Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The unprecedented precedents in our demo crazy [pun intended]

The elections are over again proving those so called pundits wrong yet again. The communists’ bastion falls in Bengal proving that they are no more the patriots, but have become corrupt and arrogant because, they hardly had any opposition worthy of challenging them in Bengal. Now with the emergence of Maos reminds one of the erstwhile communism/naxal movements which started during the end of the era of British and when even after independence our politicians and land lords were exploiting the marginal and the poor just as the Europeans used African slaves to work in US fields and mines for them to make wealth while committing the worst crimes against humanity by treating the slaves like animals or even worse.

The cycle now has again come around with Mao’s in place of the communists of that era in India beginning all over against their subjugation, while all others live in life styles equaling to that or even more posh lives than the British masters of the bygone era.

The congress gained very little because they too were part of the conspiracy in the loot or were trying to cover up the issue for the sake of their allies and even ignored a whole session of the parliament, just to satisfy their ego or trying their best to cover the lid at all costs, only to realize that it was not helping their cause at all hence, agreed at lasts to initiate proceedings against the macro loots all around.

Tamilnadu saw the corrupt being punished the only way people could, by voting them out. In kerala the Marxist could only save the blush due to the chief minister’s clean image but was not enough as the corrupt among themselves pulled them backwards thereby helping their opposition.

It is a rude reminder of the things to follow if; the centre ignores the pulse of the common man, and instead of addressing the issues of corruption of mass scales, is only concentrating on the corporatism [their big news is the forbes rich list and how our Vysyas are becoming big and bigger by gobbling up the falling corporate in Europe]

You look downwards to those small farmers committing suicides instead of applauding the 27 story house of Ambani. You have Amar singhs and Tatas holding thousands of acres of land in the name of plantations or cultivable and non cultivable, yet you choose the poorest of the farmers’ few cents or acres land for the big factories and big roads. What justice is this? You pick the poorest only for sacrifice for a common cause.

The Banks shields the big defaulters, while the poor man is fleeced by threat. The name of law is only meant for the marginal and small borrowers, while the big sharks are left alone, those who has borrowed in thousands of crores can not be threatened to pay back while, a small time farmer has to forgo his only means of lively hood that is his small land , which normally lands in the hands of the local money lender.

Our prime minister has gone in to a shell, Anna hazare is only a reason rather a sample dose, to prove the frustration of the common man who is willing to take arms to fight,
If the government seems insensitive to the moods and plight of the poor who has nothing more to lose and won’t mind killing a few before they end up dead.

The lessons in History has proved that the suppressed and subjugated will always have a breaking point which to me, is very near , a couple of years , a re- look by our so called progressive minded politicians, is unlikely as they seems to be 99 percent corrupt .

But as always god will find a way for the poor who will be supported by turn of events in the near future, as they are the ones more close to the god, and their sufferings will be an eye opener to the lord himself.


Friday, May 6, 2011


Our small scale Industrial units have been hit hard by the power cuts, which has become an regular affair, but only from the time when US tried hard to sell their nuclear power plants to India. The problem was most acute during those days when they were bargaining hard for an option to enter India with their so called cheap and green power called nuclear power. The communists rightly objected to the offer seeing their cunning schemes and withdrew support,which then was shown as anti development while, the recent disaster in Japan has proved them right, because for a country which has not managed to get the compensations for Bhopal tragedy even after decades,it is only logical that we will be the sufferers if or when a nuclear tragedy such as the Fukushima occurs in India. Huge population will be affected due to the density of our country, unlike Chernobyl in Russia which had scattered population.

My intuition is that the sudden power cuts on the backdrop of the negotiations started to happen mainly in those states ruled by Congress and its allies. The simple and most logical reason was to convince our population that we have to get nuclear power other wise you will suffer, the sampling effect was already happening. They were adamant that the only way forward was by having nuclear energy. The subsequent horse trading for MPs and the huge hue and cry over the power shortage, which according to those who lobbied for the big corporates, was the only reason for our lack of development and all the problems related to our country was shown due to only power shortage. Kerala was once hugely hit by power cuts and managed to bring back normalcy without the usage of nuclear power in about 5 years by generating more electricity by other means such as hydro mainly, along with other options such as naptha,wind,solar etc.

Why cant we think in those lines? Most probably the behind the scene arm twisting done to get support for the nuclear power will come out bare in the open, if the ruling congress pursue the case such as 2g spectrum allocation and other corruption related ones, because then the allies will for sure talk openly to get their revenge. That is the dilemma faced by the center. How long this black mailing business will go on and what is in store for our country can only be said by the god almighty , who has showered his blessing on our countrymen during all such occasions.

Just imagine that the so called crusader such as Ram jethmalini is arguing hard in favour of DMK, while he has been the most vocal guy against corruption in 2g spectrum allocation and a strong BJP man. While the once spokesman of Congress Mr.Abhishek Singvi has been arguing for Lottery Mafia, who has been the biggest criminals & crooks of recent times. Oh my dear lord what moral ground do they preach,while taking our whole populace as stupid fools.

The countries' mines,land and most natural resources are being looted by all those big wigs together,though they may show that they are fighting each other ,a drama meant for the common man who believes such gimmicks. In reality they all are together in this episode of looting the public.The punishment will be awarded to those unfortunate 'managers' only, but not the real owners of Corporates such as Tatas,Birlas and Ambanis,the big fish goes through breaking the nets, while the small ones gets caught.

Come on Indians just think and see through the games. Open your eyes to the reality show. I would rather support an honest dictator than vote for a 'farce'democratic process as it is called and one is getting tired and frustrated to see the same games being repeated. It stinks and is rotten ,May god save our country.

We do it to ourselves because we never learned from past lessons.