Thursday, April 19, 2012

Greatest Paradox Called INDIA.

We just entered in to an elite club of Six countries having ICBMs{Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles}.But majority of our population is still under nourished and living a hard life unable to feed themselves,even one decent meal a day.Our Government Agencies may not approve of this true picture,because politics is still 'the last resort of a scoundrel'.We saw publicly that 14 of our Center ministers are also the worst crooks and corrupt on earth,but they still run things as if nothing else matters.The prime minister declares he has full faith in them to loot our countrymen [pun intended]

On one side we have the richest corporate honchos on earth such as Lakshmi Mittal,Ambanies,Tatas, Birlas and so many NRIs who can if not together, at least a few of them together can wipe our world's [not only India's'] hunger and thirst from the face of earth but still, not choose it as a course for their life,how selfish and snobbish of them, because the hard truth remains they too will leave this world empty handed, just as Alexander the Great left.

We have farmers in thousands commit suicides week after week for decades but our guys 'who count' to make policies or take action for lifting their family simply ignores the plight of such unfortunate people in our own so called great country. They instead go on spending billions on conducting the Common wealth games , Can any one with the right mind justify such an event costing so much to the exchequer or the public money being looted in the name of conducting unnecessary games and ' show offs' to prove our country is great.But the fact remains that more than half of our countrymen do not have food and enough water to survive.

We have Political leaders among the richest in the world, mostly hidden unlike our corporate honchos,because they can not prove the source of their income.The fact and truth is they have all looted the public money much  more than what the British or other invaders looted for centuries in just a matter of few decades. Yet our Prime minister boasts that he is an honorable man , but at times turns blind perhaps due to some peculiar decease, yet to be diagnosed.We have the most honest 'so called 'man leading our defense ministry but still procurement is done via the' bofors' way of kick backs and bribery.But Mr.Antony is the most honest politician living in India today,but did not know what was going behind his office, because he choose to look forward and never turned backwards.

We have the glaring examples of poverty in front of our eyes yet our Planning commission Chairman insist that our population [more than the majority]is above the poverty line hence, does not require any assistance instead we need to give tax breaks for corporate honchos for creating more wealth for whom? perhaps for the ruling party.We need more investment in our country from Foreign entities because we need capital and the Walmart and company will bring in wealth for whom? obvious for the politicians, civil service top guys and other middlemen who makes things happen and helps the parties and politicians in collection and investment of the loot.

We have the richest Trusts in all states with out paying a single penny as tax but loots from the people for education,health and what not.We have the richest temples on earth their wealth can not be estimated, as it is much more than all the top ten richest guys can put in together,but still our majority of population remains hungry,landless and thirsty

The above facts are true to the best of my limited knowledge , and I do  not have a Law Degree from US nor am I an economists with 'doctorates' from different parts of the globe.I am a simple man who happened to travel extensively in almost all the states of India including the North east ,where I lived almost a decade.I have seen corruption in all walks of life and still endures because though I am not corrupt, I still have to pay the policemen who stops my vehicle and takes money in some pretext or other , other wise I will find myself in jail. If I blow whistle on the corruption, I have been seeing all along my half century of life, I will have to languish my rest of life in Jail or may perhaps be killed for exposing corruption.

If you want to survive in India you have to be pretending that you are blind at times like our great prime minister or say you have some problems with your ears as you are unable to hear things at times.Keeping your mouth shut is the other way of ensuring your life will not be in danger.

Oh lord, what a great country with so many achievements but without the 'basics' called food for hunger and pure drinking water for thirst.But the poor out of their ignorance still keeps voting for the wrong guys.Sober guys who are truly honest is a species in India which is extinct.Or perhaps almost can be called endangered species. 

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