Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The General's woes & The bureaucratic Challenges.

Our outgoing General ,the supreme commander of Indian Army may  be talking the truth about his age. That could very well have been settled when he got commissioned. Whether the earlier date of birth had in any way influenced him getting the job in the first place is the question, if in case it was a factor which determined his selection procedure as the weight age for  being elder by one year in any way gave him an edge in the first place in getting the selection has to be determined first.After having got in the base of one year seniority ,perhaps was his last chance before the age bar makes him not eligible, should be reviewed.

Apart from the age row ,he has conducted himself well under all circumstances.The greed for power and the vested interests intervening in ways to favour their candidate , must have been the reason which must have irked our General Mr.V.K.Singh. Who went all out towards the end of his tenure to blow whistle in many under hand dealings and inherent corruption in Army's high corridors,with politicians,bureaucratic and corporates together, chooses their man and in high places and combined loot has been the legacy of Army. I have witnessed in Arunchal Pradesh , from vegetables to hardware items ,machinery and vehicles all are purchased in dubious methods,which are not straight forward and transparent. 

Giving three quotations by the same person in different company names registered for the purpose, and the least quoted quotation is given the final order. The big business guys of Calcutta,specially Marvaries were behind such supply orders from little screws to daily food and almost all needed stuff for thousands of military, if not in millions being fortified, in the erstwhile NEFA.

The Land scams too surfaced adding fuel to the fire in the already burning  country with fight against 
Corruption and those in high and responsible positions, not willing to investigate and wants things to be hushed up,was a factor which might have prompted our General to go all out against those fraudsters.

That is a welcome sign and the precedence created of questioning the so called super authority must be remembered by all those who might in the future try and not get away easily with any thing including murder and conspiracy.

The lessons taught in this episode where at the end of it all the General looks upright and honest,while his adversaries for sure has taken a beating in the eyes of the general public.It is also high time we change our mindset from the colonial era of military dictatorships and slavery,to the modern ethics and honesty and most of all the honour of serving the nation in the best way a warrior wants by defending our country in good or bad times and not against our own countrymen like the unfortunate Maos and Naxals who are actually the products of our Government apathy towards the poorest tribesman and usurping their land in the name of nation building , but on the other side they are not paid any royalty for the mining done in their land,[While huge profit is made from it.],as per the UN convention, nor are they sufficiently compensated for giving up their dear land their only hope of survival. 

Let the facts come out in the open which can only purify our country of this malice of corruption in the highest level firstly, to be followed by the lower strata of our populace. At least let the Prime minister order an inquiry and prove that he is innocent , otherwise from the facts which are already in the public domain he seems to have either turned a blind eye towards corruption under his nose or is acting as a naive innocent man who is utterly incompetent, for the highest post of Prime Minister ship of a country as vast as India. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


We gave them a second mandate ,and 3 years have gone by since then.But the state of our economy under the so called eminent economists' in the world is in shambles.There are no more steps this government has nor do they have a second plan to save the Rupee or our economy. Day by day its getting from bad to worse.The prices are increasing uncontrollably, while the inflation is seen rising unlike any time post Independence.

The guys are incompetent is clear as the bright summer day light.their only agenda is to stick to power at the cost of 120 crores of our populace.It is high time they step down and face fresh elections.Let the people decide the course of our future.

The allies must withdraw support at the earliest ,so that at least they stand a chance of faring better in elections.Other wise by 2014 ,India will be different and another 20 to 30% of our population will take arms as already more than 30% is already fighting for a revolution.

these are the hard facts , common people only gets affected , while the rich sees not much difference in life as they have enough black money to fall back on during these hard times.

The sooner the government is thrown out the better for our country.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


You will enjoy these.

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Perhaps he requires a long vacation.


There has been many TV shows and anchors around the world with sensational stuff,but nothing matches the latest show embarked by none other than our dear and most decent guy of bollywood Amir Khan,for having selected the most relevant subjects in India since the last few decades.Female infanticide ,subjugation of our women folks for dowry and the greedy people making it a lucrative business by doing abortion of female babies and marrying for money alone and cheating the innocent girls and their families. These are the subjects which can be termed as the most shameful activities of the so called modern Indian culture rather culture-less behavior of modern India.

Many many thanks to Amir for doing it for the country and its people at these difficult times, let the conscience of our populace realize these cruelties happening in our society , he has also brought out the best qualities of some brave girls who underwent horrifying life experiences and by sharing it with our audience Amir has grown in stature as a person with such good character and gentleness, unlike so many so called super stars doing shows only for the profit side and money  in such episodes, rather than substance while doing shows for the society as a whole.

Amir is a great personality  and above all a very nice gentleman with a good heart,which stood out in his selection of movies and the present show called "Satyame Vajayathe". It could not have been better timed because for the last few years we have only been witnessing negative happenings, such as the volume of corruption and the extend to which our politicians,corporates and leaders go for the power and money.

After getting disgusted by witnessing such episodes for years, here is some thing very refreshing and with the power for great changes,we might witness in the near future. Due to much more awareness of these facts among our innocent populace who are poor.It is not their fault that they are born poor ,it is due to the incompetence and corruption of our political class ,the rulers who brought it up on our trusting and innocent populace.

Thanks Amir  we have great admiration and respect for personalities like you, otherwise we would have thought, life in not worth living at all.Such is the morale of the poor people born in India.We should be feeling ashamed of ourselves for the snobbish elements in our society killing our people slowly.Now at least we see light at the end of the tunnel with people like you making all the difference.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


We know the times are very bad, we need funds urgently.We also knows there are billions kept in tax havens abroad by people of Indian origin.Why is t not possible to declare all such assets as national assets with the help of our supreme court?

 For those who wanted to claim it as rightfully belonging to them with source can be refunded after taxation or a nominal fee.But those crooks , who looted That has to be the end of the road.Rightfully the funds looted from the public of India comes back to India where it belongs as a matter of its rightful ownership.

Why is the Government not doing it, raises many eyebrows naturally as ,it seems they themselves are the culprits hence,are not acting deliberately on it.Mr.Pranab Mukherji , went on and on in parliament with no end or action in sight,before it was Mr.Manmohan Singh who promised during last election in 100 days, he will bring it back and suddenly after one year declared,we have treaties , but no one knows of the existence of such treaties,which are binding on us and we can not claim the same.

In that case why in the first instance, did  he declare it was possible in 100 days after elections?Why is Mr.Mukherjee says the names can not be made public , is it to privately allow them to stash away the funds from the present Bank to else where. It seems the government is very keen to protect the looters and their identity.

Our only chance is the Supreme court intervening with sufficient authority and declare accordingly , or else honest people in force of sheer numbers have got to make the pressure so high for the government to act under stress,for that we need a nation wide movement ,unlike Anna Hazare which was very weak.The tough stance is the need of the hour for that we need cadres who are willing to give up life to see the wrongs are corrected and the culprits are send to gallows.

By no way I am inciting violence,that can be the last resort before which we need to gauge the support of the people and the numbers we can accumulate to get this done nationally.The organisations has to be put in place before we can launch the counter punch. Once the tirade starts there can not be any looking back the movement goes on those who perishes are martyr's, others need to go forward till the objective is achieved.

No political party of today can be trusted is a fact just like the day light.So the Mao cadres, Naxals has already begun now, more and more people are getting attracted to their ways, as the parliament and MPs , have lost all  credibility to act because 60 years was a long time if it was not done in 60 years ,we don't expect this to be done in the future too by these bunch of politicians.

We need another Guevara of our times to lead us.these politicians of this era are passive fraudsters with understanding to wards each others' activities one party begins from the place where the last party has left,.this has gone on for too long. It can not be allowed any more , time is getting ripe.

Just think of it my fellow countrymen.    

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I have dealt  in my recent blogs about the myth of Aryan invasion to India and how Mr.Max Muller was paid,to do the manuscripts to manipulate the whole history of mankind and especially the claim of the civilization ,which according to his version was brought to India by Aryans. Those who has gone through my earlier blogs must be now convinced that Mr.Max Muller was a paid employee doing a service to his employers'who wanted the age old civilization of India to be shown in bad light and also wanted to erase the history of real Indian culture,the other reason was to high light christian legacy to be brought in for mass conversion.Some missionaries with real knowledge did so much good work in India while others wanted to destroy the culture and fabric of Indian traditions and history.They all tried very hard but failed miserably is a fact,now being acknowledged by almost all right thinking Indians.

The second point I want to make here is the fact that the spiritual journey of Lord Jesus Christ also aptly started from the Himalayas and his gurus were none other than the enlightened spiritual gurus of almost all religions who started all their journey's from Indian sub continent.Be it be Jesus who spent almost 18 years of his life in Himalayas,and have known and got attracted to Buddhism and Hinduism.Unfortunately he failed to convey the messages of righteousness , Sathya, [Truth]Dharma [rightious living and sharing with the unfortunate people] ,Nyaya[Justice ],Ahimsa [cruelty and murders/killing] [ In simple words don't steal, don't kill, don't fall for worldly pleasures sexually other than with one's wife and finally don't drink.Or perhaps the people there could not fathom the essence of his teachings hence killed him cruelly by crucifying. 

To clear doubts or proof for the above facts can be read from the excerpts given below , which I found from Wikipedia:-
"From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The lost years of Jesus concerns the undocumented timespan between Jesus's childhood and the beginning of his ministry as recorded in the New Testament.

The gospels have accounts of events surrounding Jesus' birth, and the subsequent flight into Egypt to escape the wrath of Herod(Gospel of Matthew 2:13-23). There is a general reference to the settlement of Joseph and Mary, along with the young Jesus, atNazareth (Matthew 2:23; Gospel of Luke 2:39-40). There is also an isolated account of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus' visit to the city of Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover, when Jesus was twelve years old (Luke 2:41-50).
Following that episode, there is a blank space in the record that covers eighteen years in the life of Christ (from age 12 to 30). Other than the generic allusion that Jesus advanced in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and man (Luke 2:52), the Bible gives nothing more about Jesus' life during this time span. A common assumption amongst Christians is that Jesus simply lived in Nazareth during that period, but there are various accounts that present other scenarios, including travels to India.
Several authors have claimed to have found proof of the existence of manuscripts in India and Tibet that support the belief that Christ was in India during this time in his life. Others cite legends in a number of places in the region that Jesus passed that way in ancient times.[1] The Jesus in India manuscript was first reported in modern times by Nicolas Notovitch (1894). Subsequently several other authors have written on the subject, including the religious leader Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (founder of Ahmadiyya movement) (1899), Levi H. Dowling (1908), Swami Abhedananda (1922),[2] Nicholas Roerich (1923–1928),[1] Mathilde Ludendorff (1930), and Elizabeth Clare Prophet (founder of Ascended Master Teachings New Age group) (1956).[3]"
People will find it very hard to digest is a fact, which I acknowledge but the truth can be at times stranger than fiction more and more proof to prove my point will follow in my future blogs.'solitairebala'

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Saint Ved Vyas relating the Bhagwatam to Shukdeo (3100 B.C.)

The Encyclopedia of Authentic Hinduism by H.D. Swami Prakashanand Saraswati (the most important site on Hinduism, the Upanishads, modern Physics, Bhartiya, Sanatan Dharm and more)     


The Divine greatness of Bhartiya scriptures,
religion and history.

(1) The unbroken continuity of Indian civilization and its history.
– A brief history of creation, and the Puranas.
(2) Bhartiya civilization after the destruction of the Mahabharat war, and the Harappan culture.
(3) The latest reproduction of the Vedas, Upnishads, grammar, and the Puranas was about 5,000 years ago by Bhagwan Ved Vyas.
– The personality of Ved Vyas.
– The significance of the history, religion and the path to God.
(4) Evidences of the Divine authenticity of Bhartiya scriptures.
(5) Divine writings cannot be analyzed in a material way.
(6) Characteristics and the origination of the myths of the world?
– The source of mythological imaginations.
(7) General theme of the Upnishads.
– The 33 celestial gods.
– General definitions of soul, maya and God.
– Illusive nature of the world.
(8) Correct understanding of the ‘self’ and ‘soul.’
(9) The terms atma and brahm in the Upnishads.
(10) A fallacy that relates to the period of the Vedas, Upnishads and the Puranas.
(11) The Divine language of Bhartiya scriptures. 

History of the origin and the development
of the languages of the world;
and the origin and the development
of Greek, Roman and western religions & civilizations
from 4th millennium BC to 20th century AD.

(12) Early civilizations and the development of writing systems in the world.
– The origin of primitive writing systems.
– Sumerians and the first writing system in the world.
– The hieroglyphics, and the language and religion of ancient Egypt.
– Sumerians and Babylonians.
– Egyptian language and Egyptian gods.
– The Assyrians.
– The Semites.
(13) The origin of alphabets and the languages of the world.
– The origin of alphabets.
– Phoenician and Greek alphabets and languages.
– Descendants of Greek alphabet.
– Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic and Persian alphabets and languages.
– Avesta and Pahlavi.
(14) Greek civilization, language, and literature.
– Dialects and the Modern Greek.
– Culture and literature of Greece.
– The Iliad and the Odyssey of Homer.
– The origins of Homer’s mythological imaginations and the religion of Greece.
(15) Roman language and civilization.
– The development of Latin language and Romance languages.
– Classical and Vulgar Latin.
– Ancient Rome and a brief history of the Roman Empire.
– Roman gods and goddesses.
(16) The history of the origination of the concepts of the words ‘god/God’ in the West.
(17) The true definition of God.
(18) Comparisons of the western concepts of God with the celestial gods of Bhartiya scriptures.
– The two dimensions of the material space.
– The unimaginable luxuries of the celestial abodes.
– The prime gods of the celestial abodes.
– The supreme god of heaven, Brahma, and the chief god, Indra.
(19) The universal Divine religion of Bharatvarsh.
– The significance of 'fact' and 'faith'.
– What are the intuitions?
(20) Purity of the heart and non-vegetarianism.
(21) History, language and the civilization of the British Isles; and the Germanic languages.
– The Germanic languages.
– German.
(22) The Proto-Germanic language; Grimm and Bopp.
(23) The deliberate speculation of the term Proto-Indo-European language; and Sanskrit morphology.
(24) The development of the English language.
– Old English (9th and 10th century).
– Modern English (1660 onward).
– Vocabulary of Modern English.
– The latest form of the most advanced English language.
(25) The literature.
– Brief descriptions of the notable masterpieces of the literature of England, and the story of Dionysian worship by the Greeks and the Romans.
(26) Early conquests and the religion of the British Isles.
– Early invaders.
– Early religion of the British Isles.
(27) Rites and mythology of the Germanic people.
(28) Early history of England (400 to 1200 AD).

The eternity of the Sanskrit language.

(29) The eternal perfection of the Sanskrit language which is the mother language of the world.
– Languages of the world.
– Sanskrit language. How it became the origin of the languages of the world.
(30) The six unmatched features of the Sanskrit language.
1. The vowel-consonant pronunciation of the alphabet.
2. Formation of the Sanskrit words.
3. The uniqueness of the grammar.
4. The three kinds of prime Sanskrit scriptures (Vedas, Upnishads
and the Puranas) and their style of literary presentation.
5. The apbhransh Pali and Hindi languages.
6. Sanskrit, the scriptural language up till today.

The diplomatic schemes of the British during the
18th, 19th and 20th century to destroy the culture,
religion and the history of Bharatvarsh,
and its effect on Hindu Scholars.

(31) Organized efforts of the British to destroy our culture and religion, and mutilate our history.
– Evidence of their malicious intentions (to produce fabricated Sanskrit scriptures).
(32) First effort of Jones (1784) and the secret planning.
– Their secret planning.
– A brief review of how was it executed.
(33) Two more attempts of Jones to destroy the Divinity of Sanskrit language and to mutilate Bhartiya history.
– The statements of Jones and the fiction of Sandracottus.
– The non-credibility of the statements of Megasthenes.
(34) The fiction of Aryan invasion, introduction of English language, and the suppression of Sanskrit language.
(35) Max Müller. A paid employee, who translated the Rigved in a demeaning style. The hidden secrets of his life.
– Letters of Max Müller.
(36) Major falsehoods as promoted by the British.
(37) Asiatic Researches group of people.
– Asiatic Society of Calcutta.
– A review of the translation of Vishnu Puran by H.H. Wilson (1786-1860).
(38) F. E. Pargiter (1852-1927).
– “Ancient Indian Historical Tradition”.
– “The Purana Text of the Dynasties of the Kali Age”.
(39) How did the British fabricate and destroy the historic records of India and misguide the whole world?
– Encyclopaedia Britannica, 8th Edition (1854), Volume XI.
– Fabrications in the Bhavishya Puran.
(40) Descriptions of the kings of Magadh in the Puranas were fabricated, historic records were destroyed, and false synchronization of edicts and coins were created to connect them to Ashok of Maurya dynasty, and, in this way, misguided the whole world.
– The fabrications.
– When were these fabrications done?
– The ingenious trickeries.
– False synchronization of edicts and coins.
– They spoiled the social structure of India along with its national developments.
(41) The effect of western writers on Hindu scholars.
– S. Radhakrishnan (1888-1975).
– The derogative views of Radhakrishnan about Hindu religion and scriptures.
– His wiliness, antipathy towards our acharyas and his inclination towards Christianity.
– The reason of his being famous as an Indian philosopher.
– The writings of Radhakrishnan were more damaging to Bhartiya religion as compared to the European writers.
– His Upnishad and Gita translations.
(42) A new trend of anti-Hinduism that has developed in the name of Hinduism.
(43) The books and the encyclopedias on Hinduism that despise Hindu religion in the name of Hinduism, and the general religious writings of this age.

The most popular scientific theories of the world.
The West was bereft of the true knowledge of God;
it knew only mythologies.

(44) A review of the most popular scientific theories of the world.
(a) The evolution theory.
– General concept of the evolution theory
– Comments
– The science of instinct, desire and karm
(b) General relativity of Einstein.
(c) Quantum mechanics.
(d) The hypothesis of the Big Bang and the inflationary theories as postulated by George Gamow and Alan Guth, etc.
– The inflationary (or the new inflationary) theory
– Comments: The ‘Big Bang’ and the ‘inflation of the universe’ never happened
(45) The West was bereft of the true knowledge of God.
(46) The western world knew only mythologies.

The truth about the creation of the universe as in the Upnishads and the Bhagwatam; actual age of the Universe; the uninterrupted Ganges valley civilization of 1,900 million years; and the chronology of the history of Bharatvarsh sinces its origination.

(47) Creation of the universe and the development of life and civilization on the earth planet according to the Upnishads and the Bhagwatam.
– Aim of creation.
– Duration of creation.
– Powers involved in the creation.
– Forces that keep the universe running.
– Procedure of the creation of the universe.
– The functioning of a planetary system.
– Life on the earth planet.
(48) The exact calculations of the age of Brahma and the existing manvantar according to the Bhagwatam.
(49) Actual age of the universe.
– Critics can’t be appeased.
(50) History of the uninterrupted Ganges valley civilization of India for 1,900 million years according to the Bhagwatam.
(51) The beginning of kaliyug. (3102 BC)
1. Astrological.
2. Others.
(52) The dynasties of Magadh after the Mahabharat war and the important historical personalities (Gautam Buddh, Chandragupt Maurya, Jagadguru Shankaracharya and Vikramaditya).
(53) Chronological chart of the history of Bharatvarsh since its origination.

The eternal Divinity of Bhartiya scriptures
 and the Sages and Saints who revealed them, and the characteristics of the happenings that are described in the Upnishads and the Puranas.

(54) Classifications of Bhartiya scriptures.
(55) The Divinity of Bhartiya scriptures.
(56) The descension of Ved Vyas.
(57) The references and the stories of the Upnishads and the Puranas are supernatural happenings.
– There are three dimensions (material, celestial and Divine) and two kinds of space (material and celestial) in this brahmand.
– The events described in our Upnishads and the Puranas are of seven kinds.
(58) Age of the Vedas and the Puranas.
(59) The Vedas, Upvedas and Vedangas.
– Brahman and aranyak.
– The Upvedas.
– The Vedangas.
– Vyakaran (Sanskrit grammar).
(60) Period of Panini and the Sutras, the Sages and Saints who were produced by Brahma; and the Smritis.
– Period of Panini and the Sutras.
– The eternity of Sages and Saints who were produced by Brahma.
– Smritis.
(61) Darshan Shastras.
– Significance of the Darshan Shastras and their period.
– Brahm Sutra.
(62) The Jain and Buddh religions.
(63) The Upnishads.
1. Ishopnishad.
2. Taittariya Upnishad.
3. Shvetashvatar Upnishad.
4. Tripadvibhushit Mahanarayanopnishad.
5. Gopal Poorv Tapiniyopnishad.
(64) The Puranas, the Itihas, and the avataras (descensions) of God.
– Allegorizing a Divine event is a spiritual transgression.

The universal religion of the Upnishads, Gita and the Bhagwatam which Bharatvarsh has introduced for the whole world. The eternal significance and the true form of bhakti; philosophy of the Divine descensions (avatars);
the supreme Divine love glory of Bhagwan Ram and Krishn;
and the teachings of the historical Saints
 and the acharyas of India.

(65) The true path to God and Sanatan Dharm.
– What is Sanatan Dharm?
– God and His path of attainment are both eternal.
– The definition of bhakti (devotion).
– The eternal significance of bhakti.
– God is realized with His Grace and His Grace is received through bhakti.
– Forms of God and Their Divine abodes.
– Kinds of Divine liberation.

(66) The philosophy of the descension (avatar) of God, and Bhagwan Ram and Krishn

(67) The Divine teachings of the Upnishads, Gita and the Bhagwatam (as followed and expounded by all of the Saints and the acharyas).
 The Gita.
– The Bhagwatam.
(68) The definition of spiritual transgressions.
(69) The recognition of a true devotee of God (gyani or bhakt), be he a sanyasi or a family man.
(70) Saints, acharyas, their teachings and their religion.
– The common source.
 The Divine forms of one single God.
– Clarification of the philosophical differences related to soul, maya and God.
– The gist of their teachings.

Abbreviations and Scriptural Bibliography

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