Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The General's woes & The bureaucratic Challenges.

Our outgoing General ,the supreme commander of Indian Army may  be talking the truth about his age. That could very well have been settled when he got commissioned. Whether the earlier date of birth had in any way influenced him getting the job in the first place is the question, if in case it was a factor which determined his selection procedure as the weight age for  being elder by one year in any way gave him an edge in the first place in getting the selection has to be determined first.After having got in the base of one year seniority ,perhaps was his last chance before the age bar makes him not eligible, should be reviewed.

Apart from the age row ,he has conducted himself well under all circumstances.The greed for power and the vested interests intervening in ways to favour their candidate , must have been the reason which must have irked our General Mr.V.K.Singh. Who went all out towards the end of his tenure to blow whistle in many under hand dealings and inherent corruption in Army's high corridors,with politicians,bureaucratic and corporates together, chooses their man and in high places and combined loot has been the legacy of Army. I have witnessed in Arunchal Pradesh , from vegetables to hardware items ,machinery and vehicles all are purchased in dubious methods,which are not straight forward and transparent. 

Giving three quotations by the same person in different company names registered for the purpose, and the least quoted quotation is given the final order. The big business guys of Calcutta,specially Marvaries were behind such supply orders from little screws to daily food and almost all needed stuff for thousands of military, if not in millions being fortified, in the erstwhile NEFA.

The Land scams too surfaced adding fuel to the fire in the already burning  country with fight against 
Corruption and those in high and responsible positions, not willing to investigate and wants things to be hushed up,was a factor which might have prompted our General to go all out against those fraudsters.

That is a welcome sign and the precedence created of questioning the so called super authority must be remembered by all those who might in the future try and not get away easily with any thing including murder and conspiracy.

The lessons taught in this episode where at the end of it all the General looks upright and honest,while his adversaries for sure has taken a beating in the eyes of the general public.It is also high time we change our mindset from the colonial era of military dictatorships and slavery,to the modern ethics and honesty and most of all the honour of serving the nation in the best way a warrior wants by defending our country in good or bad times and not against our own countrymen like the unfortunate Maos and Naxals who are actually the products of our Government apathy towards the poorest tribesman and usurping their land in the name of nation building , but on the other side they are not paid any royalty for the mining done in their land,[While huge profit is made from it.],as per the UN convention, nor are they sufficiently compensated for giving up their dear land their only hope of survival. 

Let the facts come out in the open which can only purify our country of this malice of corruption in the highest level firstly, to be followed by the lower strata of our populace. At least let the Prime minister order an inquiry and prove that he is innocent , otherwise from the facts which are already in the public domain he seems to have either turned a blind eye towards corruption under his nose or is acting as a naive innocent man who is utterly incompetent, for the highest post of Prime Minister ship of a country as vast as India. 

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