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The present generation of the total of more than 6 billion people, leave alone those unfortunate animals ,birds for them we don’t have the numbers, but for sure knows are decreasing day by day due to the very fact that our humanity and all other life forms are now faced with the biggest ever problems of water and food security.

The reasons are plenty and man made as a few guys hold the mass wealth and land holdings while the rest of the population, other than their cronies, are faced with starvation and death due to thirst and hunger. My guess, rough at that, says ninety percent of land and wealth is in the hands of about 10% among our world population.

As months pass by we are seeing bad to worse effects of a warm period, where in about 90% of the world population does not have access to pure and drinkable water other than the contaminated source available, which on the other side has raised the rate of pandemics of different kinds than those seen so far in history.

Let us first deal with the causes for the sad state of affairs around the globe. Our ecological balance has been made to exists without wild swings or disastrous life styles due to the less tampering we did in earlier generations as we did not have access and routes opened for transportation of our natural wealth, but once the British/Brutish regimes started to plunder the natures wealth like the tree coverage in our Himalayan mountain range which protected India from the bad influences of the northern species and was the oxygen producing and rain producing mountain range with forest thick and lovely existed before 1900AD.

The starting point of degradation was done by the very Brutish, who looted out natural Tree cover and all other national wealth of wood, gold and other precious jewels all belonging to Indians as a matter of its rightful ownership, was looted and moved in to European countries from all around the world once the transportation facilities were put in place by those very brutish guys.

Once they left leaving only the skeletons behind, our politicians and their cronies started to loot. The Birlas based in Kolkata along with the Marvaries [Ruthless business people from Rajasthan] were the ones behind the looting of the trees as big as elephant’s sizes from all around north east in the name of plantations and other trivia. Right now the places are left with nothing at all in just decades, then all it costs them was, few liquor bottles to appease the Tribes, while they looted all the wealth from the whole North Eastern belt spreading up to Kashmir and the percentage of forest cover left in those Himalayan ranges is hardly 5% of what was there before 1900.

I am talking with authority of having witnessed the whole process, as bewildered as any boy in his twenties and accidentally when I walked out in the middle of the night 2am on the roads of Dimapur in Nagaland , I used to see big trucks full of wood of all sizes-

Parked for take off in dozens daily, in the night itself and will have covered the road of the states by morning bribing, bottles and cheap money, enroute, amounting to hundreds of Rupees only while the cost of the Wood they carries will be beyond Millions if and when they reach Kolkata. This was witnessed by me in the eighties and early nineties and I got transferred back to south and lived a life for another couple of decades by then the decaying forest were complete in all sense. How can you expect rains in the Himalayan valley and those rivers originating from the Himalayas provided for water in all the Northern States? Before long they will also be dry due to lack of rains and vanishing icebergs, glaciers, which in fact provided with precious water during summers due to melting ice in Himalayan ranges.

The only way to ensure justice is to take over the big players by governments and bring justice to millions of people who lost out due to the cunning designs of very few.

The wealth beyond millions should be nationalized along with the land holdings as well to be used by the poor families to whom it should be divided and given. In India especially in North India if you turn/term the land in to plantations then an individual can hold any number of millions of acres singly, while millions are dying with out food or farmland for cultivation.

My purpose here is to start a national debate and movement to bring justice to the poorest people on earth.

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