Monday, July 20, 2009


The world has been watching Mr.Obama,with renewed hope,after almost a decade of mishandling and mis-conceptions, about the Muslims in general. I was under the impression he will be able to understand them well than any other US presidents of the past. He has not disappointed so far but, has stumbled on the Iran issue, and perhaps making things worse, could not deal in public with the strait forwardness he is expected to show to one's genuine friends.

His attempts in trying to eradicate nuclear bombs from earth is applaud able and deserves credit as he took along most nations, with him on the subject.Iran has to be dealt separately from Korea. India at the same time should not be put in the brackets of rogue nations , as we have never in the history gone on the offensive unless prompted and compelled. That was our very weakness, as we were friendly and hospitable always with all and sundry without looking at their backgrounds or crookedness,which resulted in the British conquering us after the Mugals.

More importantly, he has failed to address the fact that South Africa and Israel too possess nuclear bombs , he can't just be naive towards that if he is sincere, in his efforts to seeing a nuclear free world.

The ones more likely to use the bombs are those countries with a history of cruelty and submission of an entire countrymen for generations, looting from them all along the rich natural resources, He has to address them bluntly and openly if he is expecting the Muslims too, following his good gestures and thoughts. The British has always been the fraudsters and looters and still owns, vast land area like tea estates in India as well , especially in Assam,Kerala,Karnataka and so on, millions of acres of tea plantations in their names added to Indian entity names, for fooling the governments, or perhaps the government showing them how to fool the people. I have not seen them spending a single penny in Assam where , all those locals were dump and very nice people who just does not believe any one can be so cunning and still may not believe if one tells them the truth. But the fact remains, as those tea estates , generating huge amount of income and profit with the efforts of hard working Oriya tribal and Assamese are in fact not even paid for their food at least, these are facts witnessed by me , but the govt. might show the real owners' such as Harrison Malayalam, just by adding the name of the local language means nothing but the profit is going out of the country for sure.

My opinion is to go for a common currency just like what the Europeans did way back, decades when they came out with Euro. Like that, we too can expect all to toe the line in creating a single currency all over the world and the countries can be treated as different states and the majority supporters of the number of elected members can rule for 10 years or 12 years on the trot to at least give a semblance of future well being of humanity and for doing things worth and deserving to be done, to save earth and humanity as a whole. Mr.Obama has the power and backing from countries like India,Russia,Germany,France, Italy,Spain and the middle east along with Pakistan and Indonesia ,Japan, Korea, Philippines ,African countries etc.

The ones likely to object are the guys to be alienated with sanctions and strict measures like ,What US did in Iraq, and killed millions, by starvation perhaps more than those killed by war.We understand it will be difficult but not impossible. The change of Currency overnight ,with all the stashed away gold to be brought in to the common coffers, will also take what was made illegally from the poorest and the wealth which really belongs to the poorest can then be utilized for them.Other wise we and the world can never sleep in peace, for those rich , mostly originating from the British such as Canada, Australia,South Africa along with their cronies are the guys to be watched out for they are the most cunning and poisonous creatures alive,they are capable of crossing and double crossing any time and will not hesitate to kill for wealth, millions With out an iota of guilt.

Muslims , are very genial and fights with you straightforward and can not hide their emotions ,like the British, who are the ones with scheming minds, and might smile at you friendly while, stabbing you from the back. Identifying the real crooks with his judgement will prove to be the boon for Obama who is obviously intelligent enough to make a difference and has a receptive and open mind to reasoning.

My advice to him is to watch out for the white lobby with the backing of British and Jewish politicians, they are not only deadly but can put the blame right on innocents like Iraqi Muslims , who had nothing to do with weapons of Mass destruction.

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