Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Pilgrimage to the Mount Sabarimala.[ Part 1.]

For people of south India the greatest pilgrimage season starts from [As per Malayalam Calendar Vrichigam 1st.] around mid of November and for the next 30 days is the time when the temple of Sabarimala Ayyappa Swamy also knows as Manigandan, on top of mount Sabarimala in Kerala western ghats is opened for the Mandala kala.Ayyappa swamy was born as a result of communion between Lord Mahavishnu and Lord Mahadeva for the purpose of bringing back order, after majority of people turned to sinful ways of living in Kaliyuga also the need for killing Demon Mahishasura was the main purpose.

It is very surprising and great cultural happening, where those who decide to visit the place has to start with taking Vrida for 41 days prior to the visit, thereby preparing for the climb, for men , women above fifty years or below 10 years girls, alone are permitted .One has do the penance by eating vegetarian food only along with absenting oneself from sex,alcohol,drugs and all other vices strictly for 41 days.That apart the Guruswamy,will first give you a black dress to start with moreover one has to wake up early morning to bath and visit temple early and in the evening too preferably[we did that in temples called Kuthirakurissi Srikrishna temple more than 3000 years old and Chinakathur Devi temple supposed to be there from Tretha yuga,both near Ottapalam in Palakkad Dist.] for the 41 days strictly if possible. You are taught self discipline and the scientific results on your health and spirits are mind boggling.

You will be free from all ailments very soon moreover, all the toxic waste in your body will be thrown out making you fit and healthy.One has to do away with even footwear for 41 days and is asked to climb barefoot.It is said & rightly so,that you will be recycling your body in the process, which will be hale and healthy for the coming year and after the visit even if you start indulging in all the vices, if you do the trip again the same way next year means, you are actually giving your body the much needed repair,  recycling thereby purifying, inside and outside every year.This is a perfect way for healthy living.Some even walk all the way hundreds of kilometers every year, an exhilarating and most purifying experience, the sight of the forests and mountain ranges are mind boggling for those who are nature lovers, one has to experience to realize the importance of such servicing for our body and mind , the key to healthy and successful living.

We started the journey by doing Irumudikettu, the offerings including ghee filled Coconuts, rice etc; has to be packed by the Guruswamy.We did it at a serene temple inside forest at a place called Mangalam near Ottapalam in Palakkad District of Kerala,the temple Mulanjoor Bhagavathy, has a history of thousands of years ,we then followed to the next temple called thiruvilwamala Vilwadrinathan,Sriram temple ,which is an old temple dating back to Tretha Yuga, when Lord.Sriram was living there with his brother Laxman while they were building the Sethu bridge from Southern tip of India Rameswaram to Sri Lanka ,where Goddess.Sitadevi was held hostage by the Lankan King Ravana.  They did ultimately save Sita by killing the demon King Ravana after an epic battle.Then we visited Ivarmadam Sri Krishna Temple beside the river Bharatha [also known as Nila nathi],taking us back to more than 5000 years when the Pandavas visited there, to do the shradh ceremony for those who perished again, for fighting against Dharma and Sathya. The Pandavas were tricked and all their country was annexed by Duryodhan by cheating, leaving them no option left but to fight for getting their kingdom back and killed all their relatives and forces who had gone away against all norms of righteous living. Our next stop was Dharama Sastha temple at  Akaloor  near Trichur,after which we proceeded to Guruvayoor SriKrishna temple, also said to be 5000 years old .From there we went to Kodungalloor Kannagi Devi temple named after the Tamil Kannagi devi who settled after her worst nightmare in Madurai when the king killed her husband wrongly after he was caught trying to sell her Anklet,told to be filled with precious stones. The soldiers who caught him thought ,such a precious anklet only can belong to the queen,which was wrong.The queen was at fault because she too claimed the ownership and the King was wrong because he ordered the man to be killed thinking he was guilty of stealing. Madurai was in flames after the incident , in great sorrow and anger Kannagi devi left the place of her birth and proceeded  to Kerala via the southern districts ultimately settling At Kodungalloor.

--------- Part 1 --------- to be continued.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Big Bang of 14.5 billions of years back was mentioned in Sanskrit writings. What about prior to 14.5 billion years, Only Just a Rock?

It is mentioned, as told by scholars.But the fact we witnessed of another galaxy which omitted the light about 7.5 billion years ago was emitting 300 odd sun like stars in a mind boggling speed almost one star a day,the sight took 7.5 billion years to reach us.What phenomena we are not sure how many of such galaxies are there and how many light years away.Man you can only be sure of science when you reach beyond the milky way and come back.Leave aside other galaxies.What about the black holes,what about the dwarfs.

My god I can't think beyond,my head is already spinning.It is a huge scene of more than 300 sun like stars being produced in a far away galaxy 7.5  billion years ago.My god where are we in this whole universe , what are the big galaxies up to? What about all those millions and billions of stars that we see today,perhaps more than 14.5 billion years of distance , I can't think beyond that.

Is it going to contract again and become one rock,big solid rock, with so much mass that all the dust and gases are attracted towards the same. In such a scenario what happens to human beings and the life in the world.There are only questions no answers.

What about the collider.Is it colliding in lights speed.Or was there difference in the speed more than light.If true , then all the theories are of no use.We will have to begin agiain.

Our scriptures mentions it all is a wonder.We had Brahmastra,potent missile much powerful than atomic bomb mentioned in detail.Planes rockets all had been mentioned in our Ithihases like Mahabharat and Ramayan apart from scientifically explained in Vedas and Upanishads, But we had either destroyed or got destroyed of all those deadly weapons.

We need lots of explanations,may be going deep in to our vedas and upanishads may give us an insight in to what is going on and where we are headed. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blowing In The Wind (Live On TV, March 1963)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Gayathri manthram.Full.

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Did you happen to see the most beautiful girl n the world

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Friday, November 8, 2013

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Scorpions -- Still Loving You [[ Official Live...

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Why is the political "APPOINTMENTS" not being questioned? The work should be under scrutiny.

Like every other citizen I too wonder, why our people are not questioning the appointments made by lame duck government who does not even enjoy a simple majority, despite that have arbitrarily, made so many appointments raising eyebrows. The worst part is the appointees and their way of paying back,by even going out of the way to please their political masters.I must now look for the legal part in that and may have to sue to stop the public money being mis utilised in such ways so blatantly throwing to winds all the mechanism, to safe guard the public interest, rather fighting the elections with funds belonging to our populace has become so arrogantly open, and are actually throwing a challenge to us,

Totally unacceptable,I support the verdict of Guwahati High court.the very  existence of CBI itself is now felt as some thing illegal, guys are using every office in this country to fight the elections.The guys who are appointed openly asking them to play for the government rather than for the country. The tops guys so appointed are  found to be playing so hard to please their masters.One will never be able to pardon ourself if we turn a blind eye to all these rotten practices.Even if it takes our life to make this practice open in the public domain,other wise I will never be able to forgive myself for the rest of my life.

Who are these guys to so openly challenge us and laugh off our right to recourse and fight it in the top most court in our country.I am not just another blind coward who pretends he has not seen any such illegal practices. It will then be a criminal negligence on my part.I was taught by my fore fathers to question things if you feel the country is being is looted.