Sunday, August 9, 2009


This is a simple message meant to convey the meaning of three terms used in Hinduism. Brahma,Vishnu,Shiva. Brahma is nothing the void the air the infinit and brahmaputra is the magnificient river flowing through Assam, Shiva is earth the land and the forehead is most prababaly tibet because down there is Neelkand which means the neck of lord shiva in Himalaya Mountain range.Shiva's "thrikkannu" which means third eye is probably the most potent volcano,which has been silent since long but if it errupts then it will be destruction for sure.Ganga is orginating from himalaya mountains which is the head of lord shiva.Mahavishnu is the ocean God,water the most important matter needed for survival of all species on earth and is rightly located down below at present day Thiruvananthapuram,the southern most tip of Kerala.

Vishnumaya,is the magic of such enormous dimensions which can make man look so small and vulnarable.The SUN GOD is the most important among our "Navagrahas" rightly so,without sun there can not be life on earth.The light of the sun god contains most enthralling energy unimaginable by human beings and destroys all the toxic materials on earth hence,the saying goes 'not to eat' during eclipse as the food during the time of eclipse may contain germs,which otherwise would be destructed,but for the duration of eclipse may survive only to be destructed by the sun rays once the cover of moon moves away, but some people may still have taken food during eclipse to have been the target of the germs or toxic materials,during eclipse, when I discovered not a single animal was out in my sight during the time of eclipse recently. I had noticed so many rats and dogs just the previous dawn [early morning around 3 am],the very next day was the eclipse and I noticed that none of the rats or dogs were there on the street on the day of eclipse.They were hidden and could not be seen moving ,while human beings were soundly sleeping and moving around without any disturbance in mind. I doubt whether the swine flu is more concentrated in the path of eclipse recently. It is worth observing to know for sure whether the above facts are true or just a case of my imagination.

thoughts of solitairebala.

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