Monday, October 28, 2013

What will be your 'mentality' when you know your time is up, only 3 months left?

I read a Nevil shute novel [Name was 'on the beach',not sure] in which, they comes to know that a Nuclear holocaust has happened and almost half the worlds lives has been wiped off,and the radiation was spreading fast but due to opposite wind or some other reason,Australia was still intact,but they also knew that their number of days before disaster,are almost near ,there was no escape. The people became so alive towards each moment left in their life,some were overly charitable ,some were drinking/boozing for the rest of their life and almost all had come to the beach and so on.

That kind of situation happens when you are told by your Doctor , man you have a cancer or a tumor or
some other kind of decease like Aids and so on.When you are in your bed and you know your time is up.You start to think of all the sins you did in your life,and about the people who were in your life,one by one the scenes comes to your mind,some might even regret thinking, why did I do that? or this? at that time too some may hold grudge towards some guy or women or your relatives etc. There was this film  Anand in which Rajesh Khanna was in such a position and was living the rest of his days with so much happiness and laughter that the Doctor, acted by Amitabh,was so surprised and taken aback and decides to give 'Anand' as much time he could manage, to make the process less painful and to be a moral support, but the Character Anand was so different from other guys and really 'lives' his life in the real sense enjoying every moment towards the end,no one knowing or seeing him could tell, this is the same guy who is about to die.

It can come to any one any time, and when one realizes, everything one ever did or earned, was futile, all those stingy life without sharing your good fortune with the needy, all those days when you simply did not want to spend a single penny due to the need of savings, because we tend to calculate under normal condition, a life of one hundred years, everything suddenly becomes useless and is of no use any more,they will feel themselves as very silly, to have done so many things in life.To be frank I had an experience in my life in mid Ninties, suddenly there was a chest pain ,sweat, joints pain, vomiting all classical signs of heart attack in the middle of the night, luckily I was in an ICU in 2 to 3 hours itself, due to my good fortune it happened on a sunday night,other wise, I would have been in a place about 2500 meters, above sea level,without any Cardiologist or facilities required for a patient right after a stroke or heart attack the initial few hours are very critical, especially for diabetic people ,they would not even feel the pain.After I was given a few injections and a good nights sleep I was awake and asked a doctor nearby , what was it? he dispassionately told me that I had an heart attack,but timely medical intervention had saved my life. It was a disturbed life for one year after that day, because the repeat rather recurring possibility of a second attack is very high, may possibly occur in many cases in 48 hours or even after a few months.That incident shocked me though,I was not scared for my life,my worry was thinking about my daughter,wife,mother and all my friends & relatives, who had loved me so much etc. Immediately after a few days, I read a real life story of a gentleman known to ,Keralites named Sri.Nitya Chaitanya yati, a pure diamond , a scholar with clairvoyance ,was a Physics scientist,wrote so many books for humanity,he was also a disciple of Sri Narayana Guru, he too followed his gurus footpath, never got married , he had written in his memoirs of a similar attack happened to him, while he was in his thirties, medical check up done in Singapore, confirmed of his heart problem with quite a few blocks, he was asked to immediately go for bye pass surgery.Some how with lords blessings, neither did he undergo bypass,nor continued medication he threw out all the medicines prescribed for him.That phase about him, also reminded me of a time, when he was thinking of calling his student or a disciple in US, a lady, who too got the message through mind alone and called at that very moment such was his mind power ,that piece of reading, gave me that confidence in life to go on as if nothing ever happened.With lords help it has been now almost 17 to 18 years and I never looked back.

Clever are the people who can imagine such a scene prior to really becoming such an effected human.They will then realize how important  it is for people to live happily without caring too much about  far too many years ahead like 80 years or 90 years not only that, they will also calculate the years their children ,who at times are yet to be born, also living 80 to 100 years and the amount of wealth required under such circumstances, no amount of wealth will be enough for such calculating guys, who will suddenly find the sudden shocker from the lord and suffer some of the above mentioned situations in life.My point here is for the people to think about life and death two sides of the same coin. Our times now are such, that no one is guaranteed a long life anywhere in the world , there are so many man made disasters or natural calamities, which has the power to wipe off life from the whole planet. Another cycle of life again may start after millions or billions of years afterwards.


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