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As always I am the eternal optimist and so far have had success in predicting stumbles and hiccups to be followed by revival and good times. These are the cycles in life, it is inevitable and part and parcel of life as a whole. You can not expect to only have good times or bad times alone both are inevitable but the end result. The summery of ones life is what you will be known for or remembered for or cursed for generations afterwards.

Every time in our recent history we have seen radical changes taking place from the fall of USSR and US now along with Europeans, all did have comparatively a pleasant time in the recent past. Their might was checked by Japanese first, followed by Koreans in terms of technology, hardware alone while software was the strong fort of Indians and still remains so. The changed scenario would again change when free and open operating systems flood the net Microsoft’s monopoly can not go on for ever.

Likewise, the Swiss has also started to budge under pressure globally as people have started to see the schemes and the funds including black made out of brothels to drugs and weapons also are being stashed away along with the politicians share which may not be as much as the drug cartels fortunes. Those mafias have been the proxy rulers for a long time, now among them factions have been created or it just happened the Muslim’s terrorists outfits had the money from Afghan Poppy fields along with the weapons which were abundantly in supply before and became easier after the breaking of USSR. With the Capital to buy out the whole world if need be or destroy and eliminate the opposition has been the games, deadly and have cost millions of human lives for what? For oil is it worth? Or is it for religion against religion what wrong did the helpless people commit to deserve such ending. Why are we so na├»ve? I remember the Pink Floyd song asking his mama “Are they going to bomb us mom?” the insecurity of the young.

See the helplessness of innocent lives around the globe. Did you listen to the song by Phil Collins “Just another day in paradise?” in which a beggar girl with blisters on her legs is praying for life, while the gentleman who crosses her, starts to whistle as he passes by, as the girl’s cries “Sir can you help me” the guy pretends he cant hear her and crosses the street. But the fact is, in just another day you or me will be in paradise, who will it be? Think of it.

Mr.Obama has begun well and his earnestness is visible and genuine. People can see if only they are allowed to listen to him or see him in TV. But I am told the majority in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Waziristan and all those caves don’t have radios even leave alone TV. The hatred has to fade and better sense should prevail then we can be sure that we are leaving behind a better and safer world for our kids and future generations. Integrated development of those deserts with green and farming help of livestock, cattle or even wheat fields for their food will go a long way in their hunger the reason for people to die for.

India too has emerged stronger now, but we should not forget the help left provided at such a crucial juncture when India was on the verge of a free fall. They not only propped up our Central Government steadily supporting all throughout their 5 years but for the last time as it was used as a referendum for or against Nuclear power, our youngsters have Okayed but they have no experience of Nagasaki, Hiroshima or even the latest nuclear disaster in Chernobyl in Russia. The present generation has not witnessed Bhopal tragedy or Chernobyl as most have been born after the said incidents. So I still will not rubbish the thought of a nuclear free world especially against the use of nuclear energy for a source, I still have my reservation in the subject. How do they dumb the nuclear wastage and where? Can any one give me a satisfactory reply?

I still love the left and their policies as they were the firsts among all patriots who gave their life for a better India from the British. They tried hard in bringing parity but failed as the ground reality always remained the same while the theory was something else.

It may be out dated for the present generation but a couple generations back things were very different, the old guys will be able to understand them well. Anyway, the present lot under Dr..Manmohan Singh for India and Mr.Obama for US are also patriots and we should give them a chance to function freely and bring our respective economies back on track while contributing heavily for the efforts in favour of naturalization and the gifts of mother earth should be preserved at all cost. Nuclear free world in 10 to 15 years should be our priority.

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