Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chicken always think it is because of them the sun is rising every morning.


Some have shown urgency, others have been questioning it, and seem to be still not convinced, they call it a hoax & feel it does not deserve the attention the world is giving and all is well. The ultimate is as one can imagine future shock awaiting humanity. We will have to go through some corrective measures our planet mother itself possesses. The greatest balancer of the entire universe, it is also very likely that, we will be going through cycles of destruction and creation after all is wiped off.

Creation, preservation and destruction, the goddess of all nature, named for all the three in to one is ‘VISHNUMAYA’. Lives evolve, changes and ultimately get destroyed for it to again start from zero. These are the presumptions we see in real. So unless some thing drastic and volumness catastrophe happens, to shock the whole world, enough to open the eyes of the ignorant. It is most likely result and the tell tale signs are being experienced in places around the globe. Some are suffering due to scarcity, for want of pure drinking water, also poor the majority, does not have access to good nourishment or good food. The deserts are getting bigger each year. Rajasthan in the very meaning was ‘the place of Rajas’ and very green but became a desert when they did not get rains for decades. Gujrat on the northern side also have now become more or less just vast land barren and desert like. They could not help but call for rapid industrialization to make up for the loss of farm lands and cattle fields. But that does not mean that we cut the trees and make big Industries all over the place for a so called ‘developed India’. Where ever possible, the states with nature’s abundance and greenery should be preserved for that is our last thread for life.

In my life time of 48 years, I have seen the rivers full and rainfall normal year after year in the early seventies when ‘Chirapunchi’ in Meghalaya [North East India] was the place with most rains in the whole world. But in 3 decades our planet has been decayed to such extent unimaginable. North India bafflingly is joining the deserts, and when the glaciers are gone even a river big as the Ganges will become dry. There was this mention of a third river which existed in the name of ‘Sarswathi’
[In our mythology rather, ‘Ithihas’ meaning history.] [The Goddess of knowledge] and the trio was called ‘Ganga, Yamuna & Saraswathi , now we knew, for the existence is cited in our history but has dried up and Allahabad the place ,where all the three rivers joins together [Sangam] has now only two rivers to be seen.

While traveling through Gujrat I have seen big bridges built over the river Sabarmati but we can only see sand dunes and not a trace of water. I feel those who are calling it as hoax are people who may even deny their existence saying it is only a dream.

Africa once was called the Dark Continent means, no body knew any thing about their existence and the whole continent was thick rain forests, such as Amazon in South America. Now I wonder if there are any trees left there at all our guys have shaven off the whole continents, just as they would do to their stub or beard.

Come on guys by shutting your eyes does not make a difference to the sun above; the only result will be that you are blind while you may like to think yourself the non existence of the Sun.

Thoughts of solitairebala.

Monday, June 29, 2009



Those boys out there are the products of our state machineries complete ingonrance of the plight of poor farmers and the youth among them, gets the first contact to those subversive elements, who are slefish. It is an easy task to get a guy working for you with out them being aware of your real activities.

Our Congress governments' path breaking achievement has been the National Rural Emplyement Guarantee scheme, through which our government has been providing with labour,for atleast 100 days , during off season or farm labours are free with out job at times. This plank can be made available to those mao boys, who can be made to be aware the dignity of labour and the prospects of making a honourable living working for the development of the country. Those elements who plan and execute the rural plans must not be polititians but social organisations, who enjoys the support of the local population. They are the ones to be entrusted to take in the mao boys ,who are victims of thier circumstances. They deserve sympathy and an apologetic behaviour towards all those, who joins our national band wagon,should be not punished for giving them one chance to come and live honourable life,like all citizen as they too deserve the same importance and sympathy,if they really regret for their sins and joins our work force to make India the real super power, the down grading of farmer needs has to be upgraded to the maximum possible level ,just as we have done to those army jawans give them government jobs to ensure the security and free from the manipulations of cunning politicians ,which makes the villagers' life a horror as one by one all have cheated and made a fortune in the names of farmers and as if looking after thier interests, but in real is eating up the recources meant for farmers and the poorest. thoughts of 'solitairebala'

Saturday, June 27, 2009



Friendship is the next thing after love, as a feeling or affection towards other guys or girls but more important, when it comes to ones worst time, when you can realize who are good friends and who are all those wanting only the good side of it, and does not want any thing to do with the bad times of a person.

I can give some tips for you to know who are your genuine friends and others who fake it and succeed most of the times if we are not intelligent enough or tuned enough to see through those guys. Intelligence always not necessarily means that you can judge a person immediately on meeting. On most occasions you will be taken for a ride by the most cunning guys on earth , and you tend to believe them, rather than those genuine ones who miss or doesn’t want to be seen enforcing themselves on you. If and when you realize the fakes, then it is always the best thing to do, is to go out of their way, and mend your lost friendship with genuine guyes, rather than sticking with those cunning and scheming ones, just because you don’t have a choice.

You can be fooled once, but the second time you will be smarter due to your previous experience. And as far as I can see there are no short cuts in seeing through a person, but the face expressions do give away, when you are not directly facing them, but can feel with intuition the thoughts or the sudden change of face expressions, which lasts only a fraction of a second before they manage to hide the same. One has to be sharp enough to get that fleeting moment to catch the thief. For a fake one simply can not be faking for 24/7, for the simple logic that they are faking it. The genuine ones may not want to impress up on you by forcefully trying to convince you of their gentility. They normally evades all the unpleasantness, if they don’t like it frankly or boldly saying ‘no’ straight back, which has to be taken for the genuine reason behind, which has to be found out.

But the most amazing stuff in friendship is that if you both are genuinely & sincerely in friendship, then the chances, that it will go all the way till your graveyard is possible.
Fakers come and go and for their quality they will be dumped by all, but always manages to find new pray to fool. But no single person can be fooled again and again. All good and bad things do comes to an end eventually.

Judging people and depending on those reliable guys are your ways to success, and partnering the wrong guy , who is a fake will be disastrous for some one who impulsively goes for a partnership, only to find they were fooled by their own so called genuine partners’ who turns out to be the biggest crook.

Be careful guys and gals for there are 90% chance that you are falling for the fake guy or girl, due to the very fact that our world of today is filled with 90% crooks and corrupt.

But before long there will be orderly punishment for all those crooks, as their life will only end, when they have suffered enough for their sins committed during one lifetime.
All the material gains also will be lost ultimately in some way or the other due to the fact that it was made by fooling others or simply cheating by fraudsters who are the majority in today’s world.

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Friday, June 26, 2009



If one observes during ones’ visits to temples, churches or mosques we all can see the cultural teachings and the importance of meditation as invariably all religions in the world teaches us to pray, the only way of purifying us, we find lot of rituals being followed such as the temple priests doing pujas to the deity, or mass prayers conducted by Christians, the ‘Niskaram’ a yoga posture, while you touch your head by bowing down to the mother earth done by Muslims, the fasting which gives us the power to with stand hunger, the same is done on selected days by Hindus as well. The kneeling down is the yoga posture which makes all our cells gets blood flow due to the specific sitting posture or the pujas, with water, fire, flowers, leaves, butter, food cooked by grains and fruits. The idea is to show us the way of life to be followed in reality called life. That was the greenest way of life, but unfortunately people some where lost touch, with the rituals and followed the in disciplined life styles of the western world blindly.

That perhaps was our most foolish undoing of all the good left behind by our fore fathers. That very goodness was missed by the Western world to follow as a life style, was the second most blunder, which changed the course of our peoples’ health for, generations towards dooms day in double quick speed.

Now they are in a mood for receptiveness, as they have realized their blunders, and if they take a good look at Indian society they can find the bond and fabric of cultural societal festivals, when all contribute in different measures and ways. We can find that the basics called the foundation of whole cultural basics were actually left behind to be followed as best practices and healthy life styles. These are the imparted knowledge base of our forefathers and they benefited from their forefathers. Instead of preserving the handed over baton, we some how slipped and fell on the way, the Britishers in fact ruined what ever was left behind.

Mugals allowed Hindus also to prosper and in real secularism instead of today's fire brands. Emperor Akbar was the ultimate and ensured full and complete amity between the two religions. They never destroyed any thing which was Indian in nature, in fact they encouraged the cultural pluralism to emerge stronger in art , music and literature, the buildings left behind such as Taj mahal , and palaces and places of worship.The language Hindi is the ultimate proof of our friendship between the two religions as the Urdu version of the Hindi is the con temporarily spoken Hindi, rather than the Sanskrit based Hindi , which must have preceded the latest version, English which too added up words of local languages and benefited by an enlarged vocabulary than what they actually had centuries ago.

Coming back to the scientific part in the rituals is simple a ‘tulsi’ leaf is now proved to be the best antibiotic, in its chemical substances, which is put in water for the pujas and contains more aura than in any other substance, this water is in turn given in drops for all to have as doses of ‘homeopathic’ medicines daily, the vaccination against deceases. If you are a temple visitor daily, the fire with which the pujas are done also is the destroyer of harmful mosquitoes and viruses around the temple which normally is under a banyan tree, which is the emitter of maximum oxygen among all trees. If you have one such tree in every small temple that we see around it self, emits coolness and fresh & clear air for breathing oxygen to rejuvenate our inner organs and cleaning up our lungs and system.

Once when we understand the formulas then it will be easier to tackle deceases of the latest kinds, which were never existent in our 20th century. But there were always some kind of deceases like the small poxes in hot weather or plague in cold weather.

The answer to all these ills is to go back to our cleaner way of living, in harmony with the nature, rather than sitting inside an AC room or a Heater in cold countries. Solar heaters are the answers in cold weather, while tree cover is the answer in hot countries.

Slowly and steadily with the UN efforts, we can get back to a safe world provided all countries show equal and serious concern for the depletion , for our future generations, who will then be thankful to us. Other wise they will curse us for having plundered and destroyed all the forests around and making concrete jungles and desert all around. Human species is now facing the gravest danger ever recorded in history or perhaps the repetitions in cycles, and gets destroyed to emerge again after millions of years to destroy again.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009



If you ask a child about the word ‘Aura’ many children will be able to tell about it in practice as children are said to be having it in abundance, which disappears as we grow and become a person with ego. For the benefit of real Christians, I can explain it as the star seen behind Jesus Christ’s head.

Also known in English, as brain waves, the unseen power, which connects us to our world, universe and most importantly to God. Every human being is having it in some degree, but can either develop or destruct according to the ‘Karma’ in life.

What our Rishis [Indian philosophers attaining wisdom called ‘enlightenment’ by practicing and penance for the God] are doing in Himalaya is exactly trying to uncover the veil and vile inside our self and the ego of one, which is responsible partly or fully & make us blind towards the reality. To attain clarity of thought, to see the real in reality instead of the blurred version that a layman is capable of, we have to meditate for years and bring our thoughts to clarity and concentration from the daily vagaries of life, which makes us forget the reality in front of our life’s inevitable daily chorus.

Bu the fact is even while having a family, one can still achieve or is capable of developing your Aura and connectivity in modern language, with our god almighty and our mother Earth.

Just as in the case of drug addicts, who becomes a slave of their habits, which ultimately make us blank in thoughts and realities, the exhilaration one might experience of the effect of the drug only last for a few hours after which, you are worse off, than your normal and most of the times are depressed and disoriented with out any clarity in mind as we lose our control over our self in the process of drug abuse and alcoholism. You can take my advice in these factors as I have spent most of my younger days in experimenting with drugs and drinks. The most harmless is to have a beer in the evening along with a joint of marijuana, [Grass prohibited in soem places as gancha or pot.] enough to make you hungry and sleepy and you wake up with freshness unlike the drunkards, who goes on till 2 am and would not be able to lift their head and needs a sober dose of a drink, to make their brain and body function.

Instead, if you are willing to do penance and meditate the bliss and exhilarations lasts for ever, unlike the drugs ,which can only give a feeling some where very distant, and entirely different to the bliss of mental calmness and the harmony and balanced mind to last for your whole life.

I give below an happening recently in the Himalayan terrain , where millions of Rishis still do ‘sadhana’ meditation and years of yoga practice to control our thoughts for concentration, in pursuit of the ultimate truth, people wants to know about our purpose in life and the righteous way of living. Each goes in his own ways of finding solace to our soul. One morning they all heard a large thud nearby a village in the foothill as a rock weighing abouthundreds of tons fell down and rolled but miraculously stopped in front of a baby 3 years old, who was playing but un aware of all the commotion. Villagers all gathered and were taken aback seeing the narrow escape of the little child. A Sadhu or Rishi came down from his meditaions to see the child and the rock, the size of hundreds of feet and weighing around 100 or more tons. The villagers promptly asked the Rishi , why it fell down in the first place for which the Sadhu replied it was due to the foot step vibration felt on earth by the 3 year old boy. The second question was then how come it stopped five feet away from the child. For that the Rishi answered it was due to the 'Aura' of the boy which was manifolds than any normal human being, and had the power of stopping huge mountain chip weighing more than a train right in front of the baby, unknowingly to him only due to the Aura he possessed, and the Sadhu/Rishi was instantly convinced of the power of the Aura in the little boy and explained the power of such unseen force which has a direct link to our cosmos, earth and God.

Our earth is so sensitive that butterflies’ wings flutter can reverberate thousands of miles away in Australia or US, such is the sensitive nature of our mother earth. But imagine the plundering and piling we do to make big concrete towers, and how much affect this will have on our mother earth.

The lack of rains and climate eccentricity all are the result of our plundering and unless we reverse the trend, there will be many more disastrous catastrophes in the end, will be a closed chapter for men who were given a fair chance, but misused it for selfish deeds alone. The affect of nuclear fusion tested underneath the soil in remote places have such disastrous effect unimaginable for man kind.

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Lately we have come across so many, interpretations as far as dress codes are concerned. The latest being Mr.Sarkozy the French leader, who, announced he will not allow burqua the head and face veil, worn by Muslim women around the world, his interpretation was it is a sign of subservience of women. He could not have been more far away from the truth, which is 'the simple logic of covering for your safety'. There were times earlier when women must have been gang raped and brutally murdered, by guys[criminals] who can be crueler than the wolves who too hunt in gang.If you read FANCLUB of Irving Wallace, you will get the thoughts of a typical criminal towards a women called 'sexiest'.

This happens mostly because the men are tempted by the beauty of women as nature has made us seeing attraction in every thing opposite our sex, for instance male is attracted to female the basic for survival and natures’ way of ensuring the survival of human beings. But now since, we have had population growth interfering in our capacity in other words the worlds’ capacity to hold certain number of people is being stretched beyond our luck unfortunately. Of course our European counterparts have a different opinion as they have been affected with under population. More over, the cold weather, bitter as in northern Europe, US, Canada and Alaska, Russia, is naturally not inhabitable in the normal circumstances but we still find people there too. They have found ways of surviving in bitter cold their out look hence, will be different than ours, where we have hot and cold weather but mild hotness or coldness especially in places like Kerala, where the weather is never too intimidating, as one can survive in winter or summer on the street any where,
I myself has got drunk in my younger days and slept on the beach quite a few times.

Can you imagine surviving in the streets of Moscow or New York, drunk and blacked out during winter, you are gone, if such a thing happens to you and you fall asleep in the bitter cold or Saharan desert, for others to find the body next morning and bury with out further fuss. The basic difference in climate has to be understood to make out the customs and cultures, which suit their climatic conditions & weather of thier places of origin . Add to that the behavioral pattern of human beings too differ from place to place as we see a warm and open mouthed laughter in India ,while the Europeans do it without opening their mouth, due to the cold weather in which the survival is the criteria rather than fun and games.

The evolution of languages too has connection with their climate and terrain, as each place is different like the same Languages which differ from place to place. One has to consider these as a whole, to understand the reasons behind such customs and dresses.
In India it is enough for you to just rub yourself to a women, accidentally to get an erection due to the weather pattern, while you need long kisses and cuddling to each other to get an erection in European countries. First, these are the reasons for people to wear burqua or veil. Our forefathers, wanted the safety of the girls to come first, as they don’t want any harm to happen to her till she gets married , still a virgin, [Things are different in practice of course] supposedly , but for Europeans the fact of the diminishing numbers, may have prompted them, to let their girls be more sexy and exposed, so as to attract guys to her and eventually have a child or get married or even have a child with out getting married.

The difference in the basic out look has to be understood before we utter some thing or a casual remark about such sensitive stuff, and that too by misinterpreting to suit your laws and convictions rather than leaving it to individuals. It is debatable as they will never be able to take in the truths, that we may consider as truths, while we also will never be able to understand their outlook, for we have been brought up differently.

My suggestion is to admire each other for their strong points without pointing a finger to such trivia, as we have more important things to look out to and get done with. French as I know are nice people, who were not as ruthless or cunning as the British were nor were they as disciplined as the Germans. I have come across a French gentleman named Guy letore, who was very close to us 3 brothers and accepted our invitation to stay with our family for weeks, before he went on his travels to come back again to India and stayed again. I also met a French lady, while traveling from Delhi to Calicut in a train in late eighties and she became a very good friend of mine in just a couple of days and we exchanged letters for some time. I got down at Chennai only to see her off to Pondicherry in a bus, also bought her a break fast ,decent enough, from Chennai Central station, for she could not eat anything but Coffee all throughout our journey, which took almost two days. Her name was Elizabeth and I was told she worked as an interpreter for the French and Spanish, her English too was very good , her letters were a treat, for you get the feeling of being in her shoes, such was her expression that I almost fell in love.

The matter is to be conveyed to our French friends, about the real cause of the dress code in hot places is for the benefit of not distracting the male, with your sexiness always, while Muslim women are very beautiful and opens only to their husbands, what is wrong with that? India, in fact has better understanding of their customs and cultures for we have lived together for centuries and our relation ship with Iran, Iraq [commonly known as Persia in the olden days] is thousands of years old. If the Europeans are not willing to identify their sensitivities, then they will be the ultimate losers, as Indians, we will always support Iran and Iraq no matter what Uncle Sam thinks of it.

To simplify matters further let me quote my own daughters’ dress, which at times I found detesting and advised my mother in law , who belongs to Thalassery, [Kerala] ‘the cradle of Fashion’ in India, not to make her look too modern, for the guys to be feeling tempted to harm her. But left it at that, as she has a different out look and we have to respect each individual for their strong points and wisdom.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009



There has been much hype and disturbance of a different kind since the last decade at least, when the glaciers started to melt and mountains of ice blocks [ice bergs] were vanishing just as they would, if we start to boil them, we realized it is because of the global warming due to increase in emissions level from around the world and I read that, half of it from US alone.

US had been the spoiler due to the very fact that their business and profits were their ultimate concern, and the ozone layer and green gas emission are unknown to the most so called, powerful guys on earth ‘Mr. George Bush, I saw a programmer in TV showing Mr.Bush [Junior himself, so we know for sure senior as well,for he must be still worse in his awareness] when asked about to comment on Global Warming and its affects was said to have commented ‘aye man, it should be warm ,or we will all perish, did you not see the people suffering from cold weather during winter our world should be ice free’[ the answer was in these lines perhaps the wording may have been different]

If that was the response of the most rich and powerful nation’s leader,then one can imagine their level of awareness is so abysmally low and are at loss to understand the
Situation and its gravity on human life and eco balance. I had a response from US, where my blog ‘solitairebala’ had been popular since last few years the reader was responding to my blog post, about the anxiety of human habitats and the effect of Global warming, of the rising sea levels and so on the reader’s comment was “ hey man just don’t think about it –aha-ha-ha”.

Do you think the above responses augers well for our efforts when the people of the country responsible for 50% of the emission level is so ignorant lot, what are the literacy rate in US, or Is their curriculum so bad, not to have imparted the knowledge about our mother earth and the balance act which it self is a miracle. Well,as far as I know among all our nations under the umbrella of UN, United States is the only player who had the power and resources to make a difference but choose not to. How can we make it binding on them, once that happen the poorer and developing nations can also be helped by boosting their efforts in support of more green projects and Tree planting ,forestation and so on. Funds are critical, as we can not expect a country like Bangladesh to spend all they have, which is not enough for their food itself, how we can ask them to spend on other less important things in life as far as they are concerned.

Did you all know that, just one grown up tree is enough to provide oxygen for a family of three for their whole life? How many of us have planted a tree & also ensured it to grow up? Ask yourself, I have seen the direct result of cutting a big Neem Tree by a family only to show off their newly built house, the tree was the shade and coolness around the area for decades and cattle used to be settling underneath for shade and grass. The guy who built his house, actually was benefited by the coolness of the Neem tree as fresh air and coolness beneath, more over the tree was on the road side, but the guy thought the tree is covering his newly built house and asked his tree cutters to cut it, so as to show off his house. I was disturbed in mind for at least a week for, the very reason I started to stay there was due to the those Neem trees around, the coolness and fresh air and we lived a healthy life for almost five years, before the above said incident happened. With in one year disaster struck in their family as the house wife committed suicide, the reason has been cited as some thing else, but in my mind I was convinced, it was due to their very nature of going against the nature, which has resulted in the concrete building to warm up during summer and remains just like a boiler inside the house, health and mind must have been so disturbed for her to have taken such a decision to end her life in disgust.

I can cite thousands of such incidents when people go on a rampage and cut trees for the so called development towards dooms day.Gloom in US is an example, because had god been watching they were the worstand deserved to be punished, it has actually happened now is time for them for introspection and re examine their policies.

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The contention of the sons of the soil in Palestine has been the flaring point since last five decades, after the Great War Israel was born by taking territory from the Palestine, who was moved out unceremoniously, while the Jews were accommodated in such areas. Ever since, we have seen the conflicts, as each claiming the land to be theirs. Had both sides been accommodative of the other just as in India, where we allowed the Muslims in India to remain here, while some Hindus also along with Sikh remained in Pakistan after our countries were given independence by British by splitting the country in to two while Pakistan retained majority Muslims and India retained majority Hindus, after the 2nd world war when the European countries were bankrupt and could not rule the empire anymore.

But the triggering of tension lasted ever since, even to the present day in both India and Pakistan border & Israel and Palestine border. This was almost contained by diplomacy by India and Pakistan, though we also indulged in war at times. Israel had to live by Muslim countries in their surroundings that were supporting the PLO then. Though Jimmy Carter, tried his best to bring about peace in the gulf, situations changed drastically after the 9/11 tragedy.

The whole world is at risk with nuclear arms technology leaking from erstwhile, USSR countries owning nuclear arsenal and due to their financial woes, may be tempted to sell the same for a price. If and when some crazy guy gets his hands to a dirty bomb is enough to wipe off at least a third of the total world population or even detruct the whole world of all living beings. This is urgent times for diplomacy and great efforts in favour of humanity as a whole. All countries must be brought in the boat under the umbrella of UN and made to forego all nuclear war heads at the earliest before it is too late. Each one can ensure the other not making use of the fissile material for other than energy creation for which, perhaps it is best suited but only till we come to fool proof technology to harness solar power and wind power to the maximum so as to make it about 75% of our energy needs in a decade.

In my opinion that requires more urgent actions than the green gas emissions and tackling of global warming for which we might get another decade of time for us to act seriously, while compelling all countries to join the tirade for ever lasting peace and harmony in the world. It is a difficult task for sure but not impossible. The ball is in the court of veto power, countries to give up nuclear arsenals first, only then can they expect others to follow like Korea, Iran and Pakistan along with India.

Disturbing times ahead diplomacy of the statesmen will be tested to the hilt.

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Like parents who may argue in court, that they need a divorce as they only have one life and they don’t want to miss it, or they both don’t get along well, or they both are different in views and ego. We have seen in western countries families withered and the most sufferers are children who miss one of the parent or in some cases both, as they all go in search of their pleasure and new friends or live in partners.

If we look at it from the angle of a small child boy or girl, the life giving parents are the most important factor in determining the child’s psychology and they will end up detesting all, hating people and most often violent due to the violence they witness during their childhood, either between their parents or their step father or step mother, who may not be kind to children from earlier marriages. People are more concerned for their selfish needs and dont want to sacrifice for the benefit of our children,by trying to adjust for the sake of their children if they really love them.

The greatest sadness in life according to Hindu philosophy, is the death of own children or spouse, that is because we love our children so dearly that we can’t stand to see them suffer or in pain. We would rather take it on to our self, so that they are spared by god.

There was this story of ‘Yayathi’ who offered his youth, so that his father could live in youth, while the son becomes old as his father. It was a result of his fathers wish found out towards the end of his life and he very badly wanted to live as a youngster for some time. The only way was to either accept his son’s youth or give up life. Son Yayathi readily offers his youth ness, with out his father ever asking for it, but was really heartened to learn the love of his son for him. I too wanted to give my life in exchange for 10 or 15 years of further life for my father, but he too was of the type to give up or struggle all life, so that his children are well.

We don’t see such, love and affection in today’s world. The parents go in opposite directions, while the children are at the mercy of luck or god only. Children have every right to have both their parents living together with them, at least till the time they attains majority age. Divorce should be denied on the ground that children’s right’s have to be protected , only after that must come the right of individuals for the very reason that they are grown , and have to adjust for the sake of their children, if they really love them.

Normally, such children who are the victims, of divorced parents living separately, will terribly be missing them during those young days to feel unsecured. Such children are more likely to become bad in life due to the very reason of being the victims of circumstances, while the normal children who had the presence of both parent have more will power and compassion for others’ sufferings.

My opinion is to come out with laws banning divorce, if there are children involved till such time they become majors. I wanted it to be a deterrent for not encouraging divorce considering the hard ship a child goes through.

My opinions may be baffling for others, but I feel I owe it to our world’s children.

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Monday, June 22, 2009



It has been told in English ‘When you are in Rome do as the Romans’ as the simple logic to survive. But my mind tells me not to follow the common trend instead make your own assumptions by clear thinking with logic and your experience along with that of your parents’ and relations’ etc. People think in lines of following the mass to get things done. If you need water connection, you have to bribe that’s the most common practice in TN State.

But I will not, for the simple reason that giving or taking bribe is a sin. When you start to
Give, then ultimately you will have to start to accept to make it tally. Other wise where will the money come from? I was a laughing stock in front of my colleagues who all made fun of me by pointing out that I don’t know how to live. I am the ultimate fool.

I have got used to all these adages used to describe me by my friends and colleagues, they say you are a fool not to have gone out and taken your opportunity when you were offered it. But I was not willing to compromise on the principles of life and the virtues of good qualities in life, which has been taught to me, since my child hood days. Even when you are the only one left in the ship which is drowning, I still will hold on to my self and rather perish than give a bribe and take the safe route out to a boat.

So many of my fellow human beings laugh at me, and I don’t have any thing to show them as a result of good life, but for financial constraints and struggle throughout my life. I still won’t budge for I am ok as it is. I still love my own company and the nature surrounding me and still can survive even if I am the only one left on the world. Otherwise I will die thinking of the sins in life and yearn for death instead. Now at least I am sure that I did nothing wrong, while all the guys followed the pied piper as a common trend. The result of living according to your conscious and righteously will be happily accepted by me, even if some one tells me it is sure ‘hell in front of you man Change yourself or be doomed’. Yes I would rather face doom than change myself, for then, I will be a stranger to my own self, and I may not recognize my self in the mirror the minute I change myself. The only way of being genuine is to be genuine, like wise the only way to be truthful is to be truthful to your conscious first.

Other more so called intelligent guys, may differ, and may be more successful in their chosen line, but to me that is not the definition of success in life. My definition in life is to make a difference to the world for good, make a difference to the lives of the people surrounding you for good, and make a difference to your parents’ life and all the creatures who too have the same right as ourselves, to live and share earth, if you are able to do justice to such thoughts, than according to me you can term yourself ‘success’.

But unfortunately, people take the yard stick of how much you have looted from others’ the more the more successful you are. The more the more intelligent you are, according to their view but, my view will remain as mine and till my last breath. For me the importance is rising in the thoughts of magnanimity and sharing what ever little that you have with other less fortunate ones. Your Swiss bank balance will not be of much use to you, if you are the victim of AIDS or Swine flu. What is the use of having all the knowledge in the world if you are not sharing or imparting it to others for the benefit of humanity? They rightly sang ‘wings’ or Eagles ‘what is the use of all the knowledge if you don’t use it’ or what is the use of all the knowledge if the guy happens to be a fool &
Waste of life. For all the knowledge in the world is not enough for a fool. May god save them all?

Ways of life. Compiled by ‘solitairebala’ in Google.



It was explained in life, we all have a specific role to play according to the wishes of God almighty who charts the life and times of each individual meticulously planning the incidents in life which, at times changes your course in life for ever. It can be identified with a ship on voyage to a specific island in turn gets lost or due to bad weather on its original course, takes a turn in direction towards safety waters and reaches another island there by, changing their destiny as one might think but was or must have been planned by the almighty in his own cute ways.

Like wise we can see that in an epic like 'Mahabharatha' there are more than 2 lac[200, 000/-] characters, each one has a task in life unknown to him, but has a direct bearing on life of others or the history itself. The greatest Villain Mr.Duryodhana, was the one responsible for all the mayhem and war in Mahabharatha, but at the end of it all the five Pandavas, after having completed their life’s duties , dies and goes to heaven one by one at last leaving only ,Dharmaputra [Yudhishtar, the eldest of the Pandavas] , who goes on his ultimate journey of life, from which he will never be coming back, as his role too has been completed, his dog was the only one left alive and was accompanying him, while his brothers one by one , perishes rather attains ‘Moksha’ release from the bondage called life, and reaches heaven earlier at last to be followed by their eldest brother, who too makes it there only to be surprised, to find Mr.Duryodhana, the ultimate villain already there and enjoying each moment there. This leaves all the five Pandavas in utter horror to realize the person for all the sins in world has been the first to enter heaven.

What does that mean, simple, he has been sent to earth to do a certain job, which he did according to his best of abilities, and culminated in the epic war of good against evil and the triumph of Good against evil? With out the role of such a villain there will not be a role for the good.

In real life situations also one can find, that evil is side by side to the good, and at times indirectly was the creation of God himself. Like in our latest movie [SLUMDOG MILLIONER] the bad and elder brother had the noblest role, to protect his younger sibling till such times, when the good younger one makes it in life. You can see that the young couple of the movie makes it in life only due to the bad ways and street wise ness of his bad elder brother, who did protect his sibling on each occasion, when they were faced with the worst in life and when his good at heart younger brother was seen helpless and not aware of the dangers, now was he caring, as he was giving it a try as his conscious told him todo. God provided him with the help of his elder brother till such time, when at last it was time to bid farewell and the elder one must have reached heaven first. He had done his job perfectly and that alone saved the younger but better at heart brother.

All the good in the world also has the bad side too, so that a man can compare both. Only existence of goodness, will not serve the purpose in life, hence the bad as well, to do their task entrusted up on them when they are born it self.

In my life,I found after each set back or disaster, when I thought it was all over, came the new dawn with promises, which brought me back to consciousness again to the virtue of living good. Like wise each and every person in this world can look back in hind sight and see that, much of the bad incidents actually brought them success, in the end or a better understanding of life and times to be clever next time. The tests and tribulations will make a person perfect in life only, if he could still hold on instead of giving up in despair. That’s the simple meaning I am trying to convey through this blog post.

Comforting thoughts from “solitairebala” in Google.



There was a time before I was born in the early sixties, by which time the first Communist Government was already in power, but if one goes back you can find a time when the communists were a banned outfit not only in Kerala, but through out the British empire.

There was also a time when Naxalism cropped up in Kerala, out of sheer frustration of seeing the land lords treating those poor workers in the field, like worse than one treats a dog. The first most sensational event in my memory is when the first time Naxals came out to defend the poorest, from a land lord named ‘Narayanan Nair’ in Kongad near Present day MUNDUR,in Palakkad Dist.

I was told he was such a character, who never spared a single girl out of the workers’ children, and at last was killed by Naxals to save those very poor girls, the leader of the gang was Miss.Ajitha, who did the stabbing along with her comrades, herself, and gave her self, to the long arm of the law, to be imprisoned for a long period. I don’t remember whether she came out prematurely or whether she was given pardon later, when the people actually was seen supporting her. The most terrible among our criminals where these land lords , who did every thing and anything to rape murder and who ever was against,was killed brutally for quite some time.

At least, I remember those naxals among,them as the most patriotic among our era, but I am not so sure with Mao’s now, who too has went against the establishment and sundry, but the most appalling sight, is seeing the latest Automatic weapons with them. They are getting regular supply of weapons, from the Burma route mostly, I am quite sure the Burmese Army, can not have survived had it been seen, not in favour of the Chinese intentions.

Those Naxals of the earlier era only had knives with them. But our force now may be against the most deadly weapons and army training, they get from across the border, my gut feeling is, more from China, indirectly of course for they have some small countries favouring them in the neighborhoods than in Pakistan, which is also true but not to the extent of the Chinese influence butclever are the Chinese,like the KGB they dont leave a track behind. The route also can be,tracked back to favouring Pakistan in developing their arsenal as well. Mao’s according to my earlier thoughts were the frustrated youth, who are jobless and moneyless and can be lured easily for subversive activities of state sponsorship. Now, I am not very sure as we can also see some of our own political parties too, hand in glove with them, and after Nepal, Mao’s might fancy their chances in Bengal,Bihar,MP,UP [the whole of eastern belt through to the middle of India up to Andhra Pradesh. The only chance is to reverse the trend with good governance, and by giving people their due, with out further delay. I am sure there are Crores of them out there [Millions]

Disturbing realities ‘ thoughts of “solitairebala”

Sunday, June 21, 2009



The above sign is pronounced as “OM……..” In English, It is a Sanskrit letter, which as per our sacred texts contains all of universe in to one alphabet. To know the significance of the uttering of this ‘mantra’ according to modern science can be simplified in to a sound, which can vibrate each and every cell of a human body from head to toe. One can feel the vibration when you utter this sound again and again till you start to feel the vibes starting from your head and gradually moving downwards to your toes when you come to the end of the mantra. By chanting this ‘mantra’ as it is called, you are rejuvenating each and every cell in our body.

My father once took my eldest brother to Vellore [Christian Medical College] for treatment of his back ailment, with each doctor differing in opinion to the cause of the pain, as some told it was a slipped disc and hence is a sports injury, others looking at the X ray told there is an abnormal growth in his back bone disc, which is unnatural and uncommon hence the pain. My father took my brother to countless doctors all failed in diagnosing the real cause of the pain and almost more than a year, my brother was in pain while he was only 18 years of age, if my memory is right as I was five years younger to him, due to the pain he used to sit as pillion rider while I used to be the driver of Scooter/Bike for his mobility one reason and my craze for riding the other reason, there were also times when my other brother too have taken him around but rarely. I still remember the writhing pain he undergoes, vividly, every time I jump over a hump or gutter.

At last my father did the ultimate in that era and took him to Christian Medical College hospital at Vellore in Tamilnadu State of India. They detected the cause in minutes and asked him to lie on his back and slowly try lifting his both legs, though first time he could not do it due to writhing pain gradually, he was able to lift it inches and as days passed on the pain vanished and without medication he was treated and became a good College level Football player and also became very athletic person more than any of my brother and sisters. [We were 5 children in total].

After my father and brother came back from Vellore, my father explained the futility of having visited plenty of doctors and physicians without result, while a simple Yoga posture did the trick. He also told us that the very sound of ‘OM…... As chanted by our saints, have this miraculous scientific effect of vibrating each and every cell in the corners of our brains to the tip of your toe. CMC Vellore was in fact going against the wisdom of our modern science which lacks depth, but for may be surgery, which too was an Idea mooted thousands of years back itself. Like wise each and every mantras has its effect on each organ of our body and Yoga breathing exercises can be simply done by chanting these mantras in the specific mode and sound as told in Vedas and Upanishads.

The depth in Vedas and Upanishads are so vast that not many have been able to conquer the complete texts in one life time. I read once that all the knowledge in this world through books is only 10% of the total volume [which includes Vedas and Upanishads] the rest of 90% you only can learn from traveling and living under different cultures and people and takes a life time of travel to at least un ravel another 10% of the knowledge volume. That is the limits of a human being. Even with all the above, reading and traveling along with the study of Vedas and Upanishads still is only equal to 3 handfuls of sand or soil on our earth. Which means, if we take the volume of knowledge as the size of the earth with all the oceans, mountains and land, then we are only capable of learning to the maximum possible, by the most brilliant human mind, along with the utmost exposure of a whole life say 100 years, is still can equal, only 3 handfuls of soil.

So having studied in Cambridge, Harvard or Radcliff or for that matter our IIMs is just the tip of the iceberg and to realize the never ending pursuits for knowledge is the ultimate truth. Once when we are convinced of the hugeness of our world and realizes how little we knows, is the man with wisdom. But the worst fools are the ones who think he can conquer the world with his power or knowledge, like say Mr. Alexander, the so called warrior considered the greatest of all times, including the modern era is the ultimate fool in my mind. Even if others may differ in their opinion, still would not make me change my view, which I consider as the ultimate truth.

Thoughts of “solitairebala” in Google.

Friday, June 19, 2009



Being a banker my self and having lived a life in the same way for more than a couple of decades, I have enough experience planning and execution of our Branch targets, which for me was always easy, and I can give the best business guys an advice or two in dealing with their finance, short comings as well. But personally I have been the worst money manager in life.

Firstly, I will deal with the two types of bankers or bank employees out of whom the first category falls in the side of best practices in life and they knows the value of money & are very strict in their spending to the tune of becoming a miser who counts each penny and saves even at the cost of scarcity at home front, be it the regular mixer grinder or other comforts in life ,which they do away with till such time when they have saved enough to purchase a house or a four wheeler. That happens only by the time they retire. The second category is the type who goes for it straight away by availing loans to have all the comforts early in their career, and the loans normally follow them till their retirement.

Who are the wise ones among the above two types. It is a difficult task, hard to think and come out with a solution. For the negatives of the first category is they spend all their life living it as a miser normally does, and dies a rich man, invariably their children follows the opposite as they were deprived, while their father was alive. Secondly they spend more time together without much of an entertainment for the miser just can not think of spending for sheer entertainment, on the other side benefits for the family spends the time together and are close to each other.

The trouble with the other side is that they provide their family the top comfortable life but at the cost of having to struggle with the burden of keeping up with the cheque dates. I am not sure whether it was a sheer waste of money and interest, exorbitant at that, was really worth all the mental agony and disturbed times with the family though, they are blessed with the life of a millioner perhaps, but the cost at times is too high for an individual who may find all his calculations going wrong either way, if the lord is not in their favour or are going through the worst phases in their life. Instead of other major setbacks health wise or due to sheer accidents or deceases etc. loses money heavily, and at times comes out triumphs in the end at least, that’s my consolation thought for I belong to the second category. Here the memories of children will be of the good times during childhood, if one succeeds in catering to all their needs but still manages to stay upright.

There was this story of a banker who decided to take VRS by calculating all his pension benefits and the terminal benefits, which all counted to some good amount, Somerset Maugham was the author, in which he remembers the banker cheerfully narrating his plans with the money, which came to him as his terminal benefits and told the author that he will be happily living ever afterwards and goes to buy out a cottage in an island where he starts his retired but peaceful life as he first thought of it. As years went by things started to go terribly wrong for the banker, as astonishingly he found all his calculation abilities going Hayward and suddenly, he was old and left with nothing else to turn back to but unfortunately goes on living very miserably for a lot of his older days. My brother reminded me with the same story, when I informed him of my plans to take VRS and after paying all the dues my pension itself will be more than my take home pay of the present times, for there were hell of a lot of loans still to be paid, and thought this might be a chance to come out of the hole once and for all. But the above story struck me like a lightening with thunder and I forgot all about going on VRS.

I am still confused as to which way to show, for our children the miser or the spendthrift, but my advice is to be in the middle if possible and try and check, your progress once at least in a decade. Money and materials come and go with out ever being invited, or thrown out, but the wisdom has to remain with us to choose the right way at the right time with the right balance of approach.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009



I always have performed my best under women bosses, for the simple reason that they are the lot more sensitive to understand a persons feelings and the psychological aspect than men. Men tend to find a different angle to each of the human rights causes and are not very welcome, in adjusting with the work load of a person or when it comes to being helpful in ones’ life when you are at times going through your most harrowing days. In another words they are more sympathetically well tuned, as can be seen the first act of our youngest minister Ms.Agatha Sangma who went first to a lady in extreme distress, and has given up on hope of living on her own, she simply prefers to meet with the end first, the Manipuri lady who has been on hunger strike ever since her near and dear ones were the victims of state apathy or misunderstanding.

I remember the time when early in my career there was this manager a man, who declared proudly the fact that he visited his fathers crematorium/cemetery after seven days of demise, such was his involvement in duties. He was expecting me to do the same when I wanted to be near my father during his last few days. Though he made his displeasure known, I still went ahead to be with my father rather than being there alone anxious and worried while, my father may have yearned my presence with him. Had it been a lady instead would have prompted me to visit as early, that was the difference of life, ad where ladies are better bosses and can see the human side best.

I have a lot of respect for ladies, like one of my customer who, said she was in the place of a mother for all five of her husbands sisters, and by doing the karma of making all the five settled in life along with her husband, by educating and marrying them all off well, she told, once she was decided, with her will then came ways of power and finance came through with the lords help, in miraculous ways, the same happened when it came to their children , who too benefited from the good karma of their parents well done , the children reaped harvest of the efforts of their parents because they all had five Aunts who all look after them with equal love and affection.

I am of the opinion that they deserve more quotas and will make a better home maker than men is. In spite of all those truths, we have some how made them poorer by giving preference to boys, in recent most dreaded violations of tampering with the natural truth by going for female infanticide, the balance of the world it self is depended on the ratio, which comes naturally but those who does the crime of ‘killing’ an unborn child knowingly, it was a cute girl, who deserved life and may have done miracles, had she been allowed to live. I am convinced of the importance of girls, who take care better their aged parents than the boys, who are seldom home. The parents too prefers to be with their daughters in their old age, here in such instances , men must be most accommodating and sensitive to be equally respectful towards your in laws ,which can relax the women of the house and there by do justice to all and sundry with their good intentions. Most curiously I wish to take orders from women than men with whom, not always can we get along due to ego, which is less likely to happen when your boss is a woman. I must admit existence of my ego, which is partly responsible for the rebel in me.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This article came in “HINDU” newspaper, Dt.17.06.2009, on the 5th page of ‘OPPORTUNITIES’, in Coimbatore edition, It was written by PAYAL CHANANIA. faqs@cnkonline.com


It’s an accepted fact that employees are the number one resource of an organization. But they are first and foremost human beings and several personal factors can impact their performance.

Even the mere hint of a crisis will immediately affect the productivity level. It goes without saying those emergencies or other dire circumstances, like serious illness, injury, death of a near one or financial problems are extremely disruptive.

The emotional roller coaster ride can range from utter shock or disbelief to fear, helplessness, anger, frustration guilt and regret. The employee is often so overwhelmed with coping with the changes and new challenges that he may find it difficult to just concentrate on work or remember things, let alone made decisions.

As a workplace psychologist comments, “When people are distracted, they make more mistakes and work more slowly, if they are feeling depressed, their creativity will be down. If they are feeling depressed their creativity will be down. If they are feeling angry, they may project some of that anger onto co workers or even customers.

Companies cannot be so insensitive as to expect the affected worker to carry on work as usual while his life is spinning out of control. What employees needs is unwavering employer support to ride out such difficult and traumatic periods of their life. Else they may ultimately buckle under overburdening pressure leading to a total breakdown. On the other hand, offering even a little help and support will pay huge dividends and lasting loyalty.

Primarily, it is considered best to ask the employee what he actually needs to be able to cope and tried to provide the same facilities. Yet, here is a list of some basic and comprehensive strategies that will definitely help:

BREATHING SPACE: What employees need most is some leeway for adjusting to life after the traumatic personal crisis. The organization can help by allowing a temporary adjustment in their workload, expectations and deadlines. Some may even need certain flexibility in their work schedule like cutting back on work hours, flextime or part time work. This will also enable them to deal with practical demands like doctor visits, arranging childcare or looking for a new house.

TIME OFF: At times, the affected employee may require some time –off for court dates, last rites or recovery from illness. Temporary leave also becomes necessary if the employee finds himself unable to function at all. It would help immensely if the company grants the leave, possibly without drawing down the personal or vacation time.

BENEFITS: The organization should also provide reasonable work/life, childcare and legal benefits to assist employees and remind them of the same. This can range from on site baby care centers to flexible work hours and medical insurance coverage to company loan programs say for buying a house.

GENUINE CONCERN: Above all the employee will crave for some healing compassion and sensitivity during the stressful time. Managers can help by offering a shoulder to cry on and being a good listener as employee gives vent to his suppressed emotions. Acknowledging his feelings and reactions will show that the management cares for the employee and understands what he is going through.

Here, it would help the manger guides other workers and colleagues to support the upset employee and accommodate his work. But management should be careful to respect the feelings and privacy preferences of the employee.

PHYSICAL HEALTH: Keep prompting the employee to acknowledge his own needs and take proper care with sufficient food, rest sleep, and exercise. Else he will only end up weary and run down. Also, gently remind him that getting back to a routine can help contribute to the healing process.

HELP GROUPS: Directing the employee to help groups will show that he is not alone and there are many other people who have experienced similar situations. This can help him face to reality and come to terms with the event. As he starts feeling less isolated and more comforted, it will build a positive attitude and enable him to adapt to the new role.

THERAPY: As everyone responds to trauma in different ways, individual healing times may vary. Some employees may even be more severely affected than others. The organization can arrange psychological one to one counseling for employees who are otherwise unable to cope with personal crisis.

To sum up, management should show distressed employees that the company is with them every step of the way.

Compiled by PAYAL CHANANIA of “faqs@cnkonline.com”

Tuesday, June 16, 2009



The era that I am mentioning in this column is quite old for the present lot it was during mid Seventies, in Pandit Mothilal Govt.High School in Palakkad Dist. of Kerala. During 1974 to 1976, our school was right opposite to Govt.Victoria College and we take pleasure in teasing the guys of the college for their fashion show and so on. The girls of the college did give us respect hence, we left them alone, I had some very good friends and their names are Abdul Shareef and Surendran all three of us was inseparable and can be seen as the most obedient among the lot in our class. But the truth of the matter was that we were successful in hiding our naughtiness by the face expressions itself, which can almost One hundred percent, innocent to look at as we thought, or may be the teachers were ignoring it as trivia or kiddy pranks.

One day I had some silly quarrel with Sherief and we parted ways, first I thought it was temporary as I really liked the guy, but never could make myself some how take the initiative for mending our friendship to last long. And the saddest part is that we left each other while finishing 10th standard not as friends and ever since, my efforts to do justice to my friendship too has failed as I simply could not trace him out may be through the net one day I will. But in his memory I have always given the utmost respect to Rauthers of Kerala, whose mother tongue is Tamil and are very nice people. I gave my own house on rent that too minimal to his community only, because I wanted to do justice to the wrong I committed by quarrelling with him. The second one among the lost friends is Surendran, who too has been my companion for Math’s tuition by a Brahmin lady, who was staying near his house, and if my memory is right, then I still owe her one hundred Rupees at least as tuition fees alone. The saddest part is that my father still does not know that I never paid her towards the end, as he had promptly given me every month. I had lunch on many occasions with Surendran at his home, but never could do justice to our friendship and my GURU DAKSHINA for the old lady, who may not be surviving now, may god give her soul peace for she has selflessly taught us the most difficult of the subjects mathematics’ as it was a nightmare for me but somehow managed with the help of the said lady a pass mark. And some how landed in a college due to miracle alone as my brothers and sisters will vouch for me ,though they all did get through schooling to College later.

I have lost link to my above friends and so many others on the way during which I lived 48 years , I yearn to be with them but not a botheration for them, behind the scenes I might find a way to hide and do good to all those wonderful people who had made me what I am today. Though very little worm still.

NostalgicThoughts of “solitairebalaforchildren” in Google.


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As some one who is closely associated with Nagaland, It was of great impression for me to listen to the stories we hear from the Pubs, which is local and mostly run by women and we always find some elder man, who is willing to talk about the time of II world war, and while the Japanese ruled them for a while, before British with the help of several Nagas and the “UNKNOWN” soldiers, as was written on the War cemetery of KOHIMA the Capital of Nagaland, a unique and mostly beautiful place on earth. It was written by all those common soldiers, thousands who gave up life for the sake of capturing Nagaland and mainly the Burma Road [Highway], at Imphal to Kohima,which was in depleted state but still was in the hands of Japanese for months, but the only blood line to other Asian countries like Malaysia, COM podia, Korea, china, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Hongkong etc up to Japan. It was crucial that the British had to take over the road and a bloody war ensued with the result of thousands of youngsters, who were killed in their teens, the engraved words, other than that of the British, as their names are still written with DOB & DOD.,was as follows, and can be still witnessed if one goes to Kohima.”FOR YOUR TODAY WE GAVE OUR LIVES/YESTERDAYS. [Hope my memory does not fail me]

That apart, the villagers still remember vividly the time Japanese ruled as that of good times, as they were very liberal with their rations for the tribes, who too have looks as Mongolian features, perhaps making them more attractive as friends rather than foes.

The British on the other side was guilty of free supply of opium to those tribes and made generations of them dump as a side effect of the abuse of such drugs with free alcohol and suppressed those warriors who other wise, would be still a good fight with any one in the world, but seldom goes out as they may feel more safe in their place rather than other places in India, but we do come across the new generation who comes out and studies every where.

The comparison is meant to convey to the world that Japanese were not villainous or ruthless as it was made out to be after Pearl Harbor. Some lapses may have been there but not as sinister as the British those days were. They had to justify their atom bomb drop and lot of publicity and stunts preceded the Nagasaki and Hiroshima carnage for sure.

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Earlier days in pure democratic setup like in India and US, those who lose election used to bow out with humility and respect for the people’s verdict. Recent examples are those of Rajiv Gandhi, who in spite of getting the mandate of the single largest party, still decided to stay away from forming a coalition, only because he was not willing to tamper with the mechanism of a pure majority and may have thought it against the wishes of people of the country. Like wise in US in spite of the recounting and re totaling and due to the fact that Mr.George Bush was not the type to give away easily must have prompted,Mr.Bill Clinton who advised Mr.Al gore, to show magnanimity in giving it up.

These are the recent happenings, more recently Mr.Mushraf of Pakistan also decided to call it quits due to the power of the people who were for democracy. But whether the government of Pakistan did justice to the faith of the people is another question which, demands debates of the highest class and lowest class together, and decide accordingly in the next general election, the tooland showcase of performance should be the independent Media, who must bring the culprits to book and show the people the real person behind their masked persona.

Unfortunately, Media too became a tool of the political parties, who owns most of the widely read or widely seen channels and news papers, weeklies' and other magazines' which only highlights the positives of a particuler political party and does not encourage or try to take in the peoples' verdict in to account, the main undoing of the present day news papers ,which will be mostly hit and will have to close down, if they ignore the independent blogs, viewing it as enemies but they are the life line of democratic principles,while news papers' out of the burden of doing things for benefiting a particular political party are disfiguring the reality.

I am a witness to the greatest revolution after perhaps the Russian and preceding that French, who all took to the streets to ensure justice for all. You can see every country has seen such revolutions of different kind over centuries and we still have understood little or still remain the same passive onlooker but the independent bloggers have been successful in citing the follies of great newspapers which are not at all democratic and is owned by certain families, unlike the web which is for all in equal measure, accessible and can also voice or write your opinions on all issues.

In Kerala we saw the first time people selecting the communists as the rulers of our state alone, though, other states too have come up later it was in 1957, that Keralites voted first the communists, to power with out any blood shed or dirty politics. Even today you will invariably find people expressing their anguish in numbers for all those non performers. All have witnessed the plight of the most corrupt off late.

My gut feelings says, in Iran too people have given their verdict, but manipulations is also a possibility and in today’s world all those vested with power are thinking themselves to be the lord and forgets for a brief period about god. They will all suffer in their later years and will also be seen in sheer numbers praying for death and mercy, for death simply does not come and living also becomes a nightmare. Just imagine the life of such people it is the sum of the result of our karmic performance during your lifetime, if you ignore your parents, like wise your children also are bound to ignore you in old age. That is the most important lesson a man can teach his children, to respect the elders and also have compassion in life for our parents, teachers, and all other strata of our society, then only are we doing justice to god, for having given you a chance to live and live good to ensure and end befitting a soul, who did his KARMA’s {ones’ duty towards all and sundry] as god would have wanted them to do.
That is the simple logic of living a good life and also ensuring a good life to all our populace irrespective of their colour, race or community along with all living beings on earth for all of them owns Mother Earth equally. No individual is born to think he is superior in any way to each and every beautiful species of the world. That will be the beginning of wisdom and our era may witness just the same with the free thoughts of individuals encouraged through the web, the mother of all revolutions.

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Monday, June 15, 2009



The recent attacks mainly for money have been the way of life in most countries with criminal background. They simply stop you in the middle of the night or day, if they find you are alone, while their gang may be a dozen or half a dozen drunken guys which include girls as well. The rise in the attacks is due to an economic meltdown, and those guys are broke, in their mind it’s not much of a sin to asks for a couple of cans of beer, just to freak out and have a nice ride or night in a pub. But our boys and girls are mostly orthodox Brahmins or even other religions but is a tough task when they calculate the amount spent of drinks is say $100 [US] a day which is almost Rs.5000/- and that kind of money is enough to feed a family in our Country India.

So the thought of losing in Australian Dollars may be mind boggling for those middleclass guys who goes there for education and good placement if possible. But the scenario has changed drastically nowadays with India itself offering Education that too World Class education and it will have to be conveyed to our students in Australia and US that our IITs & IIMs are the best of its kind than what Radcliff or for that matter Harvard is combined, the Doctors we produce are also the best in the world. The only reason the students are perhaps choosing foreign countries may be due to the English education, which still has high value in getting jobs else where or in India as well. This inherent complex is the reason for all and sundry to send their wards to English speaking countries to enhance their ability in written and spoken English.

But the truth is in spite of Indians having their own mother tongues, they are also best in British language as well, since decades Booker prize winners mostly have been Indian. Our story tellers are the most versatile, than those who has their mother tongue as English.
The truth is we have beaten them in their own backyard, and they are angry and jealous to see Indians come for studying and all gets retained in well paid jobs, just because of their commitment, hard work and competency. Australians are sour losers, that we all have seen, so what is the wisdom in going there to get bashed for doing nothing. There are thousands of educational institutions in India itself which caters to all subjects in the most refined and developed science but for only nuclear science, which too in spite of the policy taken by Western countries to deny Nuclear Science education to Asians and the likes fearing the proliferation possibility. In all other streams we have the best curriculum and scientific knowledge. For management techniques our ‘Bhishma Upades’ ‘Koudilyas’ are much far deepen than any management studies available in the world.

Each subject ,Astrology, Astronomy, Physics, Mathematics , Chemistry ,Bio technology, Micro biology, and all Computer related studies are best available in India that too cheaply in comparison with the amount being paid for studies abroad, which I feel is a status symbol for some families at least to announce, their children are studying abroad.

The new era has begun. The sun is still rising first in Japan but India has always been the destination for knowledge and still remains so. The proof is there for all to see that most of the top notch executives are Indian already. Our boys and girls have love and respect for our elders and are only going perhaps to please their parents. Good thinking parents must decide to bring them back here and give the best education in the world here it self.

Our country without doubt is the best and next super power. Be part of those process youngsters. My best advice to those who are at the receiving end is to come back to your own country feel proud of being an Indian.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009



Tamil culture is perhaps the oldest along with Sanskrit and most of other languages have influence of these two main languages of historical India. Though Sanskrit has perished being a mother tongue, Tamil is very much in use and Malayalam along with Telugu and Kannada also has origin from Tamil and Sanskrit. The climate I mentioned above is not in the very true sense of temperatures, which even when it is hot you can still work outside without getting killed with a sun stroke ,the cause of death and very much possible in North during summer.

I have always felt in comparison with my own state of Kerala, that Industries only thrived here and apart from some pockets in Kerala like Kanjikode, Alwaye, with its proximity nearby Coimbatore, only could perform far behind in size & stature but Coimbatore was manufacturing world class quality motors, pumps, Textile Machineries etc and perhaps still maintains high profile abroad but for the lull in recent times. Textile hub has been almost shifted to Tirupur, which is now a corporation/municipality separate from Coimbatore, But Coimbatore has the best climate, I mentioned above and due to natural and friendly people who are hardworking non unionists mostly. I thought about the past when Mr.Karunanidhi , first came to power it was the third most industrialist State,Madras in Whole India after Maharashtra and Punjab. But the edge some how some where got lost, due to some events and extreme politics and so on. But now the state has come around a full circle and is aiming to be the number 3 at least in the future, again while Gujarat,Orissa,Karnataka,Andhra and so many other states too has gone miles ahead, in spite too of calamities.

The truth is even for Malayalees, they prefer Tamilnadu’s beaurocracy than that of Kerala.

You get a trouble free run then the chances of surviving become higher, but in Kerala it’s been too much of every thing, including Hartals and Bandhs.

There are Lacs of skilled engineers and doctors [doctors may be thousands yet.] available for big Hospitals multi specialty and multi super technology in treatments of any ailment. That too is now comparable with the world’s best. I have got a feeling that perhaps now we are leading behind a few developed countries but there are some huge developments required for rural areas. Farmers are to be the priority, if they survive then we all survive if they fail we all perish. That’s the simple truth and I can’t find any more bluntly open truth.
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Friday, June 12, 2009



The above question was asked in NDTV[News Channel of India] tonight. For those Doubting Thomases I wish to clarify from the perspective of a Bank Employee, who is well experienced and have exposure throughout the country from the Himalayas to down south, Indian Ocean.

The following is the gist I wanted to convey & give confidence to all those laymen and knowledgeable people of our country, we always knew that ours is the greatest country in the world. Have you ever heard of an Indian king who sent guys around the world to loot from the whole world? We always have only defended and never offended in any era but for perhaps the creation of Bangladesh in 1971, that war was the result of a combination of humanitarian tragedy as millions of people came as refugees to India especially North East, that was the moment of truth that we had to bring order to our neighborhoods and never wanted to invade in the first place. You all are witness to our restraints in recent times, in spite of huge human rights violations around our borders we still held back wisely enough as only fools rush in where the wise fear to tread.

That was the point when UPA gained after Mumbai attacks , and all and sundry would have expected us to move in to Pakistan, which was the aim of terrorists, but they not only failed miserably but have now become the target from the whole world as all have realized about their intentions but just could not, out think Dr.Manmohan Singh, Perhaps a younger Prime Minister would have rushed in, as the pressure was so high and was about to blow, but most wisely Dr.Manmohan Singh not only did show the silent strength, which is the mind game through, which we can succeed against terror networks, see the importance of word “network” its only a jigsaw puzzle, which we can find out , as time goes by , the terrorists are leaving behind tracks and valuable information , and we have about three words among five words and needs another couple to solve the puzzle. I must congratulate Mr.Rahul Gandhi and Mrs.Sonia Gandhi for showing the same wisdom.

Is that proof enough for the doubting ‘kuttikrishnans’. I can say from a lay mans’ view that CPM lost out due to the functioning without clarity, as is the case in latest Kerala corruption case. Their image of honest bunch is slowly eroding and new poisons creepers, people can see them through, and what ever Mr.Prakash Karat gained, was lost in his handling of corruption, which is clear as the morning sky. The best damage control for them is to stick with clean Leaders ,the only chance for them lie in listening to Mr.Jothi Basu, Mr.Buddhadeb and Mr.Achuthananthan and other clean leaders. They are patriots for sure and people would like to see them remain that way instead of changing for worst. They still can play a role by supporting Congress, in critical issues and on times of crisis to weather the bad climate if in case , it comes to that.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009


Questions and Answers on the Importance of Vegetarianism

By Sugunendra Theertha Swami | Published Today
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The following questions were put before Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamji of Udupi Puthige Matha (of the Madhva Sampradaya) by devotees during his visit to Detroit.

Question One:

Plants are also having life, so killing plants should also be a sin. Thus in what way is vegetarian food better than non-vegetarian food, in terms of killing or committing "sin"?

Answer by Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji:

This is a very good question. It is true that plants also have "life" and killing plants is also sin. So the best way to observe total non-violence is to follow "Shiloncha Vraththi". That is to take only those fruits which have naturally fallen from the trees or plants. In this way we are doing harm to no one. But everyone can not follow that vow. We have to take food in order to survive and sustain this body. It is a necessity of survival. But we need to take that path which is less sinful and does less harm to other jivas (living entities).

Now there are two reasons to say that vegetarian food is having insignificant sin. Many of the plants like rice, wheat, etc., are having life only for one crop time. Once their yield is over, they die naturally, even if we don't cut them. So by cutting those plants (which have already died) we are doing less sin or no sin at all. In many other plants, like mango, coconut, etc., by plucking the fruit, we are not killing the plants, and so we are doing very minimal sin or no sin at all. So vegetarian food is less sinful. More over, it is inevitable for our survival, but non-vegetarian food is a luxury to us and we can survive even if we avoid that. It is more sinful since we need to kill animals all of the time.

Next we need to know why certain acts are sinful. Each and every life (whether plant, animal, or human) has come to this world to do "sadhana" (spiritual practices), so that they may get a better birth next life and finally get "moksha" (liberation). Whenever such "sadhana" opportunities are cut short, it becomes a sin. For plants there is not much "sadhana" available to them. They can not do any kind of physical or mental activities in terms of "sadhana". So by cutting them, we are not doing much harm to their "sadhana" or reducing their opportunity for "sadhana" (spiritual practice). So it is not so sinful. But animals can do a good amount of "sadhana" by means of physical and mental activities. By killing them, we are cutting short their opportunities to do "sadhana" towards their liberation (moksha). Thus it is much more sinful.

To support this aspect further I will give an example. "Suicide" is considered as the greatest sin, even though no one else is troubled other than the one individual, because God has given us this wonderful body and mind to do "sadhana" by which we work towards moksha. By rejecting this offer or by cutting short this "sadhana", we are insulting God and betraying him. Thus suicide is considered highly sinful. There is another example in the scriptures I would like to cite. Suppose there is a very, very old man, incapable of doing any physical and mental activities. Then according to the scriptures he can enter into fire to end his life. That is not considered a sin because he cannot do any more "sadhana" by himself or through others. So in general, any act which is cutting short our, or others', "sadhana" is considered as a sin. Thus from this angle, vegetarians are committing less sins than those who eat meat.

Question Two:

We were thinking that only human beings have thinking ability, and thus only they can do "sadhana" (spiritual practices), but that other animals could not. Is this concept false? How can animals do "sadhana"?

Answer by Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji:

This is not true. All animals can also do "sadhana" (spiritual practices). Otherwise there is a fundamental problem in the universal system. If animals cannot do "sadhana", they can not get better lives, which lead to the human life. If they can not get a human life, then they can not get moksha (liberation) at all at any time. This is not true, thus it is proven that animals also do "sadhana" and get better lives.

They do "sadhana" by their mental activities. We can see a lot of differences in the behaviors of various animals. In the same category of, say cat, dog or cow, we can see a lot of difference between two animals. For example some are soft, some are sensitive, some are more active, etc. This is due to their mental "sadhana". Also in children, who are not having developed thinking power, we can see many differences. We have seen a child, in Bombay, around 2 years old. He loves Krishna like anything. While sleeping, he tightly hugs a Krishna idol. He does not drink milk without offering to Krishna. He always wants to listen to Krishna's stories. He always wants to see the puja of Krishna. It is really amazing to witness. This is all due to previous "samskara" (purification). Like this, animals also will have their own previous samskara and "sadhana".

Question Three:

Is it true that in olden days, the sages used to eat meat? There is an incident of Agasthya Muni eating meat in the "Vathapi - Ilvala" story.

Answer by Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji:

Yes, we can see some mention about such things in very old stories. We need to understand clearly why and under what circumstances they used to consume meat. Firstly, they used to take meat, but not as their regular food. The animal would be offered to 'yajna', the sacred fire, and then the sages, having very high yogic power, would consume the meat as a prasada of the yajna. Due to this auspicious activity (of yajna), the animal would go to the heavens. In the story of Agusthya Muni, when he said ' vathapi jirno bhava', he was digested immediately. Such was the power of the sages in those days.

But today meat is not approved for religious people such as brahmanas. First we need to understand why we consume food. It is to have good health. Health means not only the physical health, but the mental health also plays a very important role. That's why in Sanskrit it is known as "swasthya", which means mental peace, purity and health. Meat or non-vegetarian food improves the body, but not the mind. So for those people who need to have physical strength, like soldiers, meat is not prohibited. Soldiers do not need to have as much thinking power. They have to fight like machines. But for spiritual people such as brahmanas, mental power is the more important. We need to have peace and purity of mind, stability and concentration of mind. For such people meat is prohibited. Since ages our ancestors were eating vegetarian food, and so brahmanas are generally considered as soft, kind hearted, stable and intelligent people. If we start consuming meat, slowly we will loose all these good qualities. We will not see these negative changes overnight. It takes time but we will see the changes clearly in the later generations.

Question Four:

There are many noble laureates who are meat eaters. How can we explain that?

Answer by Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji:

Getting a noble prize is not at all a yardstick to measure the peace and purity, stability and concentration of someone's mind. It is known that the suicide rate is high in scientists as well. Actually scientists are more disturbed in their mind. Due to this, they get activated and get involved deeply in something and come out with some new concepts or ideas. For their success, the basic reason is not the peaceful mind, but their disturbed mind. Generally brahmanas who are suppose to have the mental capacity to understand "brahman" (God), need to have a very good concentration power for performing "japa" (mantra chanting) and "tapa" (austerities). They are supposed to be people who are not mentally disturbed. In olden days even if they consumed meat, they used to keep up their mental stability and peace of mind due to their yogic power or "tapas" (severe austerity). But now in the present age of kali-yuga, our mental powers and concentration powers are getting reduced. We are loosing our purity and peace of mind due to various reasons. As such, the sattvic atmosphere and sattvic qualities are reducing because we are not doing enough japa, tapa, etc. So if we start consuming meat we will loose all our good mental qualities very quickly. In kaliyuga, meat is strictly prohibited for brahmanas. It is also sinful for all people, as mentioned in the previous answers.

Question Five:

Is it not a sin to kill silkworms for silk cloth, or to kill deers for making deer skin meditation mats?

Answer by Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji:

The short answer is that it is a sin if we do it for trading purposes. For a detailed answer, first we need to understand what is sin. It is not a substance associated with a particular activity. The same activity can result in either sin or no sin depending upon the purpose, intention and circumstance. For example, killing in general is a sin, but killing a demon or murderer is not a sin. Similarly, in olden days kings used to go for hunting. It was not considered a sin because they used to kill only those wild animals which were troublesome to the sages and the nearby villagers. Similarly if we kill animals to avoid being killed, it is not a sin. As said earlier, every creature in this world is here for doing "sadhana". In this world the priority is for those who are doing greater "sadhana". To accomplish that, if others have to sacrifice their "sadhana", there is no harm in that. For example, assume that there are two students in a house. One is preparing for second grade and the other is preparing for a college medical exam. Though both are preparing for their exams, we consider that the medical exam is more important and give preference to him. If needed, we may ask the other student to sacrifice his preparation, because he will not lose much. Similarly, in this world, the living entity who is doing a higher level of sadhana, gets preference. So for the benefit of the higher sadhana, others performing lesser sadhana may be sacrificed without any sin. If we are preparing silk for God's pooja, then it is not a sin. But if we are preparing silk for decorating ourselves, then it is a sin. So we need to understand what is the purpose of the action, and what is going to be achieved finally.

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