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It is high time that the opposition collectively bring in a no confidence motion against the ruling government, as per the wishes of the people and to save our country from further loot and destruction.The fact that they all are holding on to power, in spite of the most damnable evidence of complicity by all concerned in the highest echelon right from the Prime Minister, Home Minister and the present Finance minister who too is no angel, is known to the people of this country.

These guys are all masters in manipulation , double talk and have succeeded for too long in misguiding the whole country, while Lacs of Crores of money has been looted already from the country's exchequer.The amount required for elections after all is only Hundreds of crores which is far better than losing Lacs of Crores in the coming couple of years.

There are no excuses to be heard anymore, there are only a few ministers left untainted like Mr.Antony and a few others.The rest are all crooks disguised as angels. The main opposition which consists mainly of BJP is also not a viable alternative, as they are bend up on the old British mantra of "divide and rule",which is also not going to work any more. They too have looted for sure.More over their reluctance to bring up the dalits and other backward communities, to high position gives away the true color of them.Their very fabric is biased approach towards the backwards among the Hindu's themselves [ Though RSS Cadres consists of all.]. Do not forget the words of Swamy Vivekananda who observed after his visit to Kerala that the state is a mad house.It was not the Religious disharmony, which he mentioned, on the other side relations among different religions has been very good all along in Kerala History. While the main reason was the Upper Hindus discriminating towards the lower castes among them, by not allowing them temple entry and also their entry to educational institutions too were denied. They were called "athrikrither'[the un-touchables] and the upper casts of those periods, used to say their day is bad, when they see some lower caste Hindu on their way.

[But the historic background is different as can be verified, for these so called lower caste Hindus' actually were Buddhists prior to Adi Sankara's period, who brought them back to Hinduism citing that, Sri Buddha himself was the re-in carnation of Maha Vishnu, in the Eighth Century.But those who came back to Hinduism were given a sub standard level, by those so called custodians of Hinduism, the so called high caste Hindus of today. Our history has managed to hide many facts than enlighten in many aspects, which can be seen and brought to light from many texts which is in possession of so many families even today unknown to the world. It is twisted history being taught in schools, all hiding more and showing little reality of what actually happened in the earlier periods.]

That very practice was mentioned by Swamy Vivekananda as utterly nonsense and Kerala was said to be a 'mad house'.Those Upper caste Hindu's were the land lords in most part of the state. But they needed the help of lower caste Hindus , just like the Americans needed African slaves to do farming for their wealth, which must have been the main reason for them to keep those unfortunate people barred from temples and schools. But the silent revolution did take place first by Noble Guru's Like Narayana Guru Swamy and later by the communists, who were rightly voted to power by mass movement in 1957 barely 10 years after independence.Because for most part even after independence the Communists were banned by the very Congress Government,who too followed the policies of the British blindly those days.

The third alternative looks to be better with some good leaders and the communists who are less poisonous.Let us hope in the mean while, Supreme court also will intervene to save our country from these crooks.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


People naturally are getting more suspicious about the ruling UPA2,which has, very keenly and urgently, followed their agenda of privatizing all Public Sector Undertakings or when opposed,tried diluting Govt. shares to favour the big corporates' to get bigger and bigger, at the cost of the poorest. We feel they have more skeletons in their cupboard than any previous government in Indian history. There are sure powerful brokers backing them, and one of the king pin is our Home minister himself. By throwing his weight behind him our prime minister no more has the benefit of doubt of being innocent any more, as he is clearly following the diktats of his unknown beneficiaries. Our country and people have the right to know the reasoning's behind most of their actions.

The strong support for the Home minister by the prime minister underlies the fact that he too was party to the conspiracy, the only difference might have been that he came to know about it after it was done and the file was closed, as mentioned by the former Finance minister.

He is blaming the opposition getting restless, but in real it is the people who are getting restless and the haste of UPA2 in pursuing their policy, of selling our countries' resources is the most disturbing trend, because they still could not complete their job fully hence,they need another couple of years to do it.

The people strongly feel the Supreme Court is the only authority left to check this mass scale corruption being done in the name of coalition 'Dharma'. What moral authority they are left with, to talk about 'Dharma' & 'Satya'or it is becoming such a joke. Do they really know the meaning of those words .It is known to all the right thinking countrymen of India. The enemy is with in, and the very guys who are supposed to be the saviors are the villains, as is becoming very clear. The very agency [CBI]who should be following the investigation is right under the guy who did it. Will they dare question their own master at the peril of their jobs.

May god save our country.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


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Amma’s Message and the Announcement of the Initiative's Resolutions
Posted on September 25, 2003 by amrita
Swamini Krishnamrita Prana
Mata Amritanandamayi Math

Swamini’s Amritavarsham50 Women’s Initiative Speech:
“Amma’s Expression of Motherhood”
And the Announcement of the Initiative’s Resolutions and Action Items.

"When Amma talked about the 'Awakening of Universal Motherhood' at the United Nations, She was not delivering a speech about a theoretical concept. Amma Herself has been expressing this quality, every minute of Her life for the last 45 years." —Sw. Krishnamrita Prana

“Om Amriteswaryai namah. My prostrations to Amma and to all of you here today.

“When Amma talked about the ‘Awakening of Universal Motherhood’ last year at the United Nations, She was not delivering a speech about a theoretical concept. Amma Herself has been expressing this quality, every minute of Her life for the last 45 years. Even as a child, She mothered Her family and neighbours. As an adult, She has held close and consoled millions of people all around the globe. People meeting Her for the first time repeatedly tell us how they cannot explain the soul-stirring effect She has on them; many simply burst into tears—such is the power of Amma’s divine love.

“Amma, who had only a fourth-grade education, has achieved the unimaginable, simply by remaining centred in the Power of Motherhood. For every individual that is directly touched by Amma’s love, there are many, many more who receive the benefit of that touch.
“Amma inspires very ordinary people to extraordinary things. Their enthusiasm is not just to do social service. Nor is it simply an idea to ‘do good’; it is much more, it is their way of giving expression to their love for Amma. It is a way of belonging to the divine.

“With Amma, the difficult task of ‘loving thy neighbour,’ the so-called ‘others’ who we meet daily in our lives, becomes an essential part in loving Her. We cannot refuse; we have to reach out. Slowly, very slowly we become more motherly. Amma calls on us to awaken our Motherhood and bring to light these qualities of faith, love, patience and self-sacrifice. We alone may not be able to bring out these qualities, but in loving Amma, they do slowly, but surely emerge. Through belonging to Her, She does most of the work for us.

“Amma’s inspiration acts like a divine accelerator. Once pressed, it runs almost of its own accord; it has tremendous power. But we should realise, it is a power that comes not from domination but from its opposite—from softness, from calm, from the feminine, the motherly, from empathy. It is the opposite of our everyday concepts of power, the daily expression of this power in Amma’s darshan deeply affects people. It is the key to our spiritual growth and to the changes Amma can make in us.

“Anyone who has ever engaged deeply in service knows the necessity of this special love. Only in selfless love do we find enough courage and enough patience to guide us through the difficult times. It is indeed a miracle how Amma is changing so many lives through the power of Motherhood. She is showing the whole world that it is working and that if men and women work together, they will not only restore harmony to society, but also will reclaim their real identity as true human beings. Understanding this, the M.A. Math is ready to initiate further work in this area. And now I will summarize our plans.

“The following is a brief summary of the resolutions of the Amritavarsham50 Women’s Initiative. The M.A. Math resolves to promote awareness of the quality of Motherhood, which is inherent in both men and women. Only though awakening this quality can we sweep away the cobwebs of customs that trap and denigrate women. We have a twin focus: we want to help men to understand and integrate their feminine qualities so that they no longer abuse women, and we want to help women reclaim their true identity, especially in the workplace. Through education and counselling, we want to ensure that men and women feel themselves equal in value, and as respected partners in life. We want to abolish the prohibitions that prevent women officiating as priests.

“Our plan of action has 10 points:

“The first two points refer to gender awareness and education programmes. These target areas sensitive to the denigration of women, that is: religious, social customs, workplace practices and also environmental abuses against Mother Nature.

“The third point targets very harmful social customs: namely dowry, female feticide and infanticide. Concerted individual efforts within families are necessary to stop these abuses. Amma is marrying 108 poor couples without dowry to help get this point across, at least to her devotees. The ceremony is on Her birthday, the 27th.

“With points four and five we address the physical needs of abused women. We want to provide them safe havens and give care and counselling for young women; and give them more job training and employment.

“Point six aims at the education of men and boys. We are targeting the legal systems for young offenders. We feel that when a young man abuses a woman, especially for the first time, he should undergo spiritually based, educationally sound, corrective procedures rather than just punishment.

“With points seven and eight, we target the need to protect women in public spheres. We want to encourage media organisations to refuse to portray women as sexual objects. We want governments, commerce and industry to encourage dharmic values and allow training in the principles of Motherhood within their work spheres.

“With regard to Hindu temple religious customs, Amma is advocating that all places of worship, work towards engaging female priests.

“Lastly, with resolution 10, we call upon others to join with us in promoting the healing concept of Motherhood wherever they may be in any part of the world.

“It is thrilling for us to know that this birthday of Amma’s is marking the beginning of a new era of Her mission. All the wonderful people gathered here are, we feel, somehow ‘chosen ones,’ for it is a great blessing to be a part of this special occasion. Let us pray for a society where men and women, like ‘two wings of a bird,’ work together as equals, in the love of the Universal Mother, to bring peace and harmony to this earth.

“On behalf of the M.A. Math, I would like to express a special thank you to the Honourable Dr. Najma Heptulla for presiding over our function today, and our deep gratitude to Yolanda King for inspiring us so rousingly today, to all of our special guests that spoke so beautifully, to Neethi Revindran for guiding us through the programme, and to all the people everywhere who have worked so dedicatedly behind the scenes to make this event possible. People from have travelled from all over India, as much as from all around the world, giving up so much of their precious time to be here on this auspicious occasion. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to you all. Finally, on behalf of all women-kind, I would like to thank Amma, for wiping away the tears of sorrow from people all around the world—now I think She’s going to have to wipe mine away too [she is crying]. And for trying to lead us from darkness to light, and for giving us the courage to awaken from that deep sleep, strengthened with the qualities of Motherhood.”

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Women Beyond Borders


This lines were found on a wall in side a temple in Coimbatore, which I thought must be shared among our populace for them to realize that we were indeed a very loving society with respect for all religions from time immemorial.

Shirdi Saibaba 1838-1918.

Shirdi Saibaba is an Indian spiritual guru and a fakir that transcended the barriers of religion.
He was regarded with reverence by both Hindu and Muslim followers. He lived in a Mosque and after death his body was cremated in a Temple.Hindu devotees consider him an incarnation of Lord Shiva or Dattatreya. Many devotees believe that he was a Sadguru an enlightened Sufi Pir or a Qutub.
Saibaba is of Indian and Arabic/Persian origin meaning 'Sakshat eshwar" or the divine.One of well known epigrams "Sabka malik ek" ["One god governs all"]is associated with both the bhagwad-Gita and sufism.
Quote "What ever you do,Where ever you may be, always bear this in mind:I am always aware of everything you do".

What more proof does one require to learn that, it is useless and shameless to fight in the name of religions and caste or creed. We human beings are one.


This prayer is for the mentally challenged children/adults, whom I visited today in a remote corner of Coimbatore City in Tamilnadu [India].There were dozens of them with wide smiles welcoming us,my heart felt dearly for them, because life is a great challenge for them.The very survival/existence is very difficult, but I feel those ones chosen by the Christian Sisters are lucky in comparison with those who have not yet been found by these compassionate Sisters, who lives for these unfortunate children of god in obscurity. I am also sure there are millions of such handicapped children and adults living all around the globe ignored by the society.

Not only they live in dignity but are also creative, as I witnessed the products made by them from safety pins to wonderful flower vases and other replicas made out of plaster of Paris and clothes along with waste cotton etc.They also sang well in praise of the good lord very nicely in tandem which was very touching.

Those Sisters are helping them to be able to live independently by teaching them from the basics from how to brush their teeth, wash them selves and also how to eat with the help of spoons etc.I was told some among them do not even realize when they are hungry,while some others are unable to walk by themselves. I felt that god is with them because there are still some among our population who does really good work such as taking care of these helpless people.But the Charity they were getting mainly from Italy has almost stopped coming, making them look after their own funding and other help required.

These Christian Sisters needed to be helped otherwise we will be doing great injustice to our own fellow human beings who are unfortunate and is going through a tough period.

Those who wanted to help may contact the following address or Phone No:-

COTTLENGO SISTER'S TRUST,[Rehabilitation Centre for Mentally Challenged Children]
Sowripalayam Post,

Phone No.91 0422 2575074.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Who can justify the Indian government allowing the very accused person, heading the agency called CBI,which is now fighting for their master as is natural. How can the truth come out when the very investigating agency, which is supposed to be the guardian of truth and justice is functioning right under the very accused who should have been removed long back, as his complicity is almost established, in the recent news and records. It was bound to come out in the public domain as the hugeness of the colossal loss said to be around Rs.176000/- Crores Rupees.What moral grounds do the government have to defend him.If the prime minister is adamant in defending him, then he too is part of the mass cover up going on. You are known by the company you keep.

All the arguments of presumptive[Loss] and the other one, the tele density being the reason for the mind blowing throw away price for such a scarce resource called the spectrum was sold,all are rubbish and the common man is not going to believe any more, such reasoning or arguments.One minister alone could not have done such a big job of massive magnitude.

Our people have been witnessing the covert and now very much open government policies of biased and blind support towards the few mega corporations in almost all lucrative fields to name a few of them will be Textile,mines,power,cement, fuel, Automotive,Building and Construction ,materials [ Almost from salt to the aviation sectors]and the latest being Cricket and the mass media tools such as mobile phones & connections along with Computers with world wide web connections. All these are in the hands of individuals,to name just a few are the following :-
Reliance,Tata,Birlas,Essar,Bharti[Airtel],also just imagine the Reddy Brothers, SunTV are all small fries in comparison.All actions of our government in the last few decades has been to help these individuals to grow,the argument of employment generation is so minimal and negligent because the total direct employees can be numbered only in hundred thousands at maximum in a country where there are 1.2 billion people, when we compare the loss for the exchequer which is huge. The rest of the population is losing all hopes of justice from any government so far seen after our independence, now it is clear as the bright sun shine on a warm summer day, when we see these people have been supported and the loot has been jointly done. Another clause being the FDI allowed up to 74%, which means the black money can be routed through foreign banks cited as foreign Direct Investment or perhaps the western interests being the ones behind FDIs or even our own politicians perhaps, may do it themselves with the help of tax havens and their banks.

It was done discreetly in earlier periods, but during the last decade it has been done so blatantly open,as we witnessed the minister of telecommunication [First Dayanidhi Maran]on the same stage with the above players, just prior to the controversies while the back ground work was being done,during the UPA regime and the selling of spectrum.What those scenes may convey to workers and officials of Nations' primary PSU [BSNL] can be imagined. But the only saving grace for our country has been our Public Sector Undertakings ,which stood the tests and managed to survive though,the Government share holding there too has been limited to 51% in most cases. Their mantra always has been privatization,why? because only then can they benefit more.

They were quoting our government undertakings making huge loss due to subsidies given in petroleum products,hence the price hike has become inevitable,but the fact is our Public sector undertakings Indian Oil Corporation made Rs.10998/- Crores profit in 2009-10., ONGC too has shown good profit. They say the Tax on petroleum products are 50%, while it is 30% for Diesel.The Government income was Rs.136000/-Crores in 2010-11 from petroleum products, while the subsidy has been only Rs.40000/- Crores. You can very well compare these figures and see how can a government afford to lose the above figure of Rs.176000/- Crores, which could have taken care of most of our populace come above the poverty line[ Let us not forget other big losses due to CWG].In 2009-10 period the Government gave tax exemptions or holidays to the tune of Rs.5.11 lacs Crores, out of which the Corporations which were already making huge profits were given Rs.88000/Crores. The Government still does not want the rich Corporates' to reduce their margin of profits, while the price & tax on petrol, Diesel & gas which affects our population wholly by having a spiraling effect on the prices of commodities as well, is made to pay more and more tax on them while the subsidy part cited by the government is hollow as can be seen from the figure given above.

How insensitive a government can be when they say the people who earns Rs.25-32/- per day is above the poverty line. Which means half a dollar a day makes him automatically above the poverty line.When Onion itself is costing Rs.10/-to Rs30/-at times, leave alone other provisions required and for instance the Doctors' consultation fee, even in rural area these days are nothing less than Rs.100/-. There has got to be a limit for stupidity,the minimum basic requirements or at least a full meal once a day, is nothing less than Rs.40/- in almost all vegetarian hotels in Coimbatore where I stay, forget Non vegetarian meals, which is always more than Rs.100/-

How silly and stupid for them to say the basic daily earning, to be reckoned as below poverty line, is only those who earns less than Rs.32/- per day. According to a rough estimate majority of our 1.2 billion population more than 60% is malnourished poor farmers and laboureres.They are reeling under below poverty line ,struggling to survive while few dozen individuals are in the Forbes rich list of one hundred richest people in the world.

Imagine the level of foolishness up to which a government can think [ I think it was the planning commission headed by the so called expert economists ] Let them just come out of their cosy air conditioned chamber and walk in to a Dhaba/Hotel and have a full meal to experience how much it costs for a single meal/thali a day, leave alone [six courses meals] three to six times daily. It is an insult to the intelligence of our population if they feel they can convince our countrymen by these kind of arguments. It is like mocking the unfortunate and a cruel joke on them.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011



We have witnessed the drama of our Indian government risking everything, in support of US nuclear Power Traders to the extend of losing their main ally's {Communists' who had around 60 Members of Parliament] support, and when the government was about to fall , they even arranged new allies, with the power brokers very liberal with paying and buying out MPs, themselves as well as their partners, who too were lobbying for the US interests such as Mr.Amar Singh etc.All the money spent and the new equation for governance have all proved to be blunders on top of more blunders for our ruling coalition.God is indeed great.

They did every thing in the book and out of syllabus stuff as well, all for nothing as god wished and decided to put a brake on them by the earth quake which happened in Japan, followed by the deadly tsunami which resulted in their nuclear power plant exploding and the nuclear disaster due to exposure of people to the radiation effect.They are yet to come out of their danger zone due to the grave danger of human as well as all living beings' exposure to radiation effects, which has been proved beyond doubt in Japan itself during World war II.

Even then our government and the business people from abroad tried to calm the nerves of Indians by saying that we are not in an earth quake zone hence , such danger is not going to happen in India. But what about tsunami that has happened in India in 2004. Also What about the Himalayan zone and North east to Kashmir region, that too is considered very sensitive and earth quake prone as proved yet again a few days back.

The damage has been done for the people started to revolt against the Nuclear power plants in different states, as their safety was not ensured by hollow blabbing of our politicians.Because the agitations against the nexus of political,corporate and Government servants, all started to come out in the open one by one. The recent People's demonstration in favour of the Janlokpal bill took center stage and the crooks were exposed in the process.

The Marxists and CPI must be satisfied for now, because after all they were against this power brokers any way right from the beginning.They have been proved right up to and extend. People will now start to listen to them better, as earlier they were projected as people against Indian supremacy and anti development and so on.

What an irony for those who wished to cash in on the big business of Nuclear Power,spent too much and now is not sure of getting their expected profits in the near future. Rightly so, because we know what happened to our Bhopal Gas Tragedy Victims. Neither any Compensation has been paid, nor did the Judiciary in India give any punishment, which even to a pick pocket would have been more severe than what was given to those responsible for the mass deaths , It was baffling that they got Scot free, those who were culprits of the mass scale deaths only due to ignorance and negligence of the corporate house, no other county would have spared them as our judiciary and govt.did.

In recent human history while a great injustice was committed to the survivors and the effected populace of Bhopal, only because they were poor, and had no backing from any quarters,politicians,judiciary and Government servants all aligned with the corporate and saved the big fish.

As if adding insult to injury they have been awarded a big sponsorship deal by the British for their upcoming Olympics of 2012. Perhaps in gratitude for killing so many innocent and poor people of a poor country. Saying as if 'Well done guys keep it up'.

Oh god, what an irony and nightmare, for the haunted poor as they becomes the hunted as well.

May god punish the looters and save the poor.

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

The last farewell ( with lyrics ) - Roger Whittaker

Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon

The Doors - L.A. Woman

The Doors - Riders on the Storm (original album version) - Music Video

Fleetwood mac - Little lies

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Though we have been fed in with propaganda of 'shining India' 'emerging power India'. The great economists' such as Manmohan Singh & Mr.Ahluvalia along with great brains of Mr.Chidambaram,Pranab Mukherjee and company have in reality brought down India to such extends and levels only possible by the meanest of leaders who are selfish with high ego.

We all knows for sure it was not their policies which saved our country from utter disaster, but only god's interventions which made our nationalized Banks staying afloat in very good health during the crisis period starting from 2007 till date, in spite of all the efforts of all and sundry right from the starting of the era of Manmohanomics, when the western interests actually wanted to demolish the structure of our Banks with the help of all the Governments since then trying hard, to oblige their masters who were dictating economic policies from their corridors of power to be followed their waiting servants in India. But the unions of our Banks were well organised and resisted the efforts of privatizing these nationalized banks, to some extend the government yet succeeded by diluting the equity of the government and by giving licences for so many private banks, mostly money lenders of the worst kind. They not only succeeded in sucking the blood and sweat from our populace but it was done with the tacit government support is so obvious, as can be seen from the fact that RBI instead of controlling their unethical activities actually gave them cover, while they looted from the public.

We saw that they are at it again when they announced new licences to be given for private banks which can bring in FDI to the level of 74% in a period specified. These are not done to benefit the people of India on the other side is done to benefit the politicians along with those money lenders [perhaps both are the same who knows.]

The dumping of goods and services in Indian markets by western Markets along with cheap Chinese goods too encroaching every nook and corner of India, is so surprisingly allowed blindly by our government in the name of open markets, at the cost of destroying our budding industries, while our goods are not allowed to sell in China, because they put a ban on so many items to safe guard their industries, while we do exactly the opposite allowing other countries and their Industries to flourish by opening our markets to them, but in most occasions and items we don't get access to their markets because, they are concerned ,unlike our politicians who are hand in glove involved in the loot,the same can not be cited when it comes to China and so many other countries because they are selfless rather than selfish in these matters.

The modes operand i of western corporate bigwigs is different in the sense, they enter in to a partnership with some Indian entity, mostly corporate houses backed by politicians, and loot in the harvest from malls and mostly urban markets as has been witnessed till now along with banking which too, is done with Indian partners who may be silent or the Foreign partners who are silent in some cases, both do the squeezing together benefiting individuals and not countries for sure.

Amar singh could not have done the purchase of MPs alone, in Cash for Votes scam, for it was done to benefit the Manmohan singh government to hang on mainly, for the cause of American business lobby who wanted to enter our power trading market in a big way. The so called honest prime minister seems to be too innocent to see through or is too clever to play cards very close to his chest. For Whom and Why?

Let time answer those questions, which let us hope for not far away.


September 27th IST
The easiest way to access grace is to feed a hungry famished human being starving for food. Giving food is considered to be the greatest charity of all the charities and it is believed that whoever donates food will attain an 'elevated status'.

Read More
Last Day, New Moon Tarpanam
September 27th IST
The New Moon is the last of the 15 Moons of Mahalaya. The sacred "Maha Tarpanam" ritual will be performed in Kerala for your ancestors. Priests specialized for ancestral rituals, ensure that the ancestral souls are appeased by the tarpanam, which will lift your curses and will shower blessings on you. Please access the chart for short descriptions of the benefits of each of the 15 Moon Tarpanams.

Note: This is an essential day for doing Tarpanam for those who died due to weapons or accidents. During this day, the known and unknown souls that have departed during the last 30 years are treated equal to God.
Access Chart of 15 Moons and Their Benefits

"If I have to recommend one solution for every one of our problems, be it financial, relationship or health, it is doing Tarpanam (offerings to the ancestors). Miracles do happen after the performance of the rituals."

- Dr. Pillai, Founder of AstroVed

The Annual 15 Moons of 'Mahalaya': The Ancestors' Time
The earth plane was designed as a laboratory for the evolution of souls. Great enlightened beings who have turned their body into light visit the earth daily in their light form. All of our ancestors come and stay on the earth plane for 15 days in a year. During these fifteen days they stay in your body, mind and soul and can change all three positively. Not even Gods can do what the ancestors can do for you. In fact, Gods ask you to go through your ancestors for blessings.

These fifteen days start from September 13th night, right after the full moon and ends on the Mahalaya New Moon Day night, September 27th. This two week period is the most important period to appreciate your departed ancestors.

Why Consider Your Departed Ancestors
At the deeper, metaphysical level, there are only two simple reasons for all of our mundane problems:

planetary influences
departed spirits' influences
Take care of both of them in order to have a peaceful, fulfilling life.

Just as there is a biological lineage of transference of DNA along the family line, there is spirit lineage or Spirit DNA. Your departed ancestors can help solve your problems as well as create them.

Our ancestors live in the world of the Pitra Loka, meaning ancestral world. 64 generations of dead ancestors can help solve your money, relationship, health and other problems quite easily if one knows how to communicate and connect with them.

Access Your Ancestors' Positive Energy Blessings
On the New Moon Day, the departed spirits come to the earth plane and stay with their biological relatives from sunrise to sunset. Fasting during the new moon day will alert your consciousness to be in communion with their spirits.

No fasting for our Ancestors however as they crave a special food; an offering comprised of black sesame seeds, holy water from rivers and oceans, tulsi leaves, sandalwood paste, sacred dharba grass and some coins. These offerings need to be given to them sincerely and conscientiously for all the 14 days and 15 nights.

When living on the earth plane, even great Siddhas like Agastiya, Maha Rishis like Vasistha, Avatars like Krishna and Rama, appreciated their ancestors through rituals involving this tarpanam 'food'.

How to Do Daily Home Tarpanam
Choose which version resonates with you. Dr. Pillai has suggested to at least practicing the longer version of the Tarpanam ritual during the New Moon phase each month.

Perform either version anytime between sunrise to sunset once everyday, especially on New Moon days. It is suggested to not perform tarpanam during non-daylight time.Do it as often as possible on New Moon days.

The purpose of doing this is to release ancestors to a higher plane. When they go into the light they send you their blessing.

Significance of Donating Food During Mahalaya:
The easiest way to access God's grace is to feed a hungry famished human being starving for food. Donating food is considered to be the greatest charity of all the charities and it is believed that whoever donates food will attain an 'elevated status'.

There is an interesting legend highlighting the importance of donating food from the great epic Mahabharatha. Karna was a great philanthropist and he never said no to anyone who approached him for help. He had donated huge wealth and had done all kinds of charity except for donating food. For someone who has donated food, their soul does not feel hungry when it reaches heaven. However, after his death, when Karna's soul reached heaven, it was feeling hungry. He then realized that although he had done all kinds of charities, he did not donate food.

Feeding is the highest of all charities. Donating food on New Moon is important and is considered to be a ritual on this day.

The Art of Giving- “Dhana”
Service to humanity in an unconditional way helps to cleanse your being.

This is called “dhana” in Sanskrit and is one of the virtues. It helps to unburden you of karma and helps to clean the subtle bodies. There are many things you can give in dhana, but what is more important is to understand what to give to whom.

The Vedic Scriptures say to “Give food to the hungry, clothes to the naked, knowledge to the ignorant, teachings to the knowledgeable, teach meditation to the vital, give wisdom to the meditator and just be silent when with a wise one and share in his energy”.

Anna Dhana
Anna Dhana implies giving food unconditionally to the hungry. Anyone who is hungry shall be fed without any discrimination or judgment. The easiest way to access God's grace is to feed a hungry famished human being starving for food. Donating food is considered to be the greatest charity of all the charities and it is believed that whoever donates food will attain an 'elevated status'.

Anna dhana is not limited to human beings. One needs to feed birds, animals, fish and ants too.

Give with the spirit of giving food that is energized with the right intention and prayers of “Let all be happy.”

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Our past history has taught us that the Chinese can never be trusted. We were hood winked by them during the Nehru era in the early Sixties.When we were caught napping saying 'Indo China Bhai Bhai',while they attacked us especially from the North east and reached up to present day Tezpur in Assam without any fight or opposition. That experience must never be forgotten. I was just born then but have learned a few things from my father, who went on deputation from Kerala PWD to serve in those days right after the Chinese aggression, to North East Frontier Agency [Known then as NEFA]to build non existent roads, by joining MES {Border Roads Task Force]as a young engineer and have been there for a few years, while we urgently built roads in present day Arunachal Pradesh and all those adjoining Chinese areas.

More over I have spent almost a decade in North East travelling around seeing the realities in the Eighties and early Nineties.

Though the situation now is slightly different as we too have managed to develop rapidly,the Chinese on the other hand has done much more than building roads.They have been supporting the insurgents in North East through covert and overt operations and have massive build up surrounding India right from SriLanka [erstwhile Ceylon], Pakistan,Burma, Bangladesh & Nepal.

One wonders whether our Intelligence agencies are still sleeping, as they did while Osama Bin Laden along with Mr.Parvez Mushraf as the Pakistan military commander, then occupied Kargil in Kashmir without our authorities noticing it and was rightly caught napping, even in this era of space observation which enables one to peep in to movements and build ups any where on earth. We paid a heavy price, by way of losing so many lives of our poor soldiers, while recapturing the Kargil peaks.

We know very well that Maos are being supported from across the border and through the border countries especially, from Burma,Srilanka & Nepal.It is also because of the vulnerability of our tribal populace due to the misgovernment policies such as prioritizing wrongly, by giving boost to big corporate and Industries, while ignoring and chasing our own tribal people and farmers away, either by occupying their land in the name of larger public interests, which in reality, is the corporate ,political nexus and their interests, or by ignoring their very survival.This has made the job of our adversaries easier to directly influence our unfortunate, frustrated and underprivileged poorest people among our population, and have in reality forced them to take arms for protecting their dear life.

If we turn a blind eye to the realities happening around us by citing saffron and green colours then we will certainly regret. Before we realize what has happened the Chinese are capable of controlling the happenings in our country because they have the tacit support from all those countries mentioned above.There are even rumors that an island in Srilanka has already been fortified by Chinese as their Diego Garcia ,[Base for their future plans], when they helped the Srilankan army in the mass killings of Tamils in the name of fighting the LTTE.

If we ignore all these signs of intimidation by Chinese it will be surely a disaster for our country in the near future.We have to be alive and alert to the situation and ground realities and get tough where and when it is required, so as to enable our people to be safe and with out fear.The poor Maos are not the villains, they are the sufferers, it is our own bigwigs who are willing to do any thing and every thing to make easy money.I have seen the reality in those most under developed areas of the North east India and the so called Mao belt where the big business people have been directly eating up the resources. I also have this gut feeling that the people who matters are turning a blind eye to the realities as time will surely prove.

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Recently I saw Mr.Mani Shankar Aiyar, showing off with mastery over his/our past masters' language, as if he ,being a product of a particular college was , a master while the present sports Minister, from a different college does not have his vocabulary in a language which is not our mother tongue. So stupid and snobbish. These guys are still in the mode to prostrate in front of their masters' [ Past,present and future for them.] and takes pride in knowing a language which belongs to a barbarian tribe, who not only looted from around the globe but even made human beings slaves [People who did such deeds must have been insane and crazy.] and ruled as a colonial power with the power of guns alone, they could not have been so successful in ruling us for so long but for guys like the above mentioned ones, kneeling in front of them and taking proud of what ever is connected to them, rather than looking in to our own back ground and greatest culture with a master language such as Sanskrit.I would have been the first person to applaud him had he shown the same command over Sanskrit, the mother of almost all languages or even Latin which too was the master language from which, most of the European languages originated from.

English do have its reach around the globe for sure, along with French and Spanish as well, and there is no harm in learning languages, which has wide readership and through which we can communicate to a lot of people around the globe. That was pure circumstantial evolution due to the colonialism and empires built through brute force of the Gun, and has nothing do do with the greatness of the said languages.The British made a lot of Typists' from the ilk of Mr.Aiyar's clan, to do their writing job for easy communication around their vast colonial areas around the globe and reporting to their Kings and Queens, which must have been the reason for the rise of these guys , who thought being the rulers' servant with a knowledge of their rulers' language has its merits in getting the appreciation of their masters in those era, which can also enable them to make a quick buck. But the truth now is the Brutish masters have left our country since 1947, and it is time you come out of your hangover and face the reality, which is present day India, with most of the younger generation populace born free, unlike our forefathers who were born under rulers who were foreigners.

Due to pure administrative reasons we have to put up with English as a common umbrella wide enough, to cover our whole country with different languages in each states,that is our compulsion for the time being.

But going to the extend of ridiculing our own culture and great languages of India is an insult to our country. Knowledge of English alone no way indicates greatness or nobleness.Using the language to get a message across to the people who understand only English is perhaps OK. But if you are showing off with your ability and vocabulary in English in front of, for instance,the Adivasis in remote villages or the North Indians who has their own mother tongue, which is spoken by almost vast majority in India, is the biggest joke and most snobbish act as one can surely see.

The real knowledge is not about the power of a language,but the content written in the languages [Such as Vedas and Upanishads in Sanskrit] Which can not be learned fully in a lifetime even if you keep learning for a hundred years [maximum for a human being]. Even if you learn the whole Vedas and Upanishads, it is still only three handfuls of sand if you compare knowledge as a whole, equals to the mass of earth.So it can be easily assumed that, how little we all know rather than how much we know.

Under the above circumstances, it would be prudent on the part of the so called great leaders to distance them selves from glorifying what ever is English in life, and get to know what is Indian instead for our roots are these very Indian languages and our vast cultural and scientific heritage, which is perhaps not known to those, who call themselves the custodian of the English language. First be a true Indian before being a great Scholar of English,for we live and belong to India.

I am proud of being an Indian and if given a chance to have a choice, would still choose India as my birth place in my next birth,because I am convinced about the greatness of our country and also wish to learn Sanskrit the language of gods in my next life.

Who cares after all whether your English is perfect or not. I am not writing this to please the English Queen or the snobs in England or their clones in India. My purpose is to get this message across that real knowledge lies right here in India, hidden in our own scriptures look inside our country to know more, rather than looking out to your past masters who has all looted more than enough from us and gone.

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“One Caste, One Religion, One God for Mankind”.SRI NARAYANAGURU'S MESSAGE.

THE MOST RELEVANT MESSAGE FOR THE HUMAN KIND IN THIS TROUBLED TIMES [Mostly due to division & class made by human beings the root cause for all the evils faced today in our society.]

In August 1856 when a child was born in a humble cottage in the pretty hamlet of Chempazhanthi near Trivandrum, no one knew it marked the dawn of the most remarkable epoch in the social evolution of Kerala. This child was to blossom forth as the great sage Sree Narayana, the most revolutionary social reformer Kerala has produced.

To have proper appreciation of the magnitude of Sree Narayana’s achievements, it is necessary to understand the background of the social conditions in which he was born and brought up. Kerala, reputed for its natural beauty and richness of life, was alas, the accursed land of caste tyranny at that time; to such an extent that it was really a “lunatic asylum” as Swami Vivekananda branded it. The non-caste Hindus, the “Avarnas” were groaning under the terrible weight of social, economic, religious and political oppression imposed upon them by caste Hindus or “Savarnas”. Not only temples of God but temples of learning were also shut against them by twin weapons of untouchability and unapproachability. They had to toil hard for their caste-Hindu masters with hardly any reward. They had to suffer a multitude of disabilities that broke the very backbone of their life.

Numerically Ezhavas or Thiyyas are the largest non-caste Hindu community in Kerala. Sree Narayana was born into a middle class family of this community. His parents, ‘Madan Asan’ and ‘Kutty Amma’ endearingly called him ‘Nanu’. At the age of five, he began his education in the neighboring school in the old “Gurukula” model. After his elementary education in this school, he became the disciple of a great Sanskrit scholar ‘Raman Pillai Asan’ of Puthuppally in Central Travancore. Under his master’s tutelage, he became well versed in Sanskrit classics. For some time he too functioned as an ‘Asan’, a teacher of infant pupils. Thus he came to be known as ‘Nanu Asan’.
Nanu, even from his boyhood had an ascetic bent of mind. When he was on the threshold of his youth, he had to undergo the ceremonial of a marriage due to parental pressure. But he never led a married life. Sree Narayana’s mind was always agitated by a spiritual urge that induced him along with a fellow-spiritualist renowned as ‘Chattampi Swami’, to become the disciple of a man named Ayyavu, the then Superintendent of the British Residency in Trivandrum from whom he learned Yoga. At the age of twenty-three he left his family, renounced the pleasures of his world and wandered about as an “avadhutha” or mendicant, keeping his body and soul together by the alms he received from all sorts of people. Soon human eyes detected the “Sanyasin” and devotees began to gather around him at Aruvippurm, the seat of his meditation.

They participated in his prayers and spiritual learning. In due course the sage emerged from his retreat and like Buddha, came out to shed light onto a world of darkness. Thus began his crusade against social inequality and other iniquities.

In those days, the foundation and consecration of a Hindu temple was the exclusive monopoly of the Brahmins. Sree Narayana’s first revolutionary act was the challenge thrown against this monopoly, by him consecrating temples. The first in this line was the temple dedicated to Shiva in Aruvippuram in 1888 A.D. In the temple is inscribed in Malayalam the following ideal, which epitomizes the Sree Narayana creed. “This is the ideal place Where all live in full harmony Without distinction of Caste or prejudice of Creed”.

The people of the Ezhava community were the first to be awakened by the teachings of Sree Narayana and to be inspired into a spirit of mass militancy to eradicate their social disabilities. This was partly because the great Guru was born in that community and partly because the Ezhavas constituted the largest single community among the downtrodden masses in Kerala. Thanks to Sree Narayana, the Ezhavas came to have their own temples on the model of caste-Hindu temples that denied them admission, and in their temples they could worship the deities until then monopolized by caste Hindus. Within a few years Sree Narayana established a multitude of temples all over Kerala. The temples at Vakkom, Kulathur and Kovalam in south Travancore area, at Cherai, Koorkancherry and Peringottukara in Cochin area, and Tellicherry, Cannanore and Calicut in the Malabar area of Kerala State and Mangalore in Karnataka state are some of the most celebrated among these temples. It is significant that the history of founding of Temples by Sree Narayana was a process of evolution through which he slowly prepared the minds of the masses in the progressive realization of more and more revolutionary ideas. First he founded the temples dedicated to Shiva in the caste-Hindu pattern. Then in 1912 he made a departure from this when the temple dedicated to ‘Sharada’, the goddess of learning was founded at Varkala, thereby including the ideal of the worship of knowledge. Revolutionary changes were also introduced in the traditional rituals and ceremonials to be observed in temples. The next milestone in the path of his reform was the foundation of a temple in Murikkumpuzha near Trivandrum in 1922, where, in the place of a deity a bright light revealing the words “Truth, Duty, Kindness, Love” was installed. The climax of his temple reform was the installation of a mirror for worship in the temple founded at Kalavancode in Sherthallai. The mirror is symbolic of Sree Narayana’s teachings that man should find his salvation not in lifeless deities but in himself by the development and utilization of his inner self.

Long before the Temple Entry Proclamation of the Travancore government in 1936 whereby government temples were thro wn open to all Hindus, the temples established by Sree Narayana had become the asylum for worship, of the ‘lowlier of the lowliest’. Sree Narayana’s temples made no discrimination on the ground of caste, or creed. Unlike caste Hindu temples, they were open to both Hindus and non-Hindus.

Sree Narayana was a true “rishi” who lived with the people and for the people. He knew that without providing material comforts, it is futile to hold out the illusion of spiritual happiness to the starving and suffering millions. So he conducted a veritable campaign to eradicate the material disabilities of the downtrodden sections of Hindus. In 1903, Dr. P. Palpu, a devotee of Sree Narayana, founded a social organization called S.N.D.P Yogam (Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam), the organization to promote the Dharma of Sree Narayana. This organization has done invaluable service in the epic struggle against caste system in Kerala. The organizers of S.N.D.P made Sree Narayana as its first President. The first General Secretary of S.N.D.P Yogam was Kumaran Asan, the peerless pioneer among modern Malayalam poets. He was one of the dedicated disciples of Sree Narayana. In fact the spiritual philosophy and the crusade against caste that illumine Kumaran Asan’s poetry were inspired mainly by association with and inspiration from the great Guru. Sree Narayana never went about preaching. He was essentially a ‘Karma Yogi’. But his ‘silence eloquent’, the inner light that emanated from his resplendent personality, inspired and enlightened all around him, wherever he went. He traveled throughout and outside. Wherever he went, he earned disciples and devotees in large numbers. In 1928 he founded the “Dharma Sangha”, an order of Sanyasins who were expected to be his true disciples. The members of this order were to propagate and perpetuate the teachings of Guru. Early in 1921 an All Kerala Fraternity Conference was held at Alwaye, and in this conference was delivered his eternal message “One Caste, One Religion, One God for Mankind”. In the wake of this conference Guru’s illustrious disciple K. Ayyappan started the “Sahodhara” (Brotherhood) movement in Cherai, his native place, to eradicate the caste system by promoting inter-caste marriage and inter-dining. Sahodharan Ayyappan braved formidable opposition from the reactionary elements, mostly from his own community-the Ezhavas. But inspired by the teachings and blessings of Sree Narayana, Sahodharan Ayyappan conducted a mammoth campaign to create a casteless society in Kerala. His tireless work went a long way to mitigate the rigors of the caste system in his country.
Sree Narayana founded two Ashrams, at Varkala and Alwaye, with educational institutions attached to them. These Ashrams remain the centers of purity and universal fraternity, the ideals, which the Guru greatly cherished and nourished. Sree Narayana did not attempt to found a new religion, but he propounded a great creed, the creed of “Universal Goodness”.

Like Sree Shankara, Sree Narayana was a profound thinker, a great seer and a born poet. He was also a great scholar in Sanskrit and Tamil. He has been the author of many works in Malayalam and Sanskrit, which are “Atmopadesa Sathakam” and “Darsanamala” which epitomize his great moral and spiritual precepts. He has also beautifully translated Tamil works like “Thirukkural” and “Ozhuvilotukkam” into Malayalam. In his works he has superbly expounded the ‘Advaita’ philosophy. 'Daiva Dasakam' a simple prayer written by Guru.

Sree Narayana is one of those rare men whose greatness was recognized even while they were alive. No better testimony is needed for this than the fact that Rabindranath Tagore and Mahatma Gandhi had visited and paid respects to him. Tagore, when he visited Kerala in 1922, interviewed the Guru and was deeply impressed that he remarked-

“Among the ‘Paramahamsas’ alive in India now, there is none Who has lived such a life of purity as Swami Sree Narayana”.

When Mahatma Gandhi visited Sree Narayana in 1923, there was a heart-to-heart exchange of ideas between them and in their dialogue Sree Narayana made no secret of his strong feelings, about the need to eradicate the caste system root and branch.

The last great conference, which was convened at the behest of Sree Narayana, was the “All Religious Conference”, the Parliament of religions held at Alwaye in 1924. In this conference where eminent representatives of all great religions assembled, Sree Narayana proclaimed that the conference was convened “Not to argue and win but to know and to make known”. In a message which he delivered at the conference, he said ‘This great Parliament of religions makes it abundantly clear that the ultimate goal of all religions is same and so there is no need for followers of different religions to indulge in mutual conflict.”

The great Guru Sree Narayana attained Samadhi on September 20, 1928. Thus physically Guru disappeared, but spiritually he lives forever in the minds of mankind.

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Indian Government has been reminding every now and then how cleverly they managed to save India from the global effects of the greatest recession faced around the globe. Also reminding the people that it was their prudent economic policies and corrective measures which saved India from the meltdown,unlike other developed countries around the world led by US,UK along with their European counterparts which got hit very badly, and the plight might continue for more prolonged period for them. But due to the cleverness of our Government, Indians were saved from the worst effects.

But the truth remains it was due to the blockade of the Communists', who were backing the UPA[1],not allowing the government to go ahead with their agenda of going for the disinvestment and dilution of the government share of our Public Sector Banks,which actually saved our economy from utter disaster. Had the so called brains among the Manmohonomics' policies succeeded in their attempt to bring in FDIs and FIIs in to our Public Banking Institutions, as was vehemently recommended from the days of Mr.Yashvant Sinha ,followed by the Corporate Lobbies ,who were citing the non profitability of some Public Sector Banks then,[Indian Bank , UCo Bank UBI.]due to the willful defaulters like Mr.Bajaj & Co, who was seen very aggressively recommending along with Mr.Kamath of ICICI, who is only a stooge of other foreign interests' as is being tipped by the very close guys who run the institution[God knows the truth behind the ownership]. They all tried very hard to break the backbone of our Public Sector Banks citing non profitability.

Then the Bank employees union demanded the list of willful defaulters to be made public, the list was then rightly headed by the very guys, who were said to be on the forefront of the suggestion,also were holding positions such as the head of Indian Confederation of Industries etc. It is no more a secret that the present Home minister Mr.Chidambaram also was in favour of diluting the government equity in all public sector undertakings, in the name of better competitiveness, competency and most of all profitability. [But the bank employees knew then that it was their desperate attempt to have a say & share in these banks, to make quick bucks from around the country due to the presence of the branches of the PSU banks from the Himalayas to the southern tip of Kanyakumari]

These very guys were the ones who announced large scale waivers of agricultural Loans from the times of Mr.Devilal, and is still making banks waive loans, at their whims and fancies, citing the social responsibility of the banks on one side, while on the other side complaining of the non-profitability of such banks who lose monumentally due to scrupulous write offs dictated by their political bosses, during election times and other occasions too, when the going gets tough for them.

Having witnessed from close quarters all these happenings from North East to Down South, I have seen and witnessed it all in the last quarter century, when I was and still is a part of the PSU bank and have worked across our great country. These banks stood rock solid during the late Nineties and throughout the twenty first century with out any exposure to those toxic western banks or interests' in foreign markets by our PSUs ,unlike ICICI & some new generation Banks, were equal to zero or in single digits, that was the saving grace the only reason how our country was saved. Our Government does not have any Magic band, as they themselves admitted nor do they have any idea how to go forward.The only thing they know is not to do any thing at all.

Their only hope is that god will intervene in some way to save the day for them. Other wise they just are fools who can only talk big and know little about economics, but are mostly crooks who wants to amass wealth at any cost.How to go forward under the present circumstances is not known to them nor are they least interested to know about the subject. Their main concern being the ways and means to hold on to their ill gotten black money stashed away in tax havens and also routed through foreign entities in investments in Indian markets and real estate,mines etc etc.

But god will save our divine country. [solitairebala]