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The above sign is pronounced as “OM……..” In English, It is a Sanskrit letter, which as per our sacred texts contains all of universe in to one alphabet. To know the significance of the uttering of this ‘mantra’ according to modern science can be simplified in to a sound, which can vibrate each and every cell of a human body from head to toe. One can feel the vibration when you utter this sound again and again till you start to feel the vibes starting from your head and gradually moving downwards to your toes when you come to the end of the mantra. By chanting this ‘mantra’ as it is called, you are rejuvenating each and every cell in our body.

My father once took my eldest brother to Vellore [Christian Medical College] for treatment of his back ailment, with each doctor differing in opinion to the cause of the pain, as some told it was a slipped disc and hence is a sports injury, others looking at the X ray told there is an abnormal growth in his back bone disc, which is unnatural and uncommon hence the pain. My father took my brother to countless doctors all failed in diagnosing the real cause of the pain and almost more than a year, my brother was in pain while he was only 18 years of age, if my memory is right as I was five years younger to him, due to the pain he used to sit as pillion rider while I used to be the driver of Scooter/Bike for his mobility one reason and my craze for riding the other reason, there were also times when my other brother too have taken him around but rarely. I still remember the writhing pain he undergoes, vividly, every time I jump over a hump or gutter.

At last my father did the ultimate in that era and took him to Christian Medical College hospital at Vellore in Tamilnadu State of India. They detected the cause in minutes and asked him to lie on his back and slowly try lifting his both legs, though first time he could not do it due to writhing pain gradually, he was able to lift it inches and as days passed on the pain vanished and without medication he was treated and became a good College level Football player and also became very athletic person more than any of my brother and sisters. [We were 5 children in total].

After my father and brother came back from Vellore, my father explained the futility of having visited plenty of doctors and physicians without result, while a simple Yoga posture did the trick. He also told us that the very sound of ‘OM…... As chanted by our saints, have this miraculous scientific effect of vibrating each and every cell in the corners of our brains to the tip of your toe. CMC Vellore was in fact going against the wisdom of our modern science which lacks depth, but for may be surgery, which too was an Idea mooted thousands of years back itself. Like wise each and every mantras has its effect on each organ of our body and Yoga breathing exercises can be simply done by chanting these mantras in the specific mode and sound as told in Vedas and Upanishads.

The depth in Vedas and Upanishads are so vast that not many have been able to conquer the complete texts in one life time. I read once that all the knowledge in this world through books is only 10% of the total volume [which includes Vedas and Upanishads] the rest of 90% you only can learn from traveling and living under different cultures and people and takes a life time of travel to at least un ravel another 10% of the knowledge volume. That is the limits of a human being. Even with all the above, reading and traveling along with the study of Vedas and Upanishads still is only equal to 3 handfuls of sand or soil on our earth. Which means, if we take the volume of knowledge as the size of the earth with all the oceans, mountains and land, then we are only capable of learning to the maximum possible, by the most brilliant human mind, along with the utmost exposure of a whole life say 100 years, is still can equal, only 3 handfuls of soil.

So having studied in Cambridge, Harvard or Radcliff or for that matter our IIMs is just the tip of the iceberg and to realize the never ending pursuits for knowledge is the ultimate truth. Once when we are convinced of the hugeness of our world and realizes how little we knows, is the man with wisdom. But the worst fools are the ones who think he can conquer the world with his power or knowledge, like say Mr. Alexander, the so called warrior considered the greatest of all times, including the modern era is the ultimate fool in my mind. Even if others may differ in their opinion, still would not make me change my view, which I consider as the ultimate truth.

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