Saturday, July 25, 2009


The following peices of poetry was written by Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi,an old and wise man who ,it is apparant spent a lot of time thinking about a way forward for our dear world and its people, and more surprisingly the first poetry, originally written about 30 years back seems to have such wisdom and foresightedness as has been proved now, for he has seen it all coming 3 decades back itself.


"It is inexorable law of Nature that anything,whether it is animate or inanimate,whether it is a section of the human race or a species of animal or plant life, whether it is a political,economic,social or religious institution,whetherit is a culture or civilization it will be ruthlessly wiped ou of existance ifit stands in the way of manifested life's pilgrimage towards tthe unmanifested Truth which is known as evolution. Palentology,anthropology and history bear testimony to this universal law. Capitalism has outlived its use and is no longer in harmony with man's evolution and hence it has to be discarded.If any section of society still clings on to this outmoded system,nature will ambutate that section of society itself without any regret so that the rest of humanity can march ahead towards its goal"

With these wordsof warning Vethathiri Maharishi stresses the urgent need for a radical change in our outlook and in every sphere of our activity-economic political and social.

2]So often we hear the cry-"if you want to solve the problems that confront our present society ,take away from man his possessions and make them the property of the nation." I do not agree with this slogan because itis born out of anger and frustration and tantamount to political robbery . Emotional approaches can never solve man's problems. If you want a permanent and lasting solution ,the approach has to be intellectual ,rational and spiritual. that is why i say "make man himself the property of the nation and there will be an end to all problems."

Thishasalways been the core and essence of the teachings of Vethathiri Maharishi.

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