Friday, August 28, 2009


During Eighties when i visited Mumbai,there was this flow of people so quick in walking and embarking on trains or the road traffic.All were looking like they were in a hurry to get things done and to reach their destinations etc.

I was so surprised and could not get in to a train for hours as in 40 seconds when a train [electric]stops at a station hundreds of people get out and get in, all done in seconds and before I realised so many trains had come and gone leaving me sweating and flabbergasted for I just did not want to take such risk. But hours of waiting also got me active and once I was near the door people pushed me to the train and was standing on the train when station after station people got down and got in. I was worried for my purse and gripped it tightly in my palm in side my pocket.

At last I too got down at Victoria Terminus and started to wander about all along there were thousands of guys and girls all in a hurry.They dont have time it seemed to even say halo.But though I was a loner I did meet one of my school mate was then working with Scotia bank at nariman point from there it was almost two hours journey from his place of stay to the bank at Nariman Point.

He gave me directions to reach his home liesurely and there his brother and his wife treated me with hospitality and gave good food,but my friend came home around midnight again to go at 7 am.

For me such life was akin to horror movies and wondered how those millions stay there, where even Oxygen has be to rationed for there are too many people and majority I felt was staying by the road side or stations.

Before that I had visted the same city in different levels and once I even stayed in a Railway station through out the night,when I noticed trains ply till 2am in the night and again startes at 4am.I wonder whether it is the same now or have they made it non stop 24/7.

I also heard people seldom wants to leave the city till the time they retire as, children brought up in such a city will know every thing about mad city life.

As far as I am concerned I am still the type who likes paddy fields and wooden forest in comparisson but younger ones differ in thoughts from that of mine.

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