Sunday, September 25, 2011


This lines were found on a wall in side a temple in Coimbatore, which I thought must be shared among our populace for them to realize that we were indeed a very loving society with respect for all religions from time immemorial.

Shirdi Saibaba 1838-1918.

Shirdi Saibaba is an Indian spiritual guru and a fakir that transcended the barriers of religion.
He was regarded with reverence by both Hindu and Muslim followers. He lived in a Mosque and after death his body was cremated in a Temple.Hindu devotees consider him an incarnation of Lord Shiva or Dattatreya. Many devotees believe that he was a Sadguru an enlightened Sufi Pir or a Qutub.
Saibaba is of Indian and Arabic/Persian origin meaning 'Sakshat eshwar" or the divine.One of well known epigrams "Sabka malik ek" ["One god governs all"]is associated with both the bhagwad-Gita and sufism.
Quote "What ever you do,Where ever you may be, always bear this in mind:I am always aware of everything you do".

What more proof does one require to learn that, it is useless and shameless to fight in the name of religions and caste or creed. We human beings are one.

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