Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rajiv was a Genuine man with great foresightedness,RTI to each opening up was inevitable after computerization.

Sorry but to point out that Rahul is not half the man, in comparisson to Rajiv.

1: They could not have hidden things anymore anyway,because the credit must go to Sri.Rajiv Gandhi,for his vision which brought in Sam Pitroda and like in developed countries we too got computerized,those crooks who were rich could not imagine the modern technology, ultimately all records was memorized in servers.Mobile phone conversations were also a big advantage due to the recordings, which was available anyway.Information in computer and servers means it can be accessed by teenage boys and girls as well,because of their IQ in connection with software [and hardware] data was firstly done in English language made our job easier,it helped Indians .India especially are filled with average boys and girls[with IQ more than any European or westerners or even Jews & Indian Vysyas,who earlier had an upper hand due to firearms and Nuclear weapons, who were the ones keeping all the wealth in the world. God planned things in such a way after IInd world war, East India company also fell along with Germans whole of Europe.Public always knew the funds were kept in Swiss banks,by both sides during the war. 
U.S is falling due to the reason of having committed sin without any conscience killing for the fun of it, such as playing video games,the best example is the British heir to the thrown ,who declared and boasted about killing Afghans just like him playing video games.See the mentality.How cruel,the same can be told of Americans repeating the same crime of killing innocent civilians ,just like what happened in Sri-Lanka,Middle east,it is equal to killing your parents out of your anger towards your enemies.How can they justify killing fields due to the perversion of a few stupid idiots,which all countries have but the numbers/percentage might be different.

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