Sunday, November 17, 2013

Big Bang of 14.5 billions of years back was mentioned in Sanskrit writings. What about prior to 14.5 billion years, Only Just a Rock?

It is mentioned, as told by scholars.But the fact we witnessed of another galaxy which omitted the light about 7.5 billion years ago was emitting 300 odd sun like stars in a mind boggling speed almost one star a day,the sight took 7.5 billion years to reach us.What phenomena we are not sure how many of such galaxies are there and how many light years away.Man you can only be sure of science when you reach beyond the milky way and come back.Leave aside other galaxies.What about the black holes,what about the dwarfs.

My god I can't think beyond,my head is already spinning.It is a huge scene of more than 300 sun like stars being produced in a far away galaxy 7.5  billion years ago.My god where are we in this whole universe , what are the big galaxies up to? What about all those millions and billions of stars that we see today,perhaps more than 14.5 billion years of distance , I can't think beyond that.

Is it going to contract again and become one rock,big solid rock, with so much mass that all the dust and gases are attracted towards the same. In such a scenario what happens to human beings and the life in the world.There are only questions no answers.

What about the collider.Is it colliding in lights speed.Or was there difference in the speed more than light.If true , then all the theories are of no use.We will have to begin agiain.

Our scriptures mentions it all is a wonder.We had Brahmastra,potent missile much powerful than atomic bomb mentioned in detail.Planes rockets all had been mentioned in our Ithihases like Mahabharat and Ramayan apart from scientifically explained in Vedas and Upanishads, But we had either destroyed or got destroyed of all those deadly weapons.

We need lots of explanations,may be going deep in to our vedas and upanishads may give us an insight in to what is going on and where we are headed. 

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