Friday, December 25, 2009


I have been a follower of god and nature. My impulsive actions often resulted in agony after a brief period of ecstasy. But in the long run when I looked back on the series of events in life,I always realised that it was only the will of god which made me do certain things which in normal circumstances, I would have avoided as any other human beings with rational thinking. Some actions which was so foolish eventually turned out to be a blessing in disguise later on.

That simply is the fun of our Almighty's game with life and times of all living beings. To accept all good and bad occurring with equal poise is what a wise man with humility is expected to do. What may look like your biggest disadvantage may turn out to be your greatest advantage or vice verse.

In all probability 2010 just can not be worse than 2009,as we had gone through hell already and the worse period is over and it will be promising for humanity,animals,birds and nature as a whole,firstly no.3 is looked up on as the number of Jupiter, the largest and most auspicious planet among all the planets. There fore, people can start to relax and take things easy while looking forward towards good times the best time to do justice to all those poor guys around the world by sharing and being kind towards them so as to get the backing of god as well.

Let us hope terrorism and sinful ways of some sections among our populace will realise the futility of killing. The unforgivable action, be it be in any form or reason, killing even a small species is the worst crime. Being selfish and amassing wealth at the cost of poor people also is unforgivable. For Switzerland this is a great opportunity to undo the worst effect of their banking practices along with some other countries as well,at the cost of humanity as a whole.

Wishing the very best for all 'hope of "solitairebala"