Monday, July 20, 2009


American business gained a lot of profits in the begining, by out sourcing thier services else where, mainly in third world countires due to the very cost effectiveness , but did not realise that it is not easy to reverse the trend , after every election with the new governments, for thier popularistic measures promises their lot with unrealistic dreams of getting thier jobs back , while not realising that it is not that easy as they promise, to out source and then insource after every election at will. It is only just the whims and fancies, even if they succeeds in taking and sourcing it back to thier country , it will not be easy to maintain it just as the same, due to the complicated nature of the systems and services and trained people have to be taken in even if they take it back there and will have to be again paid in US dollars,the very reason in the first place, for them to have outsourced it for the salary paid in Rupees is very much less due to the fact that 1 dollar is about Rs.50.00 in rough terms while the things you can buy here with Rs.1/- is almost the same there the difference being it is $1/-[US] Americans are not tuned to the systems and hardworking nature of Indian boys and girls, who is willing to work for 24hours, without a break if they are just provided with food alone.The very reson that SATYAM,HCL and such similar companies quote such cheap rates to bag the orders and then make thier workers do it in double quick time , they normally burn out quickly as well, and it is a sin to do to a youngster, just because they dont know they are being expoited for the profits of such cunning guys and god has rightly punished SATYAM for the very reason, that they made thier workers work day and night to finish the very job in 3 months where Americans takes more than a year to complete, also getting paid 5 to 10 times than that of an Indian in comparisson,for the same work in double quick time even to the extent that some might drop dead doing it , as the threat of job losses are there hanging over their head , at times the employer reminds them that there are younger ones waiting for the same job for half the salary.With out any union backings or regulations those companies have made big money only due to the blood and sweat of poor indian girls and boys, that is the curse of such ill made wealth,which certainly will not last. the same case with private banks ,in India and abroad who makes thier youngsters work like slaves , and pay meagre.

We can see in all such cases that god has ultimately punished those crooks.

Imagine the US without Indian Doctors,nurses and healthcare services, they dont stand a chance as they can not imagine a life with out weekend partying and trips , while indian boys and girls are willing to work 20 hours for 365 days , but , only because they are being mal-treated and taken advantage of thier situations back home, where normally thier parents may be waiting for thier money to reach every month. I saw a news paper item quoting an employer "that US guys are not employable" it is exactly the reason that they will only work for 5 days and not more than 8 hours a day while for the hapless indian boys and girls it is normally 12 to 15 hours and six day weeks.

thoughts for reflecting on it by those who are responsible.

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