Monday, June 8, 2009



Our topmost philosophers have always taught us to be living according to the values in life and also to pray for the ‘MOKSHA’ the release from the human bondage, rather the release of our soul for ultimate freedom from rebirths and cycles of births according to our KARMA [Performing our Duty towards all and sundry] results, which means if one has not lived properly or has lived sinfully, it may make us to be born again as a dog or a cat or even a bird, that is decided by our Karmic way in life, the results may be bad or good according to your performance while you were alive and living. Our soul is said to be wandering with out getting released, from the bondages of lives many generations in different kinds perhaps. For a normal person, it is more than one can expect as the release from rebirths itself can be considered a boon or a life well lived.

Then there is this stage when one becomes a chiranjeevi [not the actor] a soul without death for ever. In Hinduism only Hanuman the monkey god and a true bhaktha[devotion] of Lord.Vishnu [Rama], is said to have become such an enigma with his character mentioned in both Ramayana and Mahabharatha epics of Hindus, said to have happened in different eras and is the true history of mankind, according to our science of Vedas and Upanishads. All the names mentioned in those epics are still there in the same name example ‘Kurukshetra’ ‘Srilanka’ Himalaya etc. If there are still people who doubts the existence of our epics and write it off as just another story is terribly mistaken. It is pure history of the prehistoric period as known in English only due to their ignorance and lack of depth in thinking for logics.

They just would not agree for a fact that all the epics are the result of happenings only difference may lie in sequence or due to our lack of knowledge, of a far superior scientific culture, which may have existed and due to cyclic changes may have been eroded and new life forms came in to existence again, for how long this will go on, no one knows or for exactly how long it has taken us to reach this level also is unknown.

The depth or power of a black hole is not known, how many such black holes exists no one knows. Micro organisms are now being studied and for any kind of virus we don’t have treatment but only body defense mechanisms to fight such viruses. The only fact we know for sure is that we know very little.

In spite of all the limitations we all are still living and trying to be happy. Yes that’s the way forward and one may yearn to become a chiranjeevi, a person without death, like our Bajrangbali, [Hanuman, Anjaneya, etc he is known by so many names and is the god for our Kaliyugam just like our Ayyappaswamy and Devi, [Rudra,Bhadra,Kali,Lakshmi,Saraswathy etc the different names for the mother of all beings.]

There were Lamas of Tibet who could take their soul out of their bodies to travel in light speed and again in to the left behind body to rise again as the same person, for them the soul is indestructible and lives infinitely.{Thanks to Mr.Ramesh Naik, who conveyed a lot of high philosophy to my brother and through him me as well?} ‘For more visit ‘solitairebala’ in Google

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