Friday, June 26, 2009



If one observes during ones’ visits to temples, churches or mosques we all can see the cultural teachings and the importance of meditation as invariably all religions in the world teaches us to pray, the only way of purifying us, we find lot of rituals being followed such as the temple priests doing pujas to the deity, or mass prayers conducted by Christians, the ‘Niskaram’ a yoga posture, while you touch your head by bowing down to the mother earth done by Muslims, the fasting which gives us the power to with stand hunger, the same is done on selected days by Hindus as well. The kneeling down is the yoga posture which makes all our cells gets blood flow due to the specific sitting posture or the pujas, with water, fire, flowers, leaves, butter, food cooked by grains and fruits. The idea is to show us the way of life to be followed in reality called life. That was the greenest way of life, but unfortunately people some where lost touch, with the rituals and followed the in disciplined life styles of the western world blindly.

That perhaps was our most foolish undoing of all the good left behind by our fore fathers. That very goodness was missed by the Western world to follow as a life style, was the second most blunder, which changed the course of our peoples’ health for, generations towards dooms day in double quick speed.

Now they are in a mood for receptiveness, as they have realized their blunders, and if they take a good look at Indian society they can find the bond and fabric of cultural societal festivals, when all contribute in different measures and ways. We can find that the basics called the foundation of whole cultural basics were actually left behind to be followed as best practices and healthy life styles. These are the imparted knowledge base of our forefathers and they benefited from their forefathers. Instead of preserving the handed over baton, we some how slipped and fell on the way, the Britishers in fact ruined what ever was left behind.

Mugals allowed Hindus also to prosper and in real secularism instead of today's fire brands. Emperor Akbar was the ultimate and ensured full and complete amity between the two religions. They never destroyed any thing which was Indian in nature, in fact they encouraged the cultural pluralism to emerge stronger in art , music and literature, the buildings left behind such as Taj mahal , and palaces and places of worship.The language Hindi is the ultimate proof of our friendship between the two religions as the Urdu version of the Hindi is the con temporarily spoken Hindi, rather than the Sanskrit based Hindi , which must have preceded the latest version, English which too added up words of local languages and benefited by an enlarged vocabulary than what they actually had centuries ago.

Coming back to the scientific part in the rituals is simple a ‘tulsi’ leaf is now proved to be the best antibiotic, in its chemical substances, which is put in water for the pujas and contains more aura than in any other substance, this water is in turn given in drops for all to have as doses of ‘homeopathic’ medicines daily, the vaccination against deceases. If you are a temple visitor daily, the fire with which the pujas are done also is the destroyer of harmful mosquitoes and viruses around the temple which normally is under a banyan tree, which is the emitter of maximum oxygen among all trees. If you have one such tree in every small temple that we see around it self, emits coolness and fresh & clear air for breathing oxygen to rejuvenate our inner organs and cleaning up our lungs and system.

Once when we understand the formulas then it will be easier to tackle deceases of the latest kinds, which were never existent in our 20th century. But there were always some kind of deceases like the small poxes in hot weather or plague in cold weather.

The answer to all these ills is to go back to our cleaner way of living, in harmony with the nature, rather than sitting inside an AC room or a Heater in cold countries. Solar heaters are the answers in cold weather, while tree cover is the answer in hot countries.

Slowly and steadily with the UN efforts, we can get back to a safe world provided all countries show equal and serious concern for the depletion , for our future generations, who will then be thankful to us. Other wise they will curse us for having plundered and destroyed all the forests around and making concrete jungles and desert all around. Human species is now facing the gravest danger ever recorded in history or perhaps the repetitions in cycles, and gets destroyed to emerge again after millions of years to destroy again.

Thoughts for a better tomorrow’. Compiled by ‘solitairebala’ in Google.

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