Sunday, June 7, 2009



Every time I read of the news that Indian students are being harshly treated all over, has been the talking point and the triggering point of friction between the countries. Australia came in to being the country of today, by those British criminals who were sent to lonely life as a punishment to Australia. From that their journey has been of success just like US and they flourished due to vast land holdings all grabbed from those sons of the soils.

So they do have it in their genes is evident from their style of games even, which they take very seriously unlike our great Champion in Chess Mr.Boris Spasky, who unlike his rival Mr. Bobby Fisher was a gentleman and a laid back sort of a person who wanted to enjoy the game of chess relaxed over a mug of beer. In my mind I am convinced that he was a real champion, who may have just given away, as Mr.Fisher could not have taken a defeat normally and there was every chance that he may have committed suicide even such was the character, so I have a gut feeling in to the psyche of Mr.Spasky who may have deliberately allowed Mr.Fisher to win. Every individual has right to his opinion and my opinion is the above.

Australians are all sour losers, who show their criminal intend when faced with defeat in cricket or rugby or for that matter any sports. But I will not always blame them , and as students of Indian origin too prefer to keep their own countrymen as friends and does not mingle with Australians, who are the type to get drunk and enjoy a week end, and its their way of celebrating life. But our boys especially from Andhra Pradesh, by calculating the expense in Rupees, would never be able to indulge in such expenses knowingly, as most are from the average family who somehow manage to send their wards to colleges.

What Australians don’t understand perhaps is the difference in the value of our currency and their currency, which is huge and unthinkable, when you calculate and see that the Beer is costing 200 [for example] Rupees, which in comparison is only costing Rs.50 here in India. The best way out is to encourage our students to mingle with Australians instead of groups of own countrymen which may be irritating for Australians.

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