Wednesday, September 28, 2011


It is high time that the opposition collectively bring in a no confidence motion against the ruling government, as per the wishes of the people and to save our country from further loot and destruction.The fact that they all are holding on to power, in spite of the most damnable evidence of complicity by all concerned in the highest echelon right from the Prime Minister, Home Minister and the present Finance minister who too is no angel, is known to the people of this country.

These guys are all masters in manipulation , double talk and have succeeded for too long in misguiding the whole country, while Lacs of Crores of money has been looted already from the country's exchequer.The amount required for elections after all is only Hundreds of crores which is far better than losing Lacs of Crores in the coming couple of years.

There are no excuses to be heard anymore, there are only a few ministers left untainted like Mr.Antony and a few others.The rest are all crooks disguised as angels. The main opposition which consists mainly of BJP is also not a viable alternative, as they are bend up on the old British mantra of "divide and rule",which is also not going to work any more. They too have looted for sure.More over their reluctance to bring up the dalits and other backward communities, to high position gives away the true color of them.Their very fabric is biased approach towards the backwards among the Hindu's themselves [ Though RSS Cadres consists of all.]. Do not forget the words of Swamy Vivekananda who observed after his visit to Kerala that the state is a mad house.It was not the Religious disharmony, which he mentioned, on the other side relations among different religions has been very good all along in Kerala History. While the main reason was the Upper Hindus discriminating towards the lower castes among them, by not allowing them temple entry and also their entry to educational institutions too were denied. They were called "athrikrither'[the un-touchables] and the upper casts of those periods, used to say their day is bad, when they see some lower caste Hindu on their way.

[But the historic background is different as can be verified, for these so called lower caste Hindus' actually were Buddhists prior to Adi Sankara's period, who brought them back to Hinduism citing that, Sri Buddha himself was the re-in carnation of Maha Vishnu, in the Eighth Century.But those who came back to Hinduism were given a sub standard level, by those so called custodians of Hinduism, the so called high caste Hindus of today. Our history has managed to hide many facts than enlighten in many aspects, which can be seen and brought to light from many texts which is in possession of so many families even today unknown to the world. It is twisted history being taught in schools, all hiding more and showing little reality of what actually happened in the earlier periods.]

That very practice was mentioned by Swamy Vivekananda as utterly nonsense and Kerala was said to be a 'mad house'.Those Upper caste Hindu's were the land lords in most part of the state. But they needed the help of lower caste Hindus , just like the Americans needed African slaves to do farming for their wealth, which must have been the main reason for them to keep those unfortunate people barred from temples and schools. But the silent revolution did take place first by Noble Guru's Like Narayana Guru Swamy and later by the communists, who were rightly voted to power by mass movement in 1957 barely 10 years after independence.Because for most part even after independence the Communists were banned by the very Congress Government,who too followed the policies of the British blindly those days.

The third alternative looks to be better with some good leaders and the communists who are less poisonous.Let us hope in the mean while, Supreme court also will intervene to save our country from these crooks.

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