Friday, September 16, 2011


Our past history has taught us that the Chinese can never be trusted. We were hood winked by them during the Nehru era in the early Sixties.When we were caught napping saying 'Indo China Bhai Bhai',while they attacked us especially from the North east and reached up to present day Tezpur in Assam without any fight or opposition. That experience must never be forgotten. I was just born then but have learned a few things from my father, who went on deputation from Kerala PWD to serve in those days right after the Chinese aggression, to North East Frontier Agency [Known then as NEFA]to build non existent roads, by joining MES {Border Roads Task Force]as a young engineer and have been there for a few years, while we urgently built roads in present day Arunachal Pradesh and all those adjoining Chinese areas.

More over I have spent almost a decade in North East travelling around seeing the realities in the Eighties and early Nineties.

Though the situation now is slightly different as we too have managed to develop rapidly,the Chinese on the other hand has done much more than building roads.They have been supporting the insurgents in North East through covert and overt operations and have massive build up surrounding India right from SriLanka [erstwhile Ceylon], Pakistan,Burma, Bangladesh & Nepal.

One wonders whether our Intelligence agencies are still sleeping, as they did while Osama Bin Laden along with Mr.Parvez Mushraf as the Pakistan military commander, then occupied Kargil in Kashmir without our authorities noticing it and was rightly caught napping, even in this era of space observation which enables one to peep in to movements and build ups any where on earth. We paid a heavy price, by way of losing so many lives of our poor soldiers, while recapturing the Kargil peaks.

We know very well that Maos are being supported from across the border and through the border countries especially, from Burma,Srilanka & Nepal.It is also because of the vulnerability of our tribal populace due to the misgovernment policies such as prioritizing wrongly, by giving boost to big corporate and Industries, while ignoring and chasing our own tribal people and farmers away, either by occupying their land in the name of larger public interests, which in reality, is the corporate ,political nexus and their interests, or by ignoring their very survival.This has made the job of our adversaries easier to directly influence our unfortunate, frustrated and underprivileged poorest people among our population, and have in reality forced them to take arms for protecting their dear life.

If we turn a blind eye to the realities happening around us by citing saffron and green colours then we will certainly regret. Before we realize what has happened the Chinese are capable of controlling the happenings in our country because they have the tacit support from all those countries mentioned above.There are even rumors that an island in Srilanka has already been fortified by Chinese as their Diego Garcia ,[Base for their future plans], when they helped the Srilankan army in the mass killings of Tamils in the name of fighting the LTTE.

If we ignore all these signs of intimidation by Chinese it will be surely a disaster for our country in the near future.We have to be alive and alert to the situation and ground realities and get tough where and when it is required, so as to enable our people to be safe and with out fear.The poor Maos are not the villains, they are the sufferers, it is our own bigwigs who are willing to do any thing and every thing to make easy money.I have seen the reality in those most under developed areas of the North east India and the so called Mao belt where the big business people have been directly eating up the resources. I also have this gut feeling that the people who matters are turning a blind eye to the realities as time will surely prove.

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