Thursday, February 23, 2012


The news of bailout of King Fisher Airlines by SBI, has been expected, but not so soon, as if they were waiting for the elections to be over.One of the richest liquor baron who owns everything from luxury yachts, distilleries,hundreds of planes has already eaten up about Rs.7000/- Crores of Public money by way of bank loans.Now the Reserve Bank suddenly changes track by announcing that they are not averse to banks lending more and more to the sinking ship called Kingfisher Airlines.

We need to watch out those who benefits out of these transactions, such as chairmen and top guys of public sector banks, ministers and the political parties, all will be already having deals of what and how much to be paid and the mode of payment etc.This is the most cruel joke being played at the cost of the poorest people of India.Public money being given at throw away interest rates, even after the loaned has proved his willful defaulter status over and again.A government employee who defaults in credit card payment of less than Rs.20000/-, is being threatened by goons and thugs to repay the amount with interests rates, which is about or around one hundred percent, while these big barons with millions worth of assets are hardly ever called over phone even, leave alone visiting them the bank top bosses serve them drinks as servers in their yachts perhaps, while they plan how to fool the people by declaring in public that NPA is huge and they can not be again be rescheduled or enhanced, on the other side make the government version of bailing out the Industry in real is pure rubbish, for there are hardly 1% of our population who flies or has ever seen inside an aircraft.We know who are they catering to.

Now coming to the power sector for instance in Tamilnadu , everything seemed to have changed after election with the new government promising power without cuts.It was really OK for months till the time when the Kudankulam Nuclear Power plant issue started, and almost over night the power cuts started at an alarming rate like declaring to the public 'you suckers now see what happens if you block Kudamkulam'.

They wanted the public to come out and say enough is enough, we do not mind having atomic power please give us power.These are the games the government is playing for the gallery, while we public are being fooled again and again.Very soon instead of one third of our districts being Naxal afflicted areas, it will be two thirds or even 99% of the population.