Monday, June 15, 2009



The recent attacks mainly for money have been the way of life in most countries with criminal background. They simply stop you in the middle of the night or day, if they find you are alone, while their gang may be a dozen or half a dozen drunken guys which include girls as well. The rise in the attacks is due to an economic meltdown, and those guys are broke, in their mind it’s not much of a sin to asks for a couple of cans of beer, just to freak out and have a nice ride or night in a pub. But our boys and girls are mostly orthodox Brahmins or even other religions but is a tough task when they calculate the amount spent of drinks is say $100 [US] a day which is almost Rs.5000/- and that kind of money is enough to feed a family in our Country India.

So the thought of losing in Australian Dollars may be mind boggling for those middleclass guys who goes there for education and good placement if possible. But the scenario has changed drastically nowadays with India itself offering Education that too World Class education and it will have to be conveyed to our students in Australia and US that our IITs & IIMs are the best of its kind than what Radcliff or for that matter Harvard is combined, the Doctors we produce are also the best in the world. The only reason the students are perhaps choosing foreign countries may be due to the English education, which still has high value in getting jobs else where or in India as well. This inherent complex is the reason for all and sundry to send their wards to English speaking countries to enhance their ability in written and spoken English.

But the truth is in spite of Indians having their own mother tongues, they are also best in British language as well, since decades Booker prize winners mostly have been Indian. Our story tellers are the most versatile, than those who has their mother tongue as English.
The truth is we have beaten them in their own backyard, and they are angry and jealous to see Indians come for studying and all gets retained in well paid jobs, just because of their commitment, hard work and competency. Australians are sour losers, that we all have seen, so what is the wisdom in going there to get bashed for doing nothing. There are thousands of educational institutions in India itself which caters to all subjects in the most refined and developed science but for only nuclear science, which too in spite of the policy taken by Western countries to deny Nuclear Science education to Asians and the likes fearing the proliferation possibility. In all other streams we have the best curriculum and scientific knowledge. For management techniques our ‘Bhishma Upades’ ‘Koudilyas’ are much far deepen than any management studies available in the world.

Each subject ,Astrology, Astronomy, Physics, Mathematics , Chemistry ,Bio technology, Micro biology, and all Computer related studies are best available in India that too cheaply in comparison with the amount being paid for studies abroad, which I feel is a status symbol for some families at least to announce, their children are studying abroad.

The new era has begun. The sun is still rising first in Japan but India has always been the destination for knowledge and still remains so. The proof is there for all to see that most of the top notch executives are Indian already. Our boys and girls have love and respect for our elders and are only going perhaps to please their parents. Good thinking parents must decide to bring them back here and give the best education in the world here it self.

Our country without doubt is the best and next super power. Be part of those process youngsters. My best advice to those who are at the receiving end is to come back to your own country feel proud of being an Indian.

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