to wait for someone, while we have witnessed so many of those guys who spend all day putting make up on their faces and waiting for hours for a certain girl to come along and get a look see leave alone talking, we used to rag those guys and threaten them or blackmail them for we know their weakness, and most occasion they would want it to be kept a secret, those are the guys who will have to spend for our freaky life styles. The truth is that those guys will spend heavily on guarding their name, but for us we don’t give a damn, whether we lose face or get caught drunk, which we did get through, and many an occasions in the course of my five year college life.

We used to get them in to play cards games in the room we rented for the purpose of having a place on top of our local tea shop cum hotel , which will provide food any time we order cheaply as we paid Rs.2/- during late seventies to get 3 Paratas with beef fry, or fish curry always hot and best ,due to the very fact that we hardly eat as we need the fund for our other activities , so diversion of funds by making the end use wrongly and perhaps sinfully though, we never made any other criminal activities, but for the sounds and vomiting and at times may find us fast asleep in some corner in the remote woods around the college that we had along with a small mountain , we can climb half way and feel secured that no one can see us sinning. Some how those days we still had some isolated places to indulge in such activities but of late you don’t have a place with out people gazing at you. If you are caught doing those things we did during our days, some one might definitely catch us as the whole country has become very densely populated.

It went on for about a couple of decades and little more in between I got married and was blessed with a girl child, that was the time I started to feel the ping in my heart , for the guilty feeling was too high each morning , when I got up with a bloody hang over.

The guilt of seeing my daughter, growing while I was still in it, but god intervened in the form of my father in law and my paternal uncle, who took me to alcoholic anonymous and somehow kicked the habit with the help of an anti dot which will give you intolerable pain, which will make you hate the stuff next time you smell or see it.

Once I was out of it I started to think well and wanted to make up for all the damage done during my addicted years, when, I lost quite a few of my good friends and my family too must have been suffering due to my indulging in such activities, which can make you have dual character, a good one when sober, and the worst guy on earth while under the influence of the drug or alcohol.

The most important fact is to make up your mind to kick the habit once and for all, then you will find ways of doing it with help of course, as it is a decease and needed treatment, which very few will admit as they might think themselves having the courage and will power, to skip the habit, but the truth is that you can not easily do it unless you are a superman. Change of place and life style also can help you change yourself as well from a hopeless drunkard to a nice person loved by all. The truth and fact is the ones who get in to the trap are usually the most intelligent and capable guys, who waste their life time by getting in to the habit and then get addicted and becomes a slave.

So guys and girls remember it is truly possible if you have the will and treatments which can save your life and your family will also survive or other wise your family life will be doomed and all will perish, oh what a waste of talent and good life.

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Learn the lessons Oh Man
24 May 2009 4 Comments
Nature, man’s best teacher and guide,
Works incessantly on each of us,
To teach us the eternal laws of truth
The laws of Dharma we must abide

Realise this and be vigilant,
Through alertness you will be transformed
For nature continues to teach you
Until you have learnt the lesson meant for you

It is beneficial O imprudent one!
To break the shackles of ego and pride,
And to succumb to His will, His resolution,
For that shall be done, how long will u hide?

Understand , there is no chaos in this universe,
Every motion, predetermined, every orbit in order,
The sun, The moon, the planets, the galaxy of stars,
All obedient, complacent in their own course

Centuries old are all of them, powerful are they
Still meticulous and diligent as if following an unknown master,
You will remain small and infinitesimal, try as much as u may,
But wait, there is hope for you.

Hope for you, if u surrender,
Surrender to the will of the ever-compassionate Lord,
Sway like a small blade of grass, as Amma says,
Alas! Look at the tall tree perished in its own vanity

For then you will emerge stronger with an uproar
Uproar of conquer over your powerful enemy
Your own conceited mind, and its incessant chatter
Misguiding and deafening,

Stopping you from meeting YOU seated
Within the deepest recesses of you .

- Preeti

dhansi said:
lovely poem! simple yet so profound..
Namah Shivaya!

# 24 May 2009 at 2:14 pm
Amma's Child said:
beautiful…it must have taken a lot of dedication to produce a poem so beautiful! thanks once again Preeti

# 24 May 2009 at 11:58 pm
aumsree said:
Rocking words of poetry
Beating the dusty thoughts
To smash the vanity
An’ to break the lusty bonds

# 25 May 2009 at 8:38 am
Ranganath said:
But surely we must have confidence given we are Amma’s close children. Being mean and arrogant is not on, but Fearless and Brave nature can be ours, no?

# 25 May 2009 at 9:17 am
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tum Bin Jaoon Kahan - Mohd Rafi

Gunguna rahain hain ..M.Rafi

teri Galiyon main- Mohammad Rafi film Hawas

Aye Khuda Tune Mohabbat Ye Banai Kyun Hai..............??( With Lyrics)



ZIndagi Pyar ka geet hai

Zindagi Ke Safar Main Guzar Jatay Hain

Zindagi Ka Safar

Dunia Walon Say Door NicE Old Indian Best SonG

indian old song(mukesh)

DOST - Gaadi Bula - Dharmendra ji

Tum bhi chalo

koi hota jisko apna hum apna kahelete yaaron , paas nahi toh door hi hota , lekin koi mera apna

Lobo - Stoney

Lobo - There Ain't No Ghosts In Our Closet

Dont Tell Me Good Night

It Sure Took A Long Time

Lobo - Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend

Lobo - How Can I Tell Her

The Doors-People Are Strange ( live rare )

Light My Fire - The Doors

Roadhouse Blues The Doors (Covered by The Silverfish)

Jim Morrison - The Doors - Whiskey Bar / Alabama Song

The Doors- LA Woman

Wednesday, May 27, 2009



Man has been made or have evaluated as a so called ‘thinking creature’. That does not in any way mean other creatures are not thinkers. They too have thoughts of a different kind perhaps. Their wave length as we call is also much higher than man. We have seen the fact that animals do understand, the upcoming natural disasters better than man kind ever was. For instance cockroaches comes out in numbers when an earth quack is about to happen. If we are good readers of nature and its habits, simple one is the one that we all know, clouds formation results in rain. Likewise we can actually feel the earth better if we put our thoughts in that direction instead of being naïve towards our surroundings.

I started this process of learning from the nature from tribes, who are more inclusive in the nature, unlike the city dwellers that can not even read the direction of simple north, south and time according to the suns’ direction above our head. Once you are engrossed in nature then you will start hearing the birds and the sounds of different creatures at different times and places. If you observe deeper the birds’ cries can give you an indication of imminent danger nearby such as snakes or other deadly animals. Birds do convey alarms among them easily, but we fail to understand due to our ignorance and the so called superior thought process that we are told to be having, and in the process miss out on the imminent danger nearby at times, costing us our life.

The basics remain the same. How ever progressive one might call oneself. The Natures’ basics are still the same. Rains, thunders, lightening, earth quakes, tsunami, and volcanoes. The degree of frequency of such natural disasters has been on the rise since last few decades, if we take the past on random basis. That is the reason all the more to concentrate on our basics first and foremost for the very survival of life on earth. Development in terms of industrialization alone will prove to be the worst blunder, if we fail to address the changing earth and the disasters, which are now, very common than the common cold.

Our thoughts now should be more towards preservation of earth at least as it was a couple of decades back. In terms of forest cover, rivers, streams and lakes should be cleaned on war footing to make it drinkable to the maximum level possible by our efforts. According to me preservation should be now more prioritized than our thoughts on falling economies. Falling economies are only the result of accumulation of wealth by very few, while the majority is denied access to good food or water. That nature will take its own corrective measures for the culprits as we have just witnessed.

Thoughts of balakrishnan mechakkat, for more visit ‘solitairebala’ in Google.

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Dilemmas in life and times of Sri.Buddha.

As a person he faced some baffling truths and acted against his conscious, just because he did not want to be seen rude or impolite. For instance once he was treated by a tribal leader, who brought all the best of meats to provide Sri.Buddha a giant of a feast, as appreciation and as a good host, he was only showing his gratitude and likeness for the great Sri.Buddha, but unfortunately Sri.Buddha was a pure vegetarian, who was in fact preaching ‘AHIMSA’ means total peace among all the species in the world without any hurt. But the fact that his host will be offended if he is seen not eating, according to the man the best ever meals served on earth. The same happened to Sri.Sankaracharya, as well and he was told to have tasted human flesh, just for the sake of being polite to a good host.

He was born a prince in present day North India, his name then was Sri.Siddhartha and he had been just blessed with a child, who was only 1 year old, but his mind was else where, he wanted to venture out for helping humanity, which too during those periods, must have been so fractionalized, perhaps even more so now. He not only succeeded in establishing Buddhism in the world. Asia was completely covered with majority of the population in India and abroad was so much influenced by his forthright views on “AHIMSA” the main theme, in Buddhism is avoiding all types of physical or mental torture of all living beings was the basic theory, which was accepted all over as the most sensible of the views among humanity. Live and let live for all forms of species in the whole world. That was the base of sensible culture, different from almost all religions of that period, Even our fore fathers, too are told to have been accepted Buddhism as a theory worth following, till the birth of Sri.Sankaracharya at Aluva, in Kerala ,succeeded in reconverting of all those Buddhist under one umbrella in India and thereby, revived the almost wiped off Hinduism by giving rebirth to the science and most scientific culture under the sun. Hinduism, has been an experience with reality, for the human kind though, some don’t understand the theories behind those VEDAS and UPANISHADS, but those who knows Sanskrit well, will be able to illuminate the subject of VEDAS and UPANISHADS [One Scholar now alive and presently considered an authority among the contemporary Scholars is surely, Dr.Gopalakrishnan of IISH. [Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage].

To compare, I am in fact only just another guy, who too had to taste snails, only because my Naga friend, while I was in Nagaland, also was being a very good host by providing me dog meat, cat meat and snails along with local brew liquors and out of sheer dilemma, I took a snail and breathed in while, I was actually supposed to have sucked in the content from the snail shell, cooked off course. Though, I eat non vegetarian food as chicken, fish, mutton, also had to survive eating beef and pork, available in abundance in Nagaland. Sri.Buddha was said to have taken ill after the above mentioned last supper and did not survive illness, in my case nothing of that sort happened, though my cholesterol level went sky high over a period of almost eight years and resulted in a young age heart attack.
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Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You

fr lima

Groovy kind of love - Phil Collins

Phil Collins - Another day in paradise

Stevie Wonder - I just called to say I love you

hi.just feel good.

Scorpions - Still Loving You

hi this is for ajanta gogoi.

Last Christmas - Wham! (HQ Audio)

this is exclusively fr lima

072 Long Tall Sally - PAUL McCARTNEY

Paul Young - Come Back And Stay

dedicated to my spl friend

Everytime You Go Away (Paul Young)

Elvis - My Way (studio version)

Frank Sinatra - That's Life

Frank Sinatra-My Way

Frank Sinatra winning an Oscar® for "From Here to Eternity"

Perry Como - Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes

Casablanca song with lyric

Perry Como-Magic Moments

Perry Como: killing me softly

Perry Como - And I Love You So

Perry Como - Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree

The Magic of Roger Whittaker

カーペンターズ - Yesterday once more

The Carpenters - Top Of The World

The Carpenters - Rainy Days And Mondays

smokie-I LL Meet you at Midnight

Smokie - Babe it's up to you 1979

Smokie - Take Good Care of My Baby

Hum Bewafa - Kishore Kumar(Remake of a hit hindi song)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


New Delhi, May 21 (ANI): Now that the dust and heat of a hard fought election has ended, a new Government led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is going to be in place. It is time to take stock of the just concluded elections. Is it the end of rabble-rousing politics? Are we witnessing the emergence of a new breed of politicians who are focused on good governance and development instead of hate, divisiveness and rabble rousing?

Even as the BJP still emerges as the main opposition party of India, its traditional brand of politics stands rejected by the electorate. The number of MPs that the party managed to bring into Parliament has primarily come from states where its leaders have achieved development and growth. That the Congress beat it decisively was because that party presented a new breed of politicians like Rahul Gandhi, who concentrated on good governance and development.he BJP now faces a dilemma. Apart from being a party led by leaders who should have retired long ago, its appeal based on Hindutva and divisiveness stands rejected by the electorate. Where does the party go from here? Where is its second line of leadership? The party seems to be waiting for the RSS to provide answers for all this.

Hindutva as a policy needs to be redefined. The BJP has been in the habit of lampooning the Congress and others as 'pseudo seculars'. The time has come for it to clearly define what kind of secularism it accepts or preaches? What was Varun Gandhi doing in Pilibhit? Was he an image of the BJP's secular politician?

The time has also come for the BJP to decide whether the party is a political extension of the RSS or does it have its own mind and ideology? The difficulties it faced in electing a new leader for its Parliamentary party shows the divisions within.

So long as the BJP continues its link with the RSS, it will find it difficult to have image that is inclusive; an appeal that brings all Indians together; an appeal that promises them a share in the national pie. The politics of "mandir masjid" has to give way to the politics of peace, development and growth. Can the BJP do it?

The BJP has never clearly defined its relationship with obscurantist and fundamentalist outfits like the VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad), the Bajrang Dal and Ram Sene. These outfits really have no right to represent or speak on behalf of Hindus, for they just do not know what Hinduism is all about. Has any of them seriously understood the meaning of the Gita or the essence of the Vedas? If they act like the storm troopers of the BJP, the party has itself to blame for its debacle.

The Nehru-Gandhi family that has succeeded in retaining its leadership role in the Congress has a special place in the hearts of India's poor. Coming from a wealthy background, Moti Lal Nehru gave his all at the call of Mahatma Gandhi. Jawaharlal Nehru started his work in the party as a Sewa Dal worker. Rahul Gandhi has been spending a lot of his time in the villages and even staying with the poor to find out what has gone wrong that in the sixty- odd years of freedom its fruits have not reached the poor.

India's poor have seen how the Manmohan Singh-led UPA Government tried to implement its promises. Schemes like the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme and the waiver of farmer loans have lifted the spirit and pride of the rural countryside. These schemes are not a dole like England's unemployment benefit, but wages for employment. They have enabled the poor to retain their pride. The closely monitored schemes have paid rich dividends to the Congress Party and protected rural India from the vagaries of the market economy.he Left, led by the CPI-M , has miscalculated. At a time and moment when their support to the Manmohan Singh had come to be recognised, they withdrew it and committed a double whammy by opposing the nuclear deal. They were dealt a sound drubbing by the electorate.he youth of India, proud of the country's history, are looking forward .

They want to see the nation marching abreast with the rest of the developed world. They are a part of a fast emerging global culture. Thus, when obscurantist organisations like the Bajrang Dal , the VHP and the Ram Sene show off their brand what they claim 'Indian culture', the BJP had to suffer the backlash . If the BJP has to woo the youth of India, the party would need to define very clearly its relationship with such outfits.

The simple fact is that the youth of India are easily able to identify themselves with young leaders like Rahul , Priyanka, Sachin Pilot and Scindia. There is no one that the BJP can produce to rival their image. The BJP youth wing is defunct and now it seems the ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad) is not even an adjunct of the BJP.

The BJP needs to reactivate its youth wing to feel the pulse of India's youth. he people of India have voted decisively for a better tomorrow. They want growth and development. The whole world is going through a very serious economic down turn and the impact is being felt in India as well. The simple fact is that during this election, the BJP or the NDA failed to convince the people of India that it can handle the economy of this country better than Manmohan Singh.

The personal attacks on Manmohan Singh only made the voter more sympathetic towards the Congress. Some BJP campaigners did the same with Sonia Gandhi and her children , only to suffer a voter backlash. The lesson is , please do not take Indian voters to be dumb. They can see the difference between the politics of hate and constructive criticism.

Whether the month-long Parliamentary elections have changed the political scene in India, only time will tell. For the moment it is clear that the electorate is beginning to demand development, growth and good governance. The politics of dealers and fixers that was thrown up by the licence permit raj may finally come to an end as the country demands a more transparent economic regime. The transparency and the right to information empower people to demand accountability from those elected to run the government.

The manner in which Congress had led the way in injecting youth and fresh blood into the country's Parliament is to be admired. Most of these young people are well educated and professionals in their own right. That they have taken to politics could decidedly improve the governance of the country. Politics may no longer be a field shunned by the educated youth.

This election will remain historic for the manner in which it has introduced the idea of development, good governance and accountability from those elected to the Parliament. It certainly has introduced a new breed of politician on the Indian political scene. The emergence of this new breed of politicians may give greater fillip to the economic growth of India. One can only hope that this trend really becomes the rule for those getting into politics. By Prem PrakashANI)


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Dil Aisa Kisine mera thoda

magar bagwan ne mere dil fir banaya

Ruk Jaana Nahi - Kishore Kumar

me kabi ruka nahi.

agar tum na hote sad song kishore kumar

agar tum mere saath hothe to zindagi badalgayi hothe.

Meri Bheegi Bheegi Si Song - Kishore Kumar - Anamika 1973 Hindi Movie

mere be sapne bigadgayi.

Tera Mujshe Hai Pehle Ka Nata - Aa Gale Lag Jaa

Great human spirit for survival.

hum tum ek kamre me bandh ho

surrounded by walls unbreakable , break the shakles of slavery.

Mai Shayar To Nahi BOBBY

beauty still.

Hindi Song - O Mere Dil Kay Chain - Kishore Kumar

apna yi saya dek ke tum surmagayi.

Smokie - Have you ever seen the rain 1996

i have.

Superstar- The Carpenters (1974)


The Beatles - 'You got to hide your love away' music video

put a mask on,never give up ,dont open up your mouh its risky.

Kannu Thurakkatha - Evergreen Malayalam Songs

still rmains at the top of the chart.

raj kapoor

Man just think.

Sajan re jhoot

You will be asked a question by god ,how many did you manage to kill in your life time?

Duniya banane waale

ka he ko banayi?

Kisi Ki Muskurahaton Pe (Raj Kapoor)

jeena isika naam he.

Roger Whittaker - The Last Farewell

not yet.

Kenny Rogers - The Gambler

Gypsy woman

blosseming flower

Don Williams - You're My Best Friend

no more hungry

Don Williams -- I Believe In You


Cliff Richard-Summer Holiday

holidays ahead.

Jim Reeves " Am I Losing You"

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday, May 16, 2009

rainbow can't let you go

its gone but still cant get over it.

Rainbow - Temple Of The King

ha ha just feel the wibes

'comes the time comes the man.


The latest election exercise in a mass country as India is tribute to those who held responsible posts doing their best under all circumstances straining. The hugeness of our country is in evidence as the best democracy anywhere in the universe to our knowledge.
India has gone through hell and have always came back dramatically, by the sheer power of the people of this great Country, I am more proud than ever before, that the faith in the people will ultimately succeed because one might be able to fool or take people for a ride once or twice a life time, but no one can always fool everyone.

Now the young and bubbling youth that I see around are not the kind to take things laid back as perhaps our generation was. Now results are to be shown on the ground for people to vote you back to power .Credit goes to Dr.Manmohan Singh, who has proved again his intelligence and passion for the country. Sonia Gandhi stood as rock of Gibraltar to give him strength and authority. I admire Mrs.Sonia Gandhi as she has proved to be the “Jhansi Rani of modern India” and most importantly more Indian and has done for more for the people of India, than all her predecessors put together. I salute for her braveness and truthful approach which people has rightly realized as they yet again put complete faith in her than all her so called ‘INDIAN’ adversaries, people has answered the call Sonia Gandhi is Our Rani ,We salute her for putting her life in the fray ,so goes with in terms of risks, her children took as well, we simply love them. Varun has made himself a fool by trying to inflame communal dis-harmony. This is most un- Indian than any, act.

As far as Mr.Shashi Tharoor, I have known him since so many years and to be frank is my real life hero, a role model for our younger generation. True gentleman, a person respected all over the world for his forthright approach worthy of admiration and awe, as he knows best, the problems facing humanity as a whole, more than any in the world at present. He is our best hope to find solutions and when it comes to international affairs in international arenas, he has the ability, knowledge and strength to emerge stronger through the turmoil of factionalism, communalism, terrorism and migratory flue sickness which has to be tackled on war footing in the whole world. For a person having worked for UN as undersecretary that stint has given him immense exposure, he is the man best equipped to deal with all emergencies facing the world now.

I wish and assure all those doubters, that as a person who has personally known Mr.Shashi Tharoor, while he visits his mom on holidays some time back at Coimbatore. No one can deny that he is a jewel in the crown of Dr.Manmohan singh, which is Shashiatan, for me and all of us who knows him well.

God has again saved our country from a certain disaster yet again, through the people who has trust and faith in Soniaji, Rahulji and Priyanka too, as she rightly pointed Varun’s folly, of trying to divide our populace again.

Encouraging times ahead after gloom, there will be sunshine again after each rain.

Thoughts of ‘Solitairebala’ in Google

Carpenters-Solitaire-Only Yesterday

solitude and living with nature in total harmony.
mantras for good living my way

Carpenters-Solitaire-Only Yesterday

solitude and living with nature in total harmony.
mantras for good living my way

Wonderful Life

Thursday, May 14, 2009

pyar ki kahani

hi, the greatest of all feelings ,youghsters falling in love.ther is nothing in comparisson, but the truth is one out of one hundred succeds in sustaining the same passion for all life towards a single parnter.Not necessarily sexuel, but more in terms of companionship.

pyar ki kahani

hi, the greatest of all feelings ,youghsters falling in love.ther is nothing in comparisson, but the truth is one out of one hundred succeds in sustaining the same passion for all life towards a single parnter.Not necessarily sexuel, but more in terms of companionship.



The job of going back generations backwards is an hazardous journey and the lesser willed will falter at some points making it that much more difficult to recreate, if one goes to our roots just as Mr.Alex Haily went in his famous novel Roots, in which he almost succeeds in recreating about 7 generations ,mostly a creation according to his understanding of the dramatic forefathers ,who had been slaves bought by American Whites to make them work in the fields and mines to only benefit owners, while the slaves were chained and fed like animals for centuries before they came out of the system during the time of President Abraham Lincoln, who made history of sorts when he freed all the slaves and made strict laws trying to ensure parity in treating both populations with equal importance and equality for the blacks in US who was till then at the receiving end some even now ,but surely with the new president the American people can look forward and correct the wrong doings of the past, by first of all admitting each and every religion on parity and most equal importance and security. The majority Community at no point should be allowed to push the weak, which will then equal to wife beaters and sadists.

I am trying to recreate my roots for the benefit of my children and future generations, who will be able to understand who their forefathers were and their family tree.

My father was the son of the youngest daughter of last of 7 generations of Adhikari’s as they were called due to their power [‘Adhikaram’ in Sanskrit.] to collect taxes from the general public for the exchequer of the erstwhile king [Vettathil King] who’s General of the Army of Vettathil Raja, After 3 generations of being the Generals was the Adhikaris who followed, Their Family name as my Grandmother who belonged “Mangalath” at times I heard her pronounce as “Mangalathil”.They still runs an school near to present day TANUR in Malapuuram Dist.of Kerala.

Three generations of Generals of the said King. They were all fighters and Kshatriya’s who become a fighter and warriors experts in “Kalaripayattu” the King of all martial arts. They owned huge and mass land holdings due to their proximity to the king, who later was made powerless by the British. Though all the land held were later usurped by those Christians, who came from down south, looking out for livelihood and annexed such land as no one bothered to reclaim all the said land, which included mountains and thousands of acres in Malabar.

While my fathers’ father, my grandfather paternal, apart from being Kalaripayattu warriors, was a scholar of sorts as well who worked for M/S. Harrisson Crossfields, a British owned Cement Company but died, while he was at his prime and only 27 years old, then he was their Accountant and I realized he was using single entry book keeping, unlike the double entry book keeping in existence today. I saw the books owned by him and while scanning through could find it was single entry book keeping, but as I only had access to one or two of his books, the rest was in our “THARAVADU” named Mechakkatt near our present day Karaparamba and Karuvussery. One of my Grandfathers’ brothers named Achuthan was a teacher in Karuvusserry School which exists even today.

My father who studied Civil Engineering and Kerala, I am not sure had an Engineering College during the British period so; he had to do it in Present day Chennai, but then known as Madras presidency. Guindy Engineering College exists even today. My paternal Grandmother became a widow at the age of around 18 Yrs, but never got married again and in spite of her ill health, she managed to run the Tharavadu named Mechakkatt with the help of my fathers’ uncle Mr.Achuthan ,who as a teacher in the nearby school and the system of joint family made the place lively, and filled with children of all ages growing together ,the earnings from coconut plantations salaries of people employed in and around Calicut, [Kozhikode now] made the life ok, and the British Company unlike our Corporate culture, did pay widow pension to my grandma every first of the fresh month for years till my father finished Engineering and joined then Madras P.W.D as a junior Engineer, my grand mother to whom we all are indebted for engraving the virtues to be followed in life like Dharmam, Satyam, Neethi etc.[ As a daughter of an Adhikari, my grandmother can be classified with any sophisticated ladies of her era, and fittingly she studied in European Convent at Calicut along with British and scored more marks in English than her British class mates.

My Grandma’s father not only abdicated the power of Adhikari’s, but ventured out to ensure education for all, during the British period itself by becoming the pioneers who willingly joined the British Govt. and became District Educational Officer, who was the one responsible for bringing or opening educational institutions in Malabar area as it was known before Kerala State formation in the Fifties. But my Grandma proved as the bravest women and ensured her sons education and job with the help of the meager pension [widow] the British were providing and did tailoring at home for enhancing the income for the smooth running of our tharavadu named “MECHAKKATT”. But tragedy stuck again because my father married a laborer from the paddy fields of Palakkad , and by the time she overcame the shock of seeing her only son desert her for a poor girl, she not only forgave my father, but accepted my mother as any loving mother would, but the greatest loss was the accidental demise of my grandfathers’ brother , Late Shri.Achuthan Mechakkatt, who was the teacher I mentioned and was supporting my grandmother morally, in running the Tharavadu. After his demise, all the good souls in our Tharavadu left favoring nuclear families, those who stayed behind usurped all that was left of the palatial house and the land surrounding it which all belonged to Mechakkatt.

But my grandmother was not the least affected and taught us that, we all come empty handed to this world and ultimately will go empty handed, so not to be unduly sad or joyful, but the importance of keeping your poise, while facing good bad ugly in terms of people. Like wise she also reminded us every day that “VIDYA DHANAM SARVA DHANAL PRADHANAM” which means wealth, may come and go, but knowledge is everlasting and our pursuit must be for the knowledge, which is enough to take you through the journey called life with detachment for materialistic pursuits.

My grandmothers’ name was late. Mrs.Kunhi Madhavi amma, [People called her Kunhelema] she was my inspiration and strength every time I fall, which has been quite often, but the very thought of how my granny {Achamma as we called her] would have faced such a situation makes me leave all worries behind and gets back to fighting for existence, as the survival of the fittest is the norm. I salute her for her courage and imparting, whatever little that I have learned. She not only outlived my father, but took charge at our worst times, especially during my father’s demise and instead of crying she was a person with courage and inner strength, who performed with poise, proud ness and courage but most importantly gave us all the strength, during plenty of occasions when some even think of giving up life.


A tribute to the greatest human being I have known in life.

Memoirs of my childhood, by ‘Solitairebala’ Blogger in Google.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009



Having dealt with the subjects of sources of water and the looming dangers if we ignore out of sheer stupidity, to address forestation and purification of the available 3 percent of fresh drinkable water, which is a must do act, urgently therby laying foundation for a better tomorrow with more fresh air and more fresh drinkable water.

Fact remains that most of our so called tall leaders, along with the not so tall ones are neglecting these issues as they are least bothered and seldom spend time thinking of humanity as a whole. Their only concern is to make wealth as much as possible and more again before their 4 or 5 years term is over. The guys sitting on responsible positions are so naïve and stupid that their utmost thought only goes as far as the next general elections and ways of amassing wealth at the cost of the poorest people on earth.

Now, at last there are some very few thinking people, who have been elected due to the sheer power of internet and the information technology, which has been the most widely, used tools for publicity unlike the televisions and radios decades back. Netizens are growing in numbers, worldwide web, which gives a comfortable thought for an optimistic person like me, who never ever gives up on the tirade against the corrupt and crooked.

I am sure that we can make the changes happen drastically and urgently only, if we elect the guys who are committed towards humanity as a whole, unlike the lesser guys who are only thinking for the money involved in each act and policies, they are the ultimate fools as money never accepts invitation to visit but rather goes in the direction of the righteous slowly but gradually. More pessimistic ones may differ with me saying that 99.99 percent of the world’s population is corrupt and are fools without an idea of where we are heading to. But my view is that we have at the least 10% righteous guys on earth and if the people realizes and chooses them as the leaders, with honesty, determination and actions rather than the rhetoric, fanatic, and mentally sick guys, who are neurotics and insecure and in majority of cases the worst cowards, who hide behind innocent people, who can easily be fooled, majority are the uneducated and most innocent among our world populace. Our main target should be to alienate those crooks by showing their real colour through the net, first to the side lines so as to enable the upright and patriotic people with compassion a quality absent in most of our leaders but, for the very few who are exceptions, they are the ones who must be given a chance through the ballot so that they can rescue the world as a whole if they gets a chance to lead our world as a whole, which is in a mess created by none other than our own selfish leaders for their selfish deeds only to hold on to power thereby ensuring riches to be stashed away in tax havens.

We must make sure that they don’t get to use that wealth, no matter what worst scenario we may have to face, as it will not be a easy or simple because the tentacles of the octopus has surrounded the earth and presently in the clutches of such poisonous and live octopuses like creatures, who can not be termed as humane hence, the naming.

What ever happens after elections in India? We have to get the money back for the benefit of our poor and innocent people. Mainly to be used for reversing the adverse development towards destruction. To put ,global warming in check, while making available the much needed drinkable water throughout the world for drinking thirdly but not the least, food security and sops for farmers has to be our priority and on top of our agenda. “Oh Mother earth forgive them for they do not realize their sin”

Thoughts of balakrishnan mechakkatt for more visit ‘solitairebala’ in Google

Tuesday, May 12, 2009



As a person who was among the firsts to blow the whistle on the stashed away funds mainly by our politicians, criminals, smugglers, black marketers etc. way back before even the elections were announced, so as to coincide with this election fought furiously than ever before, by almost all parties as the stakes have become so high for some due to lack of power while, others for retaining power.

An Indian election for the first time in modern history has a direct bearing on the world as a whole due to the very fact of the enormity and the sheer number involved. I suppose Indian Prime minister will become the most powerful man on earth, only Chinese have the numbers to outshine or become the most powerful force but they follow failed communism but in real is only dictatorship with no elections at all. Super powers such has US, Russia, UK ,France and Germany all can be considered spent forces, while India and China Alone are the emerging and sleeping giants who has suddenly woke up to realize our present day power, though a veto power in UN still eludes us.

The outcome of the present election in itself will be the most looked after affair by the whole world very closely, so as to chart their new diplomatic and strategically important approach, which certainly will have a huge bearing in our foreign policies, friends and foes but, all are in dire need for friendship and business with us, which can only happen when they openly become our allies rather who openly support our causes and cases in forums like UN and other international arenas. No country in the world today can afford to ignore the importance of India unlike a couple of decades back when we were almost ruined with heavy burden of external debts and internal strife.

But youngsters were making a huge difference abroad and brought back home most of the jobs including manufacturing, services and setting up big corporate MNCs with dummy and some real partners, who must be an Indian or Indian Company for their operations and profiteering in India. Huge funds were invested and along with the same huge profits made rather looted, at the cost of mostly the blood and sweat of our poorest and middleclass, they all succeeded, which gave more ideas for their Indian clones, who too started to bring funds routed through Tax havens and reaped the benefit meant for foreign direct investors who can invest in India in a big way and also take back those colossal funds together one fine morning, which created havocs in our markets.

Most of those involved in such games in share market were rich criminals who have safety and protection of almost all governments most importantly our own government agencies who guide them while ensuring protection with the help of the big fishes as well. Illegal funds of huge quantity appeared and disappeared at will, of those criminals including some powerful politicians and terrorists from so many countries including India. I am not sure about the procedures of participatory notes being used for investing in our share market, according to my limited knowledge, there is absolutely no way of ensuring about the origin of such funds.

Under such conditions due to their greed for more in double quick time ultimately ended the run in a disaster, which could have been avoided had our watchdogs who follows the trails of black money was sincere in their efforts to un earth or identify the crooks involved. Now since, US under Barack Obama too is keen in punishing the culprits, our politicians too had to bark to convince the general public, who are now aware of the amount of money and the sheer volume of the funds, belonging to people of Indian origin itself is almost half of such ill gotten funds. All our political parties routinely park their funds in Tax havens, but now for the first time, some have uttered here and there that they will do everything possible to bring back such monies. If at all any party is willing genuinely to go after the same with all our might only, time and god will know. I am doubly sure that once the election is over they might try and put it under the carpet and as we all are aware people have very short memory, a bomb blast in a town or village can divert the attention of the general public to security again thereby, forgetting the main issue of stashed funds and to do justice to our fellow countrymen, who are the real and rightful owners of any such funds kept no matter where and how safe , if we have the will we can get it back from the devil himself.

Thoughts of balakrishnan mechakkatt for more visit ‘solitairebala’ in Google.



The movie which made headlines around the world recently has another side and dimension, which though subtle, but conveys the strong fundamentals of children, growing up in difficult and dreary life akin to dogs, but yet holds on to the virtues called DHARMA, SATHYAM, NEETHI and most importantly KARMA Without expectations of getting the favors back, {In English SENSE OF SATISFACTION OF SHARING THE WOES AND HAPPINESS, TRUTH,JUSTICE, but most importantly the philosophy of doing your duty without expecting anything in return as profit or favour.] this was the inherent message which the story teller must have consciously or accidentally conveyed to the mass, also proved the righteous fundamentals which in India, we see in slums as well. That in itself is a story well told, even without the last minute lottery perhaps for a bit of drama used to spice up the dish served for aroma and taste.

Our country and its people would still be living the righteous life had it not been corrupted by the influence of Europeans, who ruled us against all morals with the sheer destructive power of deadly weapons they invented or rather copied from our own civilizations, which had minutely conveyed the science behind all the technologies in existence today but were known to us from time immemorial. For instance test tube babies have been explained in our Great epic ‘Mahabharatha” in which Kouravas all total 101 children of the same couple was grown up in pots , which our modern science has recently been crediting themselves of having “invented” the latest technique.

Like wise our “NAVAGRAHAS” includes Sun and Moon, we had actually taken our westerners for a ride before, now they themselves have reversed the status given to Neptune and Pluto recently, by degrading those both planets, which again confirms our Vedic science more superior in Astronomy and Astrology and cosmos as a whole. Our extent of knowledge in the above sciences are unmatched even today by any “big bang” theorists’ who can only presume and not prove beyond doubt, the existence and realities of Cosmos. We all stand a better chance of getting the answers for our quests for knowledge, which existed in an era of thousands of years back through Sanskrit and some other languages which existed but seems to have been lost unlike Latin, Sanskrit, Tamil, lost and gone through dark periods again to rise up to a level of .001 percent of what was the reality with our forefathers.

This premise is absolutely possible as cycle of events happening even in present times in the world, which can destroy the whole world of its living beings with the kind of weapons we possess, absolutely enough to destroy the world thousands of times. But the next evolution again takes place perhaps after millions or billions of years all these so called latest weapons, mass killers are all mentioned in different names such as Brahma Astra, [Arrow in English.] which means the deadliest ICBM [Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles] Lasers too are explained in detail in our ‘Puranas’ or Ithihas the names for the greatest of epics of our History. {Like our Guruji.Sri.Sri.Ravisankar pointed out that the very meaning of Ithihas if translated to English is History]

Though, we seems to have lost ninety nine percent of our written scriptures the one percent which is left is enough to cobble it all together and construct the events which lead to the present stage of humanity. Thank fully, there are people spending decades of committed work towards the establishment of truth like our dearest Dr.Gopalakrishnan, who is a scholar in a variety of fields including English and Sanskrit other than so many other fields [refer my earlier blogs for details of Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage sites [IISH]. Truth is bound to come up at last.

Thoughts of Balakrishnan Mechakkat for more visit ‘solitairebala’ in Google.



There was a man

A lonely man

Who lost his love

Through his indifference

A heart that cared

That went unshared

Until it died

Within his silence

(*) and solitaire’s the only game in town

And every road that takes him

Takes him down

And by himself it’s easy to pretend

He’ll never love again

(**) and keeping to himself

He plays the game

Without her love

It always ends the same

While life goes on around him everywhere

He’s playing solitaire

A little hope

Goes up in smoke

Just how it goes

Goes without saying

There was a man

A lonely man

Who would command

The hand he’s playing

Repeat (*)

Repeat (**)

Repeat (*)

Sunday, May 10, 2009



I have dealt in my last blog the problems arising out of drinking water scarcity around the world and if we succeeds in addressing this matter with urgent actions may at least save millions of lives of people and animals, though the seriousness is not felt by even the most developed countries because with their wealth backing, they are able to pay and get whatever quantity they need for the moment. But the scarcity in dry areas such as North African Countries, Asian and Latin American countries will result mass scale death. We have to make water sources block free while cleansing what ever is available. Sea water purification for drinking purpose has not yet been perfected, hence the anxiety for our future.

In Tamilnadu already the old and young are taught how to preserve water and considers wasting water will result in “Lakshmi” the goddess of wealth, ignoring such people thereby making them live in poverty all life. Rajasthan also is a state which assesses a bride by the way she uses one mug of water. To get the maximum benefit she has to at least make that mug of water counted in such ways as cleaning grains followed by using the same water again for cleaning ourselves to be followed by pouring the same, after all such menial uses, to the roots of trees for their thirst as well. That according to me is the way forward as each and every individual should be aware of the drinkable water scarcity looming large on humanity in the next decade itself.

The solutions are plenty if one goes about it seriously for rain water harvesting, check dams and must ensure full commitment not to waste water any longer. The UN has made it clear, that before our fossil fuels get over, our precious water too will dry up.

When humanity is facing such dangers of extinction even before the animals are through and becomes scarce, instead of addressing these crucial acts, we are engaged in terrorism and wars all around the world, which can not be supported under any circumstances. But will better sense prevail? God only knows.

Disappearing forests is the worst nightmare after our scarcity of water problem. It is high time that we people give more space for a forestation program so as to widen and encouraging animals and birds to breed and multiply which will up to an extent, reduce the damage already done. The encroachment of forest land has to be reversed radically and speedily while planting saplings of all varieties needed to make it a rain forest again. We must at least be able to double the size of reserved forest in 10 years time to make some difference at the least. For this purpose people has to be compensated by moving out of the jungle and engaging them for the purpose of a forestation policy strictly, the expenditure should be borne by the respective Governments to do justice at least 10% to our future generations. The Tribals mainly will be the effected people, as they live mostly at the edge of forests. Their rehabilitation and compensation should not be meager at all, as it is a noble cause for which we are denying them their present livelihood. They should be given preference in jobs and steady income otherwise that also will result in human tragedies.

Reducing the effect of global warming has to be the biggest challenge for our humanity in the coming decade. That will only happen with the co-operation of all countries of the world to make it a national policy to be adhered strictly and bring down the level by at least half of the present emission levels in the next decade to at least give some hope for the survival of life on our dearest mother earth. Today being celebrated as ‘mothers day’ will have real effect if humanity starts considering our planet as the mother of all creatures big, small animals birds and all those lovely living beings.

To be Continued, Thoughts of Balakrishnan Mechakkatt for more visit ‘solitairebala’ in Google.

Saturday, May 9, 2009



Mother Nature, as it is called is due to the very fact that, nature is our mother, supports and sustains life of all forms from time immemorial. Human manipulation to suit their selfish and unreasonable greed was the reason for the destruction of Trees and contamination of water, erasing of all the green cover to make concrete jungles and on top of it all mining of fossil fuels and ores for metal, petroleum products etc.

The most pressing issue though, many have not yet realized the truth, is the scarcity of drinkable water. Though our mother earth is filled with water, which is about 75 %, out of which, pure drinking water is only 3 percent, which again gets contaminated and the reduced actual drinkable water is 0.007 percent of the fresh water. Many countries in Africa is now faced with acute drinking water scarcity and many lives, one child in every 15 seconds is dying out of sheer thirst or usage of contaminated water, as no human being can survive more than 7 days without water.

The above facts and figures have been arrived by none other than our UN, and in 5 to 10 years time majority of the human population will perish due to thirst alone, if we don’t reverse the effects of water contamination and have to get the drinkable water of 3 percent purified in war footing so as to make humanity survive.

This basic need is only the tip of the iceberg, and other dangers looming ahead will be dealt with by me in my coming blogs each day. The forest Cover has been shaved off making the oxygen available getting reduced each year and results in ill health and health related deaths. We all know trees have life and are the main tool in conversion of carbon di oxide to oxygen required for all living beings for breathing and unlike water, lack of oxygen can kill a person in minutes leave alone hours or days.

Here again, man has manipulated the natures’ destruction for momentary profit thereby endangering the lives of human, animals and birds, as none can survive without oxygen.
Governments around the world is living in a fools paradise, as none have come out with any reasonable solutions but kept the rate of destruction to the maximum for the profit to be made at present. The thought of life endangerment in the future is far from being addressed except for a few guys who have been crying hoarse since last few years but no one seems to be listening.

May God Save Humanity? To be continued:-

Thoughts of Balakrishnan.M for more visit ‘solitairebala’ in Google.


Dr.N.Gopalakrishnan & IISH:"In quest of our Heritage"
Author: Manjula Ramakrishnan
Publication: Haindava Keralam
Date: November 19, 2006

LimeLight : Science and not fiction

He is a senior scientist working in CSIR, Trivandrum and Honorary Director for Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage. He has amassed a host of academic qualifications that ranges from Masters in pharmaceutical chemistry, industrial sociology and journalism, all the way up to a D Lit in Sanskrit. He has earned these accolades for
studying Indian Scientific Heritage, for this is his area of passion.

Meet Dr N Gopalakrishnan, who travels the hither to yon of the world spreading the message that there is a distinct link between Indian heritage and science and there are indisputable scientific explanations to what we practise as our heritage.

"Working as a senior scientist and also having studied the Indian scientific heritage in-depth, I wanted to contribute something original to the society. After nearly two decades of research I found that there is very deep scientific knowledge that existed in Indian heritage. My mission is to bring this back with the help of ultra modern science and instruments and ensure this is accepted by the more modern Indians world over, some of whom are losing touch with their own roots and heritage.

"The overwhelming response that I have received in this love's labour from the audience globally, constantly motivates me to probe and find out further about this mesmerising subject and also to spread the message far and wide," says Dr Gopalakrishnan.

Explaining with a small example he says, the most sensitive part of the body is the forehead.

"A section of Indians apply sandalwood paste on the forehead as it cools and activates the brain. The red vermilion applied on the forehead by married women again absorbs and radiates mild UV rays. The most sensitive skin area in an entire body is that of the ear, particularly the area behind the ear and when people tuck 'Thulasi' leaves behind the ears it enhances blood circulation.

"Sitting on a plank or mat while praying is being practised by several religions and this is because squatting on the ground should not diffuse the bioelectrical radiation and this happens when the body is in contact with the floor. It has been scientifically
established that the cadaver when cremated is reduced to a mere 58 grammes of ash -- however obese the person might have been during his lifetime -- all that is left of him is this and such findings often have a bearing on the psychology of an individual prompting him to lead a sin free life. Thus every act of Indian heritage has
strong scientific connotation," declares the scientist.

The Surya Namaskaram or the salutation to the sun that is considered spiritual also involves the use of 186 movable joints of the body that work in perfect harmony with one another. It is also a remarkable combination of seven yogas and hence this salutation is considered scientifically as the king of exercises..

"Indian heritage has very deep biological, psychological, scientific and spiritual meaning. When practised it leads to social, family and national integration. And travelling within the borders of India and outside it, I was alarmed at the level of ignorance of people about their own heritage. At the same time what was uplifting was their extreme level of interest to know more. I often have as part of my audience, people from various walks of life, from many ethnic groups and what is the core concept of my speech is that I address them not to exhibit my knowledge, but to ensure I talk in a manner that they are able to comprehend, such that their interest does not waver or wane and thus my purpose is achieved.

"A few months back when I visited 17 universities in the USA and another seven universities in Canada, I found youngsters willing to sit for close to five hours to listen and grasp the nuances of our Indian scientific heritage. As long as I could link our various practices to science, it appealed to their contemporary thinking and
what they had been rebelling against is authority flaunted by seniors saying, 'this is what has been practiced by generations. Don't question it, just learn to abide by it,' and blind acceptance is something they are not ready for."

The fact that he has been successful with spreading scientific Indian heritage is evident from the fact that various demographics respond to him in different ways. The youngsters ask a variety of probing questions, refuse to accept unless fully convinced, make notes diligently, "and if I am able to create an impression in their
youthful, vibrant minds, I can draw strength from such modest success," says Dr Gopalakrishnan.

"When I am lecturing, I ensure that at no point am I caught droning on endlessly unmindful of audience participation or response. I always keep three people sitting in various corners of the auditorium as my reference point. I note with care, changes in their facial expressions, just one yawn will quickly make me introduce a joke, somebody glancing at their watch will prompt me to narrate an event from real life and thus as much as my audience has learnt from me, each lecture demonstration is a learning experience for me too," he smiles.

He derives strength from the fact that every single practice of our Indian heritage can be scientifically explained leading to information dissemination in the wavelength of the present day generation. And this is also precisely why students -- both Indian
and non-Indian -- from Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge have invited him year after year to address them.

In 18 years of lecturing, Dr Gopalakrishnan has given over 5,500 lectures. He is still a student for he would like to acquire an academic degree once every five years, studying something new and facing the viva voce, for this is an experience that keeps the brain constantly in alert mode.

Besides it is important for a teacher to be continuously learning in order to impart the best to the taught he observes.

"My message to Indians around the world is that unmindful of your political, religious or other leaning, learn about India, for it is your country. Even if you wish to criticise India, first learn comprehensively about it in order to help you highlight its flaws. Do not criticise with superficial knowledge. My studies have reaffirmed my faith in people and none can be categorised as bad"

"Every individual is a manifestation of the divine. With the right approach, hard to dispute logic and sound reasoning, up to 60 per cent of negatives in any individual can be corrected. And when I say this I do not want to sound like a sanyasin for I am at all times a scientist. I want to fulfill my promise to Indian President Dr Abdul Kalam that by Aug.15, 2007, when India will celebrate the 60th anniversary -- Shashtiapthipoorthy -- as it is called, at least 100 million people would have got my message of Indian scientific heritage. This target is my constant motivation, as I move from one lecture demonstration to another, looking at the eager faces in front of me, thirsty for knowledge and hungry to know more about their own heritage"


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Saturday, May 09th 2009

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Message to World
Sunday, 01 June 2008 00:00
Indian Heritage on science and technology has a history of not less than 5000 years starting from the subjects of mathematics, astronomy, geometry, health science, food science, yoga, Metallurgy (science of metals), space science /air crafts technology, plant science and so on. There are thousands of books catalogued by different organizations and institutions in India and abroad, which are presently available either in the printed form or as manuscripts in palm leaves.

This history record, starts from Vedic period. The mathematics and astronomy were dealt together in hundreds of text books written in Sanskrit and in regional languages.
Mahabhaskareeya, Laghubhaskareeya, Vateswara Siddhanta, Bruhat samhitha, Sidhanta siromony and many similar books still available in the printed form with English commentaries. They give the subject matter qualitatively and quantitatively at par with the modern developments.

The books on health science, Charaka Samhita, Susrutha samhitha, Ashtanga hrudaya and so on written many thousand years ago are the part of curriculum in more than 300 ayurveda colleges in India and more than one hundred institutions outside India.

Indian heritage on the metallurgical sciences (loha thanthra, rasa saastra and so on) also goes back from the period of Yajurveda. Many ancient textbooks describe the rasa sastra and artha saastra giving detailed descriptions on the ores, minerals and methodology of extraction and purification of metals and their compounds, which has been supported by the archeological evidences.

Indian technological heritage has vast area of knowledge from metallurgy, ceramics, glass, textiles, furnaces, leather, civil engineering and architecture, granite and marble, and so on. These are clearly demonstrated in ancient Indian books, cave temples, temples, forts, palaces, etc..

Indian approach to management is described in detail in Bhishma Upadesa, Vidura Upadesa, Sukra Neethisaara, Bharthru Hari neethisataka, Chanakya neetisaara, Bhagavath geetha, Yoga Vasishta and so on.

The Indian approach to management is an integrated approach looking into physiological, psychological, family - society and national aspects.

Indian spirituality has become the absolute truth and facts for the western world which was wandering after the Semitic religious messages got evacuated from the western scientific mind.

Indian mantras, Upanishads, Vedas, spiritual darsanas, pranayama and customs and rituals are being accepted after systematic scientific analyses, by the developed world. The messages of Indian Rishies are also being accepted when they visit abroad for showering the messages of Lokaa: samasthaa: sukhino Bhavanthu and love and affection without religious convertion.

IISH workers are excited to see and know that world over particularly in the most developed countries like USA, Canada, European countries, Australia and so on the Indian mathematics, metallurgy, health science, ayurveda, yoga, mantras, music, vedic mathematics, New Age Therapies, vegetarian foods, family system, rituals and customs are being accepted with utmost sincerity and devotion.

We the mission oriented workers are sure that you will also get attracted to the messages of Bharatha, by yourself, when you devote a small part of the time for this mission of learning and teaching. Looking forward and welcoming you to this mission !

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