Thursday, November 7, 2013

Why is the political "APPOINTMENTS" not being questioned? The work should be under scrutiny.

Like every other citizen I too wonder, why our people are not questioning the appointments made by lame duck government who does not even enjoy a simple majority, despite that have arbitrarily, made so many appointments raising eyebrows. The worst part is the appointees and their way of paying back,by even going out of the way to please their political masters.I must now look for the legal part in that and may have to sue to stop the public money being mis utilised in such ways so blatantly throwing to winds all the mechanism, to safe guard the public interest, rather fighting the elections with funds belonging to our populace has become so arrogantly open, and are actually throwing a challenge to us,

Totally unacceptable,I support the verdict of Guwahati High court.the very  existence of CBI itself is now felt as some thing illegal, guys are using every office in this country to fight the elections.The guys who are appointed openly asking them to play for the government rather than for the country. The tops guys so appointed are  found to be playing so hard to please their masters.One will never be able to pardon ourself if we turn a blind eye to all these rotten practices.Even if it takes our life to make this practice open in the public domain,other wise I will never be able to forgive myself for the rest of my life.

Who are these guys to so openly challenge us and laugh off our right to recourse and fight it in the top most court in our country.I am not just another blind coward who pretends he has not seen any such illegal practices. It will then be a criminal negligence on my part.I was taught by my fore fathers to question things if you feel the country is being is looted.      

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