Friday, June 12, 2009



The above question was asked in NDTV[News Channel of India] tonight. For those Doubting Thomases I wish to clarify from the perspective of a Bank Employee, who is well experienced and have exposure throughout the country from the Himalayas to down south, Indian Ocean.

The following is the gist I wanted to convey & give confidence to all those laymen and knowledgeable people of our country, we always knew that ours is the greatest country in the world. Have you ever heard of an Indian king who sent guys around the world to loot from the whole world? We always have only defended and never offended in any era but for perhaps the creation of Bangladesh in 1971, that war was the result of a combination of humanitarian tragedy as millions of people came as refugees to India especially North East, that was the moment of truth that we had to bring order to our neighborhoods and never wanted to invade in the first place. You all are witness to our restraints in recent times, in spite of huge human rights violations around our borders we still held back wisely enough as only fools rush in where the wise fear to tread.

That was the point when UPA gained after Mumbai attacks , and all and sundry would have expected us to move in to Pakistan, which was the aim of terrorists, but they not only failed miserably but have now become the target from the whole world as all have realized about their intentions but just could not, out think Dr.Manmohan Singh, Perhaps a younger Prime Minister would have rushed in, as the pressure was so high and was about to blow, but most wisely Dr.Manmohan Singh not only did show the silent strength, which is the mind game through, which we can succeed against terror networks, see the importance of word “network” its only a jigsaw puzzle, which we can find out , as time goes by , the terrorists are leaving behind tracks and valuable information , and we have about three words among five words and needs another couple to solve the puzzle. I must congratulate Mr.Rahul Gandhi and Mrs.Sonia Gandhi for showing the same wisdom.

Is that proof enough for the doubting ‘kuttikrishnans’. I can say from a lay mans’ view that CPM lost out due to the functioning without clarity, as is the case in latest Kerala corruption case. Their image of honest bunch is slowly eroding and new poisons creepers, people can see them through, and what ever Mr.Prakash Karat gained, was lost in his handling of corruption, which is clear as the morning sky. The best damage control for them is to stick with clean Leaders ,the only chance for them lie in listening to Mr.Jothi Basu, Mr.Buddhadeb and Mr.Achuthananthan and other clean leaders. They are patriots for sure and people would like to see them remain that way instead of changing for worst. They still can play a role by supporting Congress, in critical issues and on times of crisis to weather the bad climate if in case , it comes to that.

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