Friday, December 25, 2009


I have been a follower of god and nature. My impulsive actions often resulted in agony after a brief period of ecstasy. But in the long run when I looked back on the series of events in life,I always realised that it was only the will of god which made me do certain things which in normal circumstances, I would have avoided as any other human beings with rational thinking. Some actions which was so foolish eventually turned out to be a blessing in disguise later on.

That simply is the fun of our Almighty's game with life and times of all living beings. To accept all good and bad occurring with equal poise is what a wise man with humility is expected to do. What may look like your biggest disadvantage may turn out to be your greatest advantage or vice verse.

In all probability 2010 just can not be worse than 2009,as we had gone through hell already and the worse period is over and it will be promising for humanity,animals,birds and nature as a whole,firstly no.3 is looked up on as the number of Jupiter, the largest and most auspicious planet among all the planets. There fore, people can start to relax and take things easy while looking forward towards good times the best time to do justice to all those poor guys around the world by sharing and being kind towards them so as to get the backing of god as well.

Let us hope terrorism and sinful ways of some sections among our populace will realise the futility of killing. The unforgivable action, be it be in any form or reason, killing even a small species is the worst crime. Being selfish and amassing wealth at the cost of poor people also is unforgivable. For Switzerland this is a great opportunity to undo the worst effect of their banking practices along with some other countries as well,at the cost of humanity as a whole.

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Friday, August 28, 2009


During Eighties when i visited Mumbai,there was this flow of people so quick in walking and embarking on trains or the road traffic.All were looking like they were in a hurry to get things done and to reach their destinations etc.

I was so surprised and could not get in to a train for hours as in 40 seconds when a train [electric]stops at a station hundreds of people get out and get in, all done in seconds and before I realised so many trains had come and gone leaving me sweating and flabbergasted for I just did not want to take such risk. But hours of waiting also got me active and once I was near the door people pushed me to the train and was standing on the train when station after station people got down and got in. I was worried for my purse and gripped it tightly in my palm in side my pocket.

At last I too got down at Victoria Terminus and started to wander about all along there were thousands of guys and girls all in a hurry.They dont have time it seemed to even say halo.But though I was a loner I did meet one of my school mate was then working with Scotia bank at nariman point from there it was almost two hours journey from his place of stay to the bank at Nariman Point.

He gave me directions to reach his home liesurely and there his brother and his wife treated me with hospitality and gave good food,but my friend came home around midnight again to go at 7 am.

For me such life was akin to horror movies and wondered how those millions stay there, where even Oxygen has be to rationed for there are too many people and majority I felt was staying by the road side or stations.

Before that I had visted the same city in different levels and once I even stayed in a Railway station through out the night,when I noticed trains ply till 2am in the night and again startes at 4am.I wonder whether it is the same now or have they made it non stop 24/7.

I also heard people seldom wants to leave the city till the time they retire as, children brought up in such a city will know every thing about mad city life.

As far as I am concerned I am still the type who likes paddy fields and wooden forest in comparisson but younger ones differ in thoughts from that of mine.

Monday, August 17, 2009


The following facts was found in Yahoo by my wife, while browsing, I want it to be published in Google as well, so as to spread awareness, to save as many lives as possible, at risk,for, I may be blamed for plagiarism.

1] Have five duly washed leaves of Tulsi [known as Basil in English; medicinal name Ocimum sanctum] everyday in the morning .Tulsi has a large number of therapeutic properties. It keeps throat and lungs clear and helps in infections by way of strengthening your immunity.

2] Giloi [medicinal name Tinospora cordifolia] is a commonly available plant in many areas.Take a one foot long branch of giloi,add five to six leaves of tulsi and boil in water for 15 to 20 minutes or long enough to allow the water to extract its properties.Add black pepper and sendha [salt used during religious fasts],rock or black salt ,or Misri [crystalised sugar like lumps to make it sweet] according to taste.Let it cool a bit and drink this kadha[concoction] while still warm.It will work wonders for your immunity. If giloi plant is not available, get processed giloi powder from Hamdard or others and concoct a similar drink once a day.

3] A small piece of camphor [Karpoor] approximately the size of a tablet should be taken once or twice a month. It can be swallowed with water by adults while children can take it along with mashed potatoes or banana because they will find it difficult to have it with out any aids. Please remember campor is not to be taken every day, but only once each season, or once a month.

4] Those who can take garlic must have two pods of raw garlic first thing in the morning. To be swallowed daily with lukewarm water. Garlic too strengthens immunity like the earlier measures mentioned.

5] Those not allergic to milk, must take a glass of hot or lukewarm milk every night with a small measure of haldi [turmeric]

6] Aloe vera [Gwarpatha] too is a commonly available plant. Its thick and long cactus-like leaves have an odourless gel.A teaspoon gel taken with water daily can work wonders for not only your skin and joint pains ,but also boost immunity.

7] Take homeopathic medicines-pyrogenium 200 and inflenzium 200 in particular five tablets three times a day, or two-three drops three times a day.While these are not specifically targeted H1N1 either, these work well as preventive against common flu virus.

8] Do Pranayam daily [prefereably under guidance if you are not already initiated into it]and go for morning jog/walk regularly to keep your throat and lungs in good condition and body in fine fettle.Even in small measures,it will work wonders for your body’s resistance against all such diseases which attack the nose,throat and lungs,besides keeping you fit.

9] Have citrus fruits,particularly Vitamin C rich Amla {Indian gooseberry]juice.Since fresh Amla is not yet available in the market [not for another three to four months] it is not a bad idea to buy packaged Amla juice which is commonly available nowadays.

10] Last but not the least ,wash your hands frequently everyday with soap and warm water for15-20 seconds;especially before meals,or each time after touching a surface that you suspect could be contaminated with flu virus such as door handle or a knob/handle ,especially if you have returned from a public place or used public transport.Alcohol based hand cleaners should be kept handy at all times and used until you can get soap and warm water.

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Monday, August 10, 2009


I have visited Arunachal pradesh up to Bomdila in the mid Eighties. My father too has gone there as part of the BRTF team to make roads in the Chinese border right after the 1962 Chinese aggression , when they invaded and reached up to Assam [Tezpur]. I was told by the locals in Assam, that the women did stay there to defend as the Indian military ran away without firing a shot ,hearing the propaganda that the Chinese are coming.
There was also the story that the British liberally supplied Opium to make the Assamese warriors dump and harmless. Perhaps the truth holds true even today,most of the land holdings in Assam [Tea Estates]is still with the British companies or benamies' rather the cloned Indians' by British to show the ownership as Indian.

The fact remains, the British are guilty of making the whole lot of generations dump by free supply of opium and alcohol. All the warrior tribals were made dump by such cruel acts of the British."AHOM" is the Buddhists' meditation term used as SA DA NA HUM . If one recites the mentioned MANTRA as sa da na hum repeatedly they you get the effect of KUNDALINI YOGA,refreshing all the cells in the body.

More over , ARUNACHALAM is the most common name used in South Indian state of Tamilnadu,which is rightly termed as the God's name LORD SHIVA, [ARUNACHALESWAR} etc.

In Sanskrit ARUNACHAL PRADESH means The place belonging to Arunachalam,who is lord Shiva himself.He is told to be residing in Kailash atop the Himalayan glaciers. What more proof does the Chinese needs. Do they have a name for the said place if yes, let them prove the meaning and the story behind the naming of the place.But the inhabitants there are mostly Lamas,who are Buddhists,who had fled red army to save their culture and life.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009


This is a simple message meant to convey the meaning of three terms used in Hinduism. Brahma,Vishnu,Shiva. Brahma is nothing the void the air the infinit and brahmaputra is the magnificient river flowing through Assam, Shiva is earth the land and the forehead is most prababaly tibet because down there is Neelkand which means the neck of lord shiva in Himalaya Mountain range.Shiva's "thrikkannu" which means third eye is probably the most potent volcano,which has been silent since long but if it errupts then it will be destruction for sure.Ganga is orginating from himalaya mountains which is the head of lord shiva.Mahavishnu is the ocean God,water the most important matter needed for survival of all species on earth and is rightly located down below at present day Thiruvananthapuram,the southern most tip of Kerala.

Vishnumaya,is the magic of such enormous dimensions which can make man look so small and vulnarable.The SUN GOD is the most important among our "Navagrahas" rightly so,without sun there can not be life on earth.The light of the sun god contains most enthralling energy unimaginable by human beings and destroys all the toxic materials on earth hence,the saying goes 'not to eat' during eclipse as the food during the time of eclipse may contain germs,which otherwise would be destructed,but for the duration of eclipse may survive only to be destructed by the sun rays once the cover of moon moves away, but some people may still have taken food during eclipse to have been the target of the germs or toxic materials,during eclipse, when I discovered not a single animal was out in my sight during the time of eclipse recently. I had noticed so many rats and dogs just the previous dawn [early morning around 3 am],the very next day was the eclipse and I noticed that none of the rats or dogs were there on the street on the day of eclipse.They were hidden and could not be seen moving ,while human beings were soundly sleeping and moving around without any disturbance in mind. I doubt whether the swine flu is more concentrated in the path of eclipse recently. It is worth observing to know for sure whether the above facts are true or just a case of my imagination.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009


All can read the above names and realise the very fact that their names too give away their intentions ,they are madly cunning and murderous towards humanity as a whole, but still the truth is people, were too ignorant and stupid to have fallen as victims of their cunning schemes.

I saw a Gandhi sibling publicly citing names of Muslims in such a way to mock them,the fact is he was the most stupid guy on earth. All those names uttered by him in a public rally [During Elections in India]such as Himanulla,Hidayatulla all ends with their gods name. I can vouch that they are mostly very nice people on earth,as their religions' colour which is green itself, is enough to prove their humane side and their goodness. BJP suffered very badly in elections is proof enough, that people are not as stupid as the guy who were calling out to divide humanity for personal gains for sure.I too am an Hindu and grew up along with quite a few nice muslim friends,so was the case with my father and fore fathers.

I request him to see the names of people mentioned in the title Madoff, the greatest crook of recent times, has looted from innocent and trusting people. Their only mistake was they failed to read the names correctly. If one takes those names mostly British in Origin are the most Brutish guys on earth. That very fact has been proved yet again when Mr.Murdock gave a statement saying that he intends to charge people for reading news online. Beware Here comes another cunning guy for sure.

People at times are so stunningly ignorant and mad themselves in their greed for more and more wealth, they have all been punished and Mr.Madoff was more direct in inviting them to fall in the trap than the guy who started a firm in the name "SATYAM" which means truth and then looted. But Madoff gave the sign and signal right from the word go and rightly made fools of the guys who may have thought they are the most intelligent guys on earth. So in my opinion Madoff deserves less punishment as he was direct in his approach while Satyam was trying to fool from the name itself. To me one of my greatest living Indian Hero is Mr.Abdul Kalam, the most decent and most truthful man on earth, I will vouch for him as the greatest among our leaders for sure. Yet the Yankees harassed him [Continental Airways],with a purpose of embarrassing him for having enlightened Indian populace that there is nothing to fear, as far as the 123 agreement was concerned, as we have our right to defend ourselves in "supreme National Interest". I am quite sure that must have been the reason for embarrassing him in such broad daylight.

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Friday, July 31, 2009


When Mr.Mohamed Yunis of grameen foundation won the nobel prize,people took notice and realised the noble work that he was doing silently to help out the poorest people on earth.Micro finance was the tool he was using to give women a small amount in the morning to purchase vegitables or fish, which is then sold for a profit and by evening he gets his money back,while the women earns a living proudly. What more proof do you want to know that god is still very much in control and is watching every human being doing good and bad things.Mr.Yunis must have been the savior sent in by the lord himself to save millions of the poorest people of Bangladesh.Now they are earning with dignity,which is most important and is rearing a family in the rightious way,and god has intervened to make these things happen. I am also a banker but have been catering mostly the rich and big industrialists, they of course generate employement for sure,but also degrades our dear mother earth by too much industrialization and pollution and destruction of wild life and forests.

Mr.Obama has rightly selected Mr.Yunis of Grameen foundation for an award befetting a great soul such as Mr.Mohamed Yunis. I too would have cherished a chance to serve the poorest people on earth by lending them small amounts with which they can make a living by way of buying and selling consumer goods,grains , vegitables,fish etc.The dignity in labour is the most important lesson here. When you eat your dinner out of the earnings of your labour,the taste is much more than a five star hotel meals.

I wish and pray for the well being of people such as Mr.Yunis and Mr.Obama for realising the truth and also appreciating the gentleman for the most reverred work,which is making those millions of starving people to survive and that too with dignity.Great work God sent for sure. Kudos to Grameen Foundation. "solitairebala"

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Kudos to Dr.Manmohan Singh, he has done the right thing and have chosen the right way forward.Opposition may think and mislead or at least try their best, to mislead the populace but Singh is King no doubts there. I would give my life for any effort to save Dr. Manmohan singh , Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi. Their life is so precious and they are surrounded by crooks mainly from opposition benches,who wanted to stall the progress of our country at any cost, as they fear losing their stashed away funds.

During my childhood I have read with interest the predictions of Mr.Nostradamus who rightly predicted the future pope and also predicted by 21st century [timing may have been a few decades forward or backward] a man from the land of Five rivers ,which is PUNJAB, will become the strongest man on earth.

What more proof do any one need as Dr.Manmohan Singh is from Punjab ,Pakistan side, and is truly doing a great job with earnest commitment and complete involvement. He undertook the bypass surgery and looked forward to leading our country in our darkest hour. So far what ever has been achieved by the team of Dr.Manmohan Singhji, Mrs.Soniaji and Rahulji has been the best governance I have seen in my life of 48 years [28 years at least, before which I was only a boy]Those who are crying aloud are the most corrupt as they fear losing their secret funds from the straightforward way our prime minister is leading us. At this juncture our countries people should strongly support him for he requires our moral backing to give him all the strength he needs. He is a man with wisdom and foresightedness add to that his knowledge in economics his subject which earned him rightly, a doctorate from UK.

I won't mind stopping a few bullets my self to save the lives of the above three persons who are our best bet under the current circumstances.I saw in parliament the strong opposition saying all the stuff to mislead the people , but they must also remember that Indians are not fools. Intelligence wise we have our brains intact and can see through most of the crooks with the help of the media which is now playing a vital role , some trying to distort the picture while other channels with good will doing justice or is it enough, My gut feeling says they need to be more supportive of the role and plan of our prime minister who is giving it his best shot and there is no one other than him who can match him in this process at the moment.

He is strong willed and like our Mr.Sreedhar of Delhi Metro is fighting all the way in spite of all the hurdles, that are put on their path, by the most cunning and crooked guys, who is only focused on making a quick buck and has no patriotism as they show in front of the camera.

I wanted this message to reach our prime minister, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi that right minded guys around the country is strongly behind them no matter what the opposition may say or do. They just could not fathom the agenda of our prime minister, who only means good for our people. We know that his heart is pure and he has the backing from the god almighty. Some guys are such types that they can not imagine a straight forward guy, which they feel is the most foolish way to live. Their way is to loot and make money by frauds and cunning ways and will do any thing to get their hands on the money.

May lord save our country for we have waited too long and at last as Mr.Nostrodamus predicted a Man from the land of five rivers is rightly becoming the strongest man on earth very soon or already has all the plus points to take our country forward to the top of the world , which is where our people's destiny is for we have struggled too long due to our very good nature and hospitality. Now the time is to assert our self on the world arena with the brains and ideas along with technology , in all these fileds our boys and girls are the best there is not an iota of doubt in my mind.

Best of luck to Dr.Manmohan Singh, Mrs.Sonia Gandhi [our present day Jhansi Rani no doubt] and Rahul our future and there is no one worth mentioning as a future leader apart from Mr.Shashi Tharoor, Mr.A.K.Antony, Mr.Achudanandhan and the Karats along with quite a few youngsters who too are willing to stick their neck out in this bloddy game called politics such as Mr.Omar Abdulla all of them , I am sure will back congress once they are convinced our prime ministers agenda, which is the right way forward.

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Perry Como - And I Love You So ( Japan 1993 )

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stumblin n livin

Saturday, July 25, 2009


The following peices of poetry was written by Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi,an old and wise man who ,it is apparant spent a lot of time thinking about a way forward for our dear world and its people, and more surprisingly the first poetry, originally written about 30 years back seems to have such wisdom and foresightedness as has been proved now, for he has seen it all coming 3 decades back itself.


"It is inexorable law of Nature that anything,whether it is animate or inanimate,whether it is a section of the human race or a species of animal or plant life, whether it is a political,economic,social or religious institution,whetherit is a culture or civilization it will be ruthlessly wiped ou of existance ifit stands in the way of manifested life's pilgrimage towards tthe unmanifested Truth which is known as evolution. Palentology,anthropology and history bear testimony to this universal law. Capitalism has outlived its use and is no longer in harmony with man's evolution and hence it has to be discarded.If any section of society still clings on to this outmoded system,nature will ambutate that section of society itself without any regret so that the rest of humanity can march ahead towards its goal"

With these wordsof warning Vethathiri Maharishi stresses the urgent need for a radical change in our outlook and in every sphere of our activity-economic political and social.

2]So often we hear the cry-"if you want to solve the problems that confront our present society ,take away from man his possessions and make them the property of the nation." I do not agree with this slogan because itis born out of anger and frustration and tantamount to political robbery . Emotional approaches can never solve man's problems. If you want a permanent and lasting solution ,the approach has to be intellectual ,rational and spiritual. that is why i say "make man himself the property of the nation and there will be an end to all problems."

Thishasalways been the core and essence of the teachings of Vethathiri Maharishi.

found by solitaire bala

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My excitement started in life after my graduation in the early eighties, when I started to wander for jobs and also worked from place to place in different capacities and in different jobs. Fri st it was the sales profession of a medical representative as I began a career , and later switched over to star category hotels also looking for a chance to do my law degree, but could not get seat in Kerala Law colleges due to the marks which was minimum pass.I also tried my luck in the North East trying to get a law degree,but god had my path planned in some other way.

Then for some time I fancied my chance as a singer and was on to guitar and tried to get going in the field, which was abruptly broken by a streak luck or bad luck by way of a bank job which came my way in 1987-88. During those period a bank job was one of the most sought after jobs and the posting order was received by my elder brother who was then working near Ahmadabad, while I was in a star category hotel in Surat.

I received the appointment letter redirected late and the time for joining was almost over by then. My brother helped with the money to make it to the North East,as I was, as always, broke even in those periods too, out of my own bad habits of spending with out savings.My first posting was in North East and had to make in in 3 days time to report at Jorhat in Assam from Surat in Gujrat.

The excitement and the count down began from the evening I got the appointment letter.I caught the first train out of Ahmedabad to Delhi via Rajasthan and made it there by next day I have hardly got out of the train when I heard the announcement of the train leaving for guwahati in 5 minutes time. I some how manged to get a ticket to Guwahati and started to run up the steps to see the train had started to move from the platform down below and I too ran after the train and threw my shoulder bag in first and could catch hold of the last but one compartment, at the very edge of the platform after a sprint, which took the breath out of my heart and was panting profusely and sweating but hung on to the door as there was heavy rush as always, in trains in India any where any time. The door step was the place I sat on till I reached guwahati almost 2 days later in the night and again found the bus, night service, from Guwahati to Jorhat was about to leave in half an hour, by which time I bought a ticket and had my meals [proper one at that]after couple of days and sat graciously in the sit back seat of the luxury bus trying to get a shut eye, which was not done for two full nights and was in to my third night without sleep.

But even then my spirits during the travel though, has been of real excitement and most adventurous and I did not feel it tiresome at all, due to the very nature of youngsters in their peak. We all have the confidence level so high during your twenties when you are at the peak of your health and most of the time, are looking out for an adventure at any point of time during one's twenties and thirties slowly your graph will start to show downward jounety, by the time, you are at the wrong side of thirties.

The peak time has to be utilised to the brink otherwise, you seldom get another chance and even if you get one in the fortees or late thirties the journey ,travels and the rush becomes a burden hence,the importance of enjoin it while you are still at your peak. I not only made it right and bang on time and have since put on more than two decades of service with the same bank, working and enjoying every moment of my solitaire days ,when I used to feel free as the wind,wandering and taking things from where ever in what ever situation you find yourself in and you don't have a thought of the next day, as you don't have any one waiting for you, at home but for your parents and siblings ,who also will not be expecting you every day, as they know how youngsters are and when you are away, then you are on your own making your own decisions and finding it easy with out having to take permission for what ever and where ever you go and do.We take it for granted and before you realise the time passes just as the snow flakes, for the way wardness and the typical boyish feel of being alone and independent, will all go once you get married and have children and a family to look after and you are reminded of your responsibilities every morning when you wake up. But then that's life , when you wake up to find your self alone also is very difficult after the initial joy is over and if you get in to drugs or drinks then it is even worse, as the feel of guilt reminds you every morning when you wake up and tell yourself it is not good and you have to kick the habit.

Having a family sort of makes you sober and has this affect of making you more responsible in life, which a bachelor will not think of and as a result may feel very lonely once the euphoria of Independence is over with and you find yourself all alone in a no where land with out many friends and family. All the excitement will be over by then and you start and think of the discipline and one by one you see your friends dying around you making you feel that much more lonelier and depressed when you are alone.

But what ever it takes you must make very good use of your younger, happier, freer days so as not to regret later that you did not do all the wicked things in life earlier. To do it all and seeing it all and then coming out of it all is what makes you a person more matured and more confident in life . What ever may be the out come in life at the end of it all you must be able to sit back and say ok I did live a life full of action. Now it is time for rest and then rest in peace. [RIP in our banking terms means Reinvestment plan] but unlike in the case of deposits in a bank you don't get a second chance in life the very reason that you do all the things you like doing most so to be satisfied.But always remember that what ever you do should not be a hindrance for others , you must also help out other unfortunate people around you too come up if you get a chance to help out those people in dire need of such friendship,as you too must have got heping hands in your life's journey from unexpected quarters and unexpected people just as god would place some one in front of you when you need some one like wise you too should be in the front to lend a helping hand to those people god gets in front of you, to check whether you are doing justice to your chance god given.

Remember that at the end of it all some will be asking you in the form of god how was your karmic actions and what results you may expect later , if you do good then you can expect good things to happen to you , if you do bad then bad things will happen to you . The mathematics of God almighty always balances it correctly and tallies before taking you back in to his folds again.

Action filled life of "solitairebala"


A complete & full eclipse is a once a life time opportunity as at times , you may miss it by kilometres and realise later that, you missed it and will not get another opportunity in your life time. The next complete eclipse when the moon comes nearest to the earth and blocks the view in its particular path covering the sun , which, though might be billions of times larger than the moon still is not visible to us as we look and and only see the giant moon blocking our view of the sun ,which is billions of light years from earth, and due to the distance might look smaller to us from earth than the moon, which is the nearest celestial body to earth as it revolves around the earth while together and rotating and spinning in mind boggling speed , which is not felt by us unlike, while we travel in a car or bus and see the trees moving fast behind us before we are through to seeing it properly.

How small we are is another subject which can be dealt later, but the importance of the eclipse is that , we feel the moon nearest to us and day time suddenly becomes evening or like dawn, some also miss it during nights. But fortunately for Indians this time it is in our radar view and can be visible from any corner at least partially. But the full eclipse starts from Daman, the goan side and moves along with the path which goes through surat,patna,varanasi, gaya, and Assam [dibrugar,] then to Burma through to Japan where it ends and the time taken will be around little more than half an hour starting from 6.14 am on 22ND July 2009.

The path this time covers mostly the thickly populated sites of India and Ase an countries and happens during sunrise hence,can be visible. It is a spectacular site,one will not forget for our whole life time.

The precautions one must take is not to look at it straight or directly up as the sun rays ,which includes ultra Violet and other more notorious rays harm full to some extend also is the ingredient which kills most of the micro organisms living on earth and which is harmful for human beings,the sunlight not only shows us the light but also kills so many micro organism such as plague infection viruses,[E & OE]along with some good ones too gets killed or destroyed by the sun light which contains so much energy and heat,the most important factor is that it supports our life,and one is advised not to take food during such eclipse period as it may contain bacteria and virus unknowns to us and thereby cause harm health wise to human beings and animals along with birds and fish.

A simple example to show the effect of sun rays is that grains which contains ants or other species can be kept open to the sun and with in minutes, all those will vanish and run away from the sun rays, as they can not survive longer in the sun. Such magical effect can only be seen during day time in the sun rays and during night time the moon light which is only the reflection of the sun light is not enough to scare those species away. Like wise human beings also can have sun stroke if we are directly exposed to the sun during summer time especially in India and people may die of sun stroke in North India.

But sun rays also have so much energy that is un seen, by us but the effect has been proved by people who live with the help of the morning sun rays alone with out having food or water for years as I read some where in which a man lived without food for nine long years and the secret was he was getting the energy from the morning sun light, during the sunrise.

Sun can not be seen or looked by us for longer than seconds as our eyes will become blind due to the very heat and light,which is so bright that our eyes are not guarded against the harmful rays of the sun if we ever attempt to look at it directly for longer periods, it is exactly because of that reason that we get a chance to look at it directly during the eclipse , without the blinding effect of the sun rays.

If one think of the ultimate sacrifice the sun does is un imaginable, for we get the light and heat for billions of years and the sun is still shining with the brightest fire one can imagine and never ending for it has gone on with the self sacrificing ways of the fire burning some material or gases for such long periods from time immemorial for billions of years and the warmness only is increasing , as we have been hearing since last decade or so ,global warming and so on.

What material is in such abundance , gases we know vaguely, but how much quantity does the sun have for keep on firing for billions of years, it must be surely destructing itself, while providing us with the most important aspect required for life & living beings on earth as we know now but,may have more planets with life which we don't know yet.

So girls and boys look at it and witness while you can, for your children also will not get a chance to see it, as it will only occur next after more than a century 134 years or so. the scientists are excited because they get to see the corona of the sun which means the outer layer which has the flames of the fire of the sun. They want to take this opportunity to observe and see if, we can make out any thing special this occasion which god has permitted us, and is passing through the most thickest layer on earth with heavy & densely populated places, who knows may be this sign is a good omen for our badly divided world , and while life itself is becoming a burden rather than the enjoyment filled with pleasures and tragedies part and parcel of life for each individual. We will start hoping that our world will experience good things during the eclipse and bring luck to humanity as a whole.

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Monday, July 20, 2009


The world has been watching Mr.Obama,with renewed hope,after almost a decade of mishandling and mis-conceptions, about the Muslims in general. I was under the impression he will be able to understand them well than any other US presidents of the past. He has not disappointed so far but, has stumbled on the Iran issue, and perhaps making things worse, could not deal in public with the strait forwardness he is expected to show to one's genuine friends.

His attempts in trying to eradicate nuclear bombs from earth is applaud able and deserves credit as he took along most nations, with him on the subject.Iran has to be dealt separately from Korea. India at the same time should not be put in the brackets of rogue nations , as we have never in the history gone on the offensive unless prompted and compelled. That was our very weakness, as we were friendly and hospitable always with all and sundry without looking at their backgrounds or crookedness,which resulted in the British conquering us after the Mugals.

More importantly, he has failed to address the fact that South Africa and Israel too possess nuclear bombs , he can't just be naive towards that if he is sincere, in his efforts to seeing a nuclear free world.

The ones more likely to use the bombs are those countries with a history of cruelty and submission of an entire countrymen for generations, looting from them all along the rich natural resources, He has to address them bluntly and openly if he is expecting the Muslims too, following his good gestures and thoughts. The British has always been the fraudsters and looters and still owns, vast land area like tea estates in India as well , especially in Assam,Kerala,Karnataka and so on, millions of acres of tea plantations in their names added to Indian entity names, for fooling the governments, or perhaps the government showing them how to fool the people. I have not seen them spending a single penny in Assam where , all those locals were dump and very nice people who just does not believe any one can be so cunning and still may not believe if one tells them the truth. But the fact remains, as those tea estates , generating huge amount of income and profit with the efforts of hard working Oriya tribal and Assamese are in fact not even paid for their food at least, these are facts witnessed by me , but the govt. might show the real owners' such as Harrison Malayalam, just by adding the name of the local language means nothing but the profit is going out of the country for sure.

My opinion is to go for a common currency just like what the Europeans did way back, decades when they came out with Euro. Like that, we too can expect all to toe the line in creating a single currency all over the world and the countries can be treated as different states and the majority supporters of the number of elected members can rule for 10 years or 12 years on the trot to at least give a semblance of future well being of humanity and for doing things worth and deserving to be done, to save earth and humanity as a whole. Mr.Obama has the power and backing from countries like India,Russia,Germany,France, Italy,Spain and the middle east along with Pakistan and Indonesia ,Japan, Korea, Philippines ,African countries etc.

The ones likely to object are the guys to be alienated with sanctions and strict measures like ,What US did in Iraq, and killed millions, by starvation perhaps more than those killed by war.We understand it will be difficult but not impossible. The change of Currency overnight ,with all the stashed away gold to be brought in to the common coffers, will also take what was made illegally from the poorest and the wealth which really belongs to the poorest can then be utilized for them.Other wise we and the world can never sleep in peace, for those rich , mostly originating from the British such as Canada, Australia,South Africa along with their cronies are the guys to be watched out for they are the most cunning and poisonous creatures alive,they are capable of crossing and double crossing any time and will not hesitate to kill for wealth, millions With out an iota of guilt.

Muslims , are very genial and fights with you straightforward and can not hide their emotions ,like the British, who are the ones with scheming minds, and might smile at you friendly while, stabbing you from the back. Identifying the real crooks with his judgement will prove to be the boon for Obama who is obviously intelligent enough to make a difference and has a receptive and open mind to reasoning.

My advice to him is to watch out for the white lobby with the backing of British and Jewish politicians, they are not only deadly but can put the blame right on innocents like Iraqi Muslims , who had nothing to do with weapons of Mass destruction.

thoughts for Obama for his own safety , for more visit 'solitairebala'


American business gained a lot of profits in the begining, by out sourcing thier services else where, mainly in third world countires due to the very cost effectiveness , but did not realise that it is not easy to reverse the trend , after every election with the new governments, for thier popularistic measures promises their lot with unrealistic dreams of getting thier jobs back , while not realising that it is not that easy as they promise, to out source and then insource after every election at will. It is only just the whims and fancies, even if they succeeds in taking and sourcing it back to thier country , it will not be easy to maintain it just as the same, due to the complicated nature of the systems and services and trained people have to be taken in even if they take it back there and will have to be again paid in US dollars,the very reason in the first place, for them to have outsourced it for the salary paid in Rupees is very much less due to the fact that 1 dollar is about Rs.50.00 in rough terms while the things you can buy here with Rs.1/- is almost the same there the difference being it is $1/-[US] Americans are not tuned to the systems and hardworking nature of Indian boys and girls, who is willing to work for 24hours, without a break if they are just provided with food alone.The very reson that SATYAM,HCL and such similar companies quote such cheap rates to bag the orders and then make thier workers do it in double quick time , they normally burn out quickly as well, and it is a sin to do to a youngster, just because they dont know they are being expoited for the profits of such cunning guys and god has rightly punished SATYAM for the very reason, that they made thier workers work day and night to finish the very job in 3 months where Americans takes more than a year to complete, also getting paid 5 to 10 times than that of an Indian in comparisson,for the same work in double quick time even to the extent that some might drop dead doing it , as the threat of job losses are there hanging over their head , at times the employer reminds them that there are younger ones waiting for the same job for half the salary.With out any union backings or regulations those companies have made big money only due to the blood and sweat of poor indian girls and boys, that is the curse of such ill made wealth,which certainly will not last. the same case with private banks ,in India and abroad who makes thier youngsters work like slaves , and pay meagre.

We can see in all such cases that god has ultimately punished those crooks.

Imagine the US without Indian Doctors,nurses and healthcare services, they dont stand a chance as they can not imagine a life with out weekend partying and trips , while indian boys and girls are willing to work 20 hours for 365 days , but , only because they are being mal-treated and taken advantage of thier situations back home, where normally thier parents may be waiting for thier money to reach every month. I saw a news paper item quoting an employer "that US guys are not employable" it is exactly the reason that they will only work for 5 days and not more than 8 hours a day while for the hapless indian boys and girls it is normally 12 to 15 hours and six day weeks.

thoughts for reflecting on it by those who are responsible.

Thursday, July 16, 2009



My daughter pointed out to me from her readings that when tsunami hit during the Christmas eve of 2004 , all the animals of Andaman & Nicobar islands saved themselves miraculously, as they sensed with their superior ability to sense and realize the imminent danger by reading from the signs, and almost all animals climbed up to higher terrain ,including elephants and apart from the human beings who perished in thousands animals saved themselves ,as they have the sixth sense, and also reads from the natures tell tale signs which, normally precedes any such natural disasters.

This can be termed as the greatest lesson for human beings who wrongly consider them selves to be far more intelligent and are supposed to be the masters, self proclaimed though. The dog which yearns always and cherishes an outing with his master rightly refused to go out on that particular day, to the amused master who thought it to be queer, but realized the wonder, the sixth sense which animals birds and fish have in abundance, of the ability of the dog on that particular day not to venture out, daily they goes for long walks along the sea shore but refused stubbornly which in fact saved their lives.

There are so many incidents reported on that fateful day, by the researchers who came out with such informative stuff, which is enough to make a layman understand the connection of nature and all the living beings which lives on earth , which as far as we know is the only planet supporting life. We need Oxygen, water and food like all living beings to survive on earth. Oxygen emitting trees have been cut and destroyed by mankind more since last 100 years, than at any point of time well known to us, though our religions and scriptures have mentioned the cycle of creation, preservation and destruction in so many eras, and when we dig deeper we also have seen tell tale signs of much refined people who seemed to have vanished and is not to be seen any where, but only in texts.

Drinking water as we know is scarce and as per UN estimate, only 3% of the total almost 70% water on earth, is drinkable out of which contamination too have taken its toll and as per UN records every 15 seconds one child loses rather dies out of waterborne deceases.
Out of the 3% drinkable water, we only have .007% which is pure and a mind boggling majority on earth does not have access to pure drinking water as only 10% of the population has access to pure water due to their richness, which enables them to afford such money, to be spent on drinking water alone. Food is scarcer but we can live without proper food for months malnourished but survives. But water scarcity is more reasons for the urgency shown rightly by the wise guys around the world apart from the oxygen which too is depleting as a result of the vanishing forests around the world.

Those few perhaps only less than 5% of the rich guys on earth own almost 90% of wealth and the good side of all the decreasing stuff, much required for humanity and all living beings for survival. What ever the Mother Nature has left is to be equally shared by men and animals which include all the species in the world, mankind as per evolution has come from monkeys and as primates they were purely vegetarian but when did we start to eat animals, birds and fish. We know now that vegetarian food is considered the best for Olympic gold medal winning athletes to the best brains around the world is purely vegetarian ,which is the right way as has been proved now, as red meat have more bad cholesterol content ,which directly results in heart attacks and blocks in blood supplying veins. But knowingly we still keep on doing all that is not good for us. Mainly due to the short sightedness of the business guys, who are responsible for the global warming and all the climate eccentricity and natural calamities on the rise as years pass by? The Industrializations has only made our generation more lazier and indoors all the ill effects of our world of today is the out come of the few guys who controls every thing on earth and is not willing to listen to sensible arguments. It is like a blind man denying the existence of SUN just and only because he can not see it, but even when he feels the heat on him he refuses to admit the SUN and its realities, so sad for we still have such guys who can bring and hasten our progress towards certain disasters or destruction in double quick time.

How ever, for the benefit of believers in the wisdom of seeing the reality and acting up on it I wish to give my views on how we can tackle global warming or climate change as below for UN and the upcoming meeting at Copenhagen in Denmark for support of action against global warmers.

1. Make our children aware of the pitfall and make it binding on all governments to start with children to daily plant saplings and also ensure it grows up to big trees and each day one hour or two hours may be allocated to such nature nurturing for the benefit of the society as a whole , as they complete the forestation of their nearby areas they can then spread towards more areas to be covered, and over a decade we can expect drastic changes in plantation techniques to be made binding on each and very citizen.
2. Make wood cutting a criminal offense even if the owner of the place wants it to be removed, he still must get permission from the local authority who should decide whether the tree is an hindrance, as lately we witness people cutting trees only to show off and show case their buildings, no one can be so insensitive than human beings, I feel it is high time we make laws to make it a criminal offense to be strictly adhered by all and sundry no matter how high or low the guy is. This also ensures efficacy against soil erosion, a direct result of lack of trees which actually holds the soil together in the roots.
3. Check dams are a must to ensure that the precious drinking water dos not flow directly to the sea thereby resulting in bloody wastage, while building huge and big dams are unfair to those who live down the stream or more down the valley to the point where the river ultimately joins the sea. Check dams help in ground water level increase also helps all to be benefited right to the end of the rivers meeting point with sea from the point of its origin.
4. Rain water harvesting has been ignored completely by human beings and I feel it is high time we ensure that each house hold has a duty in seeing that the rain water from their roof tops should be channeled to the pipe lines along with the drainage lines and should be kept separate but parallel. The water so channeled can be directed towards a natural lake or a man made lake with fresh water for the benefit of the society. This also must be made mandatory by each and every government, the funds and resources may be made available from the rich as borrowal by the poor to be repaid in the times of good harvest, as a direct result of all the above in decades , the rich and so called developed countries should bear the burden of funding for all the above proposals as a means of achieving the practical targets , and can also be allowed to make a profit out of such funding for humanity and their well being along with all the species on earth to be equally benefited.
5. The non believers or the ones who are calling the global warming and climate change as a hoax should be alienated as they are more scrupulous and cunning than the worst cut throat money lenders and they do not deserve any sympathy at all. They are only concerned of their short term gains and don’t give a damn even if the world comes to an end right after their life is over, so in sensitive and so irresponsible are those guys who should be punished as any other criminals or murderers or war mongers who are the worst thing on earth and should be eliminated with out any mercy, for they have eaten up all the fossil fuel and the woods along with almost all living beings in such a short time and are the worst criminals in history.

These are some thoughts in favour of UN making an effort at least in trying to address the greater issue of Global warming and climate change in upcoming months ahead of the Meet at Copenhagen. India should be at the helm of affairs so as to prove to the world, that we understand the world better.

Thoughts compiled by ‘solitairebala’ in Google blogger to be continued.

Friday, July 10, 2009



The applause and congrats have not yet subsided, after the so called nuclear supply group agreed to supply uranium for our nuclear energy needs, what followed in India was so swift and before one realized the Government lost the backing of communists MPs [60 Nos] but bought out MPs from Samajvadi party and sundries assuring them of a fair deal in case they support the Congress while facing No confidence motion against the UPA Government with an outside backing of Communists.

Mr.Prakash Karat of CPM was at the receiving end all along the election process and took a beating in the election as well. But now with the US lead blocks of ‘full’ nuclear supply for enrichment and reprocessing for energy needs has been negated even before it all began.

The great insult to a great country such as India is bound to backfire on US interests, around the globe, according to me once US realized that we might go for cheaper deals in this connection to Russia or France must have been the prompting or triggering point for the US business interests and the stand of our Marxists leader stands vindicated. Chinese also can not be trusted as their backing was seen in case of Pakistan and Korea.

Now we know for sure that US & Allies can never be trusted, and our country was taken for a ride and the successful negotiators have now become the laughing stock of our countrymen. It was a great insult for our country and especially our Prime minister who was very much in the G8 summit active, while all along US & Allies played the cards very close to their chest and Mr.Manmohan singh, was all along kept in the dark while being in the stage along with those very people who, gave this passing blow to the innocent prime minister, and may be feeling that they have won.

But the fact is once the people of India realize the games, then US will cry for forgiveness and the greatest blunder of Mr.Obama, in his short tenure. Now we are at liberty as we are not bound by any one before embarking up on our own fissile material such as thorium which is in abundance in our country. Solar and Wind power can support along with Hydro electric projects and bio gas etc; we need energy but US and Allies are the losers in this latest episode which will be proved in a short time itself.

Prakash Karat can relax now, that people will be watching very closely the up coming session and his stand now stands vindicated for ever.

Greatest blunder of Mr.Barrack Obama, with out Indian support they will be at loss in all international arenas as more than 1/6 of the total world population belongs to India. We also have support now from the Chinese who might be tempted to trade with us and Russia too will fancy their chance now more a reality.

Thanks to Mr.George Bush [Junior] for his role was crucial in getting us a clean waiver from the nuclear supply groups. Now US alone along with UK will be the ultimate losers as India with our clean records stands to benefit in the long run with France and Russia now emerging as the options for us,we have good track record ,which can not be ignored any more, if a country wants to benefit from business of the largest democratic country with population so huge that those who stay away will be the ultimate losers for sure. US at least had hope for the future but now is seen as the losers, which also might be a tacticle game played by Obama for the benefit of onlookers,time will prove the implications as far as US,India relations and business ,mutually beneficial though, we have other options too while, US do not have a better market in the whole world with such volume and enormity of 1.2 billion people.

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Butchers are looked up on as brutes and the very phrase means the destroyers. But those who cut wood all long are the worst sinners, than butchers according to nature. On most occasions the wood cutting, is done for clarity from the cool cover provided by nature and big trees, but for those snobs who wanted to show off with their buildings are the worst people according to me and deserves the utmost punishment irrespective of the high office or big business.

The recent upheavals and sufferings are ignored by UP Supreme, Ms.Mayavati, who embarked up on building her statues and for the purpose cuts almost all the trees in the vicinity, so that her statue is seen by all. Is that the urgency of a chief minister, prioritizing her statue building, while she is very much alive and in power rather than providing her subjects water and food?

We only have seen the statue building while the person is alive and well only in Tamilnadu first, but now all have started the process of making one seen every where so as to remind people for voting but in my mind I am sure they will hate to vote for some one who has plundered the scarce resources left for building her statue all over while her people are starving. The enormous funds spend on such trivia at such a period when humanity is facing degradation and survival of very few only seems to be assured while all others are already dying or in the process of hastening ones death due to the struggles and vagaries of life which itself is a question mark for majority of people.

Instead of taking care of those millions suffering due to lack of drinking water and food is it necessary for a chief minister to build her statues spending the exchequer funds? Why is she not allocating those very funds for the poorest to have one meal a day? Why is our Central Government silent of such high scale degradation of earth by spending hard and precious funds, which can be utilized for the benefit of our poor people who are otherwise dying of hunger and thirst?

Where is our national conscious and laws for guarding the common interest and right to livelihood more important, than building statues worth billions?

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The present generation of the total of more than 6 billion people, leave alone those unfortunate animals ,birds for them we don’t have the numbers, but for sure knows are decreasing day by day due to the very fact that our humanity and all other life forms are now faced with the biggest ever problems of water and food security.

The reasons are plenty and man made as a few guys hold the mass wealth and land holdings while the rest of the population, other than their cronies, are faced with starvation and death due to thirst and hunger. My guess, rough at that, says ninety percent of land and wealth is in the hands of about 10% among our world population.

As months pass by we are seeing bad to worse effects of a warm period, where in about 90% of the world population does not have access to pure and drinkable water other than the contaminated source available, which on the other side has raised the rate of pandemics of different kinds than those seen so far in history.

Let us first deal with the causes for the sad state of affairs around the globe. Our ecological balance has been made to exists without wild swings or disastrous life styles due to the less tampering we did in earlier generations as we did not have access and routes opened for transportation of our natural wealth, but once the British/Brutish regimes started to plunder the natures wealth like the tree coverage in our Himalayan mountain range which protected India from the bad influences of the northern species and was the oxygen producing and rain producing mountain range with forest thick and lovely existed before 1900AD.

The starting point of degradation was done by the very Brutish, who looted out natural Tree cover and all other national wealth of wood, gold and other precious jewels all belonging to Indians as a matter of its rightful ownership, was looted and moved in to European countries from all around the world once the transportation facilities were put in place by those very brutish guys.

Once they left leaving only the skeletons behind, our politicians and their cronies started to loot. The Birlas based in Kolkata along with the Marvaries [Ruthless business people from Rajasthan] were the ones behind the looting of the trees as big as elephant’s sizes from all around north east in the name of plantations and other trivia. Right now the places are left with nothing at all in just decades, then all it costs them was, few liquor bottles to appease the Tribes, while they looted all the wealth from the whole North Eastern belt spreading up to Kashmir and the percentage of forest cover left in those Himalayan ranges is hardly 5% of what was there before 1900.

I am talking with authority of having witnessed the whole process, as bewildered as any boy in his twenties and accidentally when I walked out in the middle of the night 2am on the roads of Dimapur in Nagaland , I used to see big trucks full of wood of all sizes-

Parked for take off in dozens daily, in the night itself and will have covered the road of the states by morning bribing, bottles and cheap money, enroute, amounting to hundreds of Rupees only while the cost of the Wood they carries will be beyond Millions if and when they reach Kolkata. This was witnessed by me in the eighties and early nineties and I got transferred back to south and lived a life for another couple of decades by then the decaying forest were complete in all sense. How can you expect rains in the Himalayan valley and those rivers originating from the Himalayas provided for water in all the Northern States? Before long they will also be dry due to lack of rains and vanishing icebergs, glaciers, which in fact provided with precious water during summers due to melting ice in Himalayan ranges.

The only way to ensure justice is to take over the big players by governments and bring justice to millions of people who lost out due to the cunning designs of very few.

The wealth beyond millions should be nationalized along with the land holdings as well to be used by the poor families to whom it should be divided and given. In India especially in North India if you turn/term the land in to plantations then an individual can hold any number of millions of acres singly, while millions are dying with out food or farmland for cultivation.

My purpose here is to start a national debate and movement to bring justice to the poorest people on earth.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009



In Malayalam, language of Kerala ,[The land of Coconut Trees] southern most state of India, we have a saying “mukam manassinte kannadi.” Which means face is the mirror of your mind. Your thoughts good and bad will have its effect on your face expressions. This is a fact and truth, police while interrogating criminals normally catch the thief by watching intently the change of expressions, and most importantly thier eyes, which should not be allowed to cover by dark glasses,while being interrogated by some other personnel, one Psychologist among them will be silently watching all his expressions for each question, and can easily find out the truth in majority of cases.

There are also very intelligent guys who can lie straightforward very seriously, as they tune themselves to fooling all by lying as a matter of habit rather than the need for lying.
But I must also admit there are cool ones who can fool you all, even lie detectors which monitor the heartbeat variations while being questioned and gives away, if not by face expressions but by their heartbeat, which rises when they are not comfortable or are lying. Russian KGB is told to have developed guys to even fool the lie detectors, especially, the spy who is sent abroad for such intelligence gathering which can give you an insight in to the very tactics, your enemy is employing. But the problem there has been the double crossing by some, who can also plant stories deliberately to misguide the enemy, with whom they play along as if siding the original country but in real is helping the enemy country knowingly, or unknowingly in some cases when the intelligence guys comes to know about the truth of the spy and ignores the truth and looks to be leaking truths, [but in real planted stories] for misguiding the other side in to thinking differently than what actually is coming at them. Such double crossing and triple crossing is the order of the day and unless you are not sure of the identity of the guy who works with you have to be doubly careful in identifying the truth , while masking your knowledge of your co workers being a spy for the other side.

But in my life, I have seen and caught those cunning guys with just one hard look at them sometimes, we cant help but show our intent or if you are more intelligent then you have to do it in such a way to fool the other guy, for you have truth and honesty as your weapons while, they are handicapped by their very self, which is scheming and cunning inside, always looking at ways and means of cheating for their own benefit and to also misguide your bosses by planting stories of you in your absence.

These are the order of the day and in work places also you come across people of the above kind, but if you play your cards close to your chest, and by showing you as a damn fool not knowing the pun intended, is the way for you forward, the appearance and your actions has to be of an utmost fool and innocent guy, while you gather information by way of observing and watching the actions of your foe. In majority of cases they will show their trait to you by trying to get things out of you, with their queer questions, through which they could find an inkling of your thoughts and mind. At other occasions you can find them to be very cunning and scheming, once you are sure, then your game has to start, while you are dealing with him or his sudden reactions to certain incidents, can give you the correct picture about the guy.

The expressions also can be watched and you will normally find a fleeting moment when he is not guarded as it is impossible to guard 24/7, when you are a fraudster or double crossing guy and is not yourself in reality or truthful. The award winning acts are also to be expected by very good actors who too can fool you easily. They can take you for a ride in the beginning but you must use your intuitions more while remains truthful always and most importantly genuine one otherwise you too can be bracketed in the same category as those crooks are. Look out for the following in the faces of your adversaries and take stock of his built the very first time you meet him or her. Short guys are most cunning; the real life experience will prove the same about Chinese. The only exceptions are when their fingers are longer but the shortness in height. Also the lean and hungry looking guys can also be most dangerous, as explained in Caesar and Cleopatra, in which Caesar himself admits never to trust a lean and hungry looking guy, also fall for the same ilk as he trusted knowingly Octavious Caesar, [Hope again my memory is right] the one who stabs Caesar first from the back, to his horror, as always, he has seen this cheater through, yet fell for him.

If and when you announce good news of yours’ you can invariably find who those jealous ones are and who those are genuinely happy for you, right from their faces. Simple technique to ascertain a good friend from bad ones, is the above techniques which will stand you in good stead in the long run and your life which itself is a journey and your co-passengers keeps changing at various points in your life akin to those who gets in to the train from some stations while others gets off. In our life too the same happens and one has to be very careful in today’s world where 90% of the people you come across are crooked or cunning bastards.

Keep your distance once you are convinced of the guy or girl, with you is not a good friend to you, the best thing under those circumstances is not to move around with them, as it conveys yourself wrongly, by the company you keep. Do not initiate a discussion on any stuff to those ones; shut yourself to the same ilk as far as possible. While observing do not look directly or intently as these occasions will make those guys or girls guard themselves knowing that you are watching them, but at the same time there is a way of keeping a tab on them, like what they do in martial arts, to see and guard your back first for these guys or girls normally strike you from the back, unlike the real warriors, who wanted an outright win facing and fighting fair and square.

Thoughts for survival in this mad & bad world.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009



Our astrology has been the most advanced and along with the astronomy ,which too rightly calculated the transits of planets around the SUN, the exact time taken the positioning and calculated circle or orbit [even the fact that such orbits are in most cases oval in shape]of each planet exactly way or ages [millions of years back]before our Modern science was arguing for the shape of the earth which was not thought to be a globe, and a guy who suggested 'it must be global shape' was killed in front of the crowd for having spread rumors, which the western world could not fathom nor could they digest the fact that a globe can also be seen as a plate, if the onlookers' view is so small and little in comparison to the size of the earth which can be millions of times bigger than an animal or man.

This very fact is enough to prove the lack of knowledge among our so called western ‘developed ‘countries. They just don’t have the idea and brain power to acknowledge the vastness of our world, but since the time of a man visited Moon and came back safely have given them some consolation and rightly so, as we don’t see these things happening often now, but our Puranas [Ithihas, History] cites the flying planes such as the one in which Ravan took Sita to Srilanka. Also the sudden appearance of gods and goddesses is mentioned for them to have traveled speedier than light, can and reaches heaven and earth in moments, which must have been possible or could not have been an imagination of the wildest dreams.

When did the westerners started to calculate the eclipse, only a thousand years or less than that, but our scriptures have the calculation thousands or even millions of years back as can be seen from the scriptures found in depleted condition but still legible and in Sanskrit. Even with all these proof, how come the patent rights of so many so called inventions in real copied & based on Sanskrit scripts/Texts being copied and given the patent and ‘copy’ rights as the very word indicates, were given to the Europeans and US Universities with the help of German scientists, engineers, who had access to Sanskrit as they felt it was a legacy of the Aryans , who was supposed to have moved in to India ages back to find in India the existence of Science at the highest level ,like Physics, Math’s and Chemistry along with the help of all the above subjects we had calculated all the ‘NAVGRAHAS’ which means the planets and bodies having maximum influence for humanity and earth, as such Moon and Sun rightly grades at the highest level followed perhaps by Jupiter ,which due to its big size and gravitational pull second only to sun has been considered as the Planet with most influence on man kind ant his nature.

That was the very reason that our Astronomy and Astrologers gave and still give most importance to the placing of GURU as known in Sanskrit for Jupiter. Each individual has the benefits and bad signs for each individual and places in the world just as we have day and nights as we roll over while circling Sun. As it is a deep subject, with so many connotations, connections and inter linking natures, all can change your history according to the placement of the NAVGRAHAS at the time of your birth.

Such ‘Jothisham’ has a real effect on persons and each individuals as per his exact time of birth, other wise the whole calculations will be based on the wrong time of birth or assumed time of birth. The main difference of western Astrology and Indian astrology is that they take a months'[30 days ] time to calculate a persons traits and future , while in India each second wrongly interpreted can have vast and entire difference to your astrological predictions. The very reason that some gets it right, while others gets it all wrong.

In my personal case it has been on dot always, for the past 48 years of my life. Every time a change was predicted in my ‘Jathakam’ it also did happen just on such time, which made me a believer in our Astrology and Astronomy.

For effects of mantras which I have dealt in my earlier blogs mainly ‘OM’ and ‘Gayatri’, this time wants to give my readers another one to appease and get favorable result from Jupiter [GURU In India]. It sounds as follows:-

{E & O E }
This mantra can be chanted 108 times daily, for all any time, even in your own mind will do, for progress and clarity of thoughts and good luck in all avenues.Most importantly this mantra should be chanted before or after chanting 'OM GANESAYA NAMAH" , if possible again 108 times.

The above are some inputs for those unfortunate people who are suffering out there.
Those who believe in it and make it a practice will also benefit in the long run and in ones’ life.

Compiled by ‘solitairebala’ in Google Blogs.[with gratitude to my younger sister Gita]

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its still a wonder.

Jim Reeves ~ Distant Drums

Shake Your Body Down(to the ground) The Jacksons "Music Video"

the begening of a new era.

Eric Clapton - Cocaine

very best guitarist of an era.

The Band " Lovin' You Is Sweeter Than Ever"

woodstock the greatest event musical ever.

Isn't she lovely (Stevie Wonder) mmv.

there used to be video as well, in roller skating dance for this song track in a movie forgot the name my apologies.

JOKEBOX Special Special : Steevie WONDER, John LENON, MIKA..

3 to 4 in one.

Michael Jackson - Thriller

the very best of Micheal.



People think of all possibilities & are as alert as any could expect one to be under any circumstances. Here the losing bankers or Insurance agencies must have been behind such hoax of his death being stage managed for want of solace from his financial woes out of his own blunders.

The fact that he was planning a come back and was as talented as any of other contemporaries or older generations siblings or after the era of Beatle mania was followed by ‘ABBA’ and then Micheal Jackson alone, out from the shade of his own elder 4 brothers all talented at that but the youngest makes it big for he was more talented of the lot and had the benefit of studying in contrast to the styles of each of his elder brothers all of whom had own styles of dancing and rhythm numbers and were already famous in the early Seventies when we had a dance album from Jackson Brothers along with Donna Summer albums and Disco albums of Bollywood as well,were the treat of those days.

As a teenager growing up on these musical personalities starting with Beatles, Elvis, Jim Reaves, BeeGees and all those wonderful and colorful guys and girls Madonna being the ultimate dancer among female performers of yester years. Micheal Jackson was a hero overnite after thriller and Beat it, all wonderful and energetic dance numbers with which one can go partying through the middle of the night till the dawn breaks promising another fresh day. The endless numbers such as ‘shake your body down to the ground’
And another Stevie wonder hit ‘isn’t she lovely’.

We all will miss Michael for ever, but he will live in the minds of future generations as well such was the nature of his talent and sheer rhythmic dance, flowing as easily as one sings a song.

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Michael Jackson - Thriller 25th Anniversary EPK

In loving memory of Micheal Jacksons, what a sweet treat thats why they say there is this thing called "Drishti", had he done some Jotish miracles, we just can question god as always he is right and we accept with utmost humility.



I have lived in a state of India which has 100% Christians in Nagaland and used to frequent myself with my Naga friends to their churches some time back in mid eighties.
It used to be a purifying and pacifying affect on me due to the fact that I was alone there with out many friends and any relatives in the near vicinity.

Like wise, I have also lived in places where there are ninety percent Muslims in Perintalmanna [Malappuram Dist of Kerala] but had very much warm relationship with all playing chess and having great fun together as we never bothered to think of the religion at all under any circumstances.

I am born a Hindu, but that never stopped me from acknowledging the good in all religions. All have their own merits and all are merciful almighty, known in different languages and in different names. When in history people started to fight for each other or against is still a wonder for me, there was absolutely no grounds as all were equally doing good and bad deeds in all religions. If one thinks his one’ is supreme ok, what is wrong in him believing in his own language and god as similarly his or her thoughts also differ according to ones’ mother tongue. Each individual has his own right to beliefs or disbeliefs and ultimately has to pay for the sins and reap benefit for the good karmas done in life.

Since, my childhood I have been surprised to find boards in front of temples alone not allowing people of other religions inside. This is rubbish according to me; God wants each and every individual to have the right to pray, any where they wish to do any time of day or night. Sree Narayana Guru, who heralded the so called, socially backwards communities towards development by education,also to worship and consider all man as equal, in Kerala. This was followed by Sri.Periyar in Tamilnadu, they were very strong social reformers and opened the gates of wisdom for all humanity irrespective of his color or creed. That very Sree Narayana Temple in Calicut ,where both my sisters got married , has a board in front which reads ‘Non Hindus not permitted inside the temple’, How sad a statement for the most reformist god, who wanted equality for all human beings, are now in the very name denying the right to worship for all irrespective of his religion or caste.

Mr.Yesudas has sung hundreds and thousands of songs in ‘Malayalam’ in praise of Guruvayoorappan, the deity at Guruvayoor, but they have still denied him entry inside the temple according to my knowledge, which may be limited, he must be the first person Guruvayoorappan along with Smti.Chitra, who too sang in praise of the very lord beautiful songs most nostalgic ones, and he must be the first one to be allowed inside, if justice is to be done to God Guruvayoorappan, or in other name SRI KRISHNA.

Thoughts in favour of unity of humanity.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

one love U2

nice one, high philosophy

One World (U2-One)

its getting worse.

Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive (Full Version)

am still stayin alive.



I am happier than any time in my last forty odd years of history. There have been times when the crooks ruled the world all over. Now change is there to see as the media and communication along with information technology has taken the mass along with updates and the cunning schemes of the fraudsters around. The first real change came with undoubtedly Mr.Obama, rightful and a gentleman, unlike others who acted as gentle in front of the camera only to out smart and double cross for selfish deeds and selfish interests.

Now the scene is entirely different, and most importantly, the notion that nice guys can not make nice and thoughtful leader with foresightedness, has been shattered. The world today is lead by so many nice guys around, the Chess champion V.Anand , Tennis superstar ever is Mr.Federer , the so called notion of killer instinct being the leadership quality is shattered for ever. The British are now more vulnerable than at any point in the recent history. Their strong points of ‘killer instinct’ are the worst criminal instinct has been proved, they are sick in mind to such points that they are almost blind towards reality.

Our inability to take honors in Olympics has been cited as an inferior man or women, but in real, it can not have been more blatant lie and the worst publicized propaganda to prove the superiority of man kind. We are in fact the most decent and tolerant of all the human species and our willingness to let the other guy win if that gives him so much pleasure and richness is only magnanimity at the highest level. But if it comes to a duel between the best, my intuitions tells we have what it takes to be the best, the ability with our brains, instead of the thigh muscle, which Mr.Arnold Swarzenegger, mentioned as Mr.Obama lacked. Well Mr.Arnold,’you might be able to climb up a mountain with your thigh muscle, but can not win tactically with out brains, your brute power is not what it takes for humanity to be more refined and decent , the power of the brain muscle is all that counts most.

Our thoughts are what it takes to be successful in the real sense, material success alone is of not much value , but the spiritual supremacy is where Indians are, at least 10 to 20 generations ahead than their closest rivals.

To narrate the futility of sheer power or warlords is this simple story in which, sage Vishwamitra , who was a king him self once goes out, for hunting and come across a simple saint in the forests, who readily invited King Vishwamitra, as a good host and feeds him well with the help of a sacred cow, he possessed. King Vishwamitra was so obsessed with the kind of food, which the saint could feed him in no time and wanted to know what is the secret behind, and the saint as any other good soul told him the truth of having a sacred cow, Now King Vishwamitra wanted to own the cow for himself, but unfortunately, the poor saint was not willing to let the king own it. The refusal in itself was an affront to the King, who declared now he is in war with the saint and asked him to get ready for a fight for the winner to have it all.

The saint did not heed to the king and told he does not want a war and started to move away , but the king would not have it , for he was very sure of his win due to the fact that he was the ultimate warrior and the saint who looked so frail could not in the normal circumstance stand a chance, but the king was easily beaten by the frail looking saint , for the king to again stand up and fight for the same result every time , for the saint seemed to have possessed the most deadliest of all martial arts , with out even exerting himself was easily able to make the king surrender at last.

The king was in total shame and started to think clearly to find that the saint is having some super human power to overcome his enemies easily, but always never wanted to fight with any one. That was the moment of truth for the King Vishwamitra himself, who realized the truth and goes on meditation to become a saint himself, he was the saint who realized ‘Ram’ is the incarnation of Lord himself [Narayana] with the power of ‘GAYATRI MANTRA’. The mantra reads as follows:-


If one chants this mantra for 108 times each day, you will become a blessed child of the god and will come out of all your sorrows and bad times. This also gives you strength to beat any so called Arnold or Undertaker,{E&OE}This is the ultimate for all human beings irrespective of their beliefs and religions, all are welcome to try these Mantras for free, with out any compulsion or any force , any time, any where, in the mind so that it does not trouble or disturb others.

Inputs for self attainment of wisdom for any person around the globe,

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Friday, July 3, 2009



The rise in communistic view towards life, was due to the importance the party gave towards the lively hood of the poor farmers and to protect their ilk from all the attacks on their very livelihood, by way of usurpation of their land which is dear to them, as they have lived happily on those fields, happy and content with what they got out of those activities.

Industrialization has been important but also more important is the lives of the farmers who do not want any thing to do with going against nature. The very Industries may provide workers livelihood, but the damage will be more in terms of ecological disasters, and non hospitable terrain for humanity or lives of any kind.

When the law was passed to give the government astronomical powers to take in any land according to their or the Industrialists’ wishes was the first mistake. Secondly the very fact that common interests is projected beyond common rights to livelihood, according to one’s wish is again debatable and sees no end or clarity in the matter.

Looking back we feel proud that we did not allow the Industries to flourish in Kerala , in spite of all the materials and water, transportations facilities, skilled man power and above all the natures abundance ,which the people rightly held on to. The industries went else where and provided for jobs for a period till the time they made huge profits and left the workers on the pavements not having a regular income or pension. Those very industries refused to bail out workers and instead looted the funds out and left the old machineries, which is not even worth its weight in scrap.

Now other big weights such as cell companies, auto manufacturers are all interested to put their shop in India to benefit from the cost effectiveness and the willingness of Indians to work till they drop dead for the benefits of Overtime, when they get double the payment, exactly what they would prefer to do as going back home these guys hardly have anything else to do but regretting for the overtime amount lost , and they will always be ready to work even for 48 hours on the trot if the pay is good. That exactly are the reasons that US itself prefers Indians, for they only need to be given food of good quality, vegetarian will do, and the guys and girls are ready to work for eternity and still ask for more if they find there is money in all the work, I don’t think there are any more obedient and more cooperating workers when it comes to sheer hard work Indians are willing to do is the tilt in their favour.

They just would not want to spend their hard earned money on trivia according to them like beer, cans, or liquor. The very reason we find the fiasco in AUSTRALIA too. They can’t imagine a life with out fun while our guys can’t imagine a life with fun.

Difference in perspectives of seeing things in different ways:-

Looking at life with a different angle. From the angle of the poorest people on earth.
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Thursday, July 2, 2009



There has been chaos in the market recently when it bombed from 21000 [sensex] to less than 8000 in just a few months. How is it possible, the reason is the withdrawal of black money which is routed through foreign entities, from the market overnight, this can have a direct devastating effect on our economy, which is being manipulated with participatory notes, through which some bank some where guarantees the funds and plays a major role in our market by pushing it up during investment and pulling it down during withdrawals.

I am not sure whether we have a mechanism in place to find the roots of the money brought in through the foreign banks to be placed in our markets to profit making and intraday short selling is another lacunae, which has not been addressed yet by our regulators. All other countries have banned short selling intraday trade practice, which has a direct bearing on our market and our poor investors alone lose out much of the funds are those participating participatory notes can be withdrawn any day with out notice, which in turn makes our market much vulnerable towards such big players and entities who can easily bring up the rate of a particular share also can do the reverse when it suits them.

Putting a time bound lock in period for such wealth coming through the foreign entities can have some affect of stability in our market. While we keep a watch on the amount flowing in through, the institutions to be kept under watch and caught if their complicity is proved as use of black money has to be checked if we need a fool proof system of countering mechanisms for such funds straying in to our market.

These ill-gotten funds are the main culprits in manipulation of our market, just as what Mr.Harshad Mehta proved once for the benefit of bewildered investors. It is high time that people start debating the ifs’ and buts’ on these issues on a whole scale basis, to come out winning in checking the illegal funds flow in to our sacred market.

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A manager by its very definition is some one who can manage well with out being a damager. There are some simple and truthful acts which a manger should adhere to, even when the going is tougher with competition and pressure from the higher ups.

Firstly, planning has to be put in place for the work to be accomplished in a specific time barrier. That is the time when a manger has to be in complete control including his temper good or bad. The moment he falls for the situation of fireworks around rather the temptation is so very high when you are dealing with a difficult customer. Merely announcing the customer as difficult should not be your criteria and should be able to judge yourself, as to why the customer is put in such racket as the ‘most difficult’. Your own judgment is the only source of truthful judgment of any person, be it be some as bracketed under the most difficult category.

When you are not biased by the term used by others and should be able to judge a person ‘difficult ‘it may be for others’ but you should never allow the terms of other colleagues ,which may be biased on most occasions for you to find out the simple person, the so called customer termed as ‘difficult’. The key is to understand the person at times can be termed slightly un natural or different, but then his upbringing also must have been different for him or her to be acting as ‘difficult to deal with’, but to my surprise I have been one hundred % successful in dealing with the so called tough ones in my career spanning a quarter of a century.

I cherish being the one to handle such unique customers’ who gives you a chance to know your fuse short or long, but in such cases, no matter what ever be the temptation, you should never lose your temper is the first point to remember. Second point is to give a patient hearing to the very difficult of customers to know what exactly the reason behind his eccentricity is the key to your treatment of the same person. So instead of giving lectures one must be patient to listen and try to make out what exactly his short fuse’s cause and 99 out of one hundred times you will have a remedial action and makes sure the customers remain with you for the rest of his life if possible or if the same handling criteria is in use.

I saw in the TV a Central Minister slapping and then remarking it was only touching his cheek as if he is in love with the guy, as gay is now more legible now. The best argument for the minister would have been to justify his action as love towards the bank manager and he has got the legal backing of and in support of gay behavior. Any way what tempted him is one arrogance or second may be because the manager is simply putting hurdles in front of the beneficiary which must have infuriated the minister or his ability to deal with such VIPs stand shattered as it would only have taken common decency to avoid such incidents or whether it was done deliberately to trap one just doesn’t know for truth now.

Had it been me I first would have ordered for a cup of Coffee or Tea the common mannerism of giving a VIP the treatment he deserves. What stopped the manger to take him in to the cabin to console or to give the truth of the account or his inability due to technical points etc?

The guys and girls who join banks today are mostly technical minded candidates, who can work in a system very smoothly, while, are seen to be bad mangers of personnel and seldom look up from the monitor or keyboard , this is an affront to the person who is standing in front of you with a certain reason, by not addressing the customer you have not only failed as a banker, but is doing great harm to the institution by not giving the customers their due respect and patient listening, but they are more tuned towards the system and should be left at that, while the ones who are tuned towards the customers and with diplomacy should be left to handle the customers. This is the only way to ensure great service to the customers, my hallmark traits in these lines are my records, of career which speaks for itself and I have no enemy among the customers, I go out of the way to take care of those very difficult ones, they in turn becomes our most beneficial customers in the long run.

The other major area our present day mangers are lacking is the way to get, maximum out put, from the employees. For that the manager himself should know the strong points and weak points of an employee, and accordingly by allocating the very job in which he is most comfortable and hence, more beneficial to the banks or other business establishments. The moment you are seen insensible to the woes of an employee, you have done great in justice to your employee and to your position high up in the hierarchy. Reaching a particular point in life is ok, but if you fail to do justice, in that capacities then you are a loser and thereby makes the institution also lose in the long run.

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