Friday, August 28, 2009


During Eighties when i visited Mumbai,there was this flow of people so quick in walking and embarking on trains or the road traffic.All were looking like they were in a hurry to get things done and to reach their destinations etc.

I was so surprised and could not get in to a train for hours as in 40 seconds when a train [electric]stops at a station hundreds of people get out and get in, all done in seconds and before I realised so many trains had come and gone leaving me sweating and flabbergasted for I just did not want to take such risk. But hours of waiting also got me active and once I was near the door people pushed me to the train and was standing on the train when station after station people got down and got in. I was worried for my purse and gripped it tightly in my palm in side my pocket.

At last I too got down at Victoria Terminus and started to wander about all along there were thousands of guys and girls all in a hurry.They dont have time it seemed to even say halo.But though I was a loner I did meet one of my school mate was then working with Scotia bank at nariman point from there it was almost two hours journey from his place of stay to the bank at Nariman Point.

He gave me directions to reach his home liesurely and there his brother and his wife treated me with hospitality and gave good food,but my friend came home around midnight again to go at 7 am.

For me such life was akin to horror movies and wondered how those millions stay there, where even Oxygen has be to rationed for there are too many people and majority I felt was staying by the road side or stations.

Before that I had visted the same city in different levels and once I even stayed in a Railway station through out the night,when I noticed trains ply till 2am in the night and again startes at 4am.I wonder whether it is the same now or have they made it non stop 24/7.

I also heard people seldom wants to leave the city till the time they retire as, children brought up in such a city will know every thing about mad city life.

As far as I am concerned I am still the type who likes paddy fields and wooden forest in comparisson but younger ones differ in thoughts from that of mine.

Monday, August 17, 2009


The following facts was found in Yahoo by my wife, while browsing, I want it to be published in Google as well, so as to spread awareness, to save as many lives as possible, at risk,for, I may be blamed for plagiarism.

1] Have five duly washed leaves of Tulsi [known as Basil in English; medicinal name Ocimum sanctum] everyday in the morning .Tulsi has a large number of therapeutic properties. It keeps throat and lungs clear and helps in infections by way of strengthening your immunity.

2] Giloi [medicinal name Tinospora cordifolia] is a commonly available plant in many areas.Take a one foot long branch of giloi,add five to six leaves of tulsi and boil in water for 15 to 20 minutes or long enough to allow the water to extract its properties.Add black pepper and sendha [salt used during religious fasts],rock or black salt ,or Misri [crystalised sugar like lumps to make it sweet] according to taste.Let it cool a bit and drink this kadha[concoction] while still warm.It will work wonders for your immunity. If giloi plant is not available, get processed giloi powder from Hamdard or others and concoct a similar drink once a day.

3] A small piece of camphor [Karpoor] approximately the size of a tablet should be taken once or twice a month. It can be swallowed with water by adults while children can take it along with mashed potatoes or banana because they will find it difficult to have it with out any aids. Please remember campor is not to be taken every day, but only once each season, or once a month.

4] Those who can take garlic must have two pods of raw garlic first thing in the morning. To be swallowed daily with lukewarm water. Garlic too strengthens immunity like the earlier measures mentioned.

5] Those not allergic to milk, must take a glass of hot or lukewarm milk every night with a small measure of haldi [turmeric]

6] Aloe vera [Gwarpatha] too is a commonly available plant. Its thick and long cactus-like leaves have an odourless gel.A teaspoon gel taken with water daily can work wonders for not only your skin and joint pains ,but also boost immunity.

7] Take homeopathic medicines-pyrogenium 200 and inflenzium 200 in particular five tablets three times a day, or two-three drops three times a day.While these are not specifically targeted H1N1 either, these work well as preventive against common flu virus.

8] Do Pranayam daily [prefereably under guidance if you are not already initiated into it]and go for morning jog/walk regularly to keep your throat and lungs in good condition and body in fine fettle.Even in small measures,it will work wonders for your body’s resistance against all such diseases which attack the nose,throat and lungs,besides keeping you fit.

9] Have citrus fruits,particularly Vitamin C rich Amla {Indian gooseberry]juice.Since fresh Amla is not yet available in the market [not for another three to four months] it is not a bad idea to buy packaged Amla juice which is commonly available nowadays.

10] Last but not the least ,wash your hands frequently everyday with soap and warm water for15-20 seconds;especially before meals,or each time after touching a surface that you suspect could be contaminated with flu virus such as door handle or a knob/handle ,especially if you have returned from a public place or used public transport.Alcohol based hand cleaners should be kept handy at all times and used until you can get soap and warm water.

FOR SAVING LIVES BY 'solitairebala'

Monday, August 10, 2009


I have visited Arunachal pradesh up to Bomdila in the mid Eighties. My father too has gone there as part of the BRTF team to make roads in the Chinese border right after the 1962 Chinese aggression , when they invaded and reached up to Assam [Tezpur]. I was told by the locals in Assam, that the women did stay there to defend as the Indian military ran away without firing a shot ,hearing the propaganda that the Chinese are coming.
There was also the story that the British liberally supplied Opium to make the Assamese warriors dump and harmless. Perhaps the truth holds true even today,most of the land holdings in Assam [Tea Estates]is still with the British companies or benamies' rather the cloned Indians' by British to show the ownership as Indian.

The fact remains, the British are guilty of making the whole lot of generations dump by free supply of opium and alcohol. All the warrior tribals were made dump by such cruel acts of the British."AHOM" is the Buddhists' meditation term used as SA DA NA HUM . If one recites the mentioned MANTRA as sa da na hum repeatedly they you get the effect of KUNDALINI YOGA,refreshing all the cells in the body.

More over , ARUNACHALAM is the most common name used in South Indian state of Tamilnadu,which is rightly termed as the God's name LORD SHIVA, [ARUNACHALESWAR} etc.

In Sanskrit ARUNACHAL PRADESH means The place belonging to Arunachalam,who is lord Shiva himself.He is told to be residing in Kailash atop the Himalayan glaciers. What more proof does the Chinese needs. Do they have a name for the said place if yes, let them prove the meaning and the story behind the naming of the place.But the inhabitants there are mostly Lamas,who are Buddhists,who had fled red army to save their culture and life.

Correct thoughts of"solitairebal"

Sunday, August 9, 2009


This is a simple message meant to convey the meaning of three terms used in Hinduism. Brahma,Vishnu,Shiva. Brahma is nothing the void the air the infinit and brahmaputra is the magnificient river flowing through Assam, Shiva is earth the land and the forehead is most prababaly tibet because down there is Neelkand which means the neck of lord shiva in Himalaya Mountain range.Shiva's "thrikkannu" which means third eye is probably the most potent volcano,which has been silent since long but if it errupts then it will be destruction for sure.Ganga is orginating from himalaya mountains which is the head of lord shiva.Mahavishnu is the ocean God,water the most important matter needed for survival of all species on earth and is rightly located down below at present day Thiruvananthapuram,the southern most tip of Kerala.

Vishnumaya,is the magic of such enormous dimensions which can make man look so small and vulnarable.The SUN GOD is the most important among our "Navagrahas" rightly so,without sun there can not be life on earth.The light of the sun god contains most enthralling energy unimaginable by human beings and destroys all the toxic materials on earth hence,the saying goes 'not to eat' during eclipse as the food during the time of eclipse may contain germs,which otherwise would be destructed,but for the duration of eclipse may survive only to be destructed by the sun rays once the cover of moon moves away, but some people may still have taken food during eclipse to have been the target of the germs or toxic materials,during eclipse, when I discovered not a single animal was out in my sight during the time of eclipse recently. I had noticed so many rats and dogs just the previous dawn [early morning around 3 am],the very next day was the eclipse and I noticed that none of the rats or dogs were there on the street on the day of eclipse.They were hidden and could not be seen moving ,while human beings were soundly sleeping and moving around without any disturbance in mind. I doubt whether the swine flu is more concentrated in the path of eclipse recently. It is worth observing to know for sure whether the above facts are true or just a case of my imagination.

thoughts of solitairebala.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


All can read the above names and realise the very fact that their names too give away their intentions ,they are madly cunning and murderous towards humanity as a whole, but still the truth is people, were too ignorant and stupid to have fallen as victims of their cunning schemes.

I saw a Gandhi sibling publicly citing names of Muslims in such a way to mock them,the fact is he was the most stupid guy on earth. All those names uttered by him in a public rally [During Elections in India]such as Himanulla,Hidayatulla all ends with their gods name. I can vouch that they are mostly very nice people on earth,as their religions' colour which is green itself, is enough to prove their humane side and their goodness. BJP suffered very badly in elections is proof enough, that people are not as stupid as the guy who were calling out to divide humanity for personal gains for sure.I too am an Hindu and grew up along with quite a few nice muslim friends,so was the case with my father and fore fathers.

I request him to see the names of people mentioned in the title Madoff, the greatest crook of recent times, has looted from innocent and trusting people. Their only mistake was they failed to read the names correctly. If one takes those names mostly British in Origin are the most Brutish guys on earth. That very fact has been proved yet again when Mr.Murdock gave a statement saying that he intends to charge people for reading news online. Beware Here comes another cunning guy for sure.

People at times are so stunningly ignorant and mad themselves in their greed for more and more wealth, they have all been punished and Mr.Madoff was more direct in inviting them to fall in the trap than the guy who started a firm in the name "SATYAM" which means truth and then looted. But Madoff gave the sign and signal right from the word go and rightly made fools of the guys who may have thought they are the most intelligent guys on earth. So in my opinion Madoff deserves less punishment as he was direct in his approach while Satyam was trying to fool from the name itself. To me one of my greatest living Indian Hero is Mr.Abdul Kalam, the most decent and most truthful man on earth, I will vouch for him as the greatest among our leaders for sure. Yet the Yankees harassed him [Continental Airways],with a purpose of embarrassing him for having enlightened Indian populace that there is nothing to fear, as far as the 123 agreement was concerned, as we have our right to defend ourselves in "supreme National Interest". I am quite sure that must have been the reason for embarrassing him in such broad daylight.

thoughts of "solitairebala"