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My daughter pointed out to me from her readings that when tsunami hit during the Christmas eve of 2004 , all the animals of Andaman & Nicobar islands saved themselves miraculously, as they sensed with their superior ability to sense and realize the imminent danger by reading from the signs, and almost all animals climbed up to higher terrain ,including elephants and apart from the human beings who perished in thousands animals saved themselves ,as they have the sixth sense, and also reads from the natures tell tale signs which, normally precedes any such natural disasters.

This can be termed as the greatest lesson for human beings who wrongly consider them selves to be far more intelligent and are supposed to be the masters, self proclaimed though. The dog which yearns always and cherishes an outing with his master rightly refused to go out on that particular day, to the amused master who thought it to be queer, but realized the wonder, the sixth sense which animals birds and fish have in abundance, of the ability of the dog on that particular day not to venture out, daily they goes for long walks along the sea shore but refused stubbornly which in fact saved their lives.

There are so many incidents reported on that fateful day, by the researchers who came out with such informative stuff, which is enough to make a layman understand the connection of nature and all the living beings which lives on earth , which as far as we know is the only planet supporting life. We need Oxygen, water and food like all living beings to survive on earth. Oxygen emitting trees have been cut and destroyed by mankind more since last 100 years, than at any point of time well known to us, though our religions and scriptures have mentioned the cycle of creation, preservation and destruction in so many eras, and when we dig deeper we also have seen tell tale signs of much refined people who seemed to have vanished and is not to be seen any where, but only in texts.

Drinking water as we know is scarce and as per UN estimate, only 3% of the total almost 70% water on earth, is drinkable out of which contamination too have taken its toll and as per UN records every 15 seconds one child loses rather dies out of waterborne deceases.
Out of the 3% drinkable water, we only have .007% which is pure and a mind boggling majority on earth does not have access to pure drinking water as only 10% of the population has access to pure water due to their richness, which enables them to afford such money, to be spent on drinking water alone. Food is scarcer but we can live without proper food for months malnourished but survives. But water scarcity is more reasons for the urgency shown rightly by the wise guys around the world apart from the oxygen which too is depleting as a result of the vanishing forests around the world.

Those few perhaps only less than 5% of the rich guys on earth own almost 90% of wealth and the good side of all the decreasing stuff, much required for humanity and all living beings for survival. What ever the Mother Nature has left is to be equally shared by men and animals which include all the species in the world, mankind as per evolution has come from monkeys and as primates they were purely vegetarian but when did we start to eat animals, birds and fish. We know now that vegetarian food is considered the best for Olympic gold medal winning athletes to the best brains around the world is purely vegetarian ,which is the right way as has been proved now, as red meat have more bad cholesterol content ,which directly results in heart attacks and blocks in blood supplying veins. But knowingly we still keep on doing all that is not good for us. Mainly due to the short sightedness of the business guys, who are responsible for the global warming and all the climate eccentricity and natural calamities on the rise as years pass by? The Industrializations has only made our generation more lazier and indoors all the ill effects of our world of today is the out come of the few guys who controls every thing on earth and is not willing to listen to sensible arguments. It is like a blind man denying the existence of SUN just and only because he can not see it, but even when he feels the heat on him he refuses to admit the SUN and its realities, so sad for we still have such guys who can bring and hasten our progress towards certain disasters or destruction in double quick time.

How ever, for the benefit of believers in the wisdom of seeing the reality and acting up on it I wish to give my views on how we can tackle global warming or climate change as below for UN and the upcoming meeting at Copenhagen in Denmark for support of action against global warmers.

1. Make our children aware of the pitfall and make it binding on all governments to start with children to daily plant saplings and also ensure it grows up to big trees and each day one hour or two hours may be allocated to such nature nurturing for the benefit of the society as a whole , as they complete the forestation of their nearby areas they can then spread towards more areas to be covered, and over a decade we can expect drastic changes in plantation techniques to be made binding on each and very citizen.
2. Make wood cutting a criminal offense even if the owner of the place wants it to be removed, he still must get permission from the local authority who should decide whether the tree is an hindrance, as lately we witness people cutting trees only to show off and show case their buildings, no one can be so insensitive than human beings, I feel it is high time we make laws to make it a criminal offense to be strictly adhered by all and sundry no matter how high or low the guy is. This also ensures efficacy against soil erosion, a direct result of lack of trees which actually holds the soil together in the roots.
3. Check dams are a must to ensure that the precious drinking water dos not flow directly to the sea thereby resulting in bloody wastage, while building huge and big dams are unfair to those who live down the stream or more down the valley to the point where the river ultimately joins the sea. Check dams help in ground water level increase also helps all to be benefited right to the end of the rivers meeting point with sea from the point of its origin.
4. Rain water harvesting has been ignored completely by human beings and I feel it is high time we ensure that each house hold has a duty in seeing that the rain water from their roof tops should be channeled to the pipe lines along with the drainage lines and should be kept separate but parallel. The water so channeled can be directed towards a natural lake or a man made lake with fresh water for the benefit of the society. This also must be made mandatory by each and every government, the funds and resources may be made available from the rich as borrowal by the poor to be repaid in the times of good harvest, as a direct result of all the above in decades , the rich and so called developed countries should bear the burden of funding for all the above proposals as a means of achieving the practical targets , and can also be allowed to make a profit out of such funding for humanity and their well being along with all the species on earth to be equally benefited.
5. The non believers or the ones who are calling the global warming and climate change as a hoax should be alienated as they are more scrupulous and cunning than the worst cut throat money lenders and they do not deserve any sympathy at all. They are only concerned of their short term gains and don’t give a damn even if the world comes to an end right after their life is over, so in sensitive and so irresponsible are those guys who should be punished as any other criminals or murderers or war mongers who are the worst thing on earth and should be eliminated with out any mercy, for they have eaten up all the fossil fuel and the woods along with almost all living beings in such a short time and are the worst criminals in history.

These are some thoughts in favour of UN making an effort at least in trying to address the greater issue of Global warming and climate change in upcoming months ahead of the Meet at Copenhagen. India should be at the helm of affairs so as to prove to the world, that we understand the world better.

Thoughts compiled by ‘solitairebala’ in Google blogger to be continued.

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