Wednesday, October 23, 2013

People of Delhi/India should give AAP landslide Margin, help them throw out Parasites.

It has been a known fact that,our politicians has been eating rather sucking the blood and sweat of our Aam Admi since 1947, when we became independent. One can see their arrogance by seeing them talk to the media,through which to people, as if saying you suckers; you don't deserve to live.If our agitation by Anna Hazare,is the yardstick to go by, I can see the anger of mass against the ruling class, especially the youth, who are connected to mass media,24/7, if nothing happens in a few months,they might even take on to streets, a scene not to be ruled out, that will be a fitting response to these Dracula's of modern times.

If their money power is being used to win elections, while the ruling guys instruct, all the government departments in supporting their cause, then our people will have no choice but to react in such a manner to give those guys a real scare,such as the one incident happened way back in seventies in Kerala [Kongad,Palakad Dist],when the land lord became a ruler himself,raping and killing innocent girls,there was our dear Ms.Ajitha, who along with few young boys killed the guy named Narayann Nair, in the middle of the night and wrote on the wall with letters of blood,this will happen to those, who dare do such things in future. Though, the court gave her a sentence, she still remains our Jhansi Rani in our minds,we love and adore her. I was told she is running a center for destitute women and girls in Calicut,presently, where she belongs. If she happen to take mantle again, there will be young guys in millions, who wouldn't mind fighting and in the process die as martyrs. That has been the heritage of our Zamurai's country named Kozhikode/Calicut/Kallikottai , we do not take arms simply to show off, but will do what is right for the nation and die as brave men or win the battle, rather than living like slaves,under these arrogant ,corrupt,poisonous leaders of all political parties.

Though, I can live a [good as these guys' think .] sinners' life had I chosen  ways, like our so called wizards of percentages ,our FM and company because, he belongs to the kind of money lenders, who only can crunch numbers due to the need for cheating, their unfortunate farmers or peasants, who approach them for money. lending which is their main business, the most lucrative, as they don't have to be considering what is right,but by hook or crook amass wealth ,millions of peoples' death can be directly linked to these practices in our [once great] country,where the Vysyas are ruthless money lenders.They are buying out the whole land and wealth of our country and its' people.I wanted to ask a simple question,who owns ICICI Bank?and HDFC bank?,their collection is done by sending goons, who will beat first, threaten and finally chop off the person, if he fail to pay interest or principle.The interest is so high,that it will be double or three times of the actual amount borrowed in one year itself. How and who allowed these banks licenses to perform the way they do?I am asking RBI to spell out the licensing process for Benami Bankers owned by ,majority , our own politicians and some greedy foreigners together looting our helpless populace. They call it FIIs. What does a Participatory Note means?what mechanism do we have to find the source of such Participatory Nsunnyubi@gmail.comotes?How come it only exists in India? Who invented such an idea and who approved such an idea? How come Mr.Pawar is not Questioned for Vegetable price rises? which are results of man made hoardings. Is the profits shared by all equally?

I want answers for all the above questions.If I fail to get answers, I myself will resign my job and join forces to defeat these cunning and most toxic/poisonous creatures as,they are not human at all.                

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