Friday, July 10, 2009



Butchers are looked up on as brutes and the very phrase means the destroyers. But those who cut wood all long are the worst sinners, than butchers according to nature. On most occasions the wood cutting, is done for clarity from the cool cover provided by nature and big trees, but for those snobs who wanted to show off with their buildings are the worst people according to me and deserves the utmost punishment irrespective of the high office or big business.

The recent upheavals and sufferings are ignored by UP Supreme, Ms.Mayavati, who embarked up on building her statues and for the purpose cuts almost all the trees in the vicinity, so that her statue is seen by all. Is that the urgency of a chief minister, prioritizing her statue building, while she is very much alive and in power rather than providing her subjects water and food?

We only have seen the statue building while the person is alive and well only in Tamilnadu first, but now all have started the process of making one seen every where so as to remind people for voting but in my mind I am sure they will hate to vote for some one who has plundered the scarce resources left for building her statue all over while her people are starving. The enormous funds spend on such trivia at such a period when humanity is facing degradation and survival of very few only seems to be assured while all others are already dying or in the process of hastening ones death due to the struggles and vagaries of life which itself is a question mark for majority of people.

Instead of taking care of those millions suffering due to lack of drinking water and food is it necessary for a chief minister to build her statues spending the exchequer funds? Why is she not allocating those very funds for the poorest to have one meal a day? Why is our Central Government silent of such high scale degradation of earth by spending hard and precious funds, which can be utilized for the benefit of our poor people who are otherwise dying of hunger and thirst?

Where is our national conscious and laws for guarding the common interest and right to livelihood more important, than building statues worth billions?

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