Friday, October 11, 2013


There will never be another Sachin,and we must consider ourselves lucky to have been associated in this era.We were not born under any foreign forces and we have never doubted our independence and free flowing thoughts or actions as second to none.that is what India has been all about.We are now proving that we can be better than anyone under the sun,be it be a game taught by the British.We can beat them playing their own games in their own backyards.I consider Sachin as the greatest along with Viswanathan Anand,World chess champion.

Why I am insisting him to be a part of the think tank of our Cricket Association is because his mere presence and thoughts, are enough materials for our teams guaranteed success in the future as well.I want him to stand for BCCI president. Throw out those,who are parasites and leads the body of cricket simply because they are greedy and has nothing to do with cricket.Save our country from the curse of politicians ruling a game, only due to the money factor.Can any tell me those guys who ruled cricket's body had ever played the game leave alone Tests or Ranji,club level at least ,the answer is a big NO.

Sachin also could have been the greatest Captain,had people played to their potential,those were the times 'results' were influenced by match fixing and greed for money, and nobody knew it then.Sachin was aware and as a decent guy would do under such circumstances, just resigned.I knew it all along but have never seen any one among our sports writers, ever indicating an iota of doubt.If our countrymen recall those times then they can see truth in my observation.

Knowing Sachin,gem of a person,Indians trust him more than they trust our PM or President.He has never reacted to barking dogs.He was a cool operator, the great warrior Arjun of our era. Even if our government does not honour him with the greatest of all awards, we the people of India [125 crores] will honour him. Our country needs him, we need him to run our cricket because, we can only trust him.Others are in it for the glamour and money,while Sachin can never be selfish.His humility and mannerisms was never, even for a second,touched by ego.He was a majestic King and Justice can be ensured under him .Unlike Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin never was aware of the awe with which youngsters looked at him.He is the perfect example for the word righteous living, as taught by our millions of years old culture.whether other countries accept it or not is irrelevant. Holding Satya,Dharma,Ahimsa and humbleness in victory and sportsman spirit during defeats.

We can hold our head high against all evils that, we had to endure in our times,young refreshing princes also came alive due to the confidence shown by Sachin,such as Ganguly, Dravid ,Laxman ,Yuvraj, Zahir,Harbajan, Kumble etc. If you wan't to judge Sachin easily, then just look at the respect he has from great guys like Yuvraj. His confidence level was so high, that he declared the world cup as a gift for Sachin,and also ensured his words were not simply loose talk, by walking the talk and gifting Sachin all those wins, even on the day when sachin decided to call it a day.

Long live Sachin , lead our country,We love you, We trust you,We adore you,We realised our strength through good samaritans such as you. 

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